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Aunt Mary Rumney Rawlings
and her Family

Mary RUMNEY was born on 4 Jun 1696 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
She married Daniel Rawlings Sr. on 12 Jul 1716.

Daniel Rawlings and Mary Rumney, were Colonel Moses Rawlings Uncle and Aunt. They resided in the part of Baltimore County that became Frederick County in 1749. A Daniel Rawlings was a Commissioner who helped establish the boundaries of Frederick County, and served in an official capacity of some kind, the records indicate. Mary Rawlings was sister (likely) to Nathaniel Rumney, who married into the Carroll family, and inherited, by way of his wife, Carroll land in the infamous Pipes Creek area. The story of her other brother, Edward Rumney, appears to be a tale of woe.

Edward Rumney's Tavern and the Lost Towns Project

Marriage Index- Maryland State Archives

RUMNEY, Edward, m. by 27 Feb, 12 Anne (c.1713?), Elinor, sister of William Maccubbin (AALR IB#2:194). [Dates: 1712-1719 Description: IB 2 Accession No.: 4776 MSA No.: C 97-10 Location: 1/1/6/10]

Maryland State Archives Finding Aids and Indexes
Maryland Indexes
(Church Records, Deaths, and Burials Inex)
MSA S1402 :

RUMNEY, Edward

Burial: Oct. 22, 1718

: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (All Hallow's Protestant Episcopal Church Collection) Parish Register 1700-1724, p. 16 [MSA SC 2458 M 221]

Edward Rumney and the Maccubbins

In 1702, and 1704, Edward Rumney served as godparent to Ann and William, children of John and Ann Maccubbin. In 1706, he is "bound", along withThos. Tolley, Henry Pinckney, Charles Kilborne,William Givvons, and Christopher Smythers, to John, Samuel, and Eliz. Maccubbins, children of John and Deborah Maccubbin, by will of Charles Howard:

St. Anne’s Parish records: “ St. Anne's, all recorded together, John MACCUBIN & ANN had SAMUEL, b. 20 Jan. 1698; Debrah, b. 23 S 1700; ANN, B. 7 OCT. 1702; WILLIAM, B. 21 MAR. 1704; RACHEL, b. 26 Mar. 1707, John, b. 28 Aug. 1709; ZACHARIAH, b. 11 ( ) 1712; & MOSES, b. 30 ( ) 1714. Godparents of Ann & Wm., both bpt. 1706, were Andrew WELPLY (sic, WELLSLY), Ed. RUMNEY, Mary GWIN & Ann READING. // Ann MACCUBBIN of John, m. 14 Feb. 1726, St. Anne's, James PEERMAN. // John MACCUBIN (s/o Wm.) & Martha had son William, b. 3 Jan. 1732; John, b. 14 Mar. 1734/5; Joseph, b. 12 Jan. 1738; Martha, b. 27 Mar. 1741/2; & Jane, b. 8 July 1744, all at St. Anne's.”

“Bond: Thos. TOLLEY, Henry PINCKNEY, Edward RUMNEY, Chas. KILBORNE, Christopher SMYTHERS, & Wm. GIBBONS, AA, are bound to John, Samuel, & Eiz. MACCUBBINS, sons & dau/o John & Deborah MACCUBBINS, 15 Mar. 1706/7, per will of Samll. COWARD (sic HOWARD), AA, decd. (I don’t know what this means).

Also, Col. Moses Rawlings Grandmother, Susanna Jones Rawlings, (and Daniel Rawlings mother) was a deponent on the side of Nicholas Maccubbin in a suit against her daughter-in-law's brother, Richard Beard.


Charles County, Maryland

YEAR Transferred From  Transferred To  Type  Liber  Book  Page 
1736  Edward RUMNEY  Edward Brawner   ?    O     2     157 :

Warning: this information contains many inaccuracies and many of the contentions here are controversial, but I include it as a framework.

Daniel Rawlings Sr;   was born about 1698and died before 1770 ... and was buried in Maryland. Daniel Rawlings Sr. married Mary RUMNEY on 12 Jul 1716 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA.

Mary RUMNEY  was born on 4 Jun 1696 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. She died before 1765.

They had the following children:

  M i Daniel Rawlings Jr. was born about 1717 in Maryland. He died before 1800.
  M ii Nathan Rawlings was born about 1719 in Maryland. He died before 1800.
  M iii Michael Rawlings was born about 1721 in Maryland. He died before 1805.
  M iv Aaron Rawlings was born about 1722 in Maryland. He died before 1810.
  M v Asa Rawlings was born about 1724 in Maryland. He died before 1815.

Edward RUMNEY was born about 1672. He died before 1740. Edward RUMNEY married Eleanor / Elizabeth before 1695.

Eleanor / Elizabeth was born about 1677. She died before 1745 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and was buried in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Eleanor / Elizabeth married Edward RUMNEY before 1695.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary RUMNEY was born on 4 Jun 1696 and died before 1765.
  M ii Edward RUMNEY was born about 1704 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died before 1795.

Daniel Rawlings Sr.

Some records show that Mary & edward were married at
Westminster Parish, and other show All Hollows Parish.



