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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1877 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 5FriHeard of Stephen McGrath's death.
Jan. 6Sat(Holyday) Mass at Osceola. Mike McGrath's second child Stephen was buried. Attended funeral.
Jan. 26FriPete Murphy was anointed this morning.
Jan. 28SunMass. First of the mission at Mitchell. Drove to church and attended lecture in the evening by Father Louth.
Jan. 29MonMass in morning. Lecture in evening by Father Cooney
Jan. 30TueMass in morning. Lecture in evening by Father Cooney, subject confession.
Jan. 31WedMissions.
Feb. 1ThurMissions.
Feb. 2FriMissions.
Feb. 3SatMissions.
Feb. 4SunMissions.
Feb. 5MonMissions. Mass at Mitchell. Lecture in evening. Collection stolen.
Feb. 11SunAnnie Rice was married. Matt McNair was married.
Feb. 22ThurHelped Slattery at raising old granary all day.
Feb. 23FriJim Heraty called and stopped awhile in the evening.
March 12MonCutting road across to Skelton's.
March 25SunOld Mrs. Johnny Mangan buried.
March 29ThurA girl baby born to us at 10 a.m.
April 1SunEaster. Had Alice Teresa baptized. Mary Bowen died at 12 m. (midnight) Girl baptized. John Kearnan and Ann Reddington called to be married. (Thomas Heraty erred here - Ann Reddington married John Enright from Town of Farmington, Washington County. - F.S.)
April 2MonWent to Mary Bowen's wake in the evening.
April 3TueMary Bowen was buried.
April 9MonJohn Kearnan and Ann Reddington were married. Lord have mercy. (See note of 4/1 above)
May 11FriJohn Mack was buried.
May 12SatOld Mrs. Daly was buried today.
May 15TueP. Murphy and W. Duggan were married.
May 18FriCommenced hauling milk to factory this morning. First time 1877 159 lbs.
June 4MonPaddy Kelley buried.
June 5TueSlattery had logging bee. Helped him. A dance in the evening.
June 11MonLent Slattery $100.00 till 1st of January, 1878 at 10%.
June 12TuePat Sellars was married.
June 23SatDance at Devine's in the evening. Big crowd there.
July 1SunAttended Crosby's childs funeral.
July 3TueCalvey girl died with Scarlet Fever.
July 4WedEd Calvey's little girl buried.
Aug. 5SunEllen Duggan's boy died at 6 a.m.
Aug. 13MonDear Tom died at 7 p.m. Talked with him about 3 p.m. He said he was going to get better soon.
Aug. 15WedOur own Dear Tom was buried. 148 teams.
Aug. 29WedOld Bade was killed.
Sept. 6ThurHelped Slattery thresh the first day of the season in p.m.
Sept. 17MonFirst frost of season.
Sept. 30SunMass at Mitchell. Politicians around. Warden's, Grogan, etc. picnic at Dundee. They had a gay time.
Oct. 6SatTom Kearnan commenced work at $9.00 per month.
Oct. 7SunMass at Osceola. Tim? Lynch was buried.
Oct. 9TueAttended convention in Plymouth. S. Wolf nominated for Senator and B. Grogan for Supt.
Oct. 14SunTom Gahagan and Mary Slattery called to be married.
Oct. 17WedSpecial meeting again tonight to raise $400 to build schoolhouse. Site decided. Invited to Slattery wedding by Slattery Sr.
Oct. 20SatMary Slattery and Gahagan married. Got ready and went to the wedding at 4 p.m. There all night. Had a splendid time.
Oct. 26FriOld Molly Bowen (Hanahan) died 5 p.m. (Mrs. Hanahan - Mrs. John Bowen's mother was frequently referred to as Molly Bowen - F.S.)
Oct. 27SatOld Mary Bowen (Hanahan) was buried. Attended funeral.
Oct. 28SunMass at Mitchell. Attended on horseback. Collection taken for fires. Paid 25 cents. Mullaney and ______ called to be married. Ed. McLaughlin died.
Nov. 4SunJohn Brogan's #2 boy born.
Nov. 6TueLast day brought milk to factory.
Nov. 17SatRaffle at Bowen's this evening.
Nov. 18SunRaffle at Jordan's.
Nov. 23FriHeard of Johnny Moran getting married.
Nov. 25SunTom Sheehan dangerously sick.
Dec. 2SunJohn McBride was buried. Old Dutch Mayer died.
Dec. 3MonTom Sheehan died at 7 p.m. Lord Have Mercy On His Soul.
Dec. 6ThurTom Sheehan's funeral.
Dec. 12WedMona and I went to Plymouth after winter supplies, boots, shoes, coat, dry goods, groceries, etc., gloves.

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