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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1869 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 2SatMary Sellars married.
Jan. 8FriCroghan died - - Franey born.
Jan. 14ThurBat Conner's crazy.
Jan. 19TueHeard of Ellen Duggan's man's death.
Jan. 22FriMcWilliams the Fenian spoke at the red schoolhouse in the evening.
Jan. 26TueFenian McWilliams at Dundee in the evening. Pa and Mona went there. Martin Brogan cut his foot.
Jan. 27WedMilwaukee News came.
Jan. 30SatMike McDonnell married _________ Bowser.
Feb. 1MonBrian Connell died.
Feb. 12FriMrs. Nelson buried. Snow about "plaid out".
Feb. 14SunMrs. Manley died.
Feb. 17WedDominic Manley died at 10:00 p.m. very suddenly.
Feb. 18ThurMargaret Gallagher born. Dominic Manley buried - - 101 teams at the funeral.
Feb. 28SunClear, cool, went to mass at Osceola with team and sleigh. Dave Brown killed his horse.
March 1MonClear, warm and springlike. At school all day - - a sensation about old Manley being poisoned, the body exhumed.
March 4ThurSharp and cold - - At school all day. Received letters from Ireland and Barton, Inauguration day of Grant.
March 30TueClear and warm. Fixing sugar camp in a.m. Chopped fence poles in p.m. J. Connell sold his horse to Green.
April 18SunFoggy - - looked like rain. Detling and Laack here overnight. No mass at Mitchell.
April 21WedGround covered with snow - - springlike. Attended examination at Cascade.
April 30FriClear, cool, springlike. Donahue girls here for dinner.
May 1SatClear, cool splendid day. Ground drying fast. Sowed 4 acres of oats. Hitched up rig for first time.
May 6ThurClear and pleasant - - went to Fond du Lac with John to seek legal advice.
May 7FriClear, warm, pleasant. Dragging all day. Signed B. C. Laughlin's contract.
May 8SatAn heir born on (Anthony) Naughton estate. (Baptized May 30. - F.S.)
May 23SunClear and quite warm. Folks went to Mike Riley's. Sold John Henry six bushel of wheat. An heiress born on the Reddington estate. (Mary baptized June 13, 1869. - F.S.)
May 27ThurRainy and misty all day. Went to Mulhearn's in the p.m. with road petition. Sent letter to Augusta.
May 30SunWarm. Rained some at noon. Mass at Mitchell, went there with buck. Priest (Father John Tiernan) and Fenian had fuss in the church.
May 31MonPlowed garden - - few showers.
June 19SatRain! Rain! Everlasting rain. All things earthly drowned out. A terrible hail storm in the p.m.
June 26SatRain! Rain! Horrible rain all day. All things soaked. Dance at barn at night proved a fizzle.
July 5MonGray, warm, pleasant - - grand picnic at Osceola, attended in full force.
July 14WedRained smart shower in the morning - - clear and hot thru day. Brogan had barn raising, helped all day. Jordan, Naughton and Reddington have sheep trial.
July 17SatStarted for Plymouth at 5 a.m. Came back via Carlan's. Gray and warm. Rained a little. Franey had logging "Bee."
July 21WedClear, warm, pleasant. Jordan vs. Reddington & Naughton sheep trial, Jordan beaten.
Aug. 8SunMass at Mitchell. Attended pews auction and got pew #7 southside. Cost of pew $6.50. Bridget Franey was married to _________ Forrester. (Marriage not recorded in our parish. - F.S.)
Aug. 14SatRained severe shower in morn. Clear in p.m. Not doing much in a.m. Started for Sherman in p.m. There at night - - broke - - went via Skelton's.
Aug. 15SunClear, cool and pleasant. At Sherman nearly all day at mass there. J. Sheridan gave a note to F. Scanlan security on ______ and rent.
Aug. 16MonRained nearly all a.m., overcast. At St. Pat's in a.m. Setting up reaper. Started for home after dinner. Got home at six.
Aug. 17TueClear, warm and pleasant all day. My work today didn't amount to "shucks." Tried to blast logs in a.m. Pa went home with Kate in evening. Pete Henry here over night.
Aug. 18WedWarm pleasant. Had John and his oxen help hand fallow all day.
Aug. 19ThurScorching, high SW wind all day - - hottest day so far in 1869.
Aug. 24Tue95 degrees. Cutting and binding all day.
Sept. 2ThurGreen and J. Connell called at 12 1/2 o'clock a.m. and exchanged notes on horse affair.
Sept. 17FriWe were blessed with boy baby at 9:00 a.m. Clear, warm, pleasant.
Sept. 19SunWent to mass at Mitchell with baby. Gallagher's over - - Sarah here over night.
Oct. 3SunGray and pleasant - - Mass at Mitchell. Had John baptized. Miles and Kate sponsors, went home via Butler's.
Oct. 9SatQuite cool and cloudy. Helped Bowen thrash till 1:30 p.m. Splitting rails rest of day. Miss Louisa Flanigan here overnight.
Oct. 10SunCool and clear in morning. Pleasant through day. Went to Cosgrove's in p.m. Resigned Clerkship
Oct. 17SunUp an around all day at home. Mass at Mitchell. Old folks went to Reddington and Jordan expose in the church.
Oct. 25MonCold, gray and clear - - snowed in the night - - first of season. Drawing in corn most of the day - - laid some fences in the evening.
Oct. 29FriCloudy and cold - - digging potatoes all day. Badly frozen even on road.
Oct. 30SatAll hands digging potatoes all day - - potatoes half frozen.
Nov. 12FriCloudy with snow showers all day. Long Lake store burned in night.
Nov. 21SunClear, beautiful, pleasant. Snow deep - - at home all day, read, etc. Devine, Killcoin, O'Brien and Murray started for Pinery.
Nov. 30TueGray and pleasant, turned cold in the night. Butchering all day. John and T. Jordan helped dress 3 hogs.
Dec. 27MonJohn Flynn and Ann Murphy were married. (Not married by Father John Tiernan - F.S.)

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