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Family Tree Names

Rasmussen, Jay (Private-)
Ratcliff, Carrie Lynn (Private-)
Ratcliff, Gary Duane (Private-)
Ratcliff, Ross Renaud (Private-)
Rausch, Brenda Lee (Private-)
Rausch, Joshua Paul (Private-)
Rausch, Raymond Paul (Private-)
Rausch, Todd Allen (Private-)
Rauscher, Anetta Louise (23 JUN 1907-16 SEP 2000)
Rawls, Courtney (Private-)
Ray, Allen Lauren (Private-)
Ray, Brenda Lea (Private-)
Ray, Frank (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Ray, Keith Allan (Private-)
Ray, Kristen Brittany (Private-)
Ray, Mark Anthony (Private-)
Ray, Robert (1857-1925)
Rayborn, Jean (Private-)
Rayburn, Anna R. (Private-)
Rayburn, Darryl (Private-)
Rayburn, Megan L. (Private-)
Rayle, Katherine L. (JUL 1857-25 MAY 1940)
Raynor, Sr., Robert Lee (Private-)
Reames, Alice Rose (Private-)
Reams, Audra (12 APR 1917-APR 1981)
Reaves, Dianne (Private-)
Reavis, Jane (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Reavis, Jewel Elizabeth (Private-)
Reburn, Bobbie (Private-)
Records, George (Private-)
Redd, Paul (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Reddelin, Anna Elizabeth (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Reddick, Alma (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Reddick, Robert (Private-)
Redding, David Michael (Private-)
Redick, Ora V. (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Redman, Hazel Agnes (19 JAN 1915-12 NOV 2006)
Redoutey, Lena (Private-)
Reece, Alyn (27 FEB 1903-UNKNOWN)
Reece, Carolyn Cassie (Private-)
Reece, Mary Elizabeth (13 JAN 1911-22 FEB 2003)
Reece, Newton Dallas (17 JUL 1874-4 JAN 1968)
Reece, Pearl A. (10 DEC 1913-22 JAN 1924)
Reece, Robert Samuel (20 AUG 1908-30 OCT 1945)
Reece, Russell Jones (5 SEP 1905-21 MAR 1970)
Reed, Georgia Delores (Private-)
Reed, James R. (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Jesse (ABT 1837-BEF 1868)
Reed, John (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Kim (Private-)
Reed, Lucille Frances (Private-)
Reed, Mary Ann (Private-)
Reed, Myrtle (Private-)
Reedy, J. M. (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Rees, Burt (Private-)
Rees, Robert (Private-)
Rees, Robert (Private-)
Reesman, Dora Alice (29 SEP 1869-8 OCT 1942)
Reeves, Madison McKenna (Private-)
Reeves, Mark Alan (Private-)
Reeves, Mary Dorothy (Private-)
Reeves, Matthew (Private-)
Rehme, Howard William (2 OCT 1920-JUL 1994)
Rehme, Willa LeReigh (14 FEB 1922-8 DEC 1983)
Rehme, William Henry (26 JAN 1885-26 OCT 1978)
Reid, Dawn Michelle (Private-)
Reid, Kathy Yvonne (Private-)
Reid, Lillian Marie (17 JUL 1916-7 SEP 2000)
Reid, Mollie Ada Hiatt (5 AUG 1893-17 JAN 1983)
Reid, Myrtle (8 DEC 1913-24 APR 1914)
Reid, Ruby Ethel (19 AUG 1918-10 JAN 1999)
Reid, Sarah Felica (3 MAY 1869-14 AUG 1936)
Reid, William Riley (9 MAR 1871-3 NOV 1936)
Reinen, Ann Kathryn (30 AUG 1900-3 NOV 1976)
Reinhardt, Levi Marcus (Private-)
Reinhardt, Marcus (Private-)
Reinking, Louis Emmert (Private-)
Reinking, Scott Louis (Private-)
Reinking, Teresa Ann (Private-)
Reis, Ronald Devere (Private-)
Reiser, Charles J. (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Reiser, Orville (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Renegar, William (1920-UNKNOWN)
Renfro, Matt (Private-)
Renfro, Michael (Private-)
Renfro, Ralph (Private-)
Renick, James Alfonso (27 OCT 1900-17 MAY 1996)
Renick, Thomas Allen "TOM" (Private-)
Renie, Mable (19 OCT 1882-2 JUN 1930)
Renie, Robert Davidson (25 APR 1867-27 SEP 1953)
Reser, Toby Jon (Private-)
Reuther, Jacob (ABT 1890-UNKNOWN)
Reyer, Tanya Marie (Private-)
Reyes, Ruth (Private-)
Reynolds, (UNK) (Private-)
Reynolds, Ann Marie (Private-)
Reynolds, Arthur Junior (17 FEB 1926-6 MAR 1995)
Reynolds, Arthur R. (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Arthur Russell (13 FEB 1901-14 JUN 1981)
Reynolds, Audrey (Private-)
Reynolds, Barry Regan (Private-)
Reynolds, Bartie Coleman (28 JUN 1916-12 FEB 2004)
Reynolds, Belinda Sue (Private-)
Reynolds, Benjamin David (Private-)
Reynolds, Billy Russell (Private-)
Reynolds, Boyd Elmer (3 APR 1914-9 JUN 1995)
Reynolds, Boyd Richard (Private-)
Reynolds, Brenda Carol (Private-)
Reynolds, Brentley (Private-)
Reynolds, Carol Renee (Private-)
Reynolds, Carolyn Louise (Private-)
Reynolds, Charles Mack (Private-)
Reynolds, Charles Phillip (20 JAN 1971-22 JAN 1971)
Reynolds, Charles Stoneman "CHARLIE" (1 APR 1875-13 JUL 1968)
Reynolds, Christian Alan (Private-)
Reynolds, Coleman Willis (17 MAY 1898-13 JAN 1973)
Reynolds, Connie Elizabeth (Private-)
Reynolds, Cynthia Delores (Private-)
Reynolds, Danny Gray (Private-)
Reynolds, Darlene Mae (Private-)
Reynolds, David Eugene (25 MAY 1950-24 NOV 2000)
Reynolds, David Kent (Private-)
Reynolds, Debra Dean (Private-)
Reynolds, Donald Gray (30 OCT 1948-16 AUG 2004)
Reynolds, Edith Mozelle (Private-)
Reynolds, Edward C. (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Elmer Russell (Private-)
Reynolds, Elzie Viola (11 DEC 1911-15 FEB 2001)
Reynolds, Epsy Pearl (13 JAN 1907-29 MAR 1992)
