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This Page is all Bible Records From Virginia

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Pollard Family Bible

1744 – 1931

Family Record

                              Marriages       Marriages

John Pollard and Juliet his wife were Wolf Robinson and Susanne Clements were Married November the 4th 1824 the Married Nov. the 1st 1765

Most joyous day of my life. John Pollard Jr. and Virginia Bagby, daughter

Th___ T. Wattson and of Mr. John Bagby, married July 9th, 1861

Mary E. Pollard married November 4th,1845.James Pollard and Wife Susan Tyler daughter Of Doct. _______ Tyler of Baltimore Alfred Bagby and Sarah Janemarried Dec.15, 1870 marriage ceremony Pollard married the 5th day May 1853celebrated at the bride’s fathers. Doct. Wilson And John Pollard officiating. Richard H. Woodward and Susan C. Pollard married November 6th, 1856

1866 November 4st I have been married this day 42 years. And up to this time I and my wife are still living and all the grooms men and brides maids are still alive. They were Dr. Wm F. Gaines and his sister Marie now Mrs. Carlson, the wife of Mr. George R.(K?) Carlson and Col. A. Cox and his F____ and his sister Susan now the widow of Mr. Wm Ryland Jr. ______ Wm M. Edmond Berkeley and his sister Miss Betty Lenard Berkeley of Hanover. Mr. James M. Jeffries and Miss Martha T. Haines? Now the widow of Dr. Wm. Smith. Of Essex. This perhaps is the most remarkable instance on record. Miss B.L. Berkeley died Nov. 22nd, 1866.

November 4th 1867 I and my wife and all the other Grooms men and brides maids are still living. Henry Robinson Pollard 4th son of John and Juliet Pollard and Miss Jessie Gresham daughter of Mr. John N. Gresham and Hannah his wife married December 19th 1867. His in that the Rev. John Pollard and his brother in law the Rev. Alfred Bagby afficiating__Marriage solemnized at Matta_____ Church. J.P.


( 678 )



John Pollard was born the 14th Henry R. Pollard son of Henry R. Pollard

Day of July 1803born Dec.21st 1865 Juliet Jeffries daughter of Thomas John N. Pollard son of Same born Jeffries of King and Queen was born13th Oct. 1870 died April 3rd.1871 The 10th day of September 1807 Hannah Catharine Pollard daughterJosephine Pollard daughter of Same Of John and Juliet Pollard born Aug.born May 30, 1872

The 9th 1825

Mary Elizabeth Pollard daughter ofJuliet Elizabeth Pollard daughter of John and Juliet Pollard born July 13th 1827Same born April 18th 1874

Thomas Pollard son of John and Juliet PollardMattie Gresham Pollard daughter of Born April 28th 1829Same born January 5th 1876 Martha C. Pollard daughter of John and JulietJames Jeffries Pollard son of same born

Pollard was born November 28th 1831April 24th 1878 Sarah J. Bagby daughter of John and JulietRobert Nelson Pollard Jr. son of same Pollard was born July 18th 1834born June 16th 1880 Susan C. Pollard daughter of John and JulietSarah Jane Pollard daughter of Henry R. Pollard was born July 21st 1837and Jessie Pollard born April 8th 1883 John Pollard son of John and Juliet PollardFrederick Gresham Pollard son of Henry R. Was born November 17th 1839and Jessie Pollard was born June 5th 1885 James Pollard son of John and Juliet PollardThomas Pollard son of Henry R. and Jessie Was born Nov.2nd. 1843Pollard was born December 30th 1888 Henry Robinson Pollard son of John and Jessie daughter of Jno. N. Gresham and Juliet Pollard was born Nov. 28th 1845Hannah E. was born April 27th 1846 Robert N. Pollard son of John and Juliet Pollard was born June 8th 1847


Notes: Mattie Gresham Pollard- Not positive this is Mattie, very hard to read!!

( 679)


Of the Robinson Family.

