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2.) Places 

3.) Famous Pollard's 

4.) Infamous Pollard's 

Fact # 1 

[1960 and 1965] by Maurice J. Pollard, Dover, N.H.

:An interesting fact is that the first "white" woman to set foot on Boston Soil was Anne Pollard, b. 1622, d. 1725/26 (she died at the age of 105!)

A quote from ;  The Middlesex Fells , Publisher: New England Magazine Co. Publication Date: August 1898

" When The First Colonists crossed from Charlestown to Boston , Ann Pollard , a girl of  ten jumped from the boat and ran up the slope . Nearly a centuery latter , for she lived to be 104 , ... "

Fact # 2

 The first Patent issued in America was issued to a Pollard for an improvement on the spinning wheel .

Fact # 3

  The dubious  honor of being  the first man to die at Bunker Hill went to a Pollard . He was Asa Pollard b. Nov. 15 1735 he served as a soldier at Crown Point 1755-56 and in the Lake Champaign of 1758-59 and died at Bunker Hill June 17 1775 . He was the 5th child of John Pollard of Billerica Mass.

Read his Story Here

Fact # 4

It was a Pollard that was the Doctor at the Alamo 

1833 POLLARD AMOS [s] Internet / Stephen Austin's Registry of land ( Texas) Dec.23 1833 applies for 1/4 League of land between the Brazos & Bernard surveys , states he is from NY. Amos Pollard, 32, born 29 Oct 1803 in Ashburnham, WorcesterCo, MA, was regimental surgeon for the Alamo garrison and commanded medical staff comprised of Dr. John W. Thompson, Dr. Edward F. Mitchison, Dr. William D. Howell, Dr. John Purdy Reynolds and medical student William Depriest Sutherland. Pollard was son of Jonas and Martha Martin Westminster Pollard. He received early schooling in Surrey, CheshireCo, NH and received his medical training at the Vermont Academy in Castletown, VT in 1825. He lived and practiced in Greenbush, NY and practiced 1828-1834 in Manhattan. He married Fanny Oeela and they had a daughter. He came to TX about 1834 and made a home in Gonzales. He was appointed Surgeon of the Texas Army by Stephen F. Austin on 23 Oct 1835. He was at the Siege of Bexar caring for sick and wounded and was surgeon on the staff of Col. Neill thereafter. He is claimed in Gonzales histories as a resident and listed on the 1936 memorial to Alamo heroes in Gonzales. Some histories list him among the Gonzales relief force which entered the besieged Alamo.

Fact # 5

A John Pollard of the Royal Navy is said to have been the man who during the "Battle Of Trafalgar - 1805 " shot down the man who had fired the shot  that killed Lord Nelson : A quote from an account of that battle is below :

" Within a quarter of an hour after Nelson was wounded, above fifty of the VICTORY's men fell by the enemy's musketry. They, however, on their part, were not idle; and it was not long before there were only two Frenchmen left alive in the mizzen-top of the REDOUTABLE. One of them was the man who had given the fatal wound: he did not live to boast of what he had done. An old quarter-master had seen him fire; and easily recognised him, because he wore a glazed cocked hat and a white frock. This quarter-master and two midshipmen, Mr. Collingwood and Mr. Pollard, were the only persons left in the VICTORY's poop; the two midshipmen kept firing at the top, and he supplied them with cartridges. One of the Frenchmen, attempting to make his escape down the rigging, was shot by Mr. Pollard, and fell on the poop. But the old quarter- master, as he cried out, "That's he, that's he," and pointed at the other who was coming forward to fire again, received a shot in his mouth, and fell dead. Both the midshipmen then fired at the same time, and the fellow dropped in the top. When they took possession of the prize, they went into the mizzen-top, and found him dead, with one ball through his head, and another through his breast. "


Places named Pollard's 


1.) POLLARD FLAT VIC., Shasta County, CA

      ALTERNATE TITLE ,Bridge No. 301.85 Southern Pacific Railroad Shasta Route ,Sacramento River 6th Crossing .