Reynolds, Eula Esther (Private-)
Reynolds, Eunice (Private-)
Reynolds, Faye Irene (Private-)
Reynolds, Fleming R. "FLEM" (1838-1893)
Reynolds, Frances Lela (27 SEP 1911-6 APR 2002)
Reynolds, Frankie Hope (Private-)
Reynolds, Gary Lee (Private-)
Reynolds, Rev., George Eddie (26 SEP 1907-25 DEC 1957)
Reynolds, George Pershing (Private-)
Reynolds, George R. (OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Ginger Carol (Private-)
Reynolds, Gladys Marie (Private-)
Reynolds, Glenda Ada (Private-)
Reynolds, Gloria Jean (Private-)
Reynolds, Harvey Russell (15 AUG 1903-5 MAY 1991)
Reynolds, Heather Leigh (Private-)
Reynolds, Holly Renee (Private-)
Reynolds, James Edward (Private-)
Reynolds, Jason Lee (Private-)
Reynolds, Jean (Private-)
Reynolds, Jennifer Dawn (Private-)
Reynolds, Jennifer Marie (Private-)
Reynolds, Jettie Mae (21 OCT 1901-10 JUN 1977)
Reynolds, Jewel Marie (Private-)
Reynolds, John (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, John David (Private-)
Reynolds, Johnsie Marie (Private-)
Reynolds, Joshua Michael (Private-)
Reynolds, Joyce Kay (Private-)
Reynolds, Judy Elizabeth (Private-)
Reynolds, Julian (Private-)
Reynolds, Kathy Ann (Private-)
Reynolds, Kaye Ilene (Private-)
Reynolds, Lacy E. (17 JUL 1905-24 JUL 1907)
Reynolds, Ladonna Danielle (Private-)
Reynolds, Lamecia Emma "MECIA" (2 JAN 1899-28 MAR 1972)
Reynolds, Larry Russell (Private-)
Reynolds, Leah Renee (Private-)
Reynolds, Lessie Katherine (Private-)
Reynolds, Lisa Lynn (Private-)
Reynolds, Lorene Francis "FANNIE" (11 AUG 1869-19 FEB 1946)
Reynolds, Lucy Ellen (Private-)
Reynolds, Mark Coleman (Private-)
Reynolds, Martin Jason (Private-)
Reynolds, Mary Ruth (Private-)
Reynolds, Michael Terry (Private-)
Reynolds, Mildred (22 JAN 1928-1 AUG 1966)
Reynolds, Myrtie Ethel (23 OCT 1913-21 DEC 1914)
Reynolds, Nonnie Ada (25 MAR 1903-23 MAY 1978)
Reynolds, Patricia Lynn (Private-)
Reynolds, Paul Bryan (Private-)
Reynolds, Ray Stoman (7 APR 1920-2 JUN 1989)
Reynolds, Ray William (30 JUL 1890-12 FEB 1977)
Reynolds, Richard (Private-)
Reynolds, Robert Chad (Private-)
Reynolds, Robert Elmer (Private-)
Reynolds, Robert Michael (Private-)
Reynolds, Robert Stoman (27 MAR 1941-7 DEC 1960)
Reynolds, Robert Wayne (Private-)
Reynolds, Roland Davis (Private-)
Reynolds, Jr., Roland Davis (Private-)
Reynolds, Roy Stoneman (3 OCT 1932-22 FEB 2007)
Reynolds, Russell (ABT 1905-24 MAR 1969)
Reynolds, Russell Todd (Private-)
Reynolds, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Reynolds, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Reynolds, Savannah Grace (Private-)
Reynolds, Scotty Ray (Private-)
Reynolds, Shannon Hope (Private-)
Reynolds, Shirley Faye (Private-)
Reynolds, Stephen Kent (Private-)
Reynolds, Stephen Timothy (Private-)
Reynolds, Teddy Wayne (Private-)
Reynolds, Tommy Lee (20 MAR 1957-9 OCT 1975)
Reynolds, Tyler Gray (Private-)
Reynolds, Vanessa Katherine (Private-)
Reynolds, Vicky Lynn (Private-)
Reynolds, William Coleman "WILLIE" (17 MAR 1871-16 JAN 1938)
Reynolds, William Leighton (17 JAN 1935-18 JUL 2005)
Rhoades, Arnetta Frances (19 NOV 1870-27 APR 1961)
Rhodarmer, Michelle Elaine (Private-)
Rhodes, Cecil Emerson (4 SEP 1927-1 DEC 1993)
Rhodes, David Lynn (Private-)
Rhodes, Marilyn Jean (Private-)
Rhodes, Marvin Dean (Private-)
Rhodes, Willa Georgina (21 FEB 1933-7 MAR 1995)
Rice, (UNK) (Carolyn McBride's Husband) (Private-)
Rice, Brian (Private-)
Rice, Carolyn Louise (Private-)
Rice, Florence (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Jessie Kenneth Robert (Private-)
Rice, Paul (Private-)
Rice, Sr., Richard Arthur "DICK" (16 SEP 1934-7 MAR 1993)
Rice, Verna Lorraine (Private-)
Rich, Mable Jessie (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Richard, Leo M. (29 JUL 1920-20 DEC 2004)
Richard, Tiffany Marie (Private-)
Richards, Cathy (Private-)
Richards, Eliza (SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Matilda (1877-27 JUL 1898)
Richards, Tresea M. (16 DEC 1931-23 JAN 2004)
Richards, William H. (8 AUG 1899-28 JUL 1975)
Richardson, (UNK) (Josie Stoffer's Husband) (ABT 1899-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Janice Lee (Private-)
Richardson, Louisa Florence (1885-19 JUL 1946)
Richardson, Robert Glenn (Private-)
Richardson, Violet G. (9 JUN 1920-6 MAY 2006)
Richmond, Jim (Private-)
Rickard, Gary (Private-)
Rickard, Thomas Gray (Private-)
Rickman, Geneva S. (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Christopher M. (Private-)
Riddle, Claude Michael "MIKE" (Private-)
Riddle, Claude Mitchell (12 SEP 1927-17 MAR 1988)
Riddle, Josephine Gertrude (Private-)
Riddle, Margaret Ann (Private-)
Riddle, Mark Edward (11 MAR 1956-25 JUL 1999)
Riddle, Michael (Private-)
Riddle, Scott Mitchell (Private-)
Rieger, Melissa Sue (Private-)
Rieger, Michael (Private-)
Riggans, Lynn (Private-)
Rigglehuth, Shawn (Private-)
Riggs, Dennis Ray (Private-)
Riggs, Dickie Ray (Private-)
Riggs, Irene (ABT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Riggs, Patty Sue (Private-)
Riggs, Ray Cornelius (Private-)
