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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1865 Thomas Heraty's Diary

January (Notation says: First part in book of 1864. I have no idea what that means. - K.R.)

Jan. 29SunMass at Mitchell.
Feb. 1WedDrawing firewood with team for Jas. Connell all day.
Feb. 11SatRec'd letter from John from Iowa.
Feb. 12SunWent to get subscriber for The World in the p.m.
Feb. 13MonFather McGowan around collecting oats.
Feb. 19SunMass at Mitchell, didn't go.
Feb. 21TueBar.(ometer) indicates rain.
Feb. 26SunLeft for Abbot at 2 o'clock. Came to a Mark Angle in my existence. Accepted.
Feb. 27MonWent to dance at Hingham.
March 5SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team.
March 19SunWarmest day so far in 1865. 70. Went to Long Lake with horse to see about lumber. At home reading in p.m. Mrs. Loyde at hour house at night. First thunder storm in 1865.
March 20MonWent to P. Murrays for load of lumber. Quite warm, 65 p.m.
March 21TueOld Mouthy Rodden here.
March 25SatWent to P.O. in the p.m. to mail letter to World then to Abbot. Stopped at the Oldmans all night.
March 26SunAt Mass at Abbott. Left about 5 o'clock.
March 28TueJames Connell had barn raising. Helped him all day.
March 29WedMaking sap troughs and burning all day. Man collecting draft money.
March 30ThurCosgriff had barn raising. Helped him all day.
April Tapped sugar bush in the a.m.
April 2SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team.
April 3MonHelped J. Bowen all day raising.
April 4TueFishing at Long Lake all day. Got 90. Town mtg. day.
April 7FriFixing buttery.
April 8SatSold Gannon 30 bushel at $1.25 bushel (wheat)
April 9SunWent to Gannons to party with team. Brought him 110 bushels wheat.
April 11TueWent to Fond du Lac with load of potatoes. Sold 30 bushels at 40 cents per bushel.
April 12WedLeft Fond du Lac for home at 11 o'clock. Got home at 4 1/2 p.m.
April 16SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team. To Abbott in afternoon.
April 30SunAbbott a.m. Went from there to Mass at Cascade. Dined Lynches.
May 1MonMrs. McHale had plowing bee. Helped her all day. Mrs. Mac at our house over night.
May 4ThurWarmest day in '65, 84. Went with wheat to McHales in morn.
May 5FriP. Barrett got married.
May 7SunMass at Mitchell. Went there on foot to confession. Home p.m.
May 16Tue94
May 25ThurAt Abbott in the a.m. Went to Sheboygan in p.m. Was married at 2 o'clock. Stopped at Arnolds over night.
May 26FriAt Sheboygan all day riding about, etc.
May 27SatHome at Abbott.
May 28SunAt Abbott a.m. Left for home at noon. Conners and Slatterys, etc. at our house in the p.m.
June 2FriBurning stumps in the a.m.
June 13TueCutting hand spikes and getting ready for logging bee. Pat McHale came to live on his farm.
June 14WedHad logging bee.
June 17SatMiles Gallagher had logging bee. Pa helped.
June 19MonAnthony Naughton had stone bee. Helped him all day with team.
June 22ThurDan Murphy had stone bee. Pa helped him.
June 24SatBrogan had stone bee. Helped him with team.
June 25SunMass in Osceola. Went with team. Fishing in Long Lake p.m.
June 26MonJohn Franey had a stone bee. Helped him all day. Frost in the night.
June 27TueHelped Butler at logging bee.
July 8SatStarted for Abbott in p.m. with team with Mary.
July 9SunAt Abbott at Mass. Went to Silver Creek in p.m. with Mary on horseback. Came home evening.
July 15SatTom Jordan had plowing bee. Helped him all day with John's oxen.
July 23SunWent to Sellars in p.m. Mass at Osceola. Went there with team.
July 24MonSplitting rails all day. Mary and Kate went to Silver Creek.
