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AMOS CLAUSON REED (b. 1737) (d. 1-7-1834)

  W:  Jemima Kennard  (b. 1746) (d. 2-12-1840)

       (Separate Kennard Family Tree)

        D:  JANE REED (b. 1790) (d. About 1860)

             H:  Joel Wilkerson (b. About 1789) (d. About 1853)

                  S:  John Wilkerson (b. 1818)

                  S:  Amos Wilkerson (b. 1820)

                  D:  Sarah Ann Wilkerson (b. 1832)

                        H:  Daniel O’Conner Jones (b. 1827)

        D:  JEMIMA REED (b. 1792) (d. After 1850)

             H:  Robert Pryor (b. 1790) (d. 1822)

               (Separate Pryor Family Tree)

             H:  Samuel Pryor (b. About 1776) (d. Before 3-6-1885)

        D:  RACHEL REED (b. About 1797)

              H:  Vance ?

        S:  JOHN REED (b. 9-25-1781) (d. 1850)

             W:  Mary Starr (b. 12-15-1788) (d. 1853 or 1857)

                   (Separate Starr Family Tree)

                   D:  LORI REED

                         H: Percy London

                   D:  NANCY REED (b. 1810)

                   S:  JOHN REED (b. 1812) (d. About 1813)

                   S:  JAMES REED (b. 1819)

                   S:  AMOS STARR REED (b. 1-10-1817) (d. 4-3-1907)

                        W:  Drusilla Wilkinson (b. 6-6-1822)

                               S:  WILLIAM HENRY REED (b. 1-24-1843) (d. 8-5-1920)

                                    W:  Annie Amelia McKee (b. 12-22-1859) (d. 3-9-1937)                                                                                                

                                          (Separate McKee Family Tree Available)

                                          S:  CLYDE PEARL REED (b. 12-19-1880) (d. 11-8-1932)

                                          S:  CYRUS PERCY REED (b. 9-2-1882)

                                          S:  WILLIE ROSCO REED (b. 10-19-1885)

                                          D:  LULU GERTRUDE REED (b. 10-12-1887)

                                          S:  AMOS ADOLPH REED (b. 4-21-1889)

                                          D:  MARY MAY REED (b. 5-12-1891)

                                          D:  GOLDIE AGNES REED (b. 10-27-1893)

                                          D:  ANNA LEE REED

                               S:  JAMES MILLISON REED (b. 10-15-1846)

                                    W:  Unknown

                                           S:  EARL REED

                                           S:  ROBERT REED

                                           D:  MYRTLE REED

                                                H:  Dee Brown

                                          D:  LOTTIE REED     

                                    W:  Martha Helen Johnson (b. 8-23-1860)

                                          D:  ARMELIA ANN REED (b. 5-19-1899)

                                                H:  Edgar Mckinley Wright (b. 5-14-1898)

                                                      S:  Alanson James Wright

                                                           W:  Margaret Josephine Wollverton

                   S:  WILLIAM F. REED (b. 1830) (d. 1918/19)

                        W:  Mary Lambert (b. 1809-30)

                               S:  CYRUS REED

                               S:  OSCAR REED

                               D:  MARY REED

                               D:  OLIVE REED

                                     H:  J. W. Culmer, (Rev.)

                   D:  SARAH ELIZABETH REED (b. 1826)

                         H:  James Henry Nabb

                   D:  JEMIMA REED (b. 1823)

                         H:  Will Yokem

                   D:  MARY REED (b. 1815)

                         H:  Joseph Lambert (b. About 1815)

                   D:  JANE REED (b. 10-17-1822) (d. 3-17-1886)

                        H:  Washington Neptune (b. 9-21-1819) (d. 5-6-1853)

                              (Separate Neptune Family Tree)

                              S:  Eli Neptune (b. Jan., 1848) (d. 1928)

                                   W:  Mary Martha Jackson (b. 1864) (d. 1927)

                              D:  Columbia Jane Neptune (b. 3-30-1850) (d. 12-4-1908)

                                    H:  William McCune Caldwell (b. 1846) (d. 1925)

                              D:  Mary Elizabeth Neptune (b. 4-8-1853) (d. 3-15-1944)

                                    H:  Alonzo Irvin Williams (b. 4-25-1850) (d. 5-6-1922)

                              S:  Fernando Neptune (b. Oct., 1859) (d. 1-7-1929)

                                   W:  Mollie C. McConnell (b. 1862) (d. 1947)                               

                        H:  Philip Sigler (b. 1793) (d. About 1848)

                              (Separate Sigler Family Tree)