Rigney, Linda Kay (Private-)
Riley, Catherine (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Riley, Lester C. (Private-)
Riley, Maresa (Private-)
Riley, Mary (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Riley, Maurice (ABT 1886-UNKNOWN)
Riley, Melinda May (Private-)
Riley, Stella (Private-)
Riley, Sue (Private-)
Rimer, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Rinabergerb, Kainan (Private-)
Rinabergerb, Kent (4 JUN 1952-24 JAN 1984)
Rinabergerb, Zachary (Private-)
Rincic, Holly Yvette (Private-)
Ring, (UNK) (Hazel Garner's Husband) (ABT 1920-BEF 1993)
Ring, Arthur Lewis (1 AUG 1888-7 FEB 1965)
Ring, Bettie Lou (28 JAN 1929-27 NOV 2002)
Ring, Billy (ABT 1930-BEF 2009)
Ring, Billy Louis (Private-)
Ring, Bob (Private-)
Ring, Carrie Elizabeth (Private-)
Ring, Dorothy Mae (Private-)
Ring, Fannie Alice (21 MAR 1923-1 JAN 2006)
Ring, Gregory Lewis (Private-)
Ring, Hazel Etta (Private-)
Ring, Janice O'Neal (ABT 1939-BEF 2008)
Ring, Jeffrey Coleman (ABT 1940-27 MAR 2008)
Ring, Joanne (Private-)
Ring, Judy Elizabeth (Private-)
Ring, Judy Sandra (Private-)
Ring, Kimberly D. (Private-)
Ring, Lettie Elizabeth (29 SEP 1914-21 JAN 2007)
Ring, Margaret Elizabeth (25 APR 1921-26 APR 1921)
Ring, Martha Jean (Private-)
Ring, Pamela (Private-)
Ring, Pearl May (1 JUL 1906-6 DEC 1985)
Ring, Ralph Coleman (15 JUN 1917-30 MAR 1994)
Ring, Sandra (Private-)
Ring, Sheila Gay (Private-)
Ring, Viginia Mae (Private-)
Ring, Virginia Kay (Private-)
Ring, William Henry "WILLIE" (22 NOV 1909-15 JUN 1988)
Ringdal, Vallery Gail (Private-)
Ringo, Jim (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Risner, Charles Jefferson (Private-)
Risner, Elsa (28 JUN 1900-15 SEP 1966)
Risner, Jamie (Private-)
Risner, Martha B. (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Risner, Thomas Hallock (5 JUL 1869-22 NOV 1922)
Ritter, Claudie Farrell (Private-)
Ritter, Stacie Amanda (Private-)
Ritter, Stephen Farrell (Private-)
Roach, Elgin (ABT 1935-ABT 1986)
Roane, Courtney (Private-)
Roark, Pauline (Private-)
Roark, Radar W. (2 APR 1907-13 FEB 1990)
Robb, Wallace (1886-1950)
Robbins, Brice Calvin (23 MAY 1864-23 MAY 1932)
Robbins, Elizabeth (ABT 1811-20 NOV 1885)
Robbins, John (Private-)
Robbins, Marion Inez (23 JUN 1918-29 APR 1993)
Robbins, Minnie Belle (22 JUL 1887-7 NOV 1953)
Roberts, Amy Christina (Private-)
Roberts, Andrew Clifford "CLIFF" (7 FEB 1926-6 FEB 2002)
Roberts, Armyn (Private-)
Roberts, Cynthia Ellen (NOV 1852-1933)
Roberts, Diane Kay (Private-)
Roberts, Donna Sharon (Private-)
Roberts, Gary Dennis (Private-)
Roberts, Marguerite (Private-)
Roberts, Mark (Private-)
Roberts, Matthew Brian (Private-)
Roberts, Patricia Lynn (Private-)
Roberts, Ruth (Private-)
Roberts, Susan Victoria (21 MAR 1861-10 JAN 1947)
Roberts, Virgil Kenneth (1 JAN 1908-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Alta Idenia (15 JAN 1916-19 OCT 1998)
Robertson, Brian Joseph (Private-)
Robertson, Christina Hope (Private-)
Robertson, Cynthia Anne (Private-)
Robertson, David Charles (Private-)
Robertson, Debra Caye (Private-)
Robertson, Douglas Calvin (Private-)
Robertson, Hayley (Private-)
Robertson, Jesse (Private-)
Robertson, Joseph (Private-)
Robertson, III, Joseph "JOE" (Private-)
Robertson, Tamara Eileen (Private-)
Robey, Ida M. (JUL 1878-1946)
Robinette, Chance (Private-)
Robinette, Denim (Private-)
Robinette, Macy (Private-)
Robinette, Ryleigh (Private-)
Robinson, (UNK) (Giles Robinson's Son) (1938-1938)
Robinson, (UNK) (Giles Robinson's Son) (1937-1937)
Robinson, Alice Billie Feller (ABT 1912-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Bobby (Private-)
Robinson, Burton (Private-)
Robinson, Edythe (Private-)
Robinson, Florence K. "FLO" (29 APR 1896-19 DEC 1979)
Robinson, Giles Wilson (21 MAR 1897-6 JUL 1980)
Robinson, Hazel (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Homer (Private-)
Robinson, J. R. (Private-)
Robinson, Jerry Wilson (14 FEB 1940-28 DEC 2003)
Robinson, John (Private-)
Robinson, Joseph Clark (4 AUG 1931-14 JAN 1990)
Robinson, Kelly (Private-)
Robinson, Laura L. (27 JUL 1877-26 NOV 1964)
Robinson, Martha Jean (6 APR 1929-29 SEP 2001)
Robinson, Mary Edyth (Private-)
Robinson, Mary Etta (Private-)
Robinson, Mildred (Private-)
Robinson, O. L. (ABT 1912-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Ralph Richard (8 OCT 1894-10 JUN 1957)
Robinson, Rickey Allen (Private-)
Robinson, Robert (26 MAY 1934-5 APR 2001)
Robinson, Robert Wayne (8 AUG 1936-6 JAN 1987)
Robinson, Shae (Private-)
Robinson, Starling C. (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Tara Lynette (Private-)
Robinson, Vanessa Lynn (7 DEC 1981-11 JAN 1982)
Robison, Grace (ABT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Robison, James T. (ABT 1858-5 JAN 1933)
Robison, Roy (ABT 1890-UNKNOWN)
Robison, Veda (ABT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Robson, Joan Lee (Private-)
Robson, Otis Edward (24 DEC 1916-31 MAR 1991)
Robson, Sue Ellen (Private-)
Rock, William Keith (Private-)
Rockwell, Shirley (Private-)
