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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1863 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1ThurWeather pleasant. We went shooting at Dundee. Skated up lake.
Jan. 2FriWeather rainier. Kept school.
Jan. 3SatWeather pleasant. Kept school. Went to spelling school at Long Lake in the evening. Slept at Murrays in the night.
Jan. 4SunWeather pleasant. At home in the morning. Received letter from Ellsworth. Went to Bowens ? Bowsers? in the evening.
Jan. 5MonWeather pleasant in the morning. Kept school. Snowed a little in the night previous. Snowed the first snow in January. Went to Flynns in the evening.
Jan. 6TueWeather clear and cold. Kept school. Mr. McDonnell visited us. Kept school paper.
Jan. 7WedWeather warm and pleasant. Kept school. Snowed in the night.
Jan. 8ThurKept school.
Jan. 9FriWeather clear and warm. Kept school. Went to McDougals in the evening and then came home.
Jan. 10SatAt home in the morning. Went to Waucousta after school. Money received $8.00 in full. Stopped at John Doyles. Weather cloudy and cold.
Jan. 11SunWeather warm and pleasant. Went to Mass to Osceola with team.
Jan. 12MonWeather warm and pleasant. Kept school. Went. to Wm. Manleys in the evening from spelling school. Snowed a little in the night. Slept at Manleys in the night.
Jan. 13TueRained all day. Kept school. Caufield children buried.
Jan. 14WedWeather clear and cold. Kept school.
Jan. 15ThurWeather clear and cold. Kept school.
Jan. 16FriWeather clear and cold. Kept school. Anthony Naughtons child buried. Martin and John Franey slept at Bowsers over night.
Jan. 17SatKept school 1/2 day. Went home in the afternoon. Went to Greenbush in the afternoon with team and to Tom Franeys party. Weather clear and warm.
Jan. 18SunWarm and pleasant. At home all day. Went to Bowsers in the evening.
Jan. 19MonWeather warm and cloudy in the morning. Kept school. Snowed in the night.
Jan. 20TueSnowing softly in the morning. Kept school. Snowed all day.
Jan. 21WedWeather cloudy and thawing. Kept school. J. J. Repostier very sick.
Jan. 22ThurWeather cloudy and thawing. Rained in the night. Kept school. Went to Scott to a spelling bee. Stayed awhile with M.R. (M.N.) at Cliffords. Slept at O'Malleys. M. Murray has his leg broken.
Jan. 23FriRained and disagreeable. Kept school. Stopped at Bowsers at night. Felt disagreeable coming.
Jan. 24SatSloppy and disagreeable. Rainy. Sick all day with pain in the side. Mr. Bowser went for father, John for the doctor. Mary and Kate came to Mr. Bowsers. Kate stayed with me and Dan at McDonalds.
Jan. 25SunSunny, warm and pleasant. At Bowsers in the morning. Father came down with team. Went home in the afternoon. Went to see Murry and Matt McNair. Very sick.
Jan. 26MonWarm and pleasant. Roads dry. At home all day. Cleaned clock. Fixed chair. Father went to pay taxes. Got disappointed. Treasurer not at home.
Jan. 27TueClear and warm. At home in the morning. Fixed sleigh. Father went to pay taxes. Went to Bowsers in the afternoon. Stopped at Flannigans awhile.
Jan. 28WedClear, warm and pleasant. Kept school.
Jan. 29ThurClear in the morning. Snowed a little about 10 o'clock. Looked like rain in the afternoon. Kept school. Felt sick at noon. Mary Bowser complains of a sore throat. Went awhile to J. Mc in the evening.
Jan. 30FriClear, warm and pleasant.
Jan. 31SatClear, warm and pleasant. Kept school. Had spelling school in the evening. House full. Came down after school. Received letter from Cathy McHale.
Feb. 1SunSnowed a little in the morning. Cloudy and cold. At home in the morning. Turned bitter cold in the afternoon. Went to Bowsers in the evening.
Feb. 2MonBitter cold and clear all day. Kept school. Went to Peters in the evening to top boots. Was disappointed. Went to Scott to spelling school. Slept at Manleys. B. J. went home. Coldest day up to this time in 1863. Mailed letter to C. McHale. Mary Twohig married.
Feb. 3TueVery clear in the morning. Kept school. Cold all day and clear.
Feb. 4WedCold and snowed all day. First decent snow. Kept school. Went to Long Lake in the evening to top boots. Stopped at school. Went home with L. S. Dreamt about her all night.
Feb. 5ThurSnowing lightly in the morning. Kept school. Came home. Father butchered last two hogs.
Feb. 6FriClear and warm. Kept school 1/2 day. Went in the afternoon to have order signed at Barretts. Came from there home. Father went to Long Lake to have horses shod. At home in the evening.
Feb. 7SatCold and clear in the morning. Went to Fond du Lac with two hogs. Received $4.75 cwt. Bought buffalo robe. Kate bought hers. Got home at 11:30 at night. Kit sick.
Feb. 8SunCold and clear in the morning. Snowed some in the afternoon. At home all day. Went to Bowsers in the evening. Stopped at Manleys awhile. Kate Manleys first child baptized.
