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1870 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 7FriCloudy, snowing lightly. At school all day. Paid taxes $34.74. At Humphrey's all night.
Jan. 8Sat14 below zero - coldest day. At schoolhouse repairing till 3 p.m. Walked home.
Jan. 9SunTerrible day. Brought in load of wood and hay in a.m. Started for school at 3 p.m., rode with Sifer part way. Sifer at Payne's at night.
Jan. 10MonSinging school in evening. A splendid time. (Apparently teaching at Red school - F.S.)
Jan. 15SatCloudy, gray and cool. Martin Gallagher died at 7 1/2 o'clock p.m.
Jan. 17MonOh God, how cold. Gallagher buried 11 a.m.
Jan. 19WedDance at Humphrey's in the night. Invited, didn't go.
Jan. 20ThurWent up to Mugan's in evening.
Jan. 27ThurClark Payne went to Sheboygan with pork (?) Sold $10.00
Jan. 30SunClear, warm, beautiful. Sarah Lindsay and Mike Murray were married.
Feb. 6SunClear, bright, beautiful. Some walked to church in their shirtsleeves. Mass at Mitchell, went there with team. Went to Payne's after mass.
Feb. 8TueMcWilliams spoke at schoolhouse in the evening.
Feb. 9WedGray, cool, windy in the morning. Clear, warm and pleasant in p.m. School all day. M. McGraw and Kate Reed rebelled.
Feb. 12SatSisters of Charity at our house at dinner. Gave them a bag of wheat.
Feb. 16WedAt school all day. Raffle at Humphrey's.
Feb. 17ThurAt school all day. Dance at Cascade at night.
Feb. 18FriAt school all day. Thawed a little. Went to McGraw's in evening. Payne's went to "cloud." Mary Bowser died. (McDonnell...Mary Bowser married Michael McDonnell on January 30, 1869. - F.S.)
Feb. 21MonMary McDonnell alias Bowser was buried.
Feb. 22TueGray, pleasant. At school all day. Mag McKindley was married.
Feb. 24ThurClear, beautiful. At school all day. County Supt. visited school. Dance at Reed's in the p.m. Attended.
Feb. 27SunSleeting and snowing all day. Heiress born to Bill Manley. February goes out like a lamb.
March 1TueWarm, springlike. Tim Hardgrove was married. (Married James Heraty's daughter - F.S.)
March 9WedConcert at Greenbush in the evening. Proved a fizzle.
March 14MonAt school all day and the last day of the present term. Rec'd from Mr. Lynch $112.50 in full of all demand. Paid Payne 36 dollars in full.
March 15TueTerrible day. Snowed nearly all day. Everything nearly drifted full. Started from Paynes and had horrible time getting home. Waded thru snow knee-deep all the way.
March 19SatTim Scanlan and S. Skelton came here this evening. Here over night.
March 20SunDrizzling all day. Snow going fast. Tim Scanlan and Henry Skelton here all day and night. Old Reynolds at Cascade buried today.
March 22TueClear, thawing some. Went to Cascade with eave troughs. Stopped at Skelton's over night with team. Got a favorable impression of the family.
March 26SatRained all day. School exhibition at Dundee in the evening.
March 30WedGray and thawing fast. Not doing anything all day. Laid up with sore foot. Sowing machine came to John's. Sowed two hours in the p.m.
April 3SunWent to Jim Connell's in the evening. Staid there all night. Dr. O'Brien there at night.
April 6WedMoving rails, setting stakes and getting ready for building fence.
April 18MonCloudy, cool and gray. Clear in the evening. Insured Brogan's barn in the evening. $5.00 and grain therein $4.00
April 24SunMr. Mangan, alias Herbert, was married.
May 1SunClear. Hot. Went to Gallagher's in the p.m. Mass at Mitchell...fuss at church. (Rev. John Tiernan- F.S.) Hired J. Howard for 1 month at $14.00. Wild plums in bloom and poplar trees leafed out.
May 12ThurClear and hot. Ground hard. Plowing potato ground all day. Mailed Kane's application. Dance at priest's house in Osceola at night.
May 15SunClear, hot. At home all day till 3 p.m. Strolled to Connell's and Killcoin's in the p.m. No mass at Mitchell. Pa and Ma went to Osceola. Trees all leafed out and in full bloom.
May 19ThurClear, dry hot. Jack planting corn already.
May 22SunWent to Butler's in the p.m. to see about wood, etc.
May 24TueRepairing fence all around the farm in the a.m. Moving rails and drew in load and cleaned grist in p.m. Jack dragging oats in a.m. Mrs. Dan O'Rourke died. Finished all kinds of spring work at 2 p.m. (This is probably Mrs. Dennis O'Rourke. Children shown without either parent in 1870 census - F.S.)
May 26ThurMrs. Dennis O'Rourke buried.
May 27FriClear and hot all day. Commenced digging out stone in west lot, at it all day. Folks went to Plymouth to trade at store. Mrs. Durkee died.
May 28SatJane Angus was married.
June 5SunGray and pleasant in the a.m. St. Patrick's mass. Started for home at 2 p.m. Came home via town line... Lindsay's etc.
June 19FriClear and cool. Shearing sheep nearly all day. Digging up stone after supper.
June 22WedJohn Howard came to work at $16.00 per month during pleasure.
June 25Sat102. Hot, Oh Lord how hot.
July 10SunClear, warm pleasant. Mass at Mitchell, went with team. Elected as church treasurer. Rec'd $3.55 from Hughes. Went gallivanting in the p.m.
July 24SunGray and muggy, hot. Looked some like rain...Two heavy showers in the morning. Mass at Mitchell, went there on horseback. Pews sold today. Bought No. 7 south side at $6.00. Reds cattle in our oats in the morning.
July 27WedHired Mike Kearns.
July 28ThurMike Kearns came to work at $1.00 per day.
Aug. 3WedClear, cool, pleasant. Finished cutting spring wheat at noon. Cutting hay in the p.m. in south lot.
Aug. 8MonMother Powers came here.
Aug. 21SunMike O'Brien came in from R.R. to track.
Aug. 24WedClear and quite hot. Worked all day for Slattery making bin. Naughton had machine. Slattery helped Anthony for me. Pa went to _______ with grist. Everight had his fingers cut off with machine.
Sept. 1ThurClear, warm and pleasant. Helped Slattery thresh.
Sept. 24SatHeard old Hagarty and Noble O'Keefe were buried.
Sept. 26MonSchool meeting in evening. Duggan chosen director for 3 years. Mr. Riley for one year as clerk.
Oct. 20ThurPriest here. I gave him two bushels of corn.
Nov. 3ThurWent to Dundee. Fair in the p.m. "Bridgy skedaddled."
Nov. 24ThurBrogan's barn burned on the Miller place.
Nov. 27SunMass at Mitchell. Collected dues for priest in church. Ben Collins abused the priest. (Fr. John Tiernan - F.S.)
Dec. 17SatScott vs. Murray. Murray gained the suit.
Dec. 25SunPresent at 3 masses. Pat Dwyre and Kate Gilboy were married. P. Scanlan 271 West Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. Mrs. B. Loftus c/o P.B. Santes, Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio

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