Rodewald, Carolyn Agnes (1 JUL 1912-UNKNOWN)
Rodger, Susan Molean (Private-)
Rodgers, Bessie Marie (30 OCT 1931-28 SEP 2002)
Rodolf, Mary Isobel (Private-)
Roepe, Frieda Rosine (7 MAR 1905-23 MAR 1994)
Rofenizer, Anthony Myles (Private-)
Rogers, Bill (Private-)
Rogers, Corbin Lee (Private-)
Rogers, Elva Juanita (Private-)
Rogers, Fred Anderson (1907-2000)
Rogers, Fred Denney (17 JUL 1938-7 JUN 1953)
Rogers, Jean (Private-)
Rogers, Jimmy Rae (Private-)
Rogers, Kathy Lynn (Private-)
Rogers, Logan Rae (Private-)
Rogers, Lucy Ann "LOU" (16 JUL 1874-1938)
Rogers, Martha Lou (Private-)
Rogers, Nell (Private-)
Rogers, Tommy (Private-)
Rogers, Will (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, William (Private-)
Rohrman, Katherine (Private-)
Roland, Linda Joyce (Private-)
Rollenhagen, Richard (Private-)
Rollins, Cleve (ABT 1907-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Mary Ann (Private-)
Rollins, Norma (Private-)
Rollins, Pete (Private-)
Rollins, Richard (Private-)
Romano, Albert (Private-)
Romero, Alexis Renae (Private-)
Romero, Benjamin Vincent (Private-)
Romig, Judith Louise (Private-)
Rone, Stella Gae (Private-)
Roof, Gaidda L "ORILLIA" (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Roofer, Rachel Jane (Private-)
Rook, (UNK) (Clare Denney's Husband) (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Rook, Freddie (ABT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Rook, Stanton (ABT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Ropke, Howard Seba (ABT 1900-1989)
Rorer, Lynn (Private-)
Roscillo, (UNK) (Selena Jennings's Husband) (Private-)
Roscillo, Brittney (Private-)
Roscillo, Shadrick (Private-)
Rose, Donald LeRoy (1 AUG 1932-3 MAR 1995)
Rose, Gary Lee (Private-)
Rose, Helen G. (18 MAR 1907-14 MAY 1961)
Rose, Marjorie (Private-)
Rose, Melvin (22 JUN 1927-6 JAN 1987)
Rose, Nette Altah (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Roberta Lea (16 DEC 1960-7 OCT 2007)
Rosenburger, Tracy Lee (Private-)
Rosenfeld, Gerald Robert (Private-)
Rosenthal, Grant Gerard (Private-)
Rosewell, William Clarence (11 NOV 1898-15 JUL 1975)
Ross, Crystal Ann (Private-)
Ross, Elizabeth A. (9 JAN 1874-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Henry (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Ross, James E. S. (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Jimmie Ray (Private-)
Ross, John L. (28 AUG 1883-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Laura (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Laura Roberta (13 JUN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Lizzie A. (JAN 1874-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Mendy (Private-)
Ross, Minnie Lucille (Private-)
Ross, Nancy (Private-)
Ross, Nora Olive (13 MAY 1880-UNKNOWN)
Ross, William (15 NOV 1875-BEF 1880)
Rossi, Peter (26 OCT 1891-26 AUG 1973)
Roth, Phillip Edmond (Private-)
Rotunda, Molly Jo (Private-)
Rountree, Bud Richard (Private-)
Rountree, Harla Rae (Private-)
Rountree, Harley Richard (27 APR 1916-20 NOV 1987)
Rountree, Larry Dee (Private-)
Rousch, Bob (Private-)
Rousch, Jeremy (Private-)
Rousch, Joe (Private-)
Roush, Bert (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Routh, Wayne Alton (Private-)
Row, Deborah Ellen (Private-)
Row, Lisa Marie (Private-)
Row, Jr., Thomas Daniel (Private-)
Rowe, Irene (1914-UNKNOWN)
Rowland, Alice Cheryl (Private-)
Rowland, Danny Michael (Private-)
Rowland, Donald Eugene (3 FEB 1929-22 NOV 1995)
Rowland, Jenott Sue (Private-)
Royal, Adam Lee (Private-)
Royal, James M. (Private-)
Royal, John Sidney (Private-)
Royal, Jon Thomas (Private-)
Royal, Micah Hughes (Private-)
Royston, Judith Malinda (Private-)
Royston, Robert Douglas (3 SEP 1910-14 AUG 2001)
Royston, Sandra Lee (Private-)
Ruben, Margaret Beth (Private-)
Ruch, Harvie R. (ABT 1882-UNKNOWN)
Ruckert, Kimberley Ann (Private-)
Rudolph, Bill (Private-)
Ruggiero, Mark Joseph (Private-)
Ruleffson, Andrea Jo (Private-)
Ruleffson, Gary Dwayne (Private-)
Ruleffson, Gregory Wayne (Private-)
Ruleffson, Jeffery Scott (Private-)
Ruleffson, Karyn Sue (Private-)
Ruleffson, Kerianne (Private-)
Ruleffson, Linda Kaye (Private-)
Ruleffson, Michaela Marie (Private-)
Ruleffson, Richard Gregory (Private-)
Ruleffson, Wayne Julius (Private-)
Rumfelt, Emma Jeanette (Private-)
Rumley, Clifford (17 MAY 1922-17 MAY 1996)
Runyon, Alexander (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Benjamin W. (3 DEC 1869-28 JUL 1919)
Runyon, Bradford (Private-)
Runyon, Caldonia "DIXIE" (13 DEC 1875-1905)
Runyon, Dora (ABT 1899-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Ernest (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Estell (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Faith (Private-)
Runyon, Farris (20 APR 1903-20 APR 1979)
Runyon, Florence Virginia (23 JAN 1859-21 NOV 1934)
Runyon, Flossie Day (ABT 1907-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, James Merwyn (7 JAN 1906-3 FEB 1976)
Runyon, Joel Ethan (Private-)
Runyon, John Auburn (20 SEP 1901-5 MAY 1968)
