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1864 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1FriOh Lord how cold! The coldest day I ever felt. At Cliffs all day trying to keep warm.
Jan. 2SatAs cold as ever. Started to snow at 10 o'clock. Stopped at McBrides to thaw out. Got as far as O'Hearns. Stayed there all night. Drifts! Drifts!
Jan. 3SunNot quite as cold as the last two days. Started for home from Otto (?) at 11 o'clock. Got home at sundown. Awful drifts!
Jan. 4MonModerate. Thawing out pump, found water for cattle, chopping wood, etc. Priest payed (?)
Jan. 5TueClear and cold. Started to go to Cliffs in the a.m. for Pa. Got back to Murrays at night. Rec'd from Phillip McBride $30.00 school money.
Jan. 6WedClear and cold. Got home with team at noon. Went with cutter to Thackerays.
Jan. 7ThurClear and cold. Went to Fond du Lac with horses and cutter to settle about draft. Called at Dohertys in the evening.
Jan. 8FriClear and cold. Paid commutation money $300.00, got certificate of exemption etc. Started for home at three o'clock. James Connell born.
Jan. 9SatCold and clear. Drawing on (?) in the a.m. Fixing pump. Went home with Thackeray, cutter and to P.O. (post office) in p.m.
Jan. 10SunClear and cold and pleasant. Mass at Osceola. At home in the a.m. Went to Scott in p.m.
Jan. 11MonClear, cool and pleasant. At school for the first time since New Years.
Jan. 12TueThe most pleasant day since New Years. At school. Clear, warm and pleasant. Had arithmetic school in the evening.
Jan. 13WedQuite warm and pleasant. At School. Stopped at Mr. O'Brien's in the night. Snowed some in the night.
Jan. 14ThurCold and cloudy in the a.m. Clear and pleasant in the p.m. At school.
Jan. 15FriMild, warm and pleasant. At school. Rec'd first vo. of Mrs. Patriot date 19 & 26, Dec. Had arithmetic school in the evening.
Jan. 16SatWarm and pleasant. At school. John came after me with team. Went home in the evening. Paid Bowser $8.00 in full.
Jan. 17SunClear and pleasant. Went to Mass to Mitchell. First mass of Father McGowan Had dinner at M. Flannigans. Cut hair. Came to Cliffs in the eve. Poor sleeping.
Jan. 18MonClear and pleasant. At school.
Jan. 19TueClear and pleasant. Dismissed school about 10 o'clock. Account of H.M. and Small Pox. Went to visit Miss Sheldon's school, Murrays & Romaine P.O. (post office). James Hanrahan got married.
Jan. 20WedCloudy and misty, not cold. Town Board of (?) called at the school & consult about Miller(?) expelled until Feb. 1st -- At school.
Jan. 21ThurCloudy, windy & moderate. At school. Went to P. McBrides awhile in the eve.
Jan. 22FriBright, warm & springlike. At school. At spelling school in the south school in the eve.
Jan. 23SatBright, warm & thawing. Father came home with team. Martin McDonnell went home with me. At school. Rained some in the p.m.
Jan. 24SunBright, warm & thawing. At mass in Osceola with team. Bad going. Came to Cliffs in the evening.
Jan. 25MonClear, warm & thawing. At school. Slept at McDonnells in the night.
Jan. 26TueClear, warm & thawing. At school. Went to O'Briens in the evening to vaccinate the children.
Jan. 27WedReally hot & clear. At school. School visited by School Superintendent. Was well pleased with the school. Went to O'Malleys and from there to Flanigans in the eve. to hear Piper.
Jan. 28ThurHot, bright & clear in the morning. Snow going fast. At school. Clouded up about 10. Snowed a perfect storm in the night.
Jan. 29FriSnowing & windy all day with sleet & rain
Jan. 31SunCloudy & pleast. Snowed in the p.m. Went to McDonnells in the a.m. Stopped at O'Hearns in the p.m. Mass at Mitchell. In Scott all day.
Feb. 1MonClear, not cold and some clouds. At school. Mr. Miller in the school in the ________. Roads drifted.
Feb. 2TueCloudy, cold and drifting. At School. Dance at Patt O'Malleys in the night.
Feb. 3WedClear and pleasant. At school. Snowed some in the night.
Feb. 4ThurSnowing and drifting severely in the morning. Closed school about 11 o'clock. At school.
Feb. 5FriSnowing - not cold in the morning. At school. Snowed in the p.m. Started home at 4 p.m. Slept at Jerry Murphy's in the night.
