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1880 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 4SunMary Anastasia was baptized. Edward and Honora Connell sponsors. Father Maher said mass today and preached.
Jan. 13TueMike Bannon was buried. Died of drunkenness.
Jan. 18SunMichael Byrnes of Russell died.
Jan. 20TueMichael Byrnes of Russell buried.
Jan. 25SunMiles Gallagher Jr. baptized today. Mike Mullens and his sister sponsors. A party at their house in the p.m. (Born January 1st at 4 or 5 a.m. - F.S.)
Feb. 3TueA daughter born to the John Mugan estate at Reddingtons.
Feb. 7SatReceived first copy of the Sun for 1880
Feb. 15SunFather Maher said his last mass at Mitchell today. Attended. Dined at Lindsays. Went South to New Prospect after Sawyer. Came to Dundee. Got new pair of boots from Flynn. Left dog at Butler's. Got home at 9 a.m.
Feb. 22SunLate mass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona and team. Pete Murphy's girl baby baptized.
Feb. 24TueMike Hanahan died at 6 o'clock p.m.
Feb. 25WedLarry Cosgrove died at 8 o'clock a.m.
Feb. 26ThurOld Mike Hanahan was buried. Attended funeral on horseback. After dinner went with Mona to Larry Cosgrove's wake and stayed till 11 p.m.
Feb. 27FriLarry Cosgrove was buried. Attended funeral.
March 2TueBill Herbert's child died.
March 3WedWilliam Herbert's child buried. Attended funeral on horseback.
March 7SunJohn Moran's baby died. Mass at Mitchell by the Monk.
March 13SatJames Lavelle died at 10:40 p.m.
March 15MonJim Lavelle buried. Attended funeral.
March 22MonOld Mrs. Glass was buried.
April 4SunHeard of Rose Ann Lynch's death this a.m.
April 5MonMrs. Bill Manley was buried in Mitchell. (Rose Ann Lynch - F.S.)
April 6TueSnowed a terrible storm in the p.m.
April 11SunHired young Jim Gibbons to work for 6 months at $18.00 a month.
April 15ThurJim Gibbons left by French leave this morning.
April 17SatSnow 8 inches deep on the ground this morning and good sledding till about 10 a.m. and logs coming in fast.
April 19MonWent down to mill in the morning. Mel broke ball. I went to Reilley's to get it fixed. Got back at 2 p.m. Cost 10 cents. Sowed till dark. Cut 600 feet.
April 22ThurOld Mrs. Twohig was buried.
April 25SunHeard of Miss Murray the school "marm" being buried today. Mass at Mitchell by Capuchin.
April 29ThurCousin John Heraty died at 9:45 o'clock p.m. Memoranda: April 29, 1880 John Heraty quite sick. Had the priest this p.m. He said he was going to die. Didn't go to see him today. He died at 9:45 p.m. Mike Cosgrove called at 11 p.m. and told us about Johns death. The Connells and I went down there and stayed there till morning.
April 30FriWent to Plymouth today with team and wagon after funeral fixtures with Uncle Jim. Stayed till 6 p.m. Went to wake till 3 a.m. Old Paddy Quinn died at 10 p.m.
May 1SatMass at 10 o'clock at Osceola.
May 2SunOld Paddy Quinn buried. Attended funeral. Dined at Lindsay's.
May 10MonMrs. Hughes boy, John, was buried. Attended funeral with team and Mona. Had team shod at Riley's. 5 shoes, paid 75 cents.
May 23SunJim Daley was buried. Paid 50 cents going after priest.
June 8TueCharles Daley and family came to Eden on their way to Mitchell.
June 9WedWent to New Cassel on the way to Milwaukee. Paid Nell $5.00.
June 10ThurAt Milwaukee all day. Stopped at Riley's all night. Dined at Magg's.
June 11FriTerrible roaster. Hot enough to cook things. At Milwaukee all day. Called on insurance co., Davis and Co., and at Father Danohn ? and another press printing office. Left at 6:45 p.m. Also camp grounds and water works.