Runyon, John Claude (13 JAN 1911-21 MAR 1972)
Runyon, John Claude (26 AUG 1881-20 SEP 1938)
Runyon, John Paul (Private-)
Runyon, L. A. (Private-)
Runyon, Leon (Private-)
Runyon, Leon (22 FEB 1909-9 NOV 1958)
Runyon, Lewis Aubrey (20 SEP 1901-11 JUN 1984)
Runyon, Jr., Lewis G. (1879-1897)
Runyon, Lewis Garrett (1831-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Luther (ABT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Martha Elizabeth "MATTIE" (JAN 1857-24 JUN 1898)
Runyon, Mary Louisa (1863-28 MAR 1932)
Runyon, Mildred (ABT 1902-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Nancy (1873-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Pearl (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Robert (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Robert E. (26 JAN 1867-1924)
Runyon, Ronald (Private-)
Runyon, Ruby (ABT 1895-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Tina Bertha (Private-)
Runyon, Turner (1880-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, Vina Elizabeth (Private-)
Runyon, Virginia (ABT 1900-UNKNOWN)
Runyon, William Warner "BILL" (17 MAR 1907-5 FEB 1957)
Rush, Jeffrey Eugene (10 MAY 1963-25 FEB 2001)
Rush, Nathan Ryan (Private-)
Russell, Angela Marie (Private-)
Russell, Anne (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Barbara Ellen (Private-)
Russell, Ellen Bernice (Private-)
Russell, Paul Ernest (26 MAR 1913-22 NOV 1954)
Russell, Ruth (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Sherry Renee (Private-)
Russell, Steven Wayne (31 OCT 1947-23 AUG 1981)
Russell, William Bryant (Private-)
Russell, William Jeffrey (Private-)
Russo, Frank (Private-)
Rusterholtz, Gladys (Private-)
Rutledge, Dwayne Allen (10 OCT 1963-14 OCT 1963)
Rutledge, John Gray (25 JAN 1932-13 JUN 1982)
Rutledge, Joseph Paul (19 SEP 1926-2 DEC 2006)
Rutter, Edward (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Ryley, Mary A. (1854-UNKNOWN)
Ryser, Mary Anna (20 NOV 1900-2 OCT 1978)
Sabo, Dennis (Private-)
Saddler, Alexander (18 FEB 1879-7 JUL 1930)
Saddler, Amy Jo (Private-)
Saddler, Billy Joe (Private-)
Saddler, Delmer (Private-)
Saddler, Jr., Delmer Gene (Private-)
Saddler, Ethel Jean (31 MAY 1905-2 APR 1940)
Saddler, James Richard (Private-)
Saddler, II, James Richard "RICH" (Private-)
Saddler, Lora Jane (Private-)
Saddler, Merle (1903-1903)
Saddler, Noble Alex (28 DEC 1910-8 JUL 1982)
Saddler, Raymond York (9 JUN 1906-9 DEC 1981)
Saddler, Rebecca Ann (Private-)
Saddler, Roger Thomas (Private-)
Saddler, Selby T. (22 SEP 1907-27 MAR 1969)
Sage, Orrie Ruth (7 FEB 1909-13 MAY 1990)
Sagowitz, Albert (ABT 1889-UNKNOWN)
Sagowitz, Charles (Private-)
Sagowitz, Helen (Private-)
Sagowitz, Howard (Private-)
Sagowitz, Jack (Private-)
Sagowitz, Louise (ABT 1912-UNKNOWN)
Sagowitz, Martha (Private-)
Sagowitz, Robert (Private-)
Sagowitz, William (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Sain, Brian (Private-)
Sain, Karen Lynn (Private-)
Sain, Patricia Gayle (Private-)
Sale, Barbara Jean (14 JUN 1937-9 JUN 2003)
Sale, George Harvey (18 FEB 1913-4 SEP 1986)
Sale, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Salsbury, Melvina (16 OCT 1887-3 FEB 1949)
Salyers, Donald (Private-)
Salyers, Rachel (ABT 1884-UNKNOWN)
Samody, Margaret (Private-)
Sams, Lowell Andrew (16 JAN 1901-15 SEP 1976)
Sams, Patsy Lee (Private-)
Sams, Roy Odell (Private-)
Sanchez, Edward (Private-)
Sanders, Ethel Ruth (14 AUG 1903-25 MAY 1977)
Sanders, Kathy Eileen (Private-)
Sanderson, Jerry L. (Private-)
Sanderson, John C. (9 JUL 1822-1874)
Sanderson, Martha (14 NOV 1861-7 OCT 1941)
Sanderson, Melanie S. (Private-)
Sands, Reba Diane (Private-)
Santee, Amy Renee (Private-)
Santee, Bernice Marie (Private-)
Santee, Bonnie Lou (Private-)
Santee, Bryan Ashley (Private-)
Santee, Jr., Burton James (1 FEB 1891-9 AUG 1943)
Santee, Carl John (Private-)
Santee, Carl Raymond (Private-)
Santee, Carol Ann "CONNIE" (Private-)
Santee, Elissa Marie (Private-)
Santee, George Edward (12 JUL 1929-5 JAN 1995)
Santee, Jr., George Edward (Private-)
Santee, Gregory Lynn "BUTCH" (Private-)
Santee, Henry Berten (Private-)
Santee, Jackie Roy (Private-)
Santee, Janice Kay (Private-)
Santee, Janine Marie (Private-)
Santee, Jeffrey Lee (Private-)
Santee, Jolene Rae (Private-)
Santee, Julie Kay (Private-)
Santee, Katherine Lynne (Private-)
Santee, Kathryn Jo (Private-)
Santee, Kimberly Jo (Private-)
Santee, Lori Ellen (Private-)
Santee, Maretta Ellen (Private-)
Santee, Mark Edward (Private-)
Santee, Mary Kay (Private-)
Santee, Meaghan Rae (Private-)
Santee, Melvin LeRoy (19 JUL 1923-2 NOV 1930)
Santee, Michael James (Private-)
Santee, Michelle Elaine (Private-)
Santee, Nancie Elizabeth (Private-)
Santee, Nichole Lynn (Private-)
Santee, Ricky Ray (Private-)
Santee, Riley Renee (Private-)
Santee, Scott Allen (Private-)
Santee, Sharon Lee (Private-)
Santee, Teresa Ann (Private-)
Sapp, Ruth Ella (24 JUN 1922-27 SEP 1970)
Sappington, Nora Tindel (Private-)
Sarff, Isadora (ABT 1869-1950)
Sarff, Saloma (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Sartan, Bertha (Private-)