                   S:  WESLEY W. REED (b. 11-9-1824)

                        W:  Sarah Ann Henderson

                               S:  FLETCHER REED

                               D:  JANE REED

                               D:  MARY REED

                               D:  SADIE REED

                               D:  RENA REED

                               S:  MILLER REED

                               S:  WILBER REED

                        W:  Jane Neptune (b. About 1824)

                   S:  THOMAS BENSON REED (b. 8-17-1833) (d. 1-18-1903)

                        W:  Laura Anna Beach (b. 3-29-1841) (d. 3-14-1925)

                               D:  MARY EDNA REED (b. 10-29-1860) (d. 1-2-1862)

                               D:  LUCY BEACH REED (b. 1-20-1862) (d. 4-13-1943)

                                     H:  John McGreer

                                     H:  Jacob B. Merkel

                               S:  WILLIAM LUTHER REED (b. 5-5-1866) (d. 1954)

                                    W:  Hattie R. Rogers

                                    W:  Sadie Watt

                                           S:  FOREST REED

                                           D:  SUSAN REED

                                           D:  DELLA REED (b. Private)

                                                 H:  Harry Smith

                                                       S:  (Living) Smith

                                                       S:  (Living) Smith

                               S:  SENECA STARR REED (b. 3-23-1874) (d. 11-9-1954)

                                    W:  Josephine (Josie) Troutman (b. 7-12-1876) (d. 2-28-1942)

                                    W:  Bertha May Troutman (b. 7-24-1886) (d. 12-18-1957)

                                           S:  ALVIN REED (b. 6-3-1904)

                                                W:  (Living) Fusby

                                                       D:  (LIVING) REED

                                                       S:  (LIVING) REED

                                           S:  (LIVING) REED

                                                W:  (Living) Hackman

                                                       D:  (LIVING) REED

                                                       D:  (LIVING) REED

                                                       D:  (LIVING) REED  

                               D:  ELLA JANE REED (b. 10-31-1868) (d. Aug., 1880)

                               S:  JAMES ALBERT (BERT) REED (b. 4-6-1871) (d. 3-16-1950)

                                    W:  Bessie Louvane Lloyd (b. 12-29-1875) (d. 2-21-1942)

                                           D:  LAURA BELLE REED (b. 12-23-1903) (d. 7-12-1981)

                                                 H:  Myron Lloyd Holm (b. 9-22-1903)

                                                       D:  Maribell Holm (b. 7-29-1927) (d. 7-29-1927)

                                                       S:  (Living) Holm

                                                             W:  (Living) Fuller

                                                                    D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                          H:  (Living) Loy

                                                                                S:  (Living) Loy

                                                                                D:  (Living) Loy

                                                                                D:  (Living) Loy 

                                                                    D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                          H:  (Living) McKee

                                                                                S:  (Living) McKee

                                                                                D:  (Living) Mckee

                                                                    S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         W:  (Living) Walker

                                                                                D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                    S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         W:  (Living) Davis

                                                                                S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                                S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                                S:  (Living) Holm

                                                       S:  (Living) Holm

                                                            W:  (Living) Epp

                                                                   S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                        W:  (Living) O’Conner

                                                                               S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                   S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                   D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         H:  (Living) Bush

                                                                               D:  (Living) Bush

                                                                   D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         H:  (Living) Goldstein

                                                                               S:  (Living) Goldstein 

                                                       S:  (Living) Holm

                                                            W:  (Living) Heiden

                                                                   D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         H:  (Living) Porter

                                                                               D:  (Living) Porter

                                                                               D:  (Living) Porter

                                                                   S:  (Living) Holm

                                                                        W:  (Living) Liedtke

                                                                               D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                   D:  (Living) Holm

                                                                         H:  (Living) Wyssmann

                                                                               D:  (Living) Wyssmann

                                                                               D:  (Living) Wyssmann

                                           S:  (LIVING) REED

                                                W:  (Living) Anderson

                                                       S:  (LIVING) REED

                                                            W:  (Living) Williams

                                                       S:  (LIVING) REED

                                           D:  (LIVING) REED

                                                 H:  (Living) Sheeran

                                                       S:  (Living) Sheeran

                                                       S:  (Living) Sheeran

                               D:  LAURA OLIVE REED (b. 3-23-1874) (d. 7-14-1967)

                                     H:  William Wilber Walkup

                                           S:  Glen Walkup (b. Private)

                                                W:  (Living) Anderson (or Andresen)

                                                       S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                            W:  (Living) Kemmish

