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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1879 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 2ThurTim Donahue and Miss Dooley and John Henry and Miss Reilley married. Lord have mercy on them!
Jan. 5SunDaniel J. Connell baptized. Mona and Jim Heraty sponsors.
Jan. 19SunYoung heir born to the Lindsay's last night.
Jan. 22WedMrs. John Nolan was buried, attended funeral.
Jan. 29WedCheese meeting at the south schoolhouse. Attended. The two Devine boys and Reddington concluded to build a factory at Bowen's corner.
Jan. 31FriTom Kelly and Dick Hardgrove came with engine about 2 p.m. A new event in Mitchell being the first steam engine that ever entered town.
Feb. 2SunMass at Mitchell. Attended. Mona, Tim the last Sunday he was at Mitchell, and I went. Bishop's collection taken up. Gave only 10 cents.
Feb. 5WedTim Carroll left for Kansas this morning. Paid him $50.00 on account.
Feb. 6ThurJohnny Heraty came in p.m. with first two logs that were hauled to the mill. Hard "burr oaks," as dry and hard as iron. Sawed them and some logs for ourselves.
Feb. 15SatReceived letter from Tim this evening stating that he got to Ellis, Kansas last Wednesday morning.
Feb. 16SunA boy born to Mrs. Hanrahan.
Feb. 17MonUp this morning at 3 a.m. Got ready. Started for Fond du Lac at 4 a.m. after load of lumber for Devine factory. Sent Tim P.O. order for $125.00. Bill Skelton married secondly.
Feb. 19WedEd Badger shot himself.
Feb. 20ThurFather Tierney here. Gave him a bag of oats.
Feb. 21FriJimmy Rodden's month up today.
Feb. 22SatJimmy Rodden left this morning without notice.
Feb. 23SunOld man Schochmel died. Alice Lavelle quite sick.
Feb. 27ThurOld Mrs. Rooney died 8 a.m.
Feb. 28FriWent to Mrs. Rooney's wake in the night.
Feb. 29SatOld Mrs. Rooney buried. Attended funeral on horseback.
April 2WedCheese factory meeting at the "Red" factory. Attended as secretary. Agreed that Crosby is to make good marketable at 12 cents per lb. and pay monthly to the patrons for their cheese. The patrons to deliver cheese at any R.R. station.
April 10ThurMath Myers brother died.
April 13SunPhil King made out application for insurance on factory. Shindig at factory in the evening. Attended. Paid priest dues in full for last year. Today $4.00 and 50 cents collection.
April 20SunMona went to mass in Osceola. Mary Flanigan called in the p.m. Talked of going to Chicago, etc.
April 27SunMass at Mitchell. Pews sold today. Got pew No. ____. A new committee elected, constituted of M. Butler, Mr. Murray and Jerry Clifford.
April 29TueCommenced hauling milk to Devine's factory this morning. Opened today for the first time. Brought 139 lbs.
May 4SunEllen O'Brien and ______ and Hardgrove and Redmond were called to be married.
May 11SunLeft Tom Kelley's at 8 a.m. Stopped at mass in Osceola. Got home at 1 p.m. Mona at mass there too. Witnessed the marriage of James Redman and Elizabeth Hardgrove.
May 13TueBill Manley's auction today.
May 14WedPriest was arrested through Keys from Lyndon on charge of slander.
May 18SunHitched up after breakfast and went to funeral. Met it at McBride's corner. Ellen Shea was buried. Lord have mercy on her!
May 22ThurThe 14th Anniversary of our marriage.
May 26MonMurphy of Farmington and Barry(?) (Miss) of Osceola were married.
June 8SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona. The priest gave Cascade conspirators hell today.
June 17TueRed had barn raising. It didn't go well. Didn't finish today.
June 18WedWorked on the road today. Gave team and myself, Connell team and wagon, Reilley - two men, Bowen - one man, Red - one man.
June 20FriZeke Bowen got back from Nebraska.
June 22SunLizzie Crosby called to be married.
June 23MonPlanting beans in the corn in the missing hills.
June 24TueLizzie Crosby and Pete Murphy were married. A grand shindig in the evening.
