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1881 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1SatWith team and Mona to Henry Skelton's to attend a social party. Splendid time.
Jan. 2SunGot home from Skelton's at 4 a.m.
Jan. 3MonJohn Bowser's boy was buried. He died of sore throat yesterday.
Jan. 4TueJoe Bowser was married.
Jan. 6ThurHoly Day.
Jan. 9SunPatrick Scott, Sr. died at 6 a.m. Attended wake.
Jan. 11TueAttended Scott's funeral.
Jan. 19WedThomas J. Kelley called this evening.
Jan. 20TueDan all right from the measles.
Jan. 26WedJohn Bowser's 2nd child died from sore throat.
Jan. 29SatMother quite sick in the night. Mailed letter to Burke in Cleveland.
Jan. 30SunWent to Cascade this morning after priest for Ma. Got home at 3 a.m. Priest came at 4 a.m. anointed her. She felt some better in the evening. Children covered with measles and all doing as well as could be expected.
Feb. 3ThurMa quite poorly in the night.
Feb. 10ThurMa no better. Dr. Ward died. (at Dundee)
Feb. 11FriMrs. Reddington, Connell and John here all night.
Feb. 14MonFirst heiress born to the Sellars.
Feb. 19SatOld Tom ? Collins was buried.
Feb. 21MonOld Mangan ? Bill Malloy was buried. (sic)
Feb. 22TueJohn Rood was married.
Feb. 26SatCheese meeting in the evening. No bargain. 1 5/8 asked. 1 offered.
March 1TueLeonard's little girl died with a sore throat.
March 3ThurOh Lord! Oh Lord! What a morning. The worst day in the memory of man. Snowing all night and pouring down this morning fearfully and snowed in torrents all day. Snow about 5 feet on level this morning.
March 5SatHeard of Patsy Reddington's death. Rigged up snowshoes in the a.m. Went and told Devine's and Heraty's of his death. Patsy Reddington died at 4 a.m. yesterday morning.
March 6SunWent to Reddington's for the first time. Anthony down with measles and a serious case. Patsy lying dead, a sorry spectacle. There all night at wake. A terrible state of affairs exists in this neighborhood with 5 corpses lying unburied on account of the snow blockade and communication from house to house carried on by snowshoes. Snow being 4 and 5 feet in the level. Leonard having 2 children dead with sore throat. Nelson - one. Lib Scott - one, and Patsy Reddington died with the measles. What makes it worse is that neither priest, doctor or medicine can be got for those sick or dying. The snow makes it impossible to go anywhere in any direction.
March 7MonWent to Reddington's in the evening. Anthony quite low.
March 10ThurAt the wake in the evening. Heard of the terrible accident in the N.C. R.R. 17 killed.
March 11FriAt the wake awhile in the evening.
March 12SatPatrick Reddington was buried. Had a terrible time getting to church. Mass by Reverend Casey
March 18FriLib Scott's child was buried. Dead 2 weeks.
March 14SatOh horror of horrors! What a day. Thick blue clouds in the a.m. Wind a gale from the N.E. Started to snow one of severest and spiteful snowstorms of the winter. Everything full of snow and the air so full of snow you could not see a rod.
March 21MonAnthony Kelly died.
April 11MonDan Clifford agreed to work for 7 months at $15.00 per month
April 14ThurDied at 1:45 a.m. My mother, after an illness of 4 months. Lord have mercy on her soul! Went to Plymouth for coffin and funeral necessities with team. Got home at sunset. Large wake in the night.
April 15FriGood Friday. My mother was buried today. Funeral at 10 a.m. Got home at 2 p.m.
April 16SatHouse seems lonesome today after Ma. Lord have mercy on her soul!
April 20WedPerly Cummings came along in the a.m. Hired him at $15.00 per month for 6 months and $13.00 per month if he leaves before harvest.
April 21ThurHeard of Martin Brogan's childs death.
April 23SatJohn Bowen came home. Heard of Mrs. George Phalen's death.
April 27WedJim Rooney's children buried. Died with Diphtheria.
April 30SatWent to Plymouth today. Received letter from Mary Flannery.
June 6MonWent to Reilley's shop today and had team shod, all the way around.
June 15WedMiss Ryder called.
July 4MonPicnic at Dundee. Had kind of a tame time.
July 12TueWent to Plymouth today with a load of cheese. Sold 136 boxes, 8,201 lbs. at 8 5/8. $707.33. Stayed until afternoon. Got home at 12 . On the board today cheese brought 10 cents per lb.
July 20WedBishop at the church giving Confirmation.
July ?ThurWent South as far as Murray's factory.
Aug. 14SunLate mass at Mitchell. Attended. Took pew 32 south side.
Aug. 23TuePedlar Kinsley ? called.
Aug. 29MonAttended school meeting in the evening. Slattery Sr. elected Treasurer. B.B. Brogan and Miss Stack married.
Aug. 30TueDelahunt and McGrath called after school and hired McGrath at $40.00 per month.
Sept. 11SunJohn Webb came this evening. Hired him for 1 month for $13.00 dollars.
Sept. 24SatAunt Ellen Skelton died at 2:10, Sunday the 25th.
Sept. 27TueMona with Jim Connell went to Aunt Ellen's funeral who was buried today.
Oct. 10MonMina ? Gallagher was buried.
Nov. 1TueI went to Glen today. Dined at Mullens.
Nov. 6SunWent to early mass with Mona. Both received communion and stayed at church till 2 p.m. P.H. Smith and Warden at the church on election. Paid Gillen $4.25 in full for oats. Paid 75 cents for church dues.
Nov. 7MonSent 37 sheep to Dundee with boys. Daley drove 60 sheep. All sold at $3.50.
Nov. 12SatDaley had auction. I attended as clerk. Tom Franey as auctioneer. Sold 14 cows and 7 calves, all at a good price.
Nov. 14MonSchool commenced today by H. McGrath.
Nov. 16WedClark and Renell ? came in the p.m. Sold them the sawmill for $350.00. Not doing much in the p.m. Ed Connell started for the northern pines.
Nov. 20SunJim Butler and Maggie Meyer were married.
Nov. 24ThurElla O'Brien to be married to Mangan.
Nov. 26SatAlfred Skelton buried.
Nov. 27SunHeard of death of Johnny Burke's two children.
Dec. 6TueOld Pat O'Maley died at 11 p.m. Miss Lindsay arrived. 2nd born 6 p.m.
Dec. 8ThurPaddy O'Maley was buried.
Dec. 10SatOld Mrs. Holmes died.
Dec. 11SunJohn Skelton was buried.
Dec. 25SunMary Connors and Mary Kilcoin called to be married. Kate Lindsay baptized.
Dec. 28WedMary Kilcoin married.
Dec. 29ThurMary Connors married P. Calvey.

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