                                                                   D:  (Living) Walkup

                                                                   S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                                   S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       D:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       D:  (Living) Walkup

                                           S:  Dwight Walkup (b. Private)

                                                W:  (Living) Jose

                                                       U:  (Living) Walkup

                                           S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                W:  (Living) Folts

                                                       D:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       S:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       D:  (Living) Walkup

                                                       S:  (Living) Walkup

                                           D:  Mabel Walkup (b. 11-10-1899)

                                                 H:  Marshall Mason Wright (b. 10-25-1897)

                                                       D:  Ella Louise Wright

                                                             H:  Arthur D. Allen

                                                                   S:  Timothy M. Allen

                                                                   S:  Kent D. Allen

                                                                   S:  Craig L. Allen

                                                       D:  Doris Marie Wright (b. Private)

                                                             H:  Cleo J. Campbell (b. 4-25-1923)


                                                                   S:  Randy J. Campbell

                                                                   D:  Becky Jean Campbell

                                                       S:  Winton Wayne Wright (b. Private)

                                                             W:  Maxine L. McLain

                                                       D:  Evelyn LaMoine Wright (b. Private)

                                                             H:  Richard C. Wismer

                                           D:  (Living) Walkup

                                           D:  (Living) Walkup

                                                 H:  Robert Merchant

                                                       D:  (Living) Merchant

                                                       S:  (Living) Merchant 

                               S:  EDGAR MORGAN REED (b. 10-31-1868) (d. 1-15-1950)

                                    W:  Alice E. Eberhart (d. 1950)

                                           S:  LAWRENCE REED (b. Private)

                                           S:  RALPH REED (b. Private)

                                           S:  RAYMOND REED (b. Private) 

                               D:  EMMA ELIZABETH REED (b. 1-25-1864) (d. 7-12-1948)

                                     H:  Levi Allan Eberhart

                                     H:  William Henderson Melton (b. 12-4-1862) (d. 4-21-1913)

                                           S:  Walter Edgar Melton (b. 5-26-1889) (d. 11-3-1973)

                                                W:  Era May Whitefield (b. 3-27-1890) (d. 11-22-1982)    

                                                W:  Laura Schoch (b. 2-28-1892) (d. 3-15-1949)

                                                       S:  (Living) Melton

                                                       S:  (Living) Melton

                                                       D:  (Living) Melton

                                                             H:  (Living) Radcliff

                                           S:  Leroy Reed Melton (b. 1-19-1887) (d. 4-12-1953)

                                                W:  Era May Whitefield (b. 3-27-1890) (d. 11-22-1982)

                                                       D:  (Living) Melton

                                                             H:  Maynard Cook (b. 3-9-1908) (d. Aug., 1986)

                                                       D:  Marguerite Lucile Melton (b. 9-23-1910)

                                                             (d. 1-14-1984)

                                                             H:  (Living) Lewis

                                                             H:  Lester Sykes (b. 3-27-1909) (d. Jul., 1984)

                                                       D:  Luva Ardell Melton (b. 8-9-1913) (d. 4-27-1972)

                                                             H:  Earl Leroy Cox (b. 12-12-1910)

                                                                   (d. Feb., 1979)

                                                W  Mabel Spellman Collingham (b. 5-25-1891)

                                                      (d. Jan., 1968)

                                           D:  Jessie Viola Melton (b. 12-22-1896) (d. 6-16-1963)

                                                 H:  David Mohler (b. 1-15-1896) (d. 6-26-1935)

                                                       S:  Byron Ray Mohler

                                                            W:  Ruby Anne Smith

                                                            W:  Carolyn Moore

                                                       D:  Joann Viola Mohler (b. 10-16-1926)

                                                             (d. 5-17-1995)

                                                             H:  Roland R. Ramsey

                                                       D:  Elizabeth Ann Mohler

                                                             H:  Raymond Earl Jenkins (b. 9-20-1916)

                                                       S:  Dean William Mohler

                                                            W:  Joyce Harding

                                                 H:  Frank Liedtke (b. 10-26-1889) (d. Mar., 1986)

                                           D:  Edna Grace Melton (b. 11-1-1891) (d. 6-21-1982)

                                                 H:  Charles Allen London (b. 11-21-1889) (d. 5-29-1961)

                                                       S:  Percy Melton London

                                                            W:  Lori Lynn Timberlake

                   S:  MOSES JOHN (JOHNSON) REED (b. 7-14-1830) (d. 7-27-1926)

                        W:  Elizabeth Spencer (b. 3-24-1836) (d. 5-7-1927)

