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  • "It is a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors." ~ Plutarch
    "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see." ~ Winston Churchill

Schurrer & McDowell Families of Wisconsin

About the Site

Photograph of Schurrer Tavern in Hika circa 1899. This site is dedicated to archiving the family histories of the Schurrer and McDowell families of Wisconsin from their immigrations in the mid 1800's through the present and to hopefully discovering more about their pre-immigration ancestries. I began researching my family's genealogy to help my daughter with a school project and discovered I enjoyed researching and finding the answers to questions about our genealogic past. I've created this site to share some of my accumulation of research, documents and knowledge gained in the several years since and, truth be told, partly for my own entertainment! ;)

General Information Included

Photograph of Francis and Maria Byng. While doing research on my families' ancestors I've gathered a lot of information and many different types of documents related to genealogy, including the pictures of my Great Grandfather's Tavern above and my 2nd Great Grandfather, Francis Byng and his second wife Maria, to the left. Eventually I hope to include all of my research on this site; however, I've chosen to start with the things I feel are most useful to other researchers. I've started with Family Group Sheets and Obituaries. I feel both of those are great starting points when researching an individual since they both often give a lot of information about an individual's past and family life. Most of this has been gained by scouring various databases online and at Family History Centers and some has been shared with me from distant cousins.

I tend to take a far reaching approach to genealogy research. Not only do I research the families who are my direct ancestors, I also try to gather as much information as possible on everyone who touched their lives. Of course my research usually contains parents and grandparents, but I also research their siblings and their families, any in-law's families, and sometimes even friends and neighbors! Because of this approach, my Extended Family Tree currently has over 3,000 people! Suffice it to say, including all of those people on my site would be very time consuming. Instead, my site will primarily focus on my closer relatives and direct ancestors, the Wisconsin families of Schurrer, McDowell, Byng and Rendall. Hopefully my site will branch out from there over time.

Family of Brenda Schurrer-Maro, 1998. My most immediate family of course starts with my parents, husband and daughter. The picture to the right is my family in 1998, from left to right is me, my daughter Mercedes, my mother Suzanne, my husband Anthony and in front is my father Ronald.

Ronald and Suzanne Schurrer with their granddaughter Mercedes, 1998. To the left (or below in some resolutions) is a picture which is a personal favorite of mine. It's my mom and dad with my daughter in early 1998.

By the time I was born my father was in the third chapter of his life and my mother the second chapter of hers. This is accurate based both on their births and ages at death and also in marriages. My mother was my father's third wife and Dad her second husband.

Primary Research Interests:

  • Schurrer
    • Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Fond Du Lac and Milwaukee Counties in Wisconsin from abt. 1885 forward
    • Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany before abt. 1885
  • McDowell
    • Dodge and Fond Du Lac Counties in Wisconsin from abt. 1850 forward
    • Chautauqua and Clinton Counties in New York from abt. 1850 - abt. 1900
    • Northern Ireland before abt. 1850
  • Byng
    • Oconto and Brown Counties in Wisconsin from abt. 1870 forward
    • England before abt. 1880
  • Rendall
    • Faribault County in Minnesota from abt. 1870 - abt. 1940
    • Douglas and Waukesha counties in Wisconsin from abt. 1850 forward
    • Lake County in Illinois from abt. 1900 forward
    • Somerset, England before abt. 1840

My Family Tree

My Family Tree

How to Reach Me

If you have any questions, would like more information about someone listed or even if you want to share information with me, please feel free to email me at the address below. Additionally, please feel free to let me know if you feel there are any errors in my information. If I can find or you can supply supporting documentation which either gives the correct information or disproves mine, I will be more than happy to update my records!

Thanks very much for visiting my little site and have a wonderful day!! :-)