2.) Pollard Alabama :

                     Statistics & Facts

The population of Pollard is approximately 100.  The approximate number of families is 50. The amount of land area in Pollard is 2.887 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers. The distance from Pollard to Washington DC is 803 miles. The distance to the Alabama state capital is 106 miles. (as the crow fly's) Pollard is positioned 31.02 degrees north of the equator and 87.17 degrees west of the prime meridian.


3.) "Pollard Auditorium and Meeting Center"

      130 Badger Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

  To Book this hall Contact: Nancy Reed

  via email


4.) THE POLLARD THEATRE : 120 W. Harrison Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044 (405) 282-2800

In 1919, George A. POLLARD purchased the building and converted it into a vaudeville house. POLLARD was elected mayor of Guthrie in 1920 and leased the theatre to Ned Pedigo and A.B. Florence for five years. In 1926, A.R. Powel leased the theatre. Silent films and vaudeville programs were popular until 1929. With the advent of talkies, Powell reconstructed the building, adding a large stage and orchestra pit, hand-painted wall murals, vitaphone talking picture equipment, a grand marquee with room atop for an orchestra, and seating for 800. The theatre was rechristened the "Melba," after a local citizen's daughter and hailed as Oklahoma's first all-sound motion picture theatre. During the Depression, Powell would accept an egg as admission -- eggs were in short supply then -- and he made a business of boxing them for sale in the theatre. The Powell family, current owners of Guthrie's drive-in theatre, operated the "Melba" until 1986.

5.) The Pollard Library, Lowell, MA.


6.) Castle Pollard ,   Castlepollard - with a population of about 600 - is a village or a town in Westmeath County , Ireland . Castlepollard, also known as Rathgraff, Rathgarth and Rathgarrue, is on the road from Dublin to Granard and on the river Glore. The hills of Sliebuoy and Loughanstown are also within this vicinity.


Click on the Castle to read the full story

7.) Pollard Tavern, Bedford, Mass



Needham, Massachusetts

New Hampshire's Pollard Brook Resort 

Old Church Hotel , UK A Historic Pollard Connection Read about it here

Pollard's Cornish Roadhouse

John Pollard , Cariboo Region of Beautiful British Columbia

The Pollard Hotel, Red Lodge Montana

Famous Pollard's Or Pollard's from History .

1.) George Pollard : Captain of the Whaleship Essex . Though he is little remembered today The sinking of the Essex was one of the most well-known marine disasters of the nineteenth century . This was the event that inspired the climactic scene of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick , and as such is known by every child in America . He and the other survivors of this famous ship resorted to cannibalism to survive their long ordeal at sea .

The Following is a quote from "THE PERILS AND ROMANCE OF WHALING" Published  Aug. 1890


The Captains boat , the two survivors in it raving with hunger and exhaustion , was picked up in latitude 37 south , off the island of St. Mary, by the whale-ship Dauphin which reached Valparaiso the 17th of March. The second mate’s boat became separated from the captain’s on the 28th of January. No trace of it was ever found. Before the separation the provisions were exhausted and life was sustained by cannibalism, the flesh of three negroes who had died of exhaustion being divided between the two boats. On the 1st of February, after the mate’s boat had been lost sight of, the captain and the three other men with him found themselves once more without a mouthful of food in their boat. They then deliberately drew lots to see who should die and who should be the executioner. It fell upon Owen Coffin to die and upon Charles Ramsdale to slay him. Coffin was a cousin of Captain Pollard, and the latter begged Ramsdale to kill him instead of the doomed man. But Coffin refused to allow the sacrifice. On the 11th of February Barzilla Ray died, leaving Captain Pollard and Ramsdale the only survivors. Of the crew of the mate’s boat two survived besides Chase himself. Twenty all told had left the Essex in the three boats. The three men who remained on Ducie’s Island were rescued by an English vessel. They too had endured terrible suffering, and when rescued were almost too weak to talk. The story of the Essex’s loss and of the dire necessity to which the survivors were reduced preceded Captain Pollard to Nantucket. Eye-witnesses of the scene on his return say that the cliffs and wharves were lined with spectators and that he walked to his home through an awe-struck, silent crowd. Five months from home on his next voyage, in the Two Brothers, he ran her on a reef and she proved a total loss. He then retired from the sea and died in 1870, eighty-one years old. Owen Chase, how-ever, was invariably fortunate on his subsequent voyages.