Sartin, Chester (24 NOV 1906-UNKNOWN)
Sartin, Ronald Lee (DEC 1950-DEC 1950)
Sasserman, Cynthia (Private-)
Saterfield, Nelson Ray (JUN 1948-JUN 1948)
Satterfield, Everett (Private-)
Satterfield, Philip Thomas (Private-)
Saunders, Crystal Michelle (Private-)
Savage, Cody Douglas (Private-)
Savage, Neil (Private-)
Sawyer, Andrew Bryan (Private-)
Sawyer, Celia Ann (Private-)
Sawyer, Charles Keith (Private-)
Sawyer, Keisha Nicole (Private-)
Sawyer, Linda Faye (Private-)
Sawyer, Robert Bryan (Private-)
Sawyer, Shane Robert (Private-)
Sawyers, Jr., Clifford Frazier (Private-)
Sayers, Cleo Bernice (Private-)
Sayles, Curtis (Private-)
Scantling, Elizabeth (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, James (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, Jane (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, John (ABT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, John (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, Sarah (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Scantling, William (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Schackert, Barbara Ellen (4 FEB 1856-10 MAR 1925)
Schaeffer, (UNK) (Linda Allen's Husband) (Private-)
Schaffner, Bill (Private-)
Schaulis, Briana Rhea (Private-)
Schaulis, Carrol Elizabeth (2 JUN 1968-16 FEB 1983)
Schaulis, Chloe Elizabeth (Private-)
Schaulis, Connie Larae (Private-)
Schaulis, David Dale (Spies) (Private-)
Schaulis, Guy Ellsworth (8 JAN 1936-2 JUN 1986)
Schaulis, Heath Adam (Private-)
Schaulis, Jacob Adam (Private-)
Schaulis, Jason Edward (Private-)
Schaulis, Kara Lynn (Private-)
Schaulis, Ronald Edward (Spies) (Private-)
Scheel, Dora (ABT 1895-UNKNOWN)
Scheuerlien, Jr., John Richard (Private-)
Scheuerlien, Mark Richard (Private-)
Scheuerlien, Trista Lea (Private-)
Schiable, Alice M. (Private-)
Schiereck, Ruth (Private-)
Schilthuis, Denney Hugh (Private-)
Schilthuis, Hugh Boone (19 JUL 1915-JUL 1981)
Schilthuis, Megan Elizabeth (Private-)
Schilthuis, Robyn Sue (Private-)
Schlader, Amy Jo (Private-)
Schlader, Beth Marie (Private-)
Schlader, Cathy Allene (Private-)
Schlader, Dale William (Private-)
Schlader, Donald Lewis (Private-)
Schlader, James Michael (Private-)
Schlader, Kay Lynn (Private-)
Schlader, Pamella Sue (Private-)
Schlader, Robert William (Private-)
Schmick, Luann Lynn (Private-)
Schmille, Janet Lynn (Private-)
Schmittauer, Catherine Virginia (Private-)
Schmittauer, James Richard (Private-)
Schmittauer, Jr., James Richard (Private-)
Schmittauer, Janet Elaine (Private-)
Schmittauer, John David (Private-)
Schmittauer, Mary Margaret (Private-)
Schmittauer, Pamela Sue (Private-)
Schmoptlach, Ellen Jane (Private-)
Schneider, Elizabeth Tena (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Schoeningh, Eric (Private-)
Schoeningh, Kyle Robert (Private-)
Schoeningh, Sara Yunette (Private-)
Scholting, Amanda Jo (Private-)
Scholting, Mark Wayne (Private-)
Scholting, Matthew Mark (Private-)
Schomisch, Paula Lynn (Private-)
Schooley, Johnnie Donald (Private-)
Schoolfield, Margaret Naomi "KITTY" (2 AUG 1929-28 APR 1981)
Schrawger, Douglas Albert (Private-)
Schreiber, Mary (Private-)
Schrimph, Eugene Clarence (17 APR 1888-19 JUN 1948)
Schrivner, Cindy (Private-)
Schroeder, Janell Jean (Private-)
Schroeder, Jerel John (Private-)
Schroeder, Julie Ann (Private-)
Schroeder, Karen Kay (Private-)
Schroeder, Kelly Jo (Private-)
Schroeder, Kenneth Gene (Private-)
Schroeder, Kristi Lynn (Private-)
Schroeder, Opal (Private-)
Schrott, Olive (ABT 1890-UNKNOWN)
Schueler, Edward John (ABT 1883-UNKNOWN)
Schueler, Harriet (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Schueler, Lester (Private-)
Schuleberg, Rod (Private-)
Schuler, Dale Albert (Private-)
Schuler, Judy Ann (Private-)
Schuler, Mary Ann Ethel (Private-)
Schultz, Charles C. (Private-)
Schultz, Conner M. (Private-)
Schultz, Jeremy J. (Private-)
Schultz, Mia Nicole (Private-)
Schultz, Michael (Private-)
Schultz, Michael P. (Private-)
Schultz, Norris W. (Private-)
Schultz, Timothy W. (Private-)
Schulze, Jr., Harold Alvin (Private-)
Schulze, Jason Harold (Private-)
Schulze, Kayla Michelle (Private-)
Schulze, Tina Lynn (Private-)
Schumaker, Barbara Worrell (Private-)
Schwabs, Robert (Private-)
Schwartz, Dale Robert (Private-)
Schwartz, Lisa (Private-)
Schweinsburg, Irene (Private-)
Scishler, Yvonne (Private-)
Scoggins, Caleb (Private-)
Scoggins, Clayton (Private-)
Scoggins, Jennie (Private-)
Scoggins, Johnathan V. (Private-)
Scoggins, Julia (Private-)
Scoggins, Larry (Private-)
Scoggins, Larry (Private-)
Scoggins, Jr., Larry L. (Private-)
Scoggins, Ronald (Private-)
Scoggins, Vivian (9 MAR 1944-BEF 2006)
Scott, A. J. (Private-)
Scott, Andorthy Mary (6 MAY 1922-29 AUG 1996)
Scott, Arvill Terry (Private-)
Scott, Augusta (1878-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Barbara (Private-)
Scott, Benjamin (OCT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Benjamin "BEN" (23 NOV 1889-12 SEP 1960)
Scott, Betty (Private-)
