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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1875 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3SunGoss gave mass. Paid $2.00 on salary of 1874 to priest.
Jan. 6WedWent to mass to Dundee for the first time. Ceremony at church fine. Dined at Pete Murray's. Lecture and concert at church in the evening. I did not attend. Gal's (Gallagher) folks at Connell's.
Jan. 21ThurLeft home for Bud (?) at 7 a.m. Got to New Cassel at 10 a.m. To Milwaukee at 12:35. To Chicago at 4 a.m. Left Chicago at 7:35 and got to Bud (?) at 3:50 a.m. of the 22nd. The last time I saw my father in health and to speak to him. He said "God speed ya and send ye safe home" and "be sure and be home in three weeks."
Jan. 23SatBought this diary at Indianapolis today.
Jan. 24SunWent to see old Tim (Tom?) in the p.m. Walked downtown in the evening with "Pa." (father-in-law - F.S.)
Jan. 25MonDown to mill in the p.m. to water works and Aunt Bridget's. Went to opera in the evening. "Yankee Courtship."
Jan. 27WedWent to State House in a.m. Subject at State House was women's rights.
Jan. 28ThurAt Kingham Slaughter House in p.m. Called at George's in the evening.
Jan. 31SunWent to 8 1/2 mass. Went over to Aunt Mary's. Stayed up reading until 1 a.m.
Feb. 10WedAsh Wednesday at Indianapolis, Indiana.
Feb. 12FriThis is the last night I will spend in Indianapolis.
Feb. 13SatLeft Indianapolis at 11:25 p.m. for Chicago. Received from P. Scanlan as a traveling expense $60.00 as a present.
Feb. 14SunOn rail from early morn to 2 p.m. Got into Chicago Depot. Went to Tom H________, stayed overnight. Went to McHale's in company with Tom. Saw Anne Fitzsimmons.
Feb. 15MonLeft Chicago for Milwaukee at 11 p.m. Stopped at Ed's awhile before starting. Tom brought us to the depot in his wagon.
Feb. 16TueArrived Milwaukee at 5 1/2 from Chicago. Stopped at Ann Murray's (Goss) till 3 p.m. Left for New Cassel at 3:25. Was met at New Cassel by John Conell (Connell) who told us the sad news. Father being sick unto death. Got home at 8 1/2 p.m. Found "Pa" with barely speech. His last words to me. I asked him if he knew me, he said "I ought to."
Feb. 17WedPa's death expected at any moment. The neighbors all around us came to visit Pa.
Feb. 19FriHe died at 6:55 p.m.
Feb. 20SatWent to Plymouth with team after coffin and funeral necessities. Got home 7 a.m. A large gathering at the wake in the evening and night.
Feb. 21SunGetting ready for funeral in the a.m. Left for grave. MY FATHER WAS BURIED. LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL. (Left) at 11 1/2 a.m. Got there at 1 o'clock. Mass in the church. 126 teams at funeral. Got home at 5 p.m. Trouble with Father Quinn, sent him to Retlo. Eddy taken sick at night.
Feb. 22MonJim O'Brien's granary was burned down this evening. Fixing pump.
Feb. 25ThurEddy and Ella quite sick.
Feb. 26FriEddy and Ella quite ill. Started to Plymouth after Dr. Morehouse. 3 p.m. stopped at Sukine (Seekins) (?) Got to Plymouth at 7 p.m. Got home 12 at night. Hard going on horseback. Doctor sent medicine to give them.
Feb. 27SatMiles and Kate came over. Dr. Morehouse got here at 3 1/2 p.m. pronounced the children quite sick with fever. Ed's right lung and both of Ella's affected. Left medicine and talked hopeful.
Feb. 28SunDr. Morehouse got here at noon today. Pronounced the children no worse. Was hopeful fever (would cease) this p.m. and to appear broken.
March 1 MonEddy and Ella quite sick and doctor did not call today.
March 4ThurGeo. Laffi came to work a month at $7.00 per month for me.
March 7SunMass at Mitchell. The second time by Reverend Tierney. Doctor came from Naughton's. Mrs. N. (Naughton) quite sick.
March 9ThurMikey Kilcoin and the South boys helped chopping stovewood all day.
March 12FriStarted for Sheboygan to probate father's will.
March 17WedSt. Patrick's Day. A lonesome St. Patrick's Day. No one called to see us.
March 21SunMass at Mitchell. Attended and spoke to priest about sick around. Two masses read for Pa.
March 24WedEddy very low this morning and all day and getting weaker at 11 o'clock in the evening when our darling son Michael Edward died as if going to sleep.
March 25ThurWent to Plymouth with team after coffin and other funeral preparations. Wake in the night. A large crowd.
March 26FriOur own darling Michael Edward was buried. LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL! A very long funeral. Oh what piercing grief losing our very souls, tears and hearts at thoughts of losing our lovely boy.
