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Adventures & Trip Reports
Liz and John Schuck's family adventures in the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States

United States

He Dressed Hisself: Lindsay visited Oma and Opa for her 5th birthday
Three Generations of Girl Scouts: Lindsay, Mom and Oma as Girl Scouts
Marti's Mushrooms: Marti Gilbertson signed up for a seminar at Fungi Perfecti- He took the bus from Wisconsin and we met him and gave him a tour of the Northwest
The Poor House: Our Anniversary trip - A trip to the Poor House in Troutdale, Oregon
Manressa Castle: A trip to Port Townsend, WA – a favorite destination- One of a tradition of trips taken with IRS seed money – called "Refund Trips-"
High School Reunion: Oma and Opa took Lindsay & Geoff from Nashville to Wisconsin for John's High School Reunion
The Palace Of The Sweets: A trip to Port Townsend, WA, where we stayed in an old brothel
Ocian In View: A trip down the Columbia River and Astoria, OR. Imagining the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1806
The Other Leavenworth: A trip report to Leavenworth, WA- We stayed at Haus Lorelei and toured the vicinity for four days- We finished our anniversary celebration with a Picnic and Pops at Lakewold Gardens
The End of the Oregon Trail: This year's tax refund trip takes us to the Willamette Valley – the end of the Oregon Trail
Schuck Fest 2001: The Schuck Family gathers near St Louis for our 1st family reunion since our parents 50th anniversary in 1983
Aloha… Nui Loa: Liz and John take their first trip to Hawaii for their anniversary
Fort Ap Achih Mystery Party: Over the past 12 years we have enjoyed hosting numerous mystery parties- Based on a theme, we have "traveled" to new lands and researched some of the customs, traditions, and cuisine- This year our party took place in Mesopotamia at an archaeological dig in 1895
Fairhaven Castle: Our 5th Annual tax refund seed money takes us north to Bellingham and the Skagit County tulip fields
Double Down To Vegas (1): Alaska Airline offers two trips for one discount on airfare to Las Vegas just in time to select a trip for our 21st Anniversary
Double Down To Vegas (2): This half of the trip to Las Vegas is in celebration of our birthdays
The Holiday Sounder: We take the Holiday Sounder Train to Seattle for Liz's birthday
Hawaii Cruise on the Norwegian Wind: Tina and Roger Gress join us for a ten day cruise of the Hawaiian Islands and a four day stay on Oahu
The Napa Valley: This year's tax refund seed money is applied to a week' vacation in the Napa Valley
Oktoberfest Angel: The Booths and the Gresses join us for Oktoberfest in Mt Angel, Oregon. It is the largest ethnic fest in the Northwest. Side trips were taken to the Mount Angel Abbey, Silver Falls State Park, and the Portland Farmer's Market
Las Vegas... Trip 3: Lydia planned a surprise birthday party for Bob. His brothers and a sister, plus family friends arrived from Nashville, Bob and Lydia came from San Diego, and we arrived from Lakewood, WA
The Big Easy: After we finished our Caribbean Cruise we took our first visit to New Orleans for a week
The Grand Coulee: Eastern Washington is the location for this year's tax-refund-seed-money trip
Florida Fieldtrip: After the Southern Caribbean cruise Liz and John drive to Key West and return to Tampa
Washington D C and Virginia: A visit to the Schuck Family - DC Branch, with side trips to Pennsylvania, and Civil War sites in Virginia and Maryland
Washington Wine Trip: A drive to the Washington State Wine Region to restock the cellar
Amtrak to LA: Amtrak's Coast Starlight takes Liz and John to Los Angeles to see the city for the first time (the visit is split by a cruise to the Mexican Riviera)
Disneyland to Pasadena: The Mt Carmel High School Marching Band (Sun Devils) Band Boosters put a package together for family and friends to see the band perform at Disneyland and in the Rose Parade
Golden Jubilee:  Sister Judith Schuck celebrates her jubilee as a nun of the School Sisters of Notre Dame; We gather in Milwaukee to join the festivities
Port Townsend: A Sweet Return:  We travel to the Victorian seaside community of Port Townsend, Washington and link up with Rose and Dwight Booth and Tina and Roger Gress at their campsite at Fort Worden State Park

The Texas Extension: Whenever we fly to a new area we try to stay a week or so to sightsee. This was the case for this Texas trip. The Trans Atlantic cruise brought us to Galveston and we stayed a week longer to tour the region. Tina and Roger Gress and Traude and Herbert Schrenk also accompanied us for four days of that week

2nd Christmas In Portland: Tina and Roger Gress, Mark Lybrand, and Liz and John Schuck take the Amtrak Cascades to Portland for 2nd Christmas. The goal was to escape heavy snow buildup in Lakewood... to the heavy snow buildup in Portland
2nd Christmas-San Francisco:  Where Little Cable Cars... Liz and John fly to San Francisco for post-Christmas and both Birthday celebrations
3rd Christmas in Portland: Liz and John drive to Portland and stay at McMenamins' Kennedy School for four days; they also visit Chris and Lauren Schuck at their second home

Oregon Gardens: Our trip to The Oregon Gardens near Silverton turned out to be like living in our own personal arboretum

Thirty Lovely Roses: Liz and John celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary with a return to San Francisco
Glacier Gold: Often we fail to check out our own neighborhood and long for adventures far from our home. So it was with Alaska on ms Oosterdam... we would say "Maybe next year!" Now this was "next year"... and now we want to go again, there is so much more to see.

Willamette Wines: Liz and John travel to Village Green Resort and tour the Southern Willamette Wine Region

Sabrina and Geoff's Wedding: A much anticipated trip to Temecula, California and Wiens Family Cellars for the wedding ceremony.

Nashville Revisited: Liz and John fly to Tennessee to attend Lydia and Mark Griffy's wedding; visit Liz's brother Jimmy and Jennie; and visit old familiar places around Nashville

A series of letters, photos, and trip reports written to describe Liz and John Schuck's family adventures in the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.

















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