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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1873 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1WedBlue, cloudy and looked like some kind of storm. Commenced to snow sometime in the night. Went to "Dee" (Dundee) with team and sleigh and brought home McHugh's books. Dined there. Stopped at "Gill's" coming home and made agreement to go up north in the morning after timber, etc.
Jan. 2ThurSnowing and sleeting in the morning. Turned to rain and rained all day. A perfect storm. Everything covered with ice. A terrible day to be out. Gilboy came with his horse _______ about 9 1/2 a.m. and we started for Chilton about 10 1/2 a. m. Got as far as Holstein at dark and stayed there overnight. A very nice place to stay. Kept by John Nanns.
Jan. 3FriTurned quite cold in the night. Things stiff in the morning. Began to snow and drift. A terrible cold day. Left Holstein about 8 a.m. went north and inquired after timber from several parties and got down to Junction at 1 p.m. Dined there. Started and tried to find a place to stop overnight and stopped with Patrick O'Malley. Rough, etc. Didn't make anything in the timberline today.
Jan. 4SatClear, bright and sharp; cold in the morning. Clouded up some in the p.m. Started from O'Malley's in the morning. Hunted around quite awhile in a.m. Started for home in the p.m. and got as far as Holstein at 6 p.m. and stopped there overnight. Boys from Batavia stopped there also in going to the pineries.
Jan. 5SunClear, sharp, bright and pleasant and so all day. Started for home from Holstein at 8 1/2 a.m. Got home at 2 1/2 p.m.
Jan. 6MonClear, bright, beautiful and pleasant. Splendid day. Started from home for Milwaukee at 10 1/2 a.m. Went via Thackeray's. Received letter from Dodge with Kilcoin's note enclosed and $10.00 enclosed to apply on account. Rode down as far as Cooper Sedgewick with Matt McNair. Got to Plymouth at 1 1/2 p.m., to Milwaukee at 7 1/2 p.m. Stopped overnight at Scannel's. P. H. O'Rourke went to Madison as Senator. Heard of Aunt Ellen being married.
Jan. 7TueCloudy, moderate and clear in p.m. Looked some like rain in the p.m. Stopped at Scannel's overnight. Mary Flanigan was married. (Probably Osceola to Andy McDonnell. - F.S.)
Jan. 8WedOh Lord! A terrible cold day, wind blowing a terrible hurricane and drifting. At Milwaukee all day. Stopped at Scannel's overnight. Called on McNamara in the morning. He refused to pay Kearnan's time checks. Waited at Harrison's office 2 hours, didn't see him. Went with Murphy to see Stark & Smith, related the circumstances to him, said he'd call on McNamara, etc.
Jan. 9ThurOh horror of horrors! Terrible day. Wind blowing a hurricane all day. 10 below all day. Clear and bright. Started from Milwaukee at 5:40 a.m., got to Plymouth 12 m. Started home on foot from Plymouth at 2 p.m. Got home at 7 1/2 p.m. Had a tough time getting home. Stopped in at McHale's to warm up.
Jan. 13MonStarted for "Dee" (Dundee) at 10 a.m. on timber "Biz" Got home at 3 1/2 p.m. Rode with Naughton's. Heard John Lindsay getting married tomorrow.
Jan. 14TueJohn Lindsay was married. L. R. Harvey (Lovevirtue Harvey - F.S.) was buried.
Jan. 15WedMike Kearnan here in p.m. Anthony and Connell here in evening about lumber, etc.
Jan. 16ThurMrs. Calvey here in the p.m. on sewing "Biz."
Jan. 17FriSpelling school at Rathbun in the evening.
Jan. 19SunMass at Mitchell. Pa went. Mary Reddington called to be married. Patt Eagan called to be married. Organ for sale at church by Fond du Lac parties.
Jan. 24FriOld Tom O'Brien, Town of Scott, was buried. Went with Connell's to funeral. Started at 9 a.m. Dined at Murray's. Got home at 3 1/2 p.m.
Jan. 25SatReceived Ruffler from Milwaukee by mail. Mary Reddington was to be married today, but she was not this day. The beau skipped out.
Jan. 26SunA great hurrah this morning about Mary Reddington's beau skedaddling. "Mary found a screw." A grand housing (?) in the night which ended in a fight.
Jan. 28TueThackeray got home from New York.
Feb. 1SatMona received letter from Alice. Wrote letter to Mc(namara) to Milwaukee.
Feb. 2SunMass at Mitchell. Went on foot. Took subscription for paper "News." Two organs in the church today for sale. Mrs. Wall sung for mass.
Feb. 6ThurSpelling school at Rathbun in the night. Turned into a dance at Jim Connell's and ended in a fight. ___________ vs. Heraty and ?.
Feb. 7FriThomas Jordan called here in the p.m. Wanted to borrow $10.00.
Feb. 8SatQuilting bee at Naughton's.
