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Dee's Bread

Tuscan Grape Harvest Bread - pictures
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My first "try" at a batter bread in a crock pot from recipe from newsgroup
Looking forward to my second "try"
Thanks, Jean!

I used a crock pot. I don't think I let it rise long enough -- 10:00 a.m. to 12:45 72F, but 55-60 minutes was called for. It didn't rise any more after I put it in the oven. I didn't oil the crock pot enough because it wouldn't come out; I should have heavily buttered it. Next time, I will bake this recipe in a largish bread pan or two smaller ones. I could get my knife around the crockpot, but it stuck to the bottom. I waited an hour or so and carefully dug it out from the bottom with my fingers.. The person who gave me this recipe said that a casserole dish in the 1960's was used, as well, as the coffee can called for in this recipe. I may try it in a coffee can after another try with the bread pans, first.

I boiled down 3# of grapes this afternoon so I will have this bread AFTER I get off the treadmilll.



Thanks Karen for sharing your recipe.
I combined it with Mary Ann Espisota's suggestion for baking it in the crock pot.
December 9, 2003





from Carol Field's
"The Italian Baker"
Pene di Terni
Terni Bread pp 114-115


Como of the Past
from Carol Field's
"The Italian Baker"
Pane di Como Antico o Pane Francese
Como Bread of the Past, known Today as French Bread
pp. 103-105

Como of the Past
from Carol Field's
"The Italian Baker"

Como of the Past
from Carol Field's
"The Italian Baker"


At the suggestion of Barry, bread maker, to test my yeast power, I made
4 Starters 15 November 2003
105-110 degree water; 3-1/4 oz. water; 5 oz. flour
70 degrees room temperature

All purpose flour WITH sugar popped off in 1hr

Bread flour WITHOUT sugar popped in 1 hour

Bread flour WITH sugar popped in 3 hours
(Purple lids are tighter)

All purpose flour WITHOUT sugar (4-1/2 hours) Lid NEVER popped off. (Purple lids are tighter)

I didn't want to throw away these starters, so I combined all four starters and took 10 oz. of it to use for the Pane Toscano o Pane Sciocco p. 110-111-112.
Carol Field's "The Italian Baker"
Saltless Tuscan Bread

Carol Field describes this loaf as a big flat round scored in tic-tac-toe pattern
... sometimes rough and somewhat coarse,
sometimes more compact inside,
but they are always mellow and bland.

The overall weight of the starter amount in recipe p. 110 is basically the same amount that I used in the above; however, with one significant difference: I used 1-1/3 teaspoon of yeast in the starter amount to create the bread above; WHEREAS, CF's recipe for the starter for this bread only calls for 1/4 teaspoon yeast. My goal is to make this bread with the 1/4 teaspoon yeast.




Country Style French Bread Bread
from Jo Ortiz' book p. 82-85
"The Village Baker"

Oatmeal & Rye Flakes


(Slipper Bread)


Buckwheat and Honey Oatmeal Bread
Bread for All Seasons"

Beth Hensperger p. 144




Pizza Margharita



Fig & Walnut Biscotti


My first success with pumpkin pie January 1, 2004
The crust was not too pretty, but it was the best I've made;
not soggy, but crispy all the way through.

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