Genealogy wise ; George's First wife was Mary Riddell who after giving birth to three daughters died about 1843 . George then Married Henrietta Smith who died at the end of 1845 . They were residents of Nantucket Island .George died in 1870, at eighty-one years old:I have included this in both Famous and Infamous , as I am uncertain as to which category he belongs .


2.) Michael J. Pollard : Stage Name!!! Actor Supporting role in Bonnie & Clyde : Starring: Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Estelle Parsons, Gene Hackman

Actor Filmography:

The Four of the Apocalypse (1975) /America (1986) / American Gothic (1988) / Bonnie and Clyde (1967) / Enter Laughing (1967)/ Fast Food (1989) / The Legend of Frenchie King (1971) / Next of Kin (1989)/ The Night Visitor (1989) / The Patriot (1986) / Paul Reiser - Out on a Whim (1988) / Riders of the Storm (1988) / Over Her Dead Body (1990) / Split Second (1992) /Skeeter (1994) /Tumbleweeds (1999) / Brigitte Bardot 2-Pack - The Legend of Frenchie King/Caroline and the Rebels (1955-1971)

Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses (2001) / Between the Lines (1977) /Heated Vengeance (1984) / Scrooged (1988) / Season of Fear (1989) / Sleepaway Camp 3 - Teenage Wasteland (1989) / The Stripper (1963) / Summer Magic (1963) / Tango & Cash (1989) / Vengeance Is Mine (1976) / The Wild Angels (1966) / Dick Tracy (1990) / The Art of Dying (1991) / The Arrival (1990) /  Motorama (1991) / The Battle of Bloody Stones (1967)


3.)Snub Pollard:Silent Films ;Stage Name : snub pollard was actually not a pollard, he was born here in melbourne australia and his real name was  Harry Fraser, he took his name from a theatre troupe here in Melbourne calle pollard Lillipudians! He is not a pollard and not related to the pollards.


Actor Filmography: 

Don't Shove (1919) / The Perils of Pauline (1947)/ Riders of the Rockies (1938) / Hittin' the Trail (1937) /Sing, Cowboy, Sing (1937) / Early Comedies (1910-1918) / Lure of the Wasteland (1939) / The Black Coin (1936) / Utah Trail (1938) / Arizona Days (1937)/ I'm on My Way (1919) / Jef Comedy Classics / Silent Laugh Makers No. 3 / Films of Harold Lloyd - V. 3 (1919-1921) / Films of Harold Lloyd - V. 2 (1917-1918) / Silent Comedy Shorts (1920-1929) / Silent Comedy Shorts V. 4 (1916-1925) / Tex Rides With the Boy Scouts (1937) / Headin' For the Rio Grande (1936) / Cowboy Heroes - Tex Ritter - V.2 / White Legion (1936) / Harold Lloyd's Comedy Classics (1916-1919) / Frontier Town (1938) / Films of Harold Lloyd - V. 5 (1918-1921) / Comedians, The - V. 3 (1915-1924) / Comedians, The - V. 5 (1925-1926) / Comedians, The - V. 6 (1924) / Comedians, The - V. 7 (1925-1927) /Comedians, The - V. 9 (1925-1926)


4.) Edward A. Pollard : Author of the highly controversial book " The Lost Cause "    :[ Edward was from VA. ] While this book is the one Edward gained the most notoriety from , he produced many other works . Including , By, Pollard, Edward A. " Anti-Slavery Men of the South ","  The Confederate Congress". A Chapter in the History of the late War ( Civil War ) , " Historic Doubts Concerning Patrick Henry " , " The Story of a Hero " Etc.


5.) JOSEPHINE POLLARD : 19th century Poet and Author of some Fame . She is listed as a descent of Jonathan Pollard of Billerica Mass.