Some records show that Mary & edward were married at Westminster Parish, and other show All Hollows Parish.

Aaron Rawlings I  was born about 1667 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died on 6 Apr 1741 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and was buried in Maryland. Aaron Rawlings I married Susannah Jones about 1696 in Maryland.

Susannah Jones  was born about 1676 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.. She died before 1749 in Maryland. Susannah Jones married Aaron Rawlings I about 1696 in Maryland.

They had the following children:

  M i Daniel Rawlings Sr. was born about 1698 and died before 1770.
  M ii Moses Rawlings was born about 1701 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died before 1790.
  M iii Aaron Rawlings II was born about 1704 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died before 1800.
  M iv William Rawlings was born about 1707 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died before 1800.
  M v Jonathan Rawlings was born about 1710 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died before 1815.
  M vi Stephen Rawlings Sr was born about 1712 and died in 1783.
  F vii Ann Rawlings II was born about 1715. She died before 1820.

Aaron Rawlings I

Notes on Aaron Rawlings by George Rawlings:

Research has proven that there were a number of Rawlings families who came to America during the 1600's and early 1700's. Some came into Boston, some to VA and some, like our ancestors, came into MD. The main distinction of our family from the others was the continual repetition of Biblical names handed down from generation to generation. Names such as Aaron, Moses, Daniel, Michael, Asahel,
Ezekiel and David. The most popular names and those with the longest consistency were Nathan and Michael.

Our earliest identified ancestor is Aaron, who was born about 1667 and died in 1741. Aaron married Susannah Jones and according to testimony given by his son, Jonathan, in Court in 1773, Aaron and Susannah had six sons and one daughter. ...Daniel, his eldest son, Moses, his second son, Aaron, his third son, William, his fourth son, Jonathan, his fifth son, Stephen, his sixth son, and daughter, Ann, to inherit land called "Brown's Adventure" in Baltimore Co. with Aaron designated to hold the homestead.

Aaron owned various farms and property over the years.
Following are a list of some of these:

Youngs Lot, Baltimore Co., 1699, Roper's Range, Prince George Co. 1703, Bridge Hill, Anne Arundel Co. 1703,
Brown's Adventure, Baltimore Co. 1703, Timberneck, West Pudding, Jones Lot, Hickory Hills, Beard's Habitation,
Anne Arundel Co., Calarney, Baltimore Co.
From Ancestors of Davis (defunct Tripod Site):
Spouses and Children


1. *Eleanor ( - )
1. Mary RUMNEY (4 Jun 1696 - )

Spouses and Children
--- Note: This is disputed, from what I understand

1. *Daniel Rawlings (Abt 1695 - Abt 1772)
Marriage: 17 Jul 1716
1.Michael Rawlings (Abt 1720 - Between 1778-1780)
2. Nathan Rawlings ( - 1781)<
3. Aaron Rawlings ( - )
4. Daniel Rawlings Jr. ( - )

Some Better Wares

   In between the common grades of work, on one and, and procelains, on the other, American potters made constant boast of producing wares 'allowed by the nicest judges to exceed any imported from England'. These were always 'on the very lowest Terms' -terms that were often based not on cash but barter, and perhaps 'the potter will take in Pay, pork, tar, wheat, corn or tobacco' [Maryland, 1756]. Though claiming so much, theirs were mostly small and experimental ventures, poorly financed and showing a high mortality rate. Edward RUMNEY in July 1746 bravely undertook 'to sett up a Pottery' at Annapolis, having 'furnished himself with Persons exceedingly well skilled [in the making of] all sorts of Potts, Pans Juggs, muggs &c.' Within four months his business was already offered at public vendue, even 'two Potters and several Horses'. A more ambitious project was that factory in New Boston which advertised in October 1769 'for Apprentices to learn the Art of making Tortoiseshell, Cream and Green-coloured Plates' [or Queensware and so-called green-edge Leeds]. After this solitary notice, only silence. From the dismal number of such failures, Lord Sheffield's Observations on the Commerce of the United States [1791] seems not too prejudiced in saying: 'Manufactures of glass, of earthenware, and of stone mixed with clay, are all in an infant state.' Yet across this fairly cheerless scene moved many potters of sound experience. Who were these lost men? Some are known only from one passing mention in early records, or for a solitary example of ware 'said to be' by John Doe, a potter. Unlike the silversmiths, who were often men of public consequence, potters enjoyed relatively slight notice.