Scott, Betty Jo (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Birdie (31 MAR 1886-27 JUL 1971)
Scott, Carol Ann (Private-)
Scott, Clarence (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Clarice Fay (Private-)
Scott, Clell (Private-)
Scott, Clyde (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Colonel Henderson (ABT 1910-1954)
Scott, Darwin M. Cline (ABT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Deborah Jean (Private-)
Scott, Dewey George (25 DEC 1921-23 JUL 1974)
Scott, Dickie Glenn (Private-)
Scott, Dixie (24 NOV 1887-6 DEC 1964)
Scott, Donald Ray (Private-)
Scott, Early Wilson (Private-)
Scott, Effie (MAY 1870-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Etta Mae "BILL" (Private-)
Scott, Eurastus (1876-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Rev., Frank (Private-)
Scott, Garfield "FIELD" (5 OCT 1862-25 JUL 1899)
Scott, George Anderson (ABT 1902-11 DEC 1969)
Scott, Hampton V. (ABT 1890-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Hazel H. Marie (13 MAR 1906-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Helen (Private-)
Scott, Helen Elizabeth (24 MAY 1918-24 JUN 2009)
Scott, Henderson "HENCE" (11 JAN 1842-10 APR 1926)
Scott, Iva Jean (Private-)
Scott, Jack Wesley "JACKIE" (3 NOV 1929-3 JAN 1999)
Scott, James Garfield "FIELDS" (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Dr., John (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Scott, John Henderson (SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Joseph Bromley (Private-)
Scott, Jr., Joseph Bromley (Private-)
Scott, Laura (JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Leonard (14 JUN 1923-11 NOV 1990)
Scott, Leslie Fieldine (6 NOV 1907-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Mabel Opal (23 APR 1896-7 APR 1972)
Scott, Margaret Ann (ABT 1920-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Margaret Carol (Private-)
Scott, Margaret G. (1868-15 NOV 1884)
Scott, Mary E. (ABT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Mary Elizabeth "LIB" (Private-)
Scott, Mary Esther (12 APR 1911-12 APR 1911)
Scott, Matthew T. (Private-)
Scott, Maxie Marie (Private-)
Scott, May E. (1908-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Minnie E. (23 FEB 1901-9 DEC 1988)
Scott, Myrl Virginia (Private-)
Scott, Nancy (Private-)
Scott, Nancy Elizabeth (1865-14 AUG 1884)
Scott, Nancy Ellen (21 NOV 1937-2 NOV 1982)
Scott, Nell Ruth "NELLIE" (ABT 1915-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Ora (1874-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Orrison (NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Jr., Orrison (ABT 1902-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Scott, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Scott, Pearl May (17 AUG 1912-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Phyllis (Private-)
Scott, Ralph James (15 OCT 1905-5 AUG 1983)
Scott, Raymond Otis (ABT 1910-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Richard (Private-)
Scott, Richard Kimmel (Private-)
Scott, Rita S. (Private-)
Scott, Robert Garfield "BOB" (Private-)
Scott, Robert L. (1864-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Ronald Worth (Private-)
Scott, Rosalie (ABT 1911-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Ruth (Private-)
Scott, Steven Paul (Private-)
Scott, Terry Lane (Private-)
Scott, Thomas (2 MAY 1882-10 AUG 1951)
Scott, Thomas Walker (ABT 1909-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Virginia Belle (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Vivian (JAN 1883-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Walker Henderson (MAY 1883-UNKNOWN)
Scruggs, Eleanor Denise (Private-)
Seabolt, Janet Marie (Private-)
Seabranch, Darlene (Private-)
Seagroves, Mary Lydia (Private-)
Seale, J. B. (Private-)
Seale, Karen Ruby (Private-)
Searle, Donald Thomas (24 JAN 1915-20 NOV 1986)
Searle, Doris Mildred (3 DEC 1916-AUG 1994)
Searle, Dorothy Inez (Private-)
Searle, Harold Eugene (Private-)
Searle, Iona Mazelle (14 NOV 1917-22 AUG 1985)
Searle, James Francis (Private-)
Searle, John Allan (Private-)
Searle, Patricia Jean (Private-)
Searle, Thomas Ambrose (12 FEB 1883-25 MAY 1958)
Searles, Jolene (Private-)
Sears, Harold (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Seawell, Terri Renee (Private-)
Sebsnee, Bernard (Private-)
Sechrest, Rebecca Jane (Private-)
Seebach, II, Bill Robert (Private-)
Seebach, Carrie Lyne (Private-)
Seebach, Denise Cochran (Private-)
Seebach, Johnnie Lee (10 JAN 1954-AUG 2004)
Seebach, Karen (Private-)
Seebach, Victoria Lyne (Private-)
Seely, James Burton (Private-)
Seely, James William "JIMMY" (Private-)
Seely, Karen (Private-)
Seely, Shirley Ann (9 AUG 1938-31 JAN 2008)
Seiwerath, Leo Bernard (1 MAR 1906-JUL 1993)
Sellers, (UNK) (Evelyn Badgett's Husband) (Private-)
Sellers, Donnie Eugene (Private-)
Sellers, Edward Morris (Private-)
Sellers, Jessie Morris (24 FEB 1889-3 NOV 1972)
Sellers, John Edward (Private-)
Sellers, Roxie Estelle (Private-)
Selvage, Amanda (Private-)