Catharine Robinson born Oct.Died the 22nd of May 1843 age

The 14th 176676yrs 7 months 8 days

Mary Robinson born August theDied March 19th 1855 age

22nd 176886 yrs. 6 months 26 days

Susan Robinson born June 1770Henry Robinson died Sept. 22nd1841

Henry Robinson born the 25th March 1772 Joanna Robinson born July 22nd 1774Died July 28th 1853 age 81 yrs.5 months 6 days Lucy Robinson born January the __1776Lucy Berkeley who was Lucy Robinson died March 10th 1853 age 77 yrs.2 months. John Robinson born June 22nd 1778John Robinson died May 22nd 1782 Elizabeth Robinson April 1780Elizabeth Robinson died June 17th 1807 Ann C. Robinson born July the 12th 1782Ann C. Robinson was baptized in June 1807 By Rev. Andrew B__ ddus, and united with John Robinson born April the 7th 1784Burras church, Caroline C. Virginia when she Continued her membership with the formation

 John Robinson husband of Susanna wasof the Taylors new church. Born November 20th 1777. ____ ____ Died March 19th 1859 77? 7_

John Robinson died Sept. of 18_6

Susanna wife of John was born January 10th 1778John Robinson died March 17__ Susanna Robinson died Nov. 18__

(There is a frame around this bible record and some of the dates are written in the frame making it impossible to read) On the bottom of this page is written the following:

My Grand Father____ ____ as he wrote it in an ____________ for 1767







                              DEATHS     MARRIAGES.

Mary Robinson died March 18th 1855Henry Robinson Pollard Jr. and Julia

Hanna Robinson died July 25th 1855Wortham Williams married on March

19, 1896

Edmund Berkeley departed this lifeJuliet Elizabeth, daughter of Henry R. &

June 10th 1868 in the 63year of his ageJessie G. Pollard, and Ernst Mayo Long

Were married on Nov. 10, 1898

Mrs. Martha T. Smith died August 11th 1868

In the 66th year of her age.Josephine daughter of same, and John Stiger

Harrison were married on Oct. 2, 1899

Juliet Pollard died Sept 4, 1874 age

66yrs. 11 months 7daysMartha Gresham, daughter of same, and John

The deepest affliction of my life. J.P.Gibson Jr. were married on Dec.16, 1903

John Pollard died Sept.13th 1877 agedSarah Jane, daughter of same, and William

74 years, 1 month & 29daysBarnard Bates were married on Nov.8, 1906

Henry Robinson Pollard died August 3rd

1923 at 1PM. Age 78 years, 8 months& 5 daysJas. Jr. son of same, and Sh_rrand WarrenWilcox, married June 30, 1908

Robert Nelson Pollard Sr. died August 23rd1926Thomas, son of same, and Helen Gray

10AM Age 79 years, 2 months & 5 daysWattson, married October 23,1912

Jessie Gresham Pollard died September 7th 1929

At 2 A.M. Age 83 years, 4 months & 10 days

"The Queen of Women" My mother. HRP Jr.

James Jeffries Pollard died July 8, 1931 at 8-30 A.M.

Age 53 years, 2 months & 14 days. Funeral from ____

Ave. Baptist Church, largest attended funeral, I ever saw

In this ____, of N____ and, Many colored people present.



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Mississippi Marriages , PA Marriages ,

Harrison , Riley Married Nellie Pollard 05/10/1875

Jordain M. C. Married Nancy Pollard 11/02/1854

Harris CO. & other GA. Marriages

Curling , Peter Married Pollard , Susan 01/04/1845

Davison , James Married Pollard , Mary E. 09/17/ 1845

Meadows , Seaborn " " " Pollard , Rebecca 11/06/1841

Pollard , A. Maj. " " " Whatley ,Minerva 02/12/1818 of Jones Co. GA.

Knight , Jole Pollard , Elizabeth 11/21/1815 Green , Co. GA.

Cone , John F. m. Pollard , Sarah F. 02/25/1846 Harris Co.

