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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1874 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3SatQuilting bee at Bowen's. Dance at Murphy's.
Jan. 6TuePeter Heraty was called to be married.
Jan. 7WedPeter Heraty married.
Jan. 10SatHad school dance at Duggan's in the night.
Jan. 17SatDance at Brogan's in the night. Attended as music.
Jan. 18SunPriest sick. No mass at Mitchell.
Jan. 24SatDance at Kearnan's in the night.
Jan. 26MonConnell had 4 teams to Fond (du Lac) after lumber.
Jan. 28WedDance at Glen (Glenbeulah)
Jan. 29ThurStarted out of bed at 6 a.m. In a hurry by a warrant of the sheriff sworn out by T. Reddington for alleged damages for cutting lumber. Was taken to Falls before Justice Thanford (?) Had case adjourned till next Saturday. Employed Phalin as council.
Jan. 30FriStarted on Doll in the morning. South to subpoena witnesses Crosby, Butler, Humphrey and to Cascade after Heutze.
Jan. 31SatStarted for Falls at 5 a.m. Verdict to be given next Wednesday.
Feb. 1SunMass at Mitchell. Daniel Heraty Jr. was baptized. Dan Riordan and Kate O'Rourke married. Wedding party at Wm. Mulloys.
Feb. 3TueStarted for Falls at 7 a.m. to learn the result of suit. "Red" scooped in both cases. His costs amounted to $58.85. Went by car from Plymouth and return. Got home at 8 p.m. The neighbors were in sympathy with me.
Feb. 7SatDance at Jim Connell's. Attended as music. Had a pleasant time of it.
Feb. 8SatCarpenter, Reddington and John Flynn agreed to build Connell's house $127.00.
Feb. 11WedWent to Connell's in the evening. Heard of "Holmes tumble."
Feb. 14SatDevine's dance a fizzle. Michael O'Rourke died at 9 p.m.
Feb. 17TueWent to O'Rourke's funeral. Largest in the record of Mitchell. 170 teams.
Feb. 25WedOur school burnt.
March 1SunMass at Mitchell. Priest called names.
March 4WedFirst heard of Miss F. Doyle's skedaddle with Green.
March 7SatMet Michael O'Brien with children and buggy coming to Kilcoin's.
March 8SunWent to Riley's in p.m. to get Vindicator's address. (First Catholic paper - F.S.)
March 9MonAt school all day.
March 10TueAt school all day. Mailed letters to Vindicator, Loftus. Rec'd letter from Phalin in regard to suit.
March 15SunOld Rodden from Glen (Glenbeulah) was buried.
March 23MonAt school all day and the last of the term had full attendance. Mike O'Brien at our house in the p.m.
March 26TueMike Connors had log barn raising.
March 27FriLittle Dan Gallagher quite sick.
March 29SunMass at Mitchell. Went on horseback. Philip McBride got hurt by team running away. Paid priest $3.00 on dues.
March 30MonDaniel Gallagher died at 1 1/2 a.m. John Bowen and I moved Reddington's fence. Went with team. To Gal's (Gallaghers) after dark to wake. Philip McBride died.
March 31TueLittle Daniel Gallagher was buried. Attended funeral with team. Went to Butler's in the evening. Received $7.00 from town in "Red" (Reddington) lawsuit. Hugh McGrath was brought home dead.
April 1WedWent with team to Philip McBride's funeral with Mary Connell. Hugh McGrath was buried. John Bowen and Pa went.
April 6MonJim Connell had granary raising. Helped all day.
April 7TueHired John Phaliz (?) at $15.00 per month.
April 9ThurReceived from O'Brien $114.00 school money in full.
April 17FriJohn Rodden came to work.
April 22WedHelped Connell build fence on O'Briens place.
April 25SatLent Mike Kilcoin $10.00.
April 26SunMona and I went to mass in Osceola. Pa went to Mitchell. Pews auctioned. Got 22 S.S. (southside). received road warrant from John Bowen and $1.95 road tax from Fitzpatrick.
May 2SatHenry Skelton's girl baby was buried.