                               D:  MARY ADELINE REED (b. 4-30-1858) (d. 1950)

                                     H:  Miles Allen Groshart (b. 1857)(d. 1919)

                                          (Separate Groshart Family Tree Available)

                               S:  AMOS WILLIAM REED (b. 8-9-1860)

                               D:  HETTIE VIRGINIA REED (b. 3-15-1863)

                               S:  JOHN MELVILLE REED (b. 6-30-1865) (d. 1914)

                                    W:  Francis Almira Story (b. 12-27-1869) (d. 11-13-1943)

                                          S:  PERRY REED

                                          S:  ROSS REED

                                          D:  IRENE REED (d. 1947)

                                                H:  Allen ?

                                          S:  CHESTER DOW REED (b. 2-27-1889) (d. 9-7-1953)

                                               W:  Flossie Van Winkle (b. 2-20-1896)

                                                     S:  LLOYD REED

                                                     S:  ALFRED REED

                                                     D:  FRANCIS REED

                                                     S:  ROBERT R. REED

                                                     S:  MERLE REED

                                                     S:  HAROLD REED

                                                     S:  EARL REED

                                                     D:  PHYLLIS REED

                                                     D:  LOIS REED

                                                     D:  MYMA REED

                                                     D:  MARY REED 

                                          D:  MAMIE ELIZABETH REED (b. 9-6-1891)

                                                H:  Forest Orris Thornton

                                                     (Separate Thornton Family Tree Available)

                               S:  CHARLES SUMMER REED (b. 9-12-1867) (d. 4-4-1876)

                               S:  NOBLE KOSSUTH (KOSS) REED (b. 11-23-1855)

                                    (d. 11-19-1942)

                                    W:  Sarah May Penney (b. 5-27-1859) (d. 7-11-1943)

                                          D:  WILLIAM WALTER REED (b. 10-17-1886)

                                                (d. 1-13-1887)

                                          D:  EDWARD F. REED (b. 5-30-1896) (d. 8-30-1896)

                                          S:  ROSA ETHEL REED (b. 7-25-1888) (d. 9-29-1888)

                                          D:  LELA MAY REED (d. 12-4-1894) (d. 2-7-1895)

                                          D:  RUBY PEARL REED (b. 8-15-1898) (d. 2-12-1988)

                                                H:  Harry Leroy Bennett (b. 9-13-1894)

                                                      D:  Phyllis May Bennett (b. 9-27-1931)

                                          D:  ETTA ELIZABETH REED (b. 10-27-1889)

                                                (d. 4-25-1982)

                                                H:  Frank Walter Young (b. 7-20-1888)

                                                      S:  Glen W. Young (b. 8-12-1909)

                                                           W:  Roberta Black (b. 5-15-1913)

                                                                  S:  Dean EugeneYoung

                                                                       W:  Marilyn Bentler

                                                                  D:  DarleneYoung

                                                                  D:  DeloresYoung  

                                                      D:  Neva May Young (b. 4-14-1912)

                                                            H:  Eldon C. Blackford (b. 8-2-1911)

                                                                  S:  Donald Lee Blackford

                                                                       W:  LaDonna Baldwin

                                                                  D:  Evelyn Blackford 

                                                      D:  Leona Juanita Young (b. 10-29-1915)

                                                            H:  Theron Evans (b. 3-27-1915)

                                                                  D:  Doroty Evans

                                                                  S:  Marvin Evans

                                                      S:  Cecil Aaron Young (b. 5-31-1918) (d. 3-12-1922)

                                                      D:  Louise Young  

                                                            H:  Cople Porterfield

                                                                  D:  Janet Porterfield

                                                                  S:   Merlin Porterfield                                                                      

                                                                  S:   Gilbert Porterfield

                                                                  D:   Teresa Porterfield  

                                          S:  CLARENCE ARTEMUS REED (b. 2-21-1885)

                                                (d. 11-8-1950)

                                               W:  Essie Myrtle Bennett (b. 5-15-1889) (d. 11-2-1975)

                                                      S:  (INFANT) REED (d. in infancy)

