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1876 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 2SunHenry Jordan's girl's funeral. Stopped to see Dick Phalin who is quite sick. Insured #13 schoolhouse for $250.00. Received $5.00.
Jan. 3MonAt school all day.
Jan. 7FriOld Bob Cox was buried. Mrs. Mc (Nicholas - F.S.) sick.
Jan. 10MonMichael Reilley died in Nebraska.
Jan. 15SatSchoolhouse broken into.
Jan. 17MonTom Rooney sick. Learned in the morning about school being gutted.
Jan. 18TueAt school all day. Bone and Jordan at school inquiring about testimony, etc.
Jan. 22SunMass at Mitchell by Rev. Vahey. Not much of a sermon. He ground his ax by selling his books. Made a good sale.
Jan. 26WedKitty O'Brien in the school.
Jan. 27ThurHeard of Michael Riley's death.
Jan. 29SatGal's (Gallaghers) had quilting bee; party and dancing all night. Dance also at Calvey's.
Feb. 9WedAt school all day. Connell went to Cade (Cascade) after priest. He came about 3 p.m. and anointed Ma. She's about the same. Mr. and Mrs. Slattery up here all night.
Feb. 12SatRaffle at Butler's on the Reilley will (?) Quilting bee at Slattery's and dance in the night. Pat Murray had chopping bee, dance in the night. Heir born to Naughton's.
Feb. 16WedWm. Andrews barn burned.
Feb. 20SunBill O'Brien's house caught fire. Martin Hanahan and Mary Bowen called to be married.
Feb. 21MonBill Cooney was buried.
Feb. 23TueMartin and Mary Bowen married.
Feb. 25FriMaggy Flanigan _____ in the p.m.
Feb. 29TueSlattery had a bee hauling logs. Mary Bowen went home. Martin Burke in town.
March 2ThurUncle James over in the evening with piles of news about friends.
March 3FriMike Gahagan's boy buried.
March 14TueOld man Rooney quite sick.
March 16ThurThe last day of school term. Had large attendance.
March 19SunMass at Mitchell. First day boys attended to altar.
March 21TueOld man Rooney died at 3 p.m. Was at the wake in the night.
March 25ThurOld man Rooney was buried. Attended. Got home at 2 p.m.
April 2SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona. Jim Riley went away. Paid $1.50 priest dues in full for 1875 to Tierney.
April 3MonMartin Burke came to work today at $18.00 per month.
April 6ThurEllen Thackeray and young Martin died. Mission at Mitchell.
April 7FriFather McFarlin attended last day of missions in Mitchell.
April 11TueMrs. & Eddy McHale overnight.
April 16SunEaster. John Brogan's first boy was baptized, Thomas Henry.
April 30SunMass at Mitchell. Pews sold. I bought #22 south at $5.00
May 3WedOld Mrs. Caufield died.
May 5FriOld Mrs. Caufield was buried. Attended. Only got as far as the church.
May 23TueWent to Dee (Dundee) in the p.m. and had tooth pulled.
May 31WedMcNair had barn raising. Helped him in the p.m.
June 10SatHad help digging up stone all day. Ed Calvey, Zeke Bowen and Kilcoin, Mike Connors and Connells team helped.
June 14WedA splendid working day. Had great Centennial stone bee. Had nearly 80 men. Cleared up about 9 acres. Had grand dance in the evening. Had about 11,500 tickets.
June 18SunHad talk with Burke in the evening. He left in a huff.
June 23SunPicnic at Osceola. Didn't go. John Franey in his new shanty.
July 13ThurMrs. Pat Eagan died.
July 16SunMrs. Pat Eagan buried.
July 25TueMike Kilcoin and Eliza Murray were married.
Aug. 4FriCircus at Plymouth. Mona and I attended.
Aug. 7MonAunt Ellen and the Dey folks called here.
Sept. 1FriArr. boy for Calvey. A girl to Dwyer.
Sept. 8FriMike O'Brien in town from Negaunee with Mary Calvey.
Oct. 3TueAttended Allen (?) Scott's wake in the night.
Oct. 10WedJohnny Rodden began to work at $7.00 per month, working for 6 months.
Oct. 17TueLarry Reilley's boy buried today.
Oct. 22SunJohn Reilley's boy buried.
Nov. 1WedMichael Mugan died this a.m. Mary Calvey and Adon Brown called to be married.
Nov. 2TueTim Carroll began to work today for $130.00 for 12 months.
Nov. 3FriMichael Mugan was buried.
Nov. 6MonNick O'Brien had stone bee.
Nov. 8WedMary Calvey and Adam (?) Brown married
Nov. 12SunShindig at Connell's in the night. Paid Mary Connell on legacy in full, $20.00.
Nov. 14TueJim Connell had stone bee.
Nov. 16ThurJim Connell had stone bee. They had dance in the evening.
Nov. 19SunJim (?) O'Brien of Osceola called to be married to Moriarty.
Nov. 20MonMiss _______, daughter of Tom Henry was buried.
Nov. 24FriWilliam Skelton here all night. Having road petition signed.
Dec. 2SatSent letter to Tom (?) Heraty, Chicago about engine, etc.
Dec. 4MonLouisa Flanigan's child boy buried with scarlet fever.
Dec. 21ThurHealy at Connell's overnight.
Dec. 24SunPaid priest $2.00. Dues for 1876 first time. Gave one dollar to Clifford for _________.
Dec. 25MonMass at Mitchell. Dined at Connell's, all of us. Went from there to Maloy boy's funeral.
Dec. 31SunMass at Osceola. Michael McGrath's little girl buried.

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