Feb. 9SunHonora Connell and "Ag" stopped here overnight.
Feb. 10MonOld Mr. Skelton came over with team about 4 p.m. telling that Aunt Ellen was to be married here Thursday asking for presence at wedding, etc.
Feb. 13ThurHenry and Ellen married at Cascade at 2 1/2 p.m. Joe Goss and Annie Skelton stood (up with them - F.S.) Over 100 persons at the wedding in the evening. Had a splendid supper. Everything went off pleasantly without one word of dispute.
Feb. 14FriJohn Burke's child was buried today.
Feb. 15SatJonathan Shaw dies at 4 o'clock this morning. Lord have mercy on his soul!
Feb. 16SunLeft home in the morning at 9 for Shaws funeral.
Feb. 17MonSister (in-law) Alice Scanlan died at 6 this evening. Lord have mercy on her soul!
Feb. 18TueJohn Brogan here in the a.m. After medicine. Jim O'Brien's child sick with croup.
Feb. 19WedHeard of Peter Moran's been quite sick.
Feb. 21FriPeter Moran reported very sick. Doctor gave him up.
Feb. 22SatPeter Moran died at 15 minutes past 5 o'clock this morning. Lord have mercy on him. At the wake all night. Received letter from Smith & Stark of Milwaukee with check enclosed.
Feb. 24MonPeter Moran buried. Mrs. Henry (?) died at 11 o'clock this morning. Lord have mercy on her soul!
Feb. 25TueMrs. Henry (?) was buried.
Feb. 28FriMrs. (Mary) Lavelle of Osceola was buried.
March 1SatMrs. Shaw died this morning. Lord have mercy on her soul! Mary Bowen quite sick.
March 2SunOld Mrs. Shaw was buried. Priest announced the death of Reverend Father Croak that used to be in Osceola. Old Mrs. Hand died this morning. Lord have mercy on her soul!
March 4TueOld man Chambers, S.E. of Mitchell was buried.
March 6ThurFair at "Dee" (Dundee). Went there in the morning with Connell. Came home via Butlers. Talked politics with Butler. Lent Connell $20.00
March 10MonSeekins came over to commence sugaring.
March 12WedSeekins in bush. Heard of Manley fiasco.
March 18TueSeekins began tapping sugar bush today first time.
March 19WedOld Devine here in the morning after eye powder. Mrs. Gannon here overnight and school meeting.
March 24MonButler came over in the evening on political business.
March 26WedCharles Heutze came here in the p.m. Hired him at $18.00 per month for six months from the 2nd of April.
March 29SatBill Riley came about road tax.
March 30SunMass at Mitchell. Collection made for organ. Pd. 50 cents. Old Sherman from Cascade was buried in Mitchell, i.e. Phalin's brother-in-law.
April 1TueJohn Slattery very sick with lung fever.
April 2WedMrs. John Manley died at 2 o'clock this morning.
April 3ThurWent to see Slattery in morning.
April 4FriMrs. John Manley was buried. Attended the funeral.
April 9WedSlattery quite sick.
April 10ThurSlattery growing weaker.
April 13SunEaster. Mass at Mitchell. Drove there with team.. Paid priest $3.00 in full for salary of 1872. Pews sold, got No. 22 southside at $6.25.
April 14MonSeekins sugared off 300 lbs. sugar. Mrs. Webb here, talked about buying sewing machine.
April 16WedWent to see Slattery in the morning and from there to Calveys. All improving.
April 23WedHeard John O'Malley being caged (jailed) for fighting
April 27SunMass at Mitchell. Priest took up Easter collection, gave him 50 cents. A baby boy born to the Gallaghers at 13 1/2 ? a.m. Baptized Daniel.
April 29TueMission at Mitchell, old folks went.
May 4SunWm. Skelton and wife here most of the day for the first time. A girl baby born to Mrs. Peter Moran.
May 15ThurSent $60.00 to Negaunee, Michigan to Michael Kilcoin on account of Jas. Kilcoin.
May 22ThurRichard Phalin around assessing. Stopped at our house overnight.
May 28WedHardgrove boy born.
May 29FriStarted for Sheboygan at 5 1/2 morning with Schell to inquire about Kilcoin's land title, etc. Went by rail from Plymouth, got there at 10:45. Found title defective.
June 5ThurDevine had stone bee. Helped him all day with team.
June 8SunMass at Mitchell. Hannah Kilcoin left for Negaunee in the night.
June 11WedKate Scanlan came to our house with Ellen Henry and ?. Stayed overnight to dance.
June 16MonSlattery had raising. Helped him all day.
June 20FriCame home via Dundee with McHugh. Bought thermometer.
June 23MonJim Heraty had stone bee. Helped him all day.
