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APRIL 15, 2005
KitchenAid purchased October 15, 2003




I purchased a KitchenAid in the early 1980's and the speed would only run at 2, and the handle was so very difficult to raise, so much so that you could see the metal filings alongside where they accumulated from raising the handle.
The repair service in Virginia told me that it would cost around $280 to repair the unit - refused by me -- and they sold me a refurbished 5 qt KitchenAid October 15, 2003.



Pictures taken when starting to make 'ciabatta' bread April 15, 2005.
I had the flour, salt and yeast in the mixing bowl.
I added the poolish and 6 tablespoons of water and was using the paddle attachement,
and almost imediately there was oil!

This and the remaining pictures happened immediately after I finished mixing.



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