Our Dinah has a baby That you really ought to see;

Its skin is black all over, Like a piece of ebony;

Its hair is black, and curly, too, And Dinah never fails

To braid it so it stands around Its head in little tails.

We play together, now and then, And both of us get hurt;

But Dinah’s baby seldom cries, And never shows the dirt

Is real good-natured all the time, And that’s the reason, maybe,

Why everybody makes a fuss With Dinah’s little baby.

My skin is white and satin-soft, My mother cails me Pearl,

And says there never, never was So sweet a little girl!

And Dinah’s baby stares at me, And I keep staring back;

She wonders why I am so white, I wonder why she’s black.

And Dinah gives her loving hugs And kisses that must be,

I really think, as sweet as those My mother gives to me.

Oh, mothers’ hearts are all alike, And that’s the reason, maybe,

Why every mother thinks she has The very nicest baby.


Publisher: American Missionary Association. Publication Date: Sept 1885

 6.) Author: Eliza F. Pollard

Title: Florence Nightingale: The Wounded Soldier’s Friend

Publisher: London: S. W. Partridge, no date (c. 1890)

7.) ART POLLARD  Race Car Driver Web Site

8.) Red Pollard  jockey for Seabiscuit : Genealogy

The jockey

( The Story )

(movie review web site )

Universal Pictures  Trailers

The Book 

PBS historic radio broadcasts of races

Thoroughbred Hall of Fame

A failed boxer who was blind in one eye, half-crippled, and prone to quoting passages from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Over four years, these unlikely partners survived a phenomenal run of bad fortune, conspiracy, and severe injury to transform Seabiscuit from a neurotic, pathologically indolent also-ran into an American sports icon.

9.) Thomas Pollard  : Actor

10.) Frank Pollard : 1986 Iron City and Pittsburgh Steelers Football player . Running Back , Height: 5-10 , Weight: 218 , Born: June 15th, 1957 ,College: Baylor / Years Played:1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

11.) Bob Pollard :Football player; 1975 Topps Football (14) New Orleans Saints .

12.) JAMES POLLARD : 19 century , English Artist

            To View His Work Click  Here :

13.) Scot Pollard ; Basketball player ; SACRAMENTO KINGS

14.) Alfred William Pollard (1859-1944) English Scholar and Bibliographer. Born in London. Graduated at Oxford University. An authority on Chaucer and Shakespeare

15.) Albert Frederick Pollard (1869-1948) English Historian , Born Ryde, graduated at Oxford university, became assistant editor of The Dictionary of National Biography, then professor of Constitutional History at London University. Wrote biographical books about Henry VIII, Thomas Cranmers, Wolsey, The Great War, Factors in American History. He founded the Historical Association in1906.

16.)  AL POLLARD, 73, Prep Star Played for Army, Eagles

Obit for Al Pollard, 73 Died 3/3/02

by Mal Florence

Special to the Times

 Al Pollard, one of Southern California's most renowned prep football players, who went on to play for the legendary Vince Lombardi at Arm and later played in the National Football League, has died.  He was 73.

  Pollard died Sunday of lymphoma at his home in the Philadelphia suburb of Devon.

  He was a star T-formation half-back at Loyola High School, scoring 23 touchdowns his senior year.  He was also an exceptional passer, punter and kick returner, as well as a fine defensive player   Paul Zimmerman, a former Times sports editor, wrote that Pollard was "the most widely sought prep star since Glenn Davis left Bonita High and went to Army."

  After playing briefly at Loyola University in Los Angeles, Pollard left in 1949 for West Point, where he played under Lombardi, then Army's backfield coach.

  After a 1950 season in which Pollard led Army in scoring and average 7.3 yards per carry, he was among 90 cadets -- including the son of head Coach  Red Blaik -- who resigned from the academy in connection with a cribbing scandal.

  Pollard then signed with the New York Yanks of the National Football League.  After the Yanks waived him in November 1951, he was claimed by the Philadelphia Eagles and played for them from 1951 to 1953.

  He later played for the British Columbia Lions and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

  While in Canada, Pollard became involved in several business ventures,  operating a restaurant and a beverage distributorship.