June 28SatDance at Red's barn in the night. Slim attendance. Went there awhile in the evening.
July 4FriGot ready and went to Cascade picnic at 11 a.m. Stayed there till 6 p.m. Got home at 8 p.m. Had pleasant time and saw 3 general drunken fights.
July 6SunThe last mass that Father Tierney gave at Mitchell.
July 13SunDevine factory busted today.
July 14MonStarted for John Rice and insured his barn and hay therein for $400.00 Commenced hauling milk to Thackeray's factory.
July 20SunFirst mass in Mitchell by the Reverend Mahoney (Maher- F.S.) Fixmer was buried. Wheat looking sick this morning from the effects of the Chinch bug.
July 22TueWent to Waldo today with load of cheese from Devine cheese factory. Sold 5 cents per lb.
July 27SunWent to Devine's after dinner to meet Crosby to settle for cheese. Jimmy Lord and Frank ? Evans came in the evening to help harvest.
Aug. 3SunMass at Mitchell. Pews sold today in church under the new regime of Reverend Maher. Didn't take any stock in the novelty. Got No. 35 on north side. Collection taken up in the church for the Cascade Stable and furnishings for parsonage. Paid 50 cents toward it not with a will.
Aug. 17SunLate mass at Mitchell. Collection taken up in the church for the Cascade outfit.
Aug. 25MonSchool meeting in the evening. Attended. Donahue elected Director for 3 years.
Aug. 27WedJubilee commenced at Mitchell church. Clear, warm fine and pleasant. Everything dry, rain much needed. Started with team for the church this morning to attend Jubilee. Stayed there till 11 a.m. Drove home and went to the church again at 3 p.m. Stayed till night.
Aug. 28ThurThe whole family started for the church again this morning. Stayed till 11 a.m. All went home but me. Went to confession and communion at the 11 a.m. mass. Dined at Lindsay's. Went back to church and left for home at 5 p.m. Stopped at Murray's awhile and Crosby's and got home at dark.
Aug. 29FriMrs. McNicholas quite sick.
Sept. 3WedSlattery had machine and I helped him all day.
Sept. 4ThurMrs. McNicholas died at 11:48 a.m. Lord have mercy on her soul!
Sept. 6SatAttended Mrs. McNicholas funeral, who was buried today. Lord have mercy on her soul!
Sept. 11ThurMcNicholas had the Cahill machine. Jim helped him all day.
Sept. 14SunKilcoin broke wagon tongue at church. After considerable bickering, a church committee was elected, consisting of Clifford, Butler and Murray.
Sept. 22MonZeke Bowen started for Nebraska this morning with team.
Sept. 29MonRiley Beckwith was buried.
Oct. 12SunLate mass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona. Attended after mass the funeral of Old Patrick Cooney, who was buried today. Church committee No. 2 was elected, consisting of John Brogan, Tom Rooney and __________
Oct. 23ThurPriest around today after oats with Crosby, gave him a bagful. Paid Mike Rodden $30.00 on Jimmys wages.
Oct. 26SunGeorge Lindsay and Agnes M. Connell were called to be married by Reverend Maher.
Nov. 1SatGot ready after dinner and went to O'Connell's wedding party. Left Connell's at 1 p.m. George Lindsay and Agnes Connell married at 2:30 p.m. A great gathering at the wedding in the night. 120 persons present.
Nov. 2SunGeorge and Agg started for Chicago at 9 p.m.
Nov. 3MonMaggy Murray and Mr. _______ were married.
Nov. 8SatUncle James helped stone and dig well in the p.m. Stoned it up 3 feet. Water 1 foot deep.
Nov. 9SunMass at Mitchell. Attended. Pat Scott and Delia Madden were married. Paid John Rodden $5.00 on account.
Nov. 17MonHeard of Faley (Failey - F. S.) abortion and murder case from Reordan.
Nov. 23SunNick Henry ? came this p.m. I hired him for 1 year for $144.00.
Dec. 3WedMrs. Losleyon was buried. (Mangan girl)
Dec. 4ThurAnnie Gibbons came home from Milwaukee.
Dec. 7SunYoung Molly Manley was buried. Mass at Mitchell.

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