March 28SunEaster. We had a lonesome Easter. Pa and Eddy were with us one year ago today with no thought of death.
April 4SunMass at Mitchell only a few persons there.
April 7WedSent letter to B. Williams. Tom Connell went to school examination in Plymouth.
April 19MonStarted to Sheboygan at 4 a.m. with N & B. Got there at 10:35. Transacted business with Judge about will and started home at 4 p.m. Got home at 12 night, very bad going.
April 23FriMrs. William Skelton died at 5:10 p.m.
April 25SunAttended Mrs. Skelton's funeral at St. Patrick's.
April 28WedOld Nash was buried today.
April 29ThurRaining and snowing till 1 p.m.
May 1SatCloudy this morning and snowing. Snowed all day about 6 inches.
May 2SunMass at Mitchell. Mary Ann Duggan was called to be married. Old John O'Brien of Cascade was buried.
May 6ThurHoly Thursday. Mass at Mitchell. Attended with Ma and N & R the first time since Pa died.
May 11TueStarted from home for Sheboygan at 3 a.m. with B & B. Got there at 8:45 a.m. to attend tax land sale. Bid off NE. SE. 9 and O'Rourke 40 in Sec. 28.
May 16SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with N & R with Mona. Paid priest $1.00 on salary for 1875. Paid 20 cents.
May 20ThurQuite hot all day. 89 degrees in p.m.
May 30SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Mona, Ma and little Ann. Insured church for $2,740.00.
June 3ThurUp in the Court till 10 a.m. Was discharged and received $25.12. Paid $17.09 for token. Paid hotel bill $5.70. Came to Plymouth by rail. Rode home with Duggan.
June 7MonPete Devine had barn raising. George Thackeray started factory.
June 16WedJ. M. Carlin and Mary Cosgrove were married.
June 18FriAttended Mrs. Cain's funeral with Mona.
June 25FriIn Plymouth met Aunt Ellen and Anne Skelton. Heard about Tom Scanlan's death.
July 1ThurSold 19 bushels of potatoes at 40 cents.
July 20TuePatt Moore was buried.
July 25SunJohn F. Jordan and Mary McGrane were called to be married.
July 27TueJohn Mulloy's boy buried.
Aug. 8SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with team; Ma and Mona and I and Al. Collection taken up for Cascade stone and altar.
Aug. 15SunPicnic at Osceola. Attended mass.
Aug. 28SatPatt McHugh died.
Aug. 30MonStarted at 7 a.m. for McHugh's funeral with Kelley's. Missed it and had a terrible drive before overtaking it at Dundee.
Aug. 31TueJohn Hardgrove's little girl was killed.
Sept. 15WedMaurice O'Brien was married.
Sept. 19SunPatt Mulkearns was married.
Sept. 27MonSchool meeting at No. 1. Attended. Butler got his back up about a simple question.
Oct. 3SunMass at Mitchell. Attended with Ma. Paid priest salary for 1875 $2.00.
Oct. 28ThurOld Mrs. Phalin was buried.
Oct. 31SunHeard of Tom McGrath's sons death.
Nov. 1MonThos. McGrath's boy buried.
Nov. 4ThurFair at Dundee. Sold 3 head of cattle for $70.
Nov. 10WedPatt Quinn's baby boy died at 4 a.m. Attended wake. Collection taken up for Mag Clifford in the church. 50 cents paid.
Nov. 15MonFirst day of Jubilee in Mitchell. Attended with Grandma, Gallagher, Ma - - 4 priests.
Nov. 19FriFifth and last day of Jubilee. Started to church at 9 a.m. Attended mass and finished visitation. At home at 3.
Nov. 22MonCommenced school in Dist. No. 1. At school all day.
Nov. 24WedHenry Jordan had Grand Ball at Waldo.
Nov. 25ThurNo school today. Thanksgiving.
Dec. 4SatHad team shod. Bill for all smithing $1.50. Sold tub of butter .55 - .20 cents.
Dec. 5SunWent to church in Cascade. Sixth visit.
Dec. 7ThurAt school all day. Went to church after school on foot and made 7 visits to church.
Dec. 15WedFixing schoolhouse all day. Took supper with Kilcoin. Went from there to church and made the eighth visit. Got home 9 p.m.
Dec. 21TueAt school all day. Mona sick all day. Martin O'Franey's boy died.
Dec. 23ThurMartin O'Franey's boy buried.
Dec. 29WedPaid taxes for 1875 - $34.70 - Dan Murphy. Made 14 visits. Dance at Jim Connell's in the night.
Dec. 31FriSomething unusual, the frost entirely out of the ground and 60 degrees at 3 p.m. The past has been an eventful year for us. Four members of our family have gone to Heaven. Thank God for what we have Amen, Amen.

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