Denton , James m. Pollard , Silvey 02/20/1810 Elbert , CO. GA.

Braswell William B. m. Polly , Pollard Oct. 26/ 1812 Elbert Co. GA.

Hyde , Willis m. Pollard , Sarah 08/26/1824 Wilkes Co. GA

Pollard , James L. m. Marshall , Caroline 03/14/1839 Harris Co.

Duke , Green P. m. Pollard , Eliza 06/18/1843 Jackson Co. GA.

Pollard , Richard m. Flury , Polly 12/02/1824 Wilkes Co. GA.

Pollard , Orman m. Strong , Louisa 01/03/1837 Coweta Co. GA.


March 22/ 1762 William Pollard & Betty Brent , by consent of Edward Carter

guardian of Betty Brent , Orphan of Hugh Brent Deceased .

From Virginia Records Vol. 4 p. 53 in Early Marriages in Lancaster Co. VA.


Pennsylvania Marriages

Hezekiah Kemp m. Ann , Pollard Sep. 20 , 1777

George Pollard m. Catharina [ Torn out ] Nov. 20 , 1770 Funny last name

Under Officers For Bucks Co. PA.

Jeffery , Pollard Coroners Oct. 4, 1720


Jacob Smith m. Ana [ Una ] Pollard Oct. 4, 1820 Campbell Co. KY.

John Gerry m. Elizabeth Pollard Jan. 1 /1851 from early records of the town

of Lunenburg Vol.1

Chandler William D. m. Essie M. Pollard Nov.22/1893 location unknown

Pollard , Isaac m. Lydia Stetson Nov. 26/1846 , Abington , MASS

Kentucky Marriages to 1850 & Land Grants


Chandler, Jane - Pollard, Abner Aug 21 1811

Chandler, Martha - Pollard, Abner Jul 27 1818

Arbuckle, Hannah - Pollard, William C. Jun 04 1817

Marsh, Nancy - Pollard, Thomas Jan 09 1817

Pollard, Branton - Robb, Kitty Apr 03 1818

Pollard, Elijah - Vandgriffe, Elizabeth Sep 21 1814

Merriwether, Patsey Pollard, Robert Oct 04 1805

Pollard, James - Rudeford, Nancy Nov 09 1799

Pollard, Alccy - Watkins, Elizabeth Nov 28 1815

Conner, Polly -Young, Pollard Sep 09 1817

Pollard, Samuel - Watson, Ruth Sep 03 1805

Pollard, John - Wallingford, Elizabeth Feb 03 1802

Merrill, Rachel - Pollard, Benjamin Nov 04 1811

Pollard, Polly[Mrs]-Quiggins, Joseph Apr 29 1824

Lynch, Polly - Pollard, William Oct 21 1798

Ashby, Ann - Pollard, Henry Jul 14 1810

Johnston, Elizabeth - Pollard, Benjamin R. Sep 15 1815

Ashby, Mary[Mrs] - Pollard, Allison Jul 03 1817

Pollard, Roger B. - Porter, Sarah C. Jul 25 1818

Nottingham, Mary - Pollard, John Apr 18 1811


 Kentucky Land Grants

Grantee County Acres Survey Date Book Watercourse

Pollard, Wm Jefferson 31,000 3-16-1784 9 Creen R

Pollard, Wm Jefferson 19,000 4- 3-1784 9 Green R & Bacon Cr

Pollard, Jno Bourbon 2,499 3/4 1- 5-1787 5 Big Sandy

Pollard, Robt Military 1,460 7-23-1793 5 Little R

Pollard, Robt Military 500 6-26-1793 5 Duck Lick Fk

Pollard, Robt Military 500 5-29-1793 5 Big Muddy Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 500 5-22-1793 5 Grassy Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 400 6-25-1793 5 Muddy R

Pollard, Robt Military 600 7-24-1793 5 Muddy Fk

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 4-29-1793 5 Green R

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 4-24-1793 5 Green R

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 1- 5-1795 5 Peters Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 1,333 5-11-1785 7 Tradewater