Selvage, April (Private-)
Selvage, Jr., William (Private-)
Selvage, William (Private-)
Semones, Arthur Jackson (22 OCT 1920-12 APR 1994)
Semones, Denise Marie (Private-)
Semones, Richard (Private-)
Semones, Richard Dennis (Private-)
Serafina, Margaret (Private-)
Servies, Evalin (Private-)
Sessoms, Glenn Scott (Private-)
Sessoms, Jr., Leon Glenn "LUCKY" (5 JUN 1927-17 APR 1987)
Sessoms, Sherrie Diane (Private-)
Settle, Elizabeth Sue (Private-)
Settlemire, James Andrew (Private-)
Settlemire, James Patrick (Private-)
Settlemire, Jessica Marie (Private-)
Settles, Bryan Ross (Private-)
Settles, Morgan (Private-)
Settles, Samantha (Private-)
Settles, Sean Paul (Private-)
Seubert, Jenny Kaye (Private-)
Sewell, Marty (Private-)
Sewell, Mason Brett (Private-)
Sexton, Ida (ABT 1855-UNKNOWN)
Seyferth, Charles David (Private-)
Seyferth, David Alexander (Private-)
Seymore, Robert Vann (1891-2 JAN 1970)
Shackelford, James Vance "BUDDY" (Private-)
Shackleford, John David (2 MAY 1886-29 DEC 1962)
Shaddy, Maude (ABT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Shaffer, Jeanie Kaye (Private-)
Shaffer, Jeffrey Jay (Private-)
Shaffer, Jr., Joseph (Private-)
Shaffer, Julie Kaye (Private-)
Shaffer, Sharon K. (Private-)
Shaffner, Steven Lynn (Private-)
Shakan, (UNK) (Mary Carter's Husband) (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Shakan, Adie M. (ABT 1894-UNKNOWN)
Shakan, Harry L. (ABT 1899-UNKNOWN)
Shakan, Howard F. (ABT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Shakan, Stanley W. (ABT 1895-UNKNOWN)
Shankle, Dixie Lynne (Private-)
Shankle, Gary Neil (Private-)
Shankle, Richard Allen (Private-)
Shankle, Richard Neil (Private-)
Shankle, William Earl (Private-)
Sharp, Clara L. (8 AUG 1908-18 MAY 1954)
Sharpe, David Lee (Private-)
Sharpe, Donna Kay (Private-)
Sharpe, Margaret Ann (Private-)
Sharpe, Paula Mae (Private-)
Sharpe, Robert Lee (Private-)
Sharpe, Robin Key (Private-)
Sharre, Brianna (Private-)
Sharre, Jacob (Private-)
Sharre, Nicholas (Private-)
Shaver, Joseph (Private-)
Shaw, Angeline (16 AUG 1851-20 NOV 1926)
Shaw, Carl (4 NOV 1913-4 SEP 1969)
Shaw, Carrol (Private-)
Shaw, Charles Wesley (14 JUN 1875-9 SEP 1962)
Shaw, Clarence (16 MAR 1911-9 JUL 1959)
Shaw, Clarence F. (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Craig (Private-)
Shaw, Cynthia Ann (27 FEB 1882-1905)
Shaw, Dean Errol (Private-)
Shaw, Dora Elizabeth "LIZZIE" (3 FEB 1866-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Earl Edmund (Private-)
Shaw, Edith Louise (Private-)
Shaw, Edna Flostine (27 SEP 1903-3 MAR 1979)
Shaw, Elliot (25 OCT 1876-11 JUL 1962)
Shaw, Elmira (5 SEP 1871-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Erma Florence (19 NOV 1909-5 FEB 1976)
Shaw, Everette Samuel (12 AUG 1910-28 JUL 2004)
Shaw, Frances M. "FANNIE" (15 MAY 1892-1931)
Shaw, Glenn (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Harold (Private-)
Shaw, Henry C. (24 JUL 1871-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Herman (7 JUL 1916-3 MAR 1941)
Shaw, IIa Jean (Private-)
Shaw, Jaimie Sue (Private-)
Shaw, James R. (Private-)
Shaw, Jarrett (21 JUN 1879-15 DEC 1897)
Shaw, Jasper Newton (30 AUG 1846-2 NOV 1913)
Shaw, Jerusha Adeline "ADDIE" (21 SEP 1858-9 NOV 1945)
Shaw, John (31 DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, John (ABT 1907-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, John M. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Joyce Ann (26 JUN 1943-16 SEP 2002)
Shaw, Julia (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Julia Marie (2 JUN 1905-8 MAY 1962)
Shaw, LaVerne Edmund (Private-)
Shaw, Lee Roy (7 NOV 1901-18 FEB 1960)
Shaw, Lillian (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Lisa Kay (Private-)
Shaw, Louise (ABT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Lucy (13 JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Mary (DEC 1869-ABT 1873)
Shaw, Melissa (28 JUL 1849-16 NOV 1922)
Shaw, Mildred Ann (7 FEB 1890-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Morris (Private-)
Shaw, Morris Wesley (23 MAR 1907-14 MAY 1983)
Shaw, Orville (ABT 1909-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Oscar (Private-)
Shaw, Retha Mae (2 SEP 1911-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Rita Louise (Private-)
Shaw, Robert "BOB" (Private-)
Shaw, Robert Harold (26 FEB 1915-11 FEB 1989)
Shaw, Robert Vincent (13 MAY 1963-27 JAN 2006)
Shaw, Rosa (27 FEB 1885-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Ruby Arizona (15 JUL 1915-4 DEC 1979)
Shaw, Russell E. (ABT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Sheryl Lois (Private-)
Shaw, Stella (7 SEP 1887-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Sylvia (1905-1913)
Shaw, Thomas Erroll (Private-)
Shaw, Treva (Private-)
Shaw, Tyler Andrew (Private-)
Shaw, Verna Rae (Private-)
Shaw, William (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, William Orville (27 MAR 1907-12 DEC 1975)
Shaw, William Robert (11 FEB 1882-30 NOV 1970)


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