June 13SunAttended two funerals today. Old Mrs. Quinn ? and Brown's child, who died from scalding. Went with Mona in the evening to see Mr. and Mrs. Daley.
June 17ThurConnell had two bees - stone and log. Helped all day.
June 20SunClear and burning hot all day. 94 degrees.
July 2FriNew Cassel priest collecting for Dundee church. Paid $2.00
July 12MonThe hottest day so far. 98 degrees a.m.
July 22ThurOld Flynn of Greenbush was buried.
Aug. 1SunMass, the first by Father Casey, at Mitchell. Attended with Ma and the boys. Home in the p.m.
Aug. 2MonWent to see McNair in the evening about Myers place. He offered $600.00 for the west 40.
Aug. 14SatHenry Skelton and wife came over to see us in the evening.
Aug. 15SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Ma, the boys and Skelton's. Went to see Twohig house in the p.m. and Skelton's went home in the evening.
Aug. 30MonAttended school meeting in the evening. Was elected clerk for 3 years.
Sept. 5SunMass and picnic at Dundee.
Sept. 9ThurWhite frost this morning. Helped Slattery thresh, then Gahagan's in the p.m. and helped till night.
Oct. 3SunPaid priest $3.00 on salary for 1880.
Oct. 16SatStorm: tempest wind from S.W. Worst ever seen in Wisconsin.
Oct. 17SunAnother blizzard. Thick and cloudy all day. Snowing. Wind cold and cutting from S.W. A near miserable day at home, all day reading.
Oct. 19TueAttended speech at Town House - Birney at Town House.
Oct. 26TueHelped Johnny Bowen till 10 a.m. Went to Riley's to shoe team in the p.m. Paid in full to date $1.90. Mike Mugan and Miss Henry were married.
Oct. 31SunClear and gray, cool. At home all day reading and making out cheese checks for patrons. Received $10.00 from J. Reddington on saw bill.
Nov. 1MonHoly Day. Late mass at Mitchell.
Nov. 2TueElection Day.
Nov. 8MonJas. Conrad left for California at noon today from Eden.
Nov. 9TuePat Carlin and Marg Mulkearns married.
Nov. 13SatJohnny Reiley of Mitchell was buried. Attended funeral with team alone at Cascade. Dined at Skelton's, having left there at dark. Home at 8 p.m.
Nov. 14SunA daughter born to the George Lindsay estate.
Nov. 18ThurTerrible weather for November. Everything frozen.
Nov. 20SatOh Lord! What an old blizzard. 0 degrees. Gales and very cold. Worst day I ever saw.
Nov. 21SunO Lord! O Lord! The worst yet. Coldest November. 10 degrees below. Miss Murray baptized today.
Dec. 2ThurOld Granny Moran was buried. Mona attended funeral. Old Mrs. Moran was not buried today for need of a coffin.
Dec. 3FriOld Granny Moran was buried at dark today.
Dec. 5SunOh Heaven! What a morning. Blowing a cyclone and colder all day. At home all day reading and not able to do anything with a lame side.
Dec. 6MonA perfect hellion of a day. Blowing a gale from N.W. Dreadfully cold, 2 degrees all day. Cold as blazes.
Dec. 9ThurAfter doing chores this morning, I started out in search of a man to work, via Rodden's. Dined at Mike Murray's, then to Phalen's. Hired Michael McDonnell for 2 months at $8.00 per month. The Hanrahan girl's of Scott were buried at Oshkosh.
Dec. 25SatChristmas Day. Mass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona, Ellen, Johnny. Paid priest 50 cents.
Dec. 26SunWeather like last ten days. Started for St. Patrick's to see folks at 10 a.m. Got there at 3 p.m. via Cascade. Stayed thee overnight. Snowed some in the night. and turned terrible cold.
Dec. 27MonLeft St. Patrick's this morning at 11 a.m. Dined at Henry's. Got home before dark.
Dec. 29WedCallaghan called this evening in relation to the expelling of Jim Reddington.
Dec. 30ThurWent to schoolhouse in the a.m. to settle the Reddington rebellion. He gave ample apology and was reinstated.

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