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1867 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1TueTemp. 10 below. Mass at Mitchell. Went there on foot.
Jan. 7MonAn heiress born to the Connell's.
Jan. 8TueWent to Dundee for lumber money, did not get it. Paid Wm. Foley $5.00 on account.
Jan. 9WedMaking J. Bowen a crutch in the a.m.
Jan. 13SunWent to mass at Mitchell, horseback. Hannah Connell was baptized.
Jan. 19SatWent to Sheboygan Falls with horse and cutter to see about lumber and thence to St. Patrick's. There overnight.
Jan. 20SunAt late mass in St. Pat's. Started for home at 5:00
Jan. 21MonStarted for Weekses Mills at 7 o'clock a.m. At the mills overnight.
Jan. 23WedMrs. Collins reported sick.
Feb. 3SunMass at Osceola, went there with team. J. Rooney got married. D. Twohig and R. Hardgrove published.
Feb. 7ThurI and J Brogan went to Fond du Lac for lumber with team. Bought 2000 ft. boards at $14.00 per M.
Feb. 14ThurMatt Verdon's son died.
Feb. 15FriMrs. Collins died.
Feb. 23SatLeft Gal's in the morn. to shoe horses. Came back via Elliot's. Contracted with him to build barn for $150. Bought cloth from weaver. Came home in the evening. Bernard Connell's family came to Wisconsin.
Feb. 24SunLate mass at Mitchell. Went to Jim's in the evening with team to see Mrs. Connell.
March 1FriStarted for Fond du Lac. Roads awful muddy. Stopped at Kelley's overnight. Mrs. Brogan (?) buried.
March 25MonHolyday. Clear, warm and thawing. Late mass at Mitchell, went there on horseback. Got up ten.(?) Club, mass (?), club etc. Went north in the evening. Pews sold in the church. Paid $2.25 for pew No. 3 in front.
March 27WedReddington's child died at 2:00 o'clock a.m. Went to wake in the evening.
March 28ThurWent to Reddington's childs funeral with team and sleigh.
March 29FriJoseph Murphy's barn burned this p.m. at 2:00 o'clock
March 31SunOld Mrs. Gallagher quite sick. Mary and Pa went there in the p.m. on horseback.
April 2TueWent to town meeting, acted as clerk. Stopped at Butler's overnight. Saw first pigeons.
May 2ThurMailed letters to Stoddard Magazine and Co., Baltimore.
May 13MonAnthony Naughton had raising.
May 14TueBrogan's had stone bee. Pa helped.
May 15WedMiss Mary Gallagher born 4:00 p.m.
May 26SunNaughton's, Butler's and Miles called this day.
May 27MonMary Gallagher baptized.
May 29WedPedlar Barnum here overnight.
May 31FriThe past May was the coldest I ever experienced.
June 4TueWent to Thackeray's barn raising in the p.m.
June 17MonHad great barn raising. Had about 75 raising hands.
June 24MonP. Quinn had stone bee. Helped him all day with team.
June 25TueHad Westland shearing sheep. J. Murphy had stone bee.
June 29SatBishop at Mitchell giving Confirmation.
July 6SatWe were pleased with a baby boy at 5:00 o'clock.
July 8MonMike Reilly had logging bee. Pa helped him.
July 9TueJim Connell had stone bee.
July 10WedJohn Bowen had logging bee.
July 11ThurHad Johnny Bowen all day hoeing potatoes.
July 12FriHad severe frost in the night killed corn, potatoes, etcetera.
July 13SatButler's had logging bee. Pa helped.
July 14SunMichael Edward Heraty baptized.
Aug. 12MonWent to Riley's in the evening to hire Dick.
Aug. 29ThurDennis O'Rourke died at 7:00 a.m.
Sept. 1SunMass at Osceola. Contributed $1.00 towards McGowan monument.
Sept. 9MonT. Walsh stopped overnight.
Sept. 11WedPa helped P. Murphy thrash awhile.
Sept. 13FriAn heiress born to the O'Brien estate. (O'Brien's lived where McNair's lived later. - F.S.)
Sept. 14SatNaughton thrashed for us. Had 224 bu. wheat, 230 bu. oats.
Sept. 17TuePa helped T. Jordan thrash.
Sept. 19ThurLast day of county fair.
Sept. 20FriMichael Murray, Jr. died at 10:00 o'clock a.m. Lord have mercy on his soul. (Died on the 21st. - F.S.)
Sept. 22SunMass at Mitchell. Stopped while at the wake in the night at Humphrey's.
Sept. 23MonWent to Michael Murray's funeral with team.
Sept. 30MonThrashing at Slattery's. School meeting night.
Oct. 4Fri"Tom" Jordan's brothers arrived in town.
Oct. 5SatJohannah Murphy was transplanted.
Oct. 17ThurWent to Plymouth to teacher's examination.
Oct. 20SunMass at Mitchell with team. Pd. second 1/2 years pew rent $2.25.
Oct. 24ThurWent to Mangan's wake in night. Jack Mangan's girl baby died 2:00 p.m.
Oct. 26SatMrs. Connell had quilting bee.
Nov. 1FriMass at Mitchell, went on foot. Agreed with P. Moran to teach School District #1 at 42 per month for 4 months to come Nov. 18.
Nov. 10SunWent to P. Moran's and general trip all around to Franey, etc.
Nov. 12TueJohn Henry came to dig well. At well all day.
Nov. 17SunMass at Mitchell. Went there with team. Went to Butler's for contract - - watch, etc., after mass.
Nov. 25MonCommenced school in Dist. #1, Mitchell. M. & K here on visit.
Dec. 12ThurMailed letter to Michael Scanlan Lebanon, Pa.
Dec. 25WedOh what a dismal Christmas. Rained all a.m. Late mass at Mitchell, thinly attended. Published to be married Maggie Carey and Mike Smith.
Dec. 30MonWent to singing school in the evening in Osceola. Splendid skating on the lake.

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