July 27ThurMowing all day. Wm. Riley helped us.
July 31MonPa went to Kilcoins in a.m.
Aug. 4FriCousin John came to visit us.
Aug. 5SatWent home with Mary to Abbott in the p.m.
Aug. 6SunMass at Mitchell. Left Abbott 9 o'clock. Got home 12 1/2. At home in the p.m.
Aug. 8TueCousin John at our house at night.
Aug. 9WedStarted for Abbott at 4 o'clock for Mary.
Aug. 15TueMass at Mitchell. Went there with team. Dance at our barn in the eve. James left for Illinois.
Aug. 20SunMass at Osceola. Went there with team.
Aug. 25FriMary's father came.
Sept. 7ThurPicnic at Mitchell Church all day. Not much of a time.
Sept. 9SatRec'd. 2 letters from Kate. Mary went home with her mother.
Sept. 17SunFather McMahon gave his first mass at Mitchell.
Sept. 27WedWent to Cascade for priest for Mary in the evening.
Sept. 30SatWent to Dundee to skid logs. Rec'd. letter from Kit.
Oct. 1SunMass at Osceola with team. Michael Rooney died at 12 o'clock at night. 1st frost of the season.
Oct. 4WedWent with team to Michael Rooneys funeral.
Oct. 6FriStarted for Fond du Lac at 1 1/2 o'clock. There at fair met Ned and Kate. Started for home 4 1/2 o'clock.
Oct. 10TueHad threshing machine. Thrashed all day. Wheat 350, oats, 250.
Oct. 13FriStarted for Sheboygan 5 a.m. with load of wheat. Got to Sheb. at 10 o'clock. Wheat smutty. Could not sell. At Sheboygan over night. A number of folks from Mitchell around. $140 offered for wheat.
Oct. 15SunWent to early mass at Sheboygan. Started for home 9 1/2 a.m. Got home at 4 p.m. Rec'd. road tax from P. Hughes.
Oct. 16MonWent to Long Lake with grist, gone all day. Gristed 3 bags wheat.
Oct. 17TuePaid Jas. McKindley $6.00 in full.
Oct. 23MonWent to Fond du Lac with load of wheat, butter, etc. Sold 34 10/10 @ $1.20 per bu.
Oct. 27FriSnowed 6 inched in the night.
Oct. 30MonPa helped Quinn thrash.
Nov. 1WedHoly day mass in Mitchell. Went with team.
Nov. 4SatMike at plowing bee. Helped him all day with team. Rec'd. letter from Tom (?) Heraty.
Nov. 6MonSlattery had plowing bee.
Nov. 9ThurPeter Murray came from Chicago to our home.
Nov. 10FriWent to Dundee with Nelly to shoe.
Nov. 11SatWent to Sherman in the evening.
Nov. 12SunAt Mass at St. Patrick's. Had quite a time coming home.
Nov. 18SatWent to Dooleys dance in the evening.
Nov. 21TueWent to Heratys and Connells in the a.m. Paid draft men $48.00 on account.
Nov. 23ThurSummerlike weather. Sold 8 sheep and steer for $58-1/2.
Nov. 26SunMagnificent weather. Went to mass at Osceola with team.
Nov. 27MonPlowed for Slattery all day.
Dec. 3SunMass at Mitchell. Went there with team. James Murray was buried.
Dec. 5TueThrashing beans, cleaning grist in a.m. Making whippletrees in p.m.
Dec. 8FriHelped John to butcher.
Dec. 9SatPiling up lumber at Dundee all day. Paid 24 cents an hour.
Dec. 10SunMass at Osceola. Went with team.
Dec. 17SunMass at Mitchell. Went with team.
Dec. 19TueMaking barrel hoops. John Mangan's child buried.
Dec. 20WedGeo. Thompson died through the effects of freezing.
Dec. 23SatClear and pleasant. Went to Plymouth with team to shoe. Get Christmas notions etc., got caps.
Dec. 25MonChristmas. Mass at Mitchell. Went with team at noon in p.m. Dance at Sellars in the night.
Dec. 28SunHeir born to the Naughton estate.
Dec. 30SatDrawing rails in a.m. Went to auction in p.m. to Weekes. Mrs. G at our home in the night.
Dec. 31SunMass at Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Gannon at our house. At home all day. Memoranda: Wesley Riley Co. G. 37th eg. 1st Brigade 1st Division 9th Army Corps., Washington, D.C. D.S. Adams, Box 4480, Buffalo, N.Y. The World, 35 Park Row, New York.

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