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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1887 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 6ThurFrank Sherman consented to work for 2 months at $17.00 for 2 months. Went to Fond du Lac, sold oak at $17.00 and ash at $14.00.
Jan. 11TueBill Riley called. Pat Quinn hauled first log of the winter to mill today.
Jan. 12WedPat Dwire at hauling logs to mill today. Told us of old man Phalen's death at 5 a.m. Frank at wake.
Jan. 14FriLeft at 8 a.m. with team and sled for Phalen's to attend funeral of old man Richard Phalen.
Jan. 15SatJohnny and Frank helped Jim McGrath get rafters from swamp. Young people had a dance.
Jan. 20ThurThomas Daley called and stayed overnight.
Jan. 30SunMrs. Ed Fitzpatrick buried.
Feb. 7MonLittle Mary Lindsay quite sick.
Feb. 9WedMike Cosgrove sick. Little Mary Lindsay very sick.
Feb. 26ThurLittle Mary Lindsay died at 7 a.m. Didn't attend wake.
Feb. 27SunNo mass at Mitchell today. Mrs. Brogan and Jim Reddington quite sick. Mary Lindsay buried.
Feb. 28MonJohnny Rodden came to work at $6.00 for 1 month.
March 1TueOld Mrs. Brogan died at 1 p.m. Attended wake in the night.
March 3ThurAnderson and the "Jew" peddlar called.
March 4FriMrs. Brogan buried. Anderson and McCrory here with organ(?) Left it in trial.
March 5SatWrote letter to George Bowers Clintonville.
March 6SunMrs. Crosby quite sick. Dr. Fitz went there.
March 12SatEddy Dwyer died at 9 p.m. We were blessed with a boy baby at 9 o'clock p.m. Dr. Fitz, Mrs. Naughton and Mrs. Connell present. (Probably midwives - F.S.)
March 13SunEddy Dwyer was buried. Late mass at Mitchell. Died of Lung Fever.
March 26SatLast day of Daleys school.
March 27SunJames Vincent Heraty baptized. Alice Scanlan and Johnny Connell sponsors.
March 28MonMary Daley of Osceola died.
March 31ThurMary Daley of Osceola buried.
May 2MonBlew a terrible hurricane.
May 6FriDrove up to McKinly for Justice books. Didn't get them. He qualified.
May 8SunNone of the family attended late mass at Mitchell. Regular "bustle" in the church today. Casey Jubilanta got an anonymous note. He read it to the congregation.
May 25WedFrank McGarvy hurt with team.
May 27FriJas. McGrath helped me haul the engine to Fitz's. Left here at 10 _.m. and got in without any accident.
May 28SatMona and I with the buggy, attended the funeral of Frank McGarvey, who was killed on the 25th by his team running away and throwing him out of his wagon near Tom Lang's in Sherman.
June 10FriHeard of Jimmy Kearnan's death and burial.
June 13MonOld man Skelton got hurt at Cascade this morning. The Nugent - Hand wedding.
June 15WedSoldier's Parade at Cascade. There was a grand celebration. Father Casey spoke. Old Mr. Skelton died at 7 a.m. from falling from his buggy at Cascade on last Monday, being helpless before.
June 16ThurWent to Skelton wake.
June 17FriOld Skelton was buried.
June 19SunFather Mugan said mass at Mitchell.
June 21TueKeenan wedding in Russell. George McGrane attended.
June 22WedGeorge Peterson of Cascade buried.
June 26SunYoung Father Mugan said mass. Gave him $1.00
July 4MonWent to Waldo picnic. Stayed overnight at ball. The Hand - Hagarty wedding.
July 6WedTerrible hot day. Up to 94 degrees. Circus at Plymouth.
July 8FriAt 1 p.m. I went to Dick Phalen's to see binder. I told Brown to bring one down in the morning.
July 9SatAdon Brown came along this morning with binder. He and his man at setting it up till 3 p.m.
July 11MonAdon Brown and his man came along in the a.m. Started binding in winter wheat. Binder worked finely. Cut 5 acres before night.
July 17SunMona had company today. The 2 Lindsay families, the Gallagher's and Connell's and Jas. McGrath's dined and supped. A number of young people called in the evening and whiled away a couple of hours with song, dance and repartee. All left at 11 p.m.
July 19TueAdon Brown and _____ _____ came in the a.m. Settled with them for binder.
Aug. 2TueAt 2 a.m. I was taken sick with an attack of Cholera Morbus?, fainted dead away and came near retiring and with cramps. Anointed by Father Casey and was attended by Dr. Fitzgibbons.
Aug. 12FriThe Lindsay machine arrived at Connell's this a.m. At threshing all day.
Aug. 16TueJohnny helped Slattery in p.m. threshing.
Aug. 20SatMr. Kilcoin and McGrane's here in the p.m. about lease and agreement.
Aug. 21SunOld man Scanlan here.
Aug. 27SatScanlan sold his farm to Doyle at $5000.00.
Aug. 28SunMona and self to mass in Osceola. Dined at Flanigan's. Ella suffered with a felon on her finger all night.
Sept. 2FriI was called up to Gahagan's to make out will.
Sept. 4SunKeuper, Schram, Bade and Fudler here all day shooting squirrels. They shot 40.
Sept. 7WedThe Lindsay threshing machine came here in the p.m. Commenced to thresh at 3 p.m. Things worked finely. At it till night. Hands: 2 McGrane's ?, 1 Connors, 1 Bowen, 1 Slattery, 1 Naughton, 2 Connell's, 1 Devine, 1 McGrath, 2 selves.
Sept. 10SatOld Johnny Gahagan died at 4 p.m.
Sept. 11SunMona and I went to wake at Gahagan's and stayed till 10 p.m. Early mass at Mitchell.
Sept. 12MonOld John Gahagan buried.
Sept. 18SunOld Mrs. Gilboy died.
Sept. 19MonThe Graham's of Osceola had a barn raising.
Sept. 20TueOld Mrs. Gilboy buried.
Sept. 24SatOld Patt Gannon rode home with me from Plymouth.
Oct. 6ThurPresident Cleveland at Milwaukee. Old Abe Lacox of Scott died.
Oct. 8SatYoung Harrington died at St. Cloud, nephew of Moriarty.
Oct. 20ThurI went to Plymouth today with team and wagon after Ed's stove and fixtures. Bought lumber for schoolhouse.
Oct. 22SatJerry Clifford called on business.
Nov. 1TueAuction at Anthony Kilcoin's. Attended as clerk. Dwight McLaughlin auctioneer. Sale went off fine. The Murray boys in from Chicago.
Nov. 2WedFrank and Peter Murray here all day hunting and shooting squirrels. Late mass at Mitchell.
Nov. 3ThurThe Volk - Franey wedding.
Nov. 20SunChicken raffle at Connell's in the night. Adon Brown called in the p.m. and disputed about terms of binder sale.
Dec. 26MonWent with team to Osceola and located mill at Con Donahue's. Drove to Cahill's and bought axe. (Married yesterday - Daley and Mary Connors.)
Dec. 28WedGeorge Ubbelode ? and Joslin were married.
Dec. 30FriRoads blockaded. No travel this week since Tuesday.

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