July 4FriClear and sultry till about 9 a.m. Clouded up black in the N.W. with distant thunder, an indication of a very heavy storm. Began to rain about 10 1/2; occurred the most dreadful hurricane that ever visited this part of the country. The result will long be remembered in the annals of the town. At presenting the grand spectacle, I have seen in upturned trees, houses and barns unroofed, etc. Grand picnic and dance at Mitchell Centre - - attended - - Mona & Pa. Had busy old time - - some fighting done - - Naughton had his proboscis punched. The thing didn't go off well. Got home before sundown. Roads blocked with trees. Tree fell on Dugan's home.
July 6SunStarted for mass at 9 1/2 A.M. on foot with Mona. Road stopped. Couldn't take a horse. Got as far as Calvey's. Priest sick.
July 13SunSlattery had shingling bee. Terrible bad hay weather.
July 16Wed94 degrees. Oh Lord! What a day. A regular roaster, the worst day so far in 1873. With burning S.W. wind.
July 31ThurMrs. Calvey had quilting bee.
Aug. 5TueJohnny Bowen's cattle in our corn this morning.
Aug. 16SatMailed letter to O'Brien's.
Aug. 17SunFather Goss sick. No mass at Mitchell.
Aug. 22FriSaw Mike Kilcoin the first time since getting back from Michigan.
Aug. 28ThurMrs. Croghan's mother was buried.
Aug. 29FriPa left yarn at weavers.
Aug. 31SunLindsay agreed to come to thresh for us next Thursday.
Sept. 5FriCharley helped Brogan splitting rails.
Sept. 10WedCharley helped Brogan log. Pat Brogan drove team for me. Dragging all day.
Sept. 11ThurEd Calvey got home from the mines.
Sept. 14SunMass at Mitchell. After dinner fixed Slattery's pump. John Gallagher at home from mines.
Sept. 22MonJohn O'Malley had auction. Attended. Bought nothing. The thing was a farce.
Sept. 26FriMary Flanigan's first girl baby born.
Oct. 1WedJohn Cannon called to see us. Mrs. Gannon here on a school hunt. And called on Devines. Failed to get the school for her.
Oct. 2ThurMrs. Lindsay called in the p.m.
Oct. 8WedOld man Stewart committed suicide.
Oct. 10FriWillie Skelton blessed with heiress in the family.
Oct. 12SunMona and I went to Wm. Skelton's after dinner to see heiress.
Oct. 14TueWent to O'Brien's in the morning to see about school, etc.
Oct. 15WedWent to Devine's in the A.M. about school. Went to O'Brien's in the P.M. with Devine's and hired out to teach the school for 4 months for $40.00 per month.
Oct. 20MonPhalin Hughes died.
Oct. 21TueJohnny Murphy's child died at 3 A.M.
Oct. 22WedAttended funerals, Phalin Hughes and Johnny Murphy's boy baby. Hughes funeral the largest in Mitchell. 108 teams. Mr. and Mrs. Skelton and mother here overnight. Also Miles.
Oct. 25SatPatt Murphy had log stable raising. Helped him to chop on the ? corners all day. Received letter from F. Scanlan with request, etc.
Oct. 26SunWent to Butler's in the p.m. after valuation, etc.
Oct. 30ThurA boy baby Wm. Connell born to the Conell estate.
Nov. 2SunJames O'Brien here paid $10.50 insurance on his building.
Nov. 4TueGeneral Election: C.C. Washburn, Rep. Wm. B. Taylor, Dem. Taylor elected by 1300 majority.
Nov. 6ThurPa plastering schoolhouse all day.
Nov. 9SunWilliam Martin Connell was baptized. Stood his sponsor with Honora Connell. Pd. John Lindsay $15.00 on threshing bill.
Nov. 17MonBegan school in our own Dist. # 2. Things ran pleasant and agreeable.
Nov. 22SatWent on road to meet supervisors. They came and changed the road according to petition. Connell sawing for Slattery. An heiress born to John Lindsay at 8 p.m.
Nov. 23SunMary O'Brien and Tom Dwyre called to be married.
Nov. 25TueThos. Dwyre and Mary O'Brien married.
Dec. 14SunConnors and the Slattery's here in the evening.
Dec. 18ThurMrs. Riley broke her leg falling on ice.
Dec. 22MonWent to Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Calvey at 6 1/2 a.m. Blessed with a boy baby born at 8 1/2 p.m.
Dec. 24WedWent to Osceola to midnight mass on horseback
Dec. 30TueHeard of Mr. Mullen of Glenbeulah being buried by Patt Scott. Stations in the M & N R.R.: Milwaukee 6 Schwartzburg 9 Goodhope 11 Brown Deer 15 Thiensville 20 Cedarburgh 22 Grafton 27 Saukville 34 Fredonia 38 Random Lake 47 Waldo 52 Plymouth 59 Elkhart Lake 65 Kiel 69 Holstein 74 Hayton 76 Chilton 83 Junction 91 Sherwood 99 Menasha

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