May 3SunMr. and Mrs. Skelton, Mrs. Slattery and Connell called.
May 7ThurPulling out stones and stumps in the p.m.
May 11MonGoss and Anne Murray married. Tom (?) Weeks buried.
May 13WedPa brought home pig from Gilboy's. Paid him $12.00
May 17SunMike Nolan was buried. So reported.
May 19TueMike Nolan was buried. James Kelley was married.
May 21ThurNellie Grant was married to __________?
May 22FriOld John Mangan was buried. Attended funeral with team.
May 23SatGeorge Hardgrove died at 2 a.m. Lord have mercy on his soul!
May 25MonGeorge Hardgrove was buried. Attended funeral with team and folks. 164 teams.
May 27WedSellars heard of Manley being shot.
May 31SunAn heiress born in the Mike Reiley family. Martha Verdon was married.
June 4ThurMass and Corpus Christe precession at Mitchell church attended with folks.
June 28SunJohn Brogan called to be married.
July 1WedJohn Brogan married.
July 4SatPicnic at Dundee, attended with family. Had a good and pleasant afternoon. Got home before sundown.
July 5SunSet up mowing machine in the evening.
July 15WedSetting up reaper in a.m. Cutting winter wheat in p.m.
July 25SatJim Connell's house was struck by lightning last night.
Aug. 2SunMass at Mitchell. Saw Matt Reilly.
Aug. 7FriCommenced cutting spring wheat this morning. At it till it rained. William Skelton and the 4 Connell's helped bind.
Aug. 23SunAt home in the a.m. Went south in the p.m. Insured Slattery and Devine, etc.
Aug. 25TueSplitting rails in p.m.
Aug. 30SunMass at Mitchell. Went there on Doll. Went to O'Brien's in the evening on school report, etc.
Sept. 9WedStarted for Milwaukee 5 1/2 a.m. Arrived 12:10. Called at Walsh's. Stopped all night at Mrs. Sullivan's.
Sept. 10ThurAt fairgrounds all day. Met Goss. Stopped at Gosses at night. Went to opera in the evening with Miss Murray.
Sept. 27SunMass at Mitchell. Went there with team and folks. Priest lectured at the church.
Oct. 3SatO'Brien's girl in Osceola; buried with the mumps.
Oct. 13TueCounty convention held at Plymouth. Acted as teller. Was delegate from Mitchell.
Oct. 19MonSellars team ran away last night.
Oct. 22ThurJames Sellars died at 4 a.m.
Oct. 23FriJ. Sellars was buried.
Oct. 31SatWent to the schoolhouse in the evening to hear Burchard (?) speak and Krez.
Nov. 5ThurCattle fair at Dundee. Attended. Sold pair steers for $65.00
Nov. 8SunPat O'Brien called to be married.
Nov. 9MonChrist (Christopher) Kearnan came to work this morning.
Nov. 10TuePat O'Brien married. Bowser schoolhouse burned 11 p.m.
Nov. 15SunHeard of old Phalin's death. Richwell finished Connell's house.
Nov. 16MonStarted for Phalin's in the morning with team. Found it a lie.
Nov. 17TueMrs. William Thackeray died at 10 a.m.
Nov. 20FriMrs. Thackeray buried.
Nov. 21SatBanking house.
Nov. 22SunJohn Bowser and Nick Michaels called to be married.
Nov. 24TueJohn Bowser and Nick Michaels married. (Bowser married Mary Doherty; Michaels married Gahagan - F.S.)
Nov. 27FriJohn Connell's moved into their new house.
Nov. 30MonJohn Dannisey had auction.
Dec. 2WedWent to Slattery's and Murphy's in the evening after insurance. Rec'd $3.00 from Slattery.
Dec. 3ThurButchering. Dressed 2 hogs. Green and Slattery, Connors and Connell's helped.
Dec. 20SunTena (?) Riley's baby died at Mikes this morning. At the wake while in the evening.
Dec. 25FriChristmas. Mass at Mitchell. Father Goss told of his leaving.
Dec. 28MonTom Gal's (Gallaghers) child buried.

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