                                                      D:  LOIS JEAN REED

                                                            H:  Herbert Paul McMullen

                                                      D:  MARJORIE MAYBELLE REED

                                                            H:  Stanley Paul Aistrope

                                                                  D:  Linda Marie Aistrope 

                                                                        H:  Benny Rippy

                                                                              S:  Brian Lee Rippy

                                                                              S:  Steven Paul Rippy

                                                                              S:  James Edward Rippy

                                                                        H:  Ed Bianchi                    

                                                                  D:  Laurel Irene Aistrope

                                                                        H:  Paul Crawford

                                                                        H:  Anthony Lee Chambers

                                                                              S:  Jeffrey Paul Chambers

                                                                              S:  Joseph Edward Chambers

                                                                              S:  John Dustin Chambers

                                                                              D:  Theresa Marie Chambers

                                                      D:  RUTH LOUISE REED 

                                                            H:  Robert Leroy Harrell

                                                                  D:  Karen Ann Harrell

                                                                        H:  Dennis Struble

                                                                              D:  Jennifer Jane Struble

                                                                              D:  Katie Struble

                                                                              D:  Laci Struble

                                                                  D:  Jane Marie Harrell

                                                                       H:  Stephan E. McCann

                                                                             S:  Kyle McCann

                                                                             D:  Kristen McCann

                                                                             D:  Kari McCann 

                                                                  S:  Richard Reed (Rick) Harrell                                                                             

                                                                       W:  Cheryl Mitchell

                                                       S:  LEIGHTON BENNETT (L. B.) REED 

                                                            (b. 4-5-1914) (d. 1-20-1997)

                                                            W:  Dorothy Arlene Wynn

                                                       S:  ELMER LYALL REED (b. 9-23-1915)

                                                            W:  Mildred Marcene Morgan

                                                                   S:  GARY LYLE REED

                                                                        W:  Marcia Ellen Saville

                                                                               S:  JEFFREY LYALL REED

                                                                                    W:  Heather Ann McLane

                                                                                           S:  JARED LYALL REED

                                                                               D:  LISA ELLEN REED

                                                                   D:  KATHY SUE REED  

                                                                         H:  Michael Allen Moody

                                                                               D:  Kelly Marie Moody

                                                                                     H:  Darin John Thomson

                                                                               S:  John Ryan Moody

                                                       S:  CLARENCE MAX REED

                                                            W:  Dorothy Marie Simpson

                                                                   D:  PATRICIA LOUISE REED

                                                                         H:  Jerry Lee Carlock

                                                                               S:  Patrick Lee Carlock

                                                                                    W:  Michelle Hendrickson                                                                

                                                                                           S:  Seth Andrew Carlock                        

                                                                                           D:  Rochelle Ann Carlock

                                                                               S:  Steven Allan Carlock

                                                                                     W:  Cynthia Lynn Bryant

                                                                                            D:  Tara Lynn Carlock

                                                                                            D:  Kelsey Renee Carlock

                                                                                            S:  Ryan Allan Carlock

                                                                                            S:  Madison Beth Carlock

                                                                         H:  Carl Claire Bright (b. 8-30-31)

                                                                               (d. 5-31-1984)

                                                                   D:  BARBARA JOAN REED

                                                                         H:  James Dean Armstrong

                                                                               D:  Mindy Kay Armstrong

                                                                                     H:  Tom Mayberry

                                                                                           S:  Derek Mayberry

                                                                                     H:  Richard (Rusty) Raymond

                                                                                           S:  Jacob Raymond

                                                                                           S:  Doug Raymond                                                                                     

                                                                               S:  Gregory Dean Armstrong

                                                                                     W:  Cindy Bashaw

                                                                                            D:  Sierra Armstrong

                                                       S:  DONALD KEITH REED (b. 3-15-1919)

                                                            (d. 6-20-1982)

                                                            W:  Anna Jean Barnard (b. 9-26-1923)

                                                                   (d. 10-26-2001)

                                                                   S:  LYOL (LYAL) LEE REED

                                                                        W:  Teresa (Tree) Diane Bergstrom 

                                                                               D:  Caprice Diana (Cappi) Dulany

                                                                                     H:  David White

                                                                                           D:  Holly Christine White

                                                                                           S:   Kyle Eugene White

                                                                               S:  DEREK SCOTT REED

                                                                                   (b. 11-29-1969) (d. 8-27-1989)

                                                                        W:  Cheryl Ann Mayes

                                                                               D:  Tiffany Lynn Hamilton

                                                                                     H:  ? Martinez

                                                                                           ?:   ? Martinez

                                                                                           ?:   ? Martinez

                                                                                           ?:   ? Martinez

                                                                               S:  DAVID TODD REED

                                                                   D:  KEILA ANN REED

                                                                         H:  Jerry Paul Rybka

                                                                               S:  Kevin Paul Rybka

                                                                                    W:  Jessica Erzen

                                                                               S:  Joseph Aaron Rybka

                                                                               D:  Larissa Ann Rybka


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