Feb. 6SatClear and pleasant in the morn. At home in the a.m. Went to the P.O. (post office) in the p.m. Mailed letter to Cincinnati. Stopped at Whitneys. Bought med. and _____ of Riley.
Feb. 7SunPleasant in the a.m. Started for Scott at 2 o'clock. Awful bad walking.
Feb. 8MonClear and pleasant. At school.
Feb. 9TueClear and cold. At school. Dance at Flanigans in the night. Attended, S.H.W. and M.R. there.
Feb. 10WedClear and pleasant. At school. Cliffs went to Sheboygan.
Feb. 11ThurCloudy and pleasant with stiff S.W. wind in a.m. At school. Thawing.
Feb. 12FriClear and pleasant out all day. At school. Went to O'Brien's awhile in the evening.
Feb. 13SatClear, warm and pleasant. At school. Thawing. Went to McDonnells in the even. to SW. Slept at Cliffs.
Feb. 14SunClear, cool and pleasant. Mass at Mitchell. Walked there from Scott. Dined Lindsays. Stopped at Bowsers. At Scott in the night.
Feb. 15MonClear, cold and windy. At school. Awful cold in the night.
Feb. 16TueThe coldest day since New Year. Windy and sharp. At school. Awful cold. Slept at O'Brien's in the night.
Feb. 17WedClear but not quite as cold as yesterday. At school.
Feb. 18ThurClear and as cold as yesterday. At school. Mailed letter to Catherine (?) Hays. At Cliffs with Town Meeting. Cold for Mitchell.
Feb. 19FriNot quite as cold as yesterday. Strong S.W. wind. At school.
Feb. 20SatQuite pleasant and thawing. At school. Walked home in the eve. Rec'd Examiner.
Feb. 21SunWarm and pleasant at home in the a.m. Went to Scott in the p.m.
Feb. 22MonCloudy and thawing in a.m. At school. Clear and warm in the p.m.
Feb. 23TueClear, warm and thawing. At school. Mailed second to Cincinnati(?) by Wm. Kizer.
Feb. 24WedHot and sunny in the a.m. At school. Clouded up by the p.m. Snowed some in the a.m.
Feb. 25ThurSnowed in the a.m. Cleared in the p.m. At school. Wrote letter to Eldridges in New ______. Meeting at Mitchell in the evening to raise taxes.
Feb. 26FriClear, warm and ______. Miller came to school. Mailed letter to Eldridges by Mr. Connell.
Feb. 27SatMisty in the a.m. Cleared in the p.m. At school. Walked home in the eve.
Feb. 28SunAt home in the a.m. Went to P.O. (post office) in p.m. Went to Scott in the p.m. At Mitchell. Best walking on the crust. Clear and cool.
Feb. 29MonClear and cool. At school. Dance on the hill in the night. Good walking on the crust.
March 2WedMailed letter to A.T.H and one to Madison for Gleanings Frost - mail to Cliffs.
March 3ThurWent to McDonnells after school. Stopped at O'Hearn's awhile.
March 4FriReddington vs. Butler and Co. suit.
March 6SunStarted for Scott in p.m. Stopped at Manleys, O'Hearns and McBrides.
March 10ThurTown Mtg. in Scott to raise bounty.
March 17ThurLast day of school. Father came for me with team in the even. Rec'd $41.00 from dist.
March 18FriVisited Rathbun School.
March 20SunMass at Osceola.
March 25FriMass at Osceola. Dined at Sellars.
March 27SunMass at Mitchell. Went to Scott after Mass. Dined at Manleys.
March 28MonMother Naughton died.
March 29TueAll night at Mother Naughton's wake.
March 30WedAt Mother Naughton's funeral. Stopped Butlers for dinner.
April 2SatRec'd letter from Cathy McHale and receipt from Hanson.
April 3SunWent to Jim Connell in the p.m.
April 5TueWas elected assessor of the town.
April 7ThurWent to Butlers to qualify as assessor.
April 10SunWent to Eagans in the a.m. Then to Croghans.
April 12TueWent examination to Plymouth on foot. Kate went horseback. Awful muddy.
April 13WedKate Hughes had plowing bee.
April 14ThurMrs. Wells died.
April 16SatMaking drag all day.
April 17SunMass at Mitchell. Went there horseback. 1st saw Mrs. McHale. Dined at Jerry Murphys.
April 19TueFixing cultivator and drag in a.m. Mrs. McHale stopped with us over night.
April 20WedMcHugh and Gillboy started for the army.
