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1868 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1WedMass at Mitchell. Skelton and Hackett to be married.
Jan. 5SunMrs. Lindsay bought oxen from Connell's.
Jan. 11SatSocial party at Mrs. Calvey's in the evening.
Jan. 12SunMass at Mitchell. Dick Phalin brought home his wife.
Jan. 15WedJane Cavanaugh buried.
Jan. 24FriDance at Forest in the evening. Attended.
Jan. 26SunJames Rooney's child buried. Mass list: Peter Heraty Michael Murray, Wm. Murphy, Wm. Mulkey, Hugh Lynch, James O'Brien, Thos. Nugent, Masterson, J. Sheridan, D. Harkins, P. O'Harra, D. Donavan, J. Smith, J. Dunne, J. Masterson, D. Ogle, M. Sheridan, Red McMahan, Jos. Gillen, P. Mulhearns, J. Early, M. McDonnell, M. Kiley, A. Gazin, M. Reddington, T. O'Brien, J. Clifford, P. McBride, D. O'Rourke, J. Eagen, L. Murray, J. Mulloy.
Feb. 14FriJohn Dooley buried. (Stepfather to Ben etc. Collins. - F.S.)
Feb. 15SatGrandfather Scanlan died.
Feb. 19WedCatherine Lynch died.
Feb. 23SunStrong NE wind - - a terrible storm - - the worst I ever saw. Snowing and blowing all day.
April 30ThurTom Rodden died.
May 6WedJohnny Murphy was married. (Not married in Mitchell - F.S.)
May 30SatJ. Connell bought ox team.
July 26SunFirst mass of Father Tiernan.
Aug. 1SatAn heir born to the Connel estate.
Aug. 9SunPews sold. Mass at Mitchell. John Connell baptized - -Mona and me sponsors.
Aug. 13ThurHeir born to the Slattery estate. (Daniel - F.S.)
Aug. 30SunOld Gallagher died.
Sept. 13SunAdam Gates was married. (Mrs. Gates had mumps on her wedding day - per Mildred Schlenter Krez told this by Mrs. Gates herself. - F.S.)
Sept. 20SunFather Smith left Osceola.
Oct. 20TueRev'd. Steely here all night.
Nov. 1SunPett Harvey was married.
Nov. 3TueClear, warm and pleasant. Election day. Acted as Clerk of Polls. Result in Mitchell on straight ticket, Dem. 145, Rep. 163, total 208 votes.
Nov. 10TueMike McDonnell married at last.
Dec. 31ThurHeir #2 born to the O'Brien estate.

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