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1871 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1SunMass at Osceola. Priest said he was going to leave.
Jan. 8SunLast mass of Father Croak in Osceola.
Jan. 16TueBarney McDonnell was married.
Jan. 19ThurStarted from Gallagher's at 6 1/2 a.m. for St. Cloud. Got on the train at 8 1/2 for Fond du Lac. At Fond du Lac till 9:05 p.m. and started for Chicago. Rode all night.
Jan. 20FriSnow 3 feet deep in Chicago and 60 miles North and South. Got into Chicago at 6:45 a.m. Started for Indianapolis at 8 a.m. and got to Ondigafor?? at 5 p.m. Like the appearance of the place very much.
Jan. 21SatAt Indianapolis all day walking about town, sight seeing.
Jan. 22SunMass in a.m. At Indianapolis.
Jan. 23MonVisited State Home in the p.m.
Jan. 28Sat"Tim" called in the evening.
Jan. 29SunWent to mass in a.m. Tim in the evening.
Feb. 1WedVisited Blind Asylum in a.m.
Feb. 2ThurVisited City Court in the a.m. Flat _____?, Rolling Mill etc. Rec'd letter from McHale.
Feb. 4SatWent to Miles Paper in the a.m. Dined at Aunt Mary's in the p.m.
Feb. 5SunWent to mass to Fitzpatrick church. Called on the Rowland's.
Feb. 7TueWrote 2 letters in the p.m. to Miles and to Tom Scanlan.
Feb. 11SatDown at the mills and at Aunt Mary's in a.m. Sent some letters to old folks. Went over with Alice and Nelly in the evening.
Feb. 12SunWent to 8 1/2 o'clock mass. Mona went. Mona, Ellen and I went over to Rowland's in the evening.
Feb. 18SunWriting letter for Aunt Bridget in the p.m.
Feb. 21TueGot into Chicago at 7:40 a.m. went to the Nans (?) family. Met Tim Pathers (?) and lots others. Went through tunnel, waterworks. Dined at Kate McHale's.
Feb. 22WedAt Chicago till 5 p.m. Dined at T. Heraty's and called on Kate Foley, then to depot, rode on car right to Fond du Lac.
Feb. 23ThurAn Irish and Dutch fuss at St. Cloud. Left there in Carlin's train to Falls.
Feb. 25SatGrandma Scanlan and Jim came over in the evening.
Feb. 26SunGrandma Scanlan started for home in a.m. and Ellen.
March 1WedWas summoned as witness in the St. Cloud fight by old Smith at noon.
March 3FriAn heir born to the Gallagher's in the morning. Attended lawsuit at Baragas (?) in town of Forest. Dutchman vs. Smith. Smith gained suit. 8 p.m. spelling school at No. 1.
March 5SunStood sponsor for Martin Gallagher, baptized. Went to Forest with priest in the night.
March 6MonWas subpoenaed by Carlin for St. Cloud fight.
March 7TueAll day as witness in Carlin trial.
March 12SunWent to Lindsay's and Failey's after bay. Stopped in at Humphrey's
March 13MonWent to Kearnan's to hire Mike.
March 14TueJim O'Connell's trial to come off today.
March 17FriMary Connell taken sick in the night.
March 18SatThe Connell's blest with twins. 1st at 1 a.m. and 2nd at 2:14 a.m.
March 26SunWent south to Lindsay, Fixmer, Butler, etc. Hired Pete Fixmer to work for six months at $14.00 a month.
March 27MonMike Kearns called in the morning, wanting work. Connell sawing for Slattery.
March 28TueHired Mike Kearns for six months at $14.00 a month.
March 29WedMike Kearns came to work for $12.00 per month for 4 months. and $18 for July and August.
March 30ThurYoung Scanal buried. Christy Mack's wife too.
April 2Sun1st mass in Mitchell by Father Goss Attended. Was chosen one of the church committee. Kate and Bridget Connell baptized.
April 9SunWent south to visit Butler's with petition in the p.m. Heard Gallagher killing his horse. Bill Heurly fight etc. Stopped Thos. McNicholas.
April 16SunPews sold at good price. Lively sale.
April 18TueSplendid display of Northern Lights in the night.
April 22SatWent to Charlie McLaughlin's funeral. Home at 3 p.m.
April 23SunButler here in the p.m.
April 30SunMass at Mitchell. Heard about Father Tiernan fiasco.
May 3WedPriests at Mitchell. Mass and mission.
May 20SatStarted for Batt Conners raising about 9 a.m. Dance at Godfrey's tonight. Attended.
May 28SunMass at Mitchell. Mike Gilboy and Betsey Murray are called to be married.
June 3SatBill Flanigan has raising. Helped him all day. Batt Sellars had brushing tree. Mike helped him all day.
June 7WedThe most splendid day in two weeks. Clear, cool. Had great stone bee, 60 men and 15 teams. Cleared 10 acres. Had splendid dance at barn in the evening.
June 9FriHelped Slattery raising granary all day.
June 10SatRory Devine died 11 p.m.
June 11SunWent to Rory Devine's wake in the night.
June 12MonRory Devine buried. Michael Connors child died 11 a.m.
June 13TuesConnors child buried.
June 14WedMike Kilcoin had logging bee. Helped him all day.