April 23SatH. N. Smith came with Mrs. McHale. Dined at our house. Rec'd first copy of World date April 14, 1864.
April 24SunMass at Osceola.
April 26TueMrs. Mc______ came to our house in the eve.
April 27WedWent to Thackerays for wagon in the evening.
April 30SatH. N. Smith came with Mrs. Mc_______. Pat McHale bought farm.
May 1SunWent P. Morans in the p.m., from there to Butlers.
May 5ThurMass at Osceola, Ascension Day. Thunder in p.m. First in 1864.
May 8SunMass at Mitchell. Went to Humphreys in p.m. Dined there.
May 10TueMrs. McHale started for the east.
May 14SatSent letter to Fowler (?) and Welles.
May 15SunWent to Malloys for bushes in the p.m.
May 17TueWent to Malloys in a.m. for apple trees.
May 22SunMass Mitchell horseback. Stopped awhile at Anthony Reddingtons in the p.m.
May 23MonTeams went to Fond du Lac for church lumber.
May 29MonHot 82. At home in the a.m. Went to Eagans in the p.m. to sheer sheep.
May 30MonSheering sheep in a.m. Writing in the p.m. Commenced assessing in p.m.
June 1WedCrops suffering for want of rain. Assessing all day.
June 12SunMass at Mitchell with team. Long Lake in evening.
June 13MonTom Sheehan has raising. Helped him all day.
June 14TueHad Jim Kilcoin and John and team logging.
June 18SatWent to Crosbys in the a.m. with Kit. Worked in the road with team in p.m. Matt Riley came to Mitchell.
June 19SunWent to Mitchell with team to Mass.
June 22WedClear, hot and dry. Went to Murrays in the a.m. to meet board of equalization.
June 23ThurWent to Fond du Lac with load of tongues (?) for John. Hot and dry, 98. Kit took sick on the way. Stopped at Odelles (?) in town of Empire all night.
June 24FriHot, clear and dry, 94. Went to farrier in a.m. Doctoring horse all day. Started for home in the evening, walked all night.
June 25SatClear, hot day, 95. Arrived home in a.m. with Kit. At home all day fooling with horse. Copying assessment today. Started for horse doctor in the evening. Kit died about 9:00 a.m.
June 27MonWent to Sheboygan in the a.m. to make assessment return. Went to Milwaukee in the p.m. Arrived there at sundown. Stopped at P.W. all night.
June 30ThurWalked about town in the a.m. Left Milwaukee for Buffalo at 6 o'clock on steamship Mil. (?)
July 1FriRiding in the B.R. all day Arrived in Buffalo. Stopped at the Emerald House, McCabe, Prop.
July 2SatLeft Buffalo at 8:20 a.m. Arrived at Mt. Morris (?) at 12. Stopped at Merritts all day.
July 3SunWent to Mass in the morning. Saw M. at 11 o'clock. Called at Mr. Harts in the p.m.
July 7ThurStopped at Mrs. Harts awhile.
July 17SunWent to visit Dan in the evening in company with Messrs. Carroll and Crummean.
July 18MonBinding wheat all day.
July 24SunMass in the a.m. Arrived at Gearys. Went to visit her. Had supper at Harts.
July 26TueStopped at Carrolls in evening in company with Messrs. Hart and Ryan.
July 27WedLeft Mt. Morris (?) at 8 o'clock. Arrived Buffalo at 12:30 p.m. Walking and getting info all day. Left Buffalo at 10:45 p.m. in B & L. H. R.R. Rode all night. Arrived at Sarnia (?) in a.m.
July 28ThurLeft Sarnia (?) a.m. Arrived at Moll (?) at 12 (Mid.) Had a very fast ride in the steamship Detroit. Mailed two papers to Mt. Morris. Left Mil. at 8 p.m. Arrived Sheboygan 2 a.m.
July 30SatAt Sheboygan in the a.m. Doing business with Clerk of Co. Board. Left for home on p.m. train. Got home at sundown. Crops looked fine.
July 31SunWent to Mass at Mitchell. Went to Blodgetts for order. Dined at M. Jordans.
Aug. 1MonWrote letter to Agg.
Aug. 7SunMass at Mitchell, afoot, went to Blodgetts for order. Dined at M. Jordans.
Aug. 10WedClear and hot, 94. Cradling all day.
Aug. 12FriClear and pleasant, 85. Cradling all day. Sent letter to Pat McHale.
Aug. 14SunClear and pleasant, 84. Duggan had cradling bee. Helped him. Went to McGraths in the evening. Celia Connell died 9:30 a.m.