  He also began a career in broadcasting, becoming sports director for a radio station in Vancouver.  In 1969, he rejoined the Eagles as a color commentator on their broadcasts, a post he held until 1976.

  After leaving the Eagle broadcasting booth, Pollard ran a tennis and ice-skating facility in Pennsylvania and worked in sales for a commercial printing business.

  He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Patricia; sons John and Kurt; daughter Melissa Mozer,; and eight grandchildren.

17) POLLARD, Edwin John, Rear-Admiral, 1833-1909

    British Navy

18 ) Jann Pollard : Artist , Studios

19 ) Su Pollard : UK Actress   Website

20) Marcus Pollard : NFL  Website

21) Fritz Pollard : Born: Jan. 27, 1894  / Football

1st black All-America RB (1916 at Brown); 1st black to play in Rose Bowl; 7-year NFL pro (1920-26); 1st black NFL coach, at Milwaukee and Hammond, Ind.  / Died: May 11, 1986

22)Gill Pollard : Gill Pollard's Paintings

23) Mike Pollard : Footbal Player , UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

24) Mark Pollard : Born in Melbourne in 1957, acclaimed Australian composer Mark Pollard is one of Australia's most commissioned, performed and broadcast composers .

25) ROBERT POLLARD : Composer , ??????????? 

26)Victor Pollard Cricket Player

27) Velma Pollard  Artist , Poet

28) Vietnam Veterans Memorial

POLLARD                  GERALD RAY JR        SGT    E5 A  19480703 19700401 FLORISSANT          MO      12W 073

POLLARD                  JAMES FREDERICK      LCPL   E3 M  19470610 19670904 SEATTLE             WA      25E 108

POLLARD                  JAMES ROBERT JR      PFC    E3 A  19491202 19690314 CHICAGO             IL      29W 039

POLLARD                  RICHARD              PFC    E2 M  19490829 19690222 NEW SARPY           LA      32W 082

POLLARD                  SIDNEY GERALD        PFC    E3 A  19471210 19681017 LAKE PLACID         FL      41W 070

POLLARD                  THOMAS LEROY         MAJ    O4 A  19370617 19680819 RED OAK             IA      47W 003

POLLARD                  WAYNE RICHARD        LCPL   E3 M  19420412 19671013 DARRINGTON          WA      27E 102

POLLARD                  WILLIAM ALFRED       PFC    E2 M  19470827 19670721 NEW CASTLE          DE      23E 103

POLLARD                  WILLIAM ISAAC        MSG    E8 A  19250412 19671204 SWEDESBORO          NJ      31E 038

29) Monica Pollard : Gospel Singer

30) Daniel Pollard or Captain Pollard  Seneca war Cheif

Read the story at Cornell University . Link 

31)Sir John Pollard : 1553 5 Oct. Sir John Pollard, Oxfordshire/ PARLIAMENTS AND SPEAKERS OF THE HOUSE. Link Sir John Pollard, M.P. for Oxfordshire - elected 5 October 1553 Link  Sir John Pollard, M.P. for Chippenham - elected 21 October 1555 .

32) Pollard, Sir Lewis, judge, King's Nismet (died 1540). Link

33) Recollections of the Battle of Midway by LT Joseph P. Pollard, MC, USN, Medical Officer on board USS Yorktown

Victoria Cross recipients

34) Captain Alfred POLLARD 2nd Lieutenant Honourable Artillery Company 1917



Infamous Pollard's 


1.) George Pollard : Captain of the Whaleship Essex . Though she is little remembered today The sinking of the Essex was one of the most well-known marine disasters of the nineteenth century . This was the event that inspired the climactic scene of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick , and as such is known by every child in America . He and the other survivors of this famous ship resorted to cannibalism to survive their long ordeal at sea .

Genealogy wise ; George's First wife was Mary Riddell who after giving birth to three daughters died about 1843 . George then Married Henrietta Smith who died at the end of 1845 . They were residents of Nantucket Island .


2.) Jonathan Pollard / Spy ? For Israel or as some prefer capitalist who sold his countries secrets for profit . I do not have an informed opinion either way !

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