June 16FriMass at Mitchell. Dined at Lindsay's. Attended Vespers in the evening. Organized singing class at church.
June 20TuePete Moran had stone bee. Dance at night.
June 24SatWent to P.O. in the a.m. and made passage certificate to Ann (?) Fitzmorris. Connors had logging bee.
June 2?ThurTo Plymouth. Bought passage certificate for $47.00
July 1SatMike Riley had log bee.
July 2SunHired Dave Brown. Gave Manly $1.00 for Reilly.
July 4TueGrand picnic at Mitchell. A grand success. Attended. Read Declaration, Oration by P.H. O'Rourke. Busy all day.
July 5WedElla Mangan's wedding on tomorrow.
July 6ThurMike at Ella Mangan's wedding today.
July 16SunJohn Maloy's daughter was buried. Dined at Lindsay's. M. McDonnell was in church making out picnic report.
July 23SunMass at Mitchell, went on foot. Read church reports etc. Talked about building addition to church. Stayed at home in the evening.
Aug. 3WedOh Lord, how hot! 96 degrees nearly all day and not a breath of air. Cutting wheat all day in north lot.
Aug. 6SunFolks started for mass. No mass.
Aug. 8MonBlew roof off Murphy's barn. Upturned grain and haystacks etc.
Aug. 11FriPriest Tiernan left Dundee.
Aug. 12SunRec'd letter from Ireland regarding passage rec'd.
Aug. 13SunOld Henry died from the effects of wagon tongue.
Aug. 16WedMona rec'd letter from Alice with $21.00 enclosed.
Aug. 22TueMike McDonnell here over night. Kennedy died by falling from grain stacks.
Aug. 24ThurKennedy was buried. Miles and Chas. (?) and Mrs. Grimes here in the evening from the funeral.
Aug. 26SatMona went to Gallagher's.
Sept. 8SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team and Gallagher's folks. Great discussion at the church about building etc.
Sept. 12TueMcDonnell's machine came to Dan Murphy's.
Sept. 17SunMona and Ma went to mass at Mitchell. Home all day (diarhea) Sent resolutions to church.
Sept. 21ThurRev. Goss here at noon.
Sept. 23SatHelped Kilcoin thresh in the a.m. and Slattery in the p.m. Greenhorn Mugan here in the a.m.
Sept. 27WedHelped Riley thresh all day.
Sept. 28ThurHelped Connors thresh. Moved to Calvey's.
Oct. 1SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team. Read list on fence funds. Also on building fund. Building party defeated signally. Went to Scott's and Sellars in the evening about school. An heir born to Patt Dwyre.
Oct. 7SatChicago burning.
Oct. 8SunChicago burning. Fire west of us at Quinn's. Settled with Elliot about building sanctuary. Went to Martin Redington's about carpenter.
Oct. 9MonChicago burned. Louisa Flannigan over night.
Oct. 12ThurWent to McDonnell's after money etc.
Oct. 13FriStarted for Fond du Lac at 3 a.m. with team after load of lumber for church. Got home at 11 p.m.
Oct. 15SunStarted for church in the morning with load of lumber for sanctuary. Mass at Mitchell. Rec'd $81.00 from McDonnell on acct of church lumber.
Oct. 17TueWent to church to see about molding and getting ready for building addition.
Oct. 18WedStarted for Fond du Lac at 3 a.m. for load of lumber for church, molding, nails, etc. Got home 10 p.m.
Oct. 19ThurStarted for church in the morning with load of lumber, etc. for sanctuary.
Oct. 25WedPaid D. Brown $5.50 on threshing bill. Cattle buyer here in the p.m. Connell sold sheep at $3.12 per head.
Oct. 29SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team and load of lath, nails, baluster and etc. Dennis O'Rourke died at 2 a.m.
Nov. 1WedWent to church a.m. There all day merely sitting with the carpenters, etc.
Nov. 2ThurSplitting rails.
Nov. 4SatPd. D. Brown 75 cents in full for threshing bill.
Nov. 5SunAt home til 2 p.m. Went to Dundee after plow point. Pd. 50 cents.
Nov. 11SatCarpenter finished in church. Paid them in full.
Nov. 23ThurTom McBride was killed.
Nov. 25SatAt Tom McBride's funeral. Stopped at Butlers.
Nov. 26SunDr. O'Brien at Connell's and vaccinated children.
Dec. 2SatRec'd letter from Johnny Scanlan, mailed 2 letters Chicago and Petersboro.
Dec. 3SunFixed Slattery's pump.
Dec. 7ThurFair at Dundee. Not much doing.
Dec. 8FriKeyes and Murphy around for oats for priest.
Dec. 16SatJohn Maloy and Charity Sisters begging. Gave her $8.00
Dec. 18MonHelped Tom Jordan butcher. Heard of Butler being sick.
Dec. 20WedDid some running today. Went after Mrs. Murphy and Mary Connell (at 4 a.m.) Our girl baby born at 6 1/2 a.m. Visited Butler in the a.m.
Dec. 23SatMailed letters to Scanlan and Coeld (?)
Dec. 24SunWent to mass at Mitchell on horseback.
Dec. 25MonEllen Alice Heraty baptized today.
Dec. 26TueB.W. Collins was married.
Dec. 31SunAt home in the a.m. Went to see Butler in the p.m.

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