Aug. 15MonCloudy and warm. Making coffin in a.m. Went to funeral in p.m.
Aug. 16TueClear and warm. Cradling all day. John helped us cradle in the meadowlot.
Aug. 20SatNice letter from A.T.H.
Aug. 21SunWent to Mass at Osceola. Went to McGraths. Made transfer of balance. Finished stack in p.m.
Aug. 27SatWent to Plymouth to show horse, etc. Mailed letter to Ag.
Aug. 31WedHorse hunting all day through Winooski, Lyndon, Plymouth, etc. Stopped at Gannons.
Sept. 3SatStaying all day at Miles Gallagher. Mailed letter to Ag. and took papa to town.
Sept. 8ThurBrought cattle to Donnelly in a.m. Went to Brights to see team in p.m. from there to Greenbush to see horse. Stopped at T. Franey at night.
Sept. 9FriHad Mike Riley mowing all day.
Sept. 17SatRec'd $100.00 from Pat McHale.
Sept. 18SunWent to M. Rileys in p.m. and Cosgriffs for wagon.
Sept. 20TueWent to Foley in a.m. and brought home horse to try. Worked her half day.
Sept. 21WedWent home with horse in a.m. Bought for $90.00. Paid $50.00 and forty dollars due on first of Jan.
Sept. 25SunJames Gilboy died. Went to the wake in the evening.
Sept. 26MonHelped Martin Redington all day to thrash. Stopped at school meeting in the eve.
Sept. 27TueWent to Gilboys funeral in the p.m. with team. Eldridge spoke at Plymouth in the eve.
Oct. 6ThurPatrick McHale came to Wis.
Oct. 8SatPat McHale stopped at our house all night. Rec'd letter from Ag. and from Co. clerk, Sheboygan with check of $18.00.
Oct. 13ThurDan Clifford here.
Oct. 18TueAt Tom McNicholas plowing all day.
Oct. 20ThurPlowing all day at John Maloys.
Oct. 30SunMass at Mitchell with team -- No Mass. Mrs. Loyde dined at our house. Geo. Phalin got married. (Married Emma Brown, daughter of Asa Avery Brown and Sarah Evans. - F.S.)
Nov. 1TueWent to Mrs. McCues plowing bee with team. Saw M. Lombody (Lombardy?) at Murrays.
Nov. 3ThurMrs. Powers finished at our house.
Nov. 4FriSevere frost at night. Therm. down to +14.
Nov. 6SunPa went to weaver with yarn. Did not leave it.
Nov. 7MonM. Riley had plowing bee. Helped all day. Dance in the night.
Nov. 14MonSnowed 6 inches. Went to Cascade with team. Left woolen yarn at the weavers. Mailed letter to Daniel (?) and Carroll.
Nov. 18FriCon. McBride got married.
Nov. 20SunWent to Mass with team to Mitchell. Mary Cain got married. Pat Twohig also.
Nov. 22TueW.(?) T.A. got mrd. (married?)
Nov. 23Wed10 below at 4 o'clock. Started to Fond du Lac at 9 o'clock a.m. with team - hog, butter, fowl. Sold pork at 11.87 1/2 p. cwt, butter, 30 1/2. Moderate during day.
Nov. 24ThurWent to Hilliards (?) with pig in p.m. Pat Murphys child buried.
Nov. 25FriJohn Manley Esq. got married.
Nov. 26SatWent to special town meeting.
Nov. 30WedWent to Cascade for W. Rileys child in the eve.
Dec. 1ThurWent to John Eagans childs funeral with team. Gone all day.
Dec. 2FriCousin John Heraty came to our house.
Dec. 3SatCosgriffs had plowing bee. Plowed for him all day with team.
Dec. 4SunWent to Long Lake in the p.m. with cousin John to P. Murrays.
Dec. 5MonJohn Eagans second child was buried.
Dec. 17SatWent to Wm. Rileys childs funeral. Rec'd letter from Geo. Salmon.
Dec. 18SunIn the eve. to Eagans to wake. Went to Gannons in the a.m. with team, cousin John and Kate.
Dec. 19-24 At Blodgetts making tax list.
Dec. 25SunMass at Mitchell. To Uncle James in the evening with John stayed till late. Tom Murray found my pocket book. Martin Franeys child died.
Dec. 26MonCousin John left for Philadelphia.
Dec. 31SatAt Blodgetts making tax list. Thanks to the Ruler of the Universe for the many favors He has conferred on me in the past year. Amen.

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