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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1878 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1TueMay Clifford was married yesterday. Catholic Ball at Glen (Glenbeulah) tonight.
Jan. 7MonWhew! A cold North-westerner this morning. 14 degrees at sunrise and 4 degrees above all day. Wind changed South in the p.m. and got warmer 10 degrees at 9 p.m. with cold, raw South wind that cut to the marrow.
Jan. 13SunWent to Falls (Sheboygan Falls) in the morning, to notify board about school district business and stayed thru the night.
Jan. 18FriCharlie Moran died at about 2 p.m. He left his home in Escanaba last Friday in good health...was sick on Sunday night with lung fever and died as above.
Jan. 20SunCharlie Moran was buried. Lord have mercy on him.
Jan. 28MonDick Phalin and the Nun came on a begging tour and I gave them a bag of wheat.
Jan. 30WedOld Syman called, peddling salve.
Feb. 7ThurPope Pius the IX died at 4:57 p.m. Lord have mercy on him.
Feb. 13WedMary Mulloy and Dolan were married.
Feb. 17SunAnn Reddington's first boy was baptized.
Feb. 19TueMrs. McDonnell was burned to death
Feb. 23SatWent to meeting with school board. Met for the purpose of making alterations in District No. 1 by changing the N - NW 14 of Section 8 from District No. 2 to District No. 1.
March 9SatHeard of old Caulfield being buried at 9 a.m. and started to funeral on a fly. Got there just on time 1 p.m. Road horrible. Mud hub deep.
March 8FriOld man Flynn of Greenbush buried.
March 15FriGot word of Henry Skelton getting killed with cancer (?)
March 17SunSt. Patrick's Day. William Duggan's girl No. 1 baptized.
March 19TueJohnny Caulfield was buried.
March 31SunPriest stated particulars with regards to the murderous attack at his house in Cascade, that the assassin belonged in our congregation and that his father and mother were present at church that Sunday.
April 14SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona and Tim. Pews sold in church. Got No. 28 south side at $7.00.
April 15MonStarted hauling milk to the factory, first time in 1878 this morning.
April 19FriPassion Week Services at the church.
April 21SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona and Ma. Went to see Paddy Quinn who is very sick with the gravel. Priest took collection. Paid 50 cents.
April 28SunOld Mrs. Dooley quite sick.
April 30TueMrs. Dooley was buried. Maggy Gannon and Tom Kane were married.
May 12SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Ma and Mona. Priest Father Tierney gave us a biography sketch of his life and gave the congregation a general invitation to attend his "Silver Jubilee" at Cascade at 2:30. Went to see old man Quinn after dinner. Stopped to see Mrs. Burke at Jordan's. A dance there and stayed till 2 in the morn.
May 23TueStarted for Cascade about 7 a.m. Got there at 9 a.m. The great occasion of celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ordination of the Reverend Dennis Tierney our resident pastor. The great tornado blew over the south part of the state.
June 8SatOld Flynn of the town of Greenbush got married.
June 12WedDance at Bowen's new house.
June 14FriMet Martin Dooley on the road East of Hardgroves, looking for work, having left his father. I gave him 50 cents.
June 15SatMona had quilting bee. Had 24 young ladies. Had a dance in the barn. 108 tickets out. Had a splendid time, everything went off lovely.
June 16SunAll hands at home all day. Sleeping most of the day. The Skelton's called today and stayed for dinner.
June 22SatGot ready for supper and started for Gallagher's party at 8 p.m. Stayed all night, had a splendid time.
June 25TueMartin Hanahan and Alice Lavelle were married.
June 30SunHeard of Father Bariefy's (?) death. (Lord have mercy on his soul.)
July 4ThurPicnic at Elkhart Lake. Attended with Mona. The first time (I/we ?) visited the lake. The lake is beautiful.
July 14Sun105 degrees. Clear and blazing. Hot spell.
July 17WedMrs. Murray died at 10 o'clock p.m. with apoplexy. She lived about 5 hours after the first attack.
July 19FriMrs. Murray buried. Mona and I attended.
July 21SunEliza Slattery and Henry Gahagan were married.
Aug. 18SunPriest took application names for church repair.
Aug. 22ThurJohn Mc (Elroy or Maloy- F.S.) barn was burned down at night.
Aug. 28MonAttended school meeting at Dist. No. 1 for the first time as a member of the district. Chairman of the meeting.
Sept. 15SunCharlie Daley in from Negaunee (Michigan - F.S.) on his way to Iowa.
Sept. 24TueMary Slattery had first girl born.
Oct. 3ThurPeter Reed was killed on Tuesday by lightning, was buried at Sherman today.
Oct. 8TueWilliam Flanigan died at 9 a.m.
Oct. 19ThurEugene Tracy and Forest priest were buried.
Oct. 27SunZeke Bowen and Anne Calvey were called to be married.
Nov. 1FriMartin Brogan and Kate Devine were called to be married.
Nov. 6WedEzekial Bowen and Anne Calvey were married.
Nov. 7ThurMartin Brogan and Kate Devine were married.
Nov. 10SunEllen Shea and Kaiser were called to be married.
Nov. 16SatWent to John Mc (Elroy or Maloy - F.S.) barn raising.
Nov. 18MonEllen Shea and Frank Kaiser were married.
Nov. 28ThurThanksgiving. Ball at Jordan's at Waldo.
Dec. 16MonHeard of baby boy born to the Michael McGrath's.
Dec. 19ThurStarted for Sheboygan at 8 a.m. with team. Got to Sheboygan at 1 . Stayed overnight at the Wisconsin House. Went to county officer in the p.m. after records, etc. Snow 28 inches deep.
Dec. 22SunJohn Mugan's first baby boy baptized.
Dec. 23MonA boy baby born to the Connell estate at 2 o'clock a.m. named Daniel.
Dec. 25WedChristmas. Mass at Mitchell. Priest took up a collection. Gave (?) 50 cents. "The Chicago Belles" in at Devines.
Dec. 30MonOld man Rood of theTown of Lyndon was buried today.

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