Feb. 9MonSnowing freely in the morning. Kept school. Rained some in the afternoon.
Feb. 10TueCloudy, pleasant and warm. Kept school. Went to Heflingers in the evening. Saw John Manley, played dominoes. Sleigh good.
Feb. 11WedPleasant - good sleighing. Kept school. Went to Long Lake in the evening to top boots. Subscribed for county map. Price $4.00
Feb. 12ThurPleasant, cloudy and warm. Good sleighing. Kept school. Reynolds had raising.
Feb. 13FriWeather cloudy and pleasant. Turned cold in the evening with S.E. wind. Kept school. Bowsers drawing logs to mill.
Feb. 14SatRaining a perfect torrent in the morning. Kept school. Dry and windy in the afternoon. Father came after me with the bare horses. At home in the evening.
Feb. 17TueThomas Gill got married.
Feb. 23MonMichael O'Brien had chopping bee.
Feb. 24TueM. O'Malley and W. Gill stopped at school house and talked of going east.
Feb. 26ThurMartin Franey had chopping bee.
March 1SunJ. Manley paid a visit. Went to Bowsers in the evening.
March 3TueKept school. Went to Dundee in the evening. Had talk with D. Murphy about his sister. Stopped awhile at p.m.
March 5ThurMike Riley had chopping bee.
March 6FriWent to Beechwood. In evening called on L. Kennedy. Sent for N.Y. Tablet.
March 12ThurWent to P. Murrays in the evening. They asked Kate and me to stand for child.
March 14SatNed Calvey had chopping bee.
March 15SunWent to Mass at Mitchell to stand for child and stayed at Murrays all night.
March 17TueMichael Murray had chopping bee.
March 19ThurGibbons had a barn raising.
March 21SatBrogan had raising.
March 25WedWent to Mass at Osceola. No Mass. Dined at M. Franeys.
May 9SatOld Mrs. Hughes died.
May 31SunWent to Charley Morans in the p.m.
June 9TueInviting men to stoning bee. Heard of Dan McLeans death.
June 10WedBorrowing stone boats around spring farms of Lynch, Caufield, Mugan, Doherty and Adams.
June 13SatWe had stoning bee and dance in the evening.
June 18TueAnthony Naughton had stone bee.
June 17WedPat Barrett had logging bee.
June 18ThurAnthony Reddington had logging bee.
June 20SatDrawing rails and building fences.
June 21SunMrs. Connell and Burke dined at our house.
July 1WedPlowed all day for Jimmy Kilcoin.
July 3MonHad Michael O'Brien logging.
July 20MonAnthony Reddington had a plowing bee. Helped all day.
July 30ThurMass at Mitchell. Lindsay died at 11-1/2 o'clock.
Aug. 3MonWorked for Franey cradling and binding.
Aug. 9SunGeorge Bowles buried.
Aug. 13ThurJohn McHugh drowned.
Aug. 14FriJohnny McHugh buried.
Aug. 16SunMrs. Calvey had cradling bee. Dance in the night. Helped her all day.
Aug. 18TueEmma Phalin died.
Aug. 19WedEmma Phalin buried.
Aug. 23SunMass at Mitchell. Maggy very sick.
Aug. 26WedVisited Maggy in the evening.
Sept. 4FriHelped John put shakes on his barn.
Sept. 6SunStopped at Nelson's funeral.
Sept. 7MonWent to see Winny Scott in the evening.
Sept. 9WedJohn Thackeray had his arm shot.
Sept. 10ThurRobert Harvey died.
Sept. 13SunMass at Mitchell.
Sept. 14MonHad Michael O'Brien and Riley stacking hay in the marsch.
Sept. 19SatWent to Long Lake to have horses shod in p.m.
Sept. 27SunMass at Osceola. Saw Tom Keys at Scott.
Oct. 2SunNo mass at Mitchell. Priest sick.
Oct. 5MonPeter Murray called is coming from Sheboygan.
Oct. 6TueMike O'Brien went to Milwaukee with cattle.
Oct. 8ThurAgreed with Kelley to teach school.
Oct. 12MonWent to Mrs. Brown's in the a.m. to hire Aden.
Oct. 29ThurDavid Flynn got mad.(?)
Nov. 1SunWent to Butler's, dined there.
Nov. 15SunWent to Scott about school and board. Jim O'Brien got married.
Nov. 18WedDraft commenced at Fond du Lac.
Nov. 22SunWent to Scott in the p.m. Mass at Mitchell. Chivari at O'Brien's.
Nov. 24TueI was drafted at Fond du Lac.
Dec. 2WedDance at O'Hearn's.
Dec. 6SunWent to Scott in the p.m.
Dec. 7MonAt school.
Dec. 29TueJohn Maloy's child died. Went to the wake. First saw our new priest, Father McGowan.
Dec. 30WedFuneral at Maloy's. New priest had first mass at Mitchell.
Dec. 31ThurStormy day of this year. Snowed all day. At school. Snowbound at Cliff's.

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