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 Welcome  Pollard Researchers :

     My name is Richard ( Rick ) Pollard . I started this web site as a way to display my genealogy research and in the hope that it would lead me to others researching my line of Pollard's . I am not some kind of expert on Pollard genealogy or a professional genealogist . Just a guy with a computer and a dream .

I started posting unrelated Pollard information here when I sent for and received the probate documents for a William Pollard of Clearmont Co. Ohio .  I could not make the link I had hoped for . I was somewhat disturbed that the $25.00 I had spent on it had gone to waste . So determined to see someone profit from the information I had received ,I posted it on my web site . It  was at that time I realized that the error I had made has probably been repeated thousands of times by other researchers, who might be willing to make their unrelated and related material available as well .

    So OK , I'm a dreamer , but I though , what a wonderful thing it would be if all this information could be placed on one web site & made available to all  researchers to access free . Why not since we have already paid for it , in countless trips to the library , documents hastily copied that turned out to be unrelated. As I labored over countless census records , seeing many  unrelated Pollard's , I refused to see my time or that information go to waste , & I copied that down as well . So my dream was to keep this information , recruit others to do the same thing and produce a web site where any Pollard researcher could come and discover their rich family history . I must be an incurable dreamer then , because after 3 years I still belive it's Possible !If your cousin wrote you and asked for you knowledge of your common family history wouldn't you share it with him . When your children come to you and asks " Where did we come from " don't you want to be able to tell them about your rich family history .

         Simply stated the Mission of this web site is to give all Pollard researchers a place to clear and search for Pollard links and documents . This is indeed a big task , that cannot be accomplished by one person . Pollard is about the 80th or so , most common name . So if you think this web site is Valuable , don't pat me on the back , Praise the unselfish contributions of many Pollard researchers . If you belive it is woefully inadequate , Please help  make  it  better .

   This site is free and always will be . I will Post anything pretraining to Pollard Genealogy and Pollard History . You may request a complete and separate web page for your families genealogy, post  queries ,researchers profiles , add a link to your web page , you name it . Please try to keep your E-mail address's and URL's up to date . The e-mail you miss may be the one that provides the long sought after break through for your research .

Wish List

** Other Pollard Genealogy Books on my Wish list : If anyone out there has a copy of any of these and would be willing to send it or scan it in for posting I and no doubt many users of this site would be very grateful . Note Any books placed on this site must be older than 1909  or be placed there with the consent of the Author . All of the books below are available in the Surname resources of the Mormon Family History Library . Some not all of these books are old enough that they can be posted here .

1: Colonel John Pollard and Juliet Jeffries : their descendants

2: English ancestry of Thomas Pollard of Billerica, Mass., ca.1600-1727 

3: Pollard family in New England : descendants of Wm. Pollard of Warwickshire & Thos. Pollard of Billerica

4: Pollard family notes  Pollard, Robert, 1916-. Pollard 

5 : The Pollards of Barbados and their descendants, ca.1600-1989

6: Southern Gill genealogy--Pollard branch : primary limbs: Gill, Greer (Grierson-MacGregor), Pollard, and Douglas

7: Southern Pollards  Geddie, Jack. Pollard 


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