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Web site last updated April 27,2006

McKeesport High School Year Books   (July 10/2006 )

1921, 1920 ,22,25........ on line at Ricks Genealogy

1921 , 22 , 24 , 25 , 26 , 27 , 30 and 31 Available for Look ups

Pollard's Of Castle Pollard

Posted April 9, 20003

March 23/2003

Just got off the Phone with my daughter and She is in Ireland  She has obtained a Genealogy of the Pollard's of Castle Pollard and some new Photo's I will be posting them as soon as they arrive .

URL Change :

The Folks at Borealis have decided to raise the cost of hosting this web site by over 300 % with no notice ! So the site has moved to Roots Web were they are a Little more Genealogy Friendly !

\Kentucky Pollard Notes 

Compiled and donated by Mary Kay Bourgeois 

added Dec. 26/ 2002

Nov. 23 /2002

A New Look Stright from "Wendy's Backgrounds & More"

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 The Star Guest Book was down for about a week , For a short time today they were back on line !

So I managed to get all the old entries posted to the Archive , Pew !!!  There is still some e-mail address's

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Genetic Genealogy

Ever Think about DNA , how it could be applied  to Genealogy ?

Wouldn't it be supper if we had a Pollard Data base that would point you to a Specific line of Pollard's ?

Some Basic Background info :

I recently spotted this in a Roots Web Product Watch 

GenetiKit Genealogy Paternal Ancestry Signature

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Others that do the same thing  !

Family Tree DNA

Gene Tree DNA Testing


We HAD a new Guest Book ! [ it didn't work for long at all ]

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Old Church is on the shores of Ullswater, the second largest lake in the English Lake District , UK . And it has a POLLARD History

Read about it Here :

Old Church Bay, Watermillock, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0JN

Telephone : 017684 86204  UK



Anna Pollard and Anna Cornell Photo's added Dec. 19/01

from the 1925 McKeesport High School Year book I now as of May 25 have 6 other McKeesport High School Year books and 4 more on the way . I hope to get photo's of all my relatives who attended school there !

***As of May 25th 2002 ,  I now have 10 more McKeesport High School year Books on the way !!!   I will add what ever Photo's I find in them as they arrive !

The Randolph-Pangburn Book was super and is now on-line ! March 2002

Pollard alphabetical List updated Jan 3 ,2002

NY. Business Directories added  1869-70

Virginia Public Claim , Lancaster Co. , King George Co. ,Spotsylvania Co. Maryland Death & Marriage Notices , Washington & Allegheny Co. 1820-1830

NY. Marriages and Obituaries added Oct. 2/01

New Research Links for Canada and England added Oct. 2/ 01

Guest book and search this site option added , July 27, 01

Search engine still will not search all pages !

NEW LIST OF Steamboats Built In the Pittsburgh Area [ Under Construction ! ] July 24/01(Click Here)

W. W. O'Neil Obituary added Aug. 26 / 2001

Arrived ! Aug. 29/01

I Have Ordered all Pollard Family Group Sheets 

From Yates Publishing Co. And will post them to The Alphabetical List when they arrive

They are going on the List a few every day !

The Descendants of Sir John Fitz Randolph , July 20 , 2001   I have Received the Book Fitz Randolph Family Traditions , The Story of a Thousand Years Fairly Dry reading , but it does go back a fair way's


Randolph - Pangburn Book page 73

Simpson & Pollard

Also doing some research into the life and Military records of Nathaniel Fits Randolph and William Pangburn of New Jersey . I have with a lot of help traced Nathaniel's line back to Hugh Capet King of France d. 996 or so with a few Barons and such in between . However it will be his life , Work and Military record that we will be trying to trace now . Nathaniel's  " Book Of Records" and the Journal that he kept . 



   The Alphabetical list of Pollard's is coming along nicely about 300 pages of them now [ March 3, 2002]. Doing this list is a real learning experience . I am seeing patterns in family names and migration , perhaps it will even help my research !