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 11- 6-1793 7 Skeggs Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 10- 6-1796 8 Peters Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 10- 4-1796 8 Big Barren R

Pollard Robt Military 500 10- 2-1798 8 Big Barren R

Pollard, Robt Military 500 8-21-1797 8 Peters Cr

Pollard, Nathaniel Moses Military 1,000 1-20-1785 8 Poages Cr

Pollard, Robt Military 1,000 1-20-1785 8 Poages Cr

Pollard, Benj Military 2,666 9-15-1798 11 None

Pollard, Wm Bourbon 17,379 5-23-1788 15 Licking

Pollard, James Lincoln 145 3- 1-1799 3 Goose Cr

Pollard, Thos, Heirs Edmonson 200 11-16-1826 29 Green R

May, Pollard Pike 50 5- 3-1825 U Br Shelby Cr

Pollard, Robert Logan 100 4-29-1818 E Big Clifty

Pollard, Joseph P Edmonson 700 5-29-1833 C-2 Green R

Turner, Pollard & James Cumberland 100 9-16-1828 X Cumberland R

Pollard, Joseph Montgomery 39 12- 6-1843 4 None full

Pollard, Joseph Montgomery 4 1/2 5-26-1851 6 Cumberland R

May, Pollard Floyd [40]xxx 7-10-1906 122 Sandy R

Pollard, Thomas Edmonson 63 3- 1-1870 79 Big Beaver Cr

Pollard, Thomas Edmonson 31 3- 1-1870 80 Big Beaver Dam

Pollard, John Rockcastle 100 2-24-1877 97 Cooper & Roundstone Crs


M.O.A. search terms Pollard listed the following results :

Most results regarding Civil War service


1,The first hit referred to an E. Pollard southern Historian { Edward A. Pollard }

2, Mr. William S. Pollard

3,C.T. Pollard of the Alabama & Florida Railroads { Charles T. Pollard }

Captain Pollard

1,refferance to the V. F. Wilson & Daniel Pollard

2, to Commander Edwin J. Pollard of the Blockading squadron

3, to Captain Pollard provost-marshal U.S. Army

4, Captain Pollard chief of the Seneca Indians

Andrew M. Pollard

1: To a Captain Andrew M. Pollard , 38th Illinois Infantry of operations

Forth Army Corps , First Brigade

G.J. Pollard

1: G. J. Pollard , Sergt. , Company H , fifty-ninth Virginia , Captured may 30 , 1863

released on parole .

George B. Pollard

1:Nineteenth Virginia , account of charge & taking of Prisoners

George L. Pollard

1: Letter from Trusten Polk tells of the death of George L. Pollard among other things .

Captain Hugh M. Pollard

1: Atlanta Campaign 1864 , Capt. Hugh M. Pollard Assistant inspector-general

J. J. Pollard

1. First listing refers to the J.J. Pollard Contract

2. 2nd listing refers to a license to trade Blockade running for government cotton , Gold or sterling

on Mississippi River ..

James Pollard

1. James Pollard , Acting Assistant Second engineer , U.S. Navy

2..First Lieut. James Pollard . Ninth Virginia Cavalry , commanding , company H .

John E. Pollard

1. 20th New York Calvary , Company F , Lieut. John E. Pollard

Joseph Pollard

1. With Captain Semple's artillery , an account of Joseph's wounding .

Philip Pollard

1.Captain Philip Pollard of General Hookers Staff

Richard Pollard

From : List of persons who put in Representative Recruits and names of the Recruits

{ These People had another man go to war in their place, they where usually paid }


5th district / T.C. Fisher ------in his place ---- Richard Pollard

William A. Pollard

1. Distinguished him self Wile with the fifty-third Virginia infantry , the third man to pick up the colors , was shot twice before he fell , but in the confusion took the colors off with him when he retired to the rear . No statement of the out comes of his wounds .

Willis A. Pollard

1. Fifty-third Indiana infantry , Reported Missing in action near Princeton KY. April 30, 1865 .