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1886 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 6WedJohn Lindsay baptized by Father Casey. Mrs. ? John Connell and Mrs. ? John Lindsay sponsors.
Jan. 24SunAll at home today. Snow bound. Quite a dull day.
Feb. 6SatWent to Rathbun with load of barley. Sold 2,310 lbs. @ 50 cents. $23.70.
Feb. 26FriSpelling school in the evening. All attended. Good time.
March 1MonEd called in the a.m. Went to Gallagher's and Lindsay's in the p.m.
March 6SatDance at Connell's. Big crowd.
March 8MonMagg G. called in the p.m. Stayed overnight.
March 30TueEd U. came to work for 7 months at $15.00 a month.
April 1Thur10 inches of snow on the ground this morning.
April 2FriClear and cold at 30 degrees. 2 degrees at 7 a.m. Froze hard at night.
April 5MonAunt Mary Baxter died at 3:15 p.m. at Indianapolis, Ind.
April 8ThurTown meeting.
April 13TueSnow about gone. Ground dry. Roads getting good.
April 18SunClear. Summerlike. 80 degrees in the p.m.
April 19MonHot. 74 degrees in the p.m.
April 21WedHot. Up to 80 degrees. More like summer than spring.
April 23FriGood Friday. Mrs. Daley of Osceola died.
April 25SunMrs. Daley was buried. Mona and self attended mass at Osceola.
May 1SatThe priests house at Cascade was burned down at 6 o'clock a.m.
May 3MonDonahue of Osceola died.
May 4TueTommy Jordan and Miss McDougal were married by don't know who.
May 6ThurCold, quite cold. Froze at night.
May 17MonMike Collins was buried.
May 28FriHot and dry. Things suffering for rain.
May 31MonConi ? (Tom?)Fitzpatrick went north to be married this p.m. Jerry Hagarty and Miss Hand married.
June 1TueTom Fitzpatrick and Miss Lizzie Lyons were married.
June 2WedMrs. Brogan quite sick.
June 5SatStone bee at Murphy's and dance.
June 7MonFather Casey came around on collection for house at Cascade. Promised him $50.00 if the priest's house was built in Mitchell.
June 16WedTom Fitz moved into his house. Boys gave him a chivari.
July 6TueThe hottest and dryest day I ever saw. Up to 100 degrees in the p.m.
July 25SunTwo funerals at Mitchell today. John Kearnan and Mrs. Jas. Gillen were buried. Mrs. Mary A. Sellars and Godfrey here at dinner.
Aug. 17TueKennedy was buried at Mitchell.
Aug. 30MonLittle Johnny Lindsay, George's boy, buried.
Sept. 4MonNo mass at Mitchell. Father Casey indisposed. Loftus and McBride called to be married.
Sept. 11MonThomas McGrath died at 9 o'clock p.m.
Sept. 13WedThomas McGrath was buried.
Oct. 12SunJohnny Bowen Sr. called.
Oct. 18MonPat and John Scanlan visited.
Oct. 24SunMary Jordan called to be married.
Oct. 29FriMrs. John Burke died at 10 p.m.
Nov. 1MonMrs. John Burke buried.
Nov. 2TueMary Jordan and _____ Kenny married.
Nov. 7SunOld Mrs. Rodger Cary died.
Nov. 28SunThe Failey - Jordan young(ster?)____ died.
Nov. 29MonSchool commenced this a.m. Tom Daley, Teacher.
Nov. 30TueOwen Failey's boy baby died at 10 a.m.
Dec. 9ThurPeddlars Harrer and Jacob stopped here overnight with team.
Dec. 11SatOld Jas. Kilcoin died.
Dec. 13MonJas. Kilcoin buried.
Dec. 30ThurMrs. Gibbons died at 5 a.m.

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