Robert Miller of Chester Co., Pa., merchant recorded 14 Nov. 1750, made 19 Oct. 1750 between Richard Croxall and Charles Croxall of Baltimore County, merchants. Whereas originally on the 29 of Sept. 1745, a certain Joanna Croxall of AAC had granted her a tract called “Brother’s Generosity” containing 587 acres originally in PGC, now low in FC a branch of the Monocacy, called little Pipe Creek, which Joanna Croxall did by deed 30 May 1747, convey unto her son James Carroll Croxhall, who did by his will recorded 14 Oct. 1748 bequeath unto his two brothers and sister, viz: Richard Croxall, Charles Croxall and Mary Rumney, wife of a certain Nathaniel Rumney and whereas Nathaniel Rumney and Mary his wife did by deed on the 9 March 1748 convey the one full third part of the aforesaid tract unto Richard Croxall; now this indenture witnesses that Richard Croxall and Charles Croxall for 352 pounds Pa. Currency, paid by Robert Miller, sell tje tract called “Brother’s Generosity” signed R. Croxall, Cha. Croxall before Jas. Franklin, Thos. Franklin. Receipt . Acknowledgements. And Eleanor wife of Richard Croxall and REbecca wife of Charles Croxall released dower rights, before Thos Franklin and H. Ridgely. On Oct. 20, 1750, 23 shillings 6 pence aleination fine paid to Thos. Franklin. Deed certified by the Justices of the Peace for Baltimore County, signed and sealed by Talbot Risteau, Clerk of Baltimore CC.” Frederick County Md. Land Records, Liber B Abstracts, 1748-1752, From Microfilm CR 37,500. Md. State Arhives GenLaw Resources 9346 Bremerton Way, Gaithersburg, Md. 20879.

Relationship with the Carrolls

Charles Carroll, “The Settler”, (The Attorney General” 1160-1720

dau.of Charles Caroll:
Joanne Carroll m Richard Croxall

James Carroll Croxall d. 14 oct. 1748 (child of Joane & Rich. Croxall)

    Richard Croxall m. Eleanor
(child of Joane & Rich. Croxall)
    Charles Croxall m. Rebecca
(child of Joane & Rich. Croxall)
    Mary Croxall Rumney (child of Joane & Rich. Croxall),wife of Nathaniel Rumney. conveyed deed

Note: Richard Croxall became manager of Carroll, Dulaney, and Tasker’s company, The Baltimore Company Ironworks, and a close & trusted advisor to the Carroll family

Proof of a relationship between Edward & Nathaniel Rumney:

Vol. 52, page 22, and Vol. 55, page 531. Md. State Archives:

Vol. 46, page 360: Assembly Proceedings, May 8-Jwne 2, 1750.

May 28
: Paid Edward Rumney for Smiths Work done to the Office 0:09..6

Counterfeiting Extradition, 1750:

MSA Vol. 28, page 486: Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1750.

His Excellency Samuel Ogle Esqr Governor
The honble
Benjamin Tasker Esqr
Edmund Jenings Esqr
Col Charles Hammond

Daniel Dulany Esqr
Benedict Calvert Esqr

His Excellency is pleased to lay before this Board the following Letters received from the President of Virginia

20 August 1750
I am to beg the Favour of your Excellency to order some proper Measures to be taken to send back to this Colony one Edward Rumney formerly a Tavern Keeper in Annapolis, he is accused of being in Concert with One Lowe Jackson of Nansemond County who is supposed to have coined a great Number of Double Doubloons of base Metal gilt, many of which this Rumney has uttered and is Supposed to be returned to Maryland. It is a Practice of Mischievous Consequence to the Community, and very proper measures here will be taken to Prevent its Progress,

I am with great Regard and Esteem Sir
Your Excellencys Most Obed' & Most Humble Serv'

Thomas Lee

August 21. 1750
I am obliged to trouble your Excellency again about those Coiners and their Accomplices, the inclosed Proclamations & the Depositions will Shew your Excellency the whole matter as I know it: I beg you will be Pleased to forward some of the Proclamations to the Northern Governments, it is a case that may Affect every one more or less.

Rumney is I Suppose gone by Land to Maryland the Jacksons Excaped in a boat in the Night while their house was beset in order to take them.

I am with all Imaginable respect
Your Excellencys Most Obedt & Huml Servt
I have sent a Proclamation Thomas Lee
in Mine to Mr Peters.

The aforesaid Letters, and the Depositions & proclamations being read, It is the Advice of this Board that his Excellency be pleased to order a Warrant to be prepared directed to the Sheriff of Ann Arundel County to deliver Edward Rumney, now in his Custody under Execution for Debt, to the Sheriff of Prince Georges County, who is to convey the said Rumney to some Magistrate in Virginia in order to his being tryed there, which, being prepared, issued as follows

Maryland ss.

Whereas It appears to us the Subscribers the Governor and Council of the Province of Maryland in Council met That a Certain Edward Rumney is charged upon Oath with Aiding and assisting a certain Low and others in the treasonable Practices of Coining counterfeiting and uttering many base Double Doublosons in the Colony of Virginia And Whereas Proclamation hath been issued by the President of his Majestys Council & Commander in Chief of that Colony for the Apprehending the said Edward Rumney, & carrying or Causing him to be carried into Virginia where the fact is Charged to have been Committed in order that he may be dealt with according to Law And thereby desiring the Governors of the Neighbouring Colonies and Provinces to be assisting in bringing the said offenders to Justice And Whereas the said Edward Rumney is now in the Goal of the City of Annapolis and under your Custody as well by Virtue of a Commitment upon
the said Charge as also by Virtue of a Writt or Writts of Execution and other meane Process But that such Offenders may not be Screend or Protected from Publick Justice

These are to require and Command you in His Lordships Name that you forthwith take the Body of the said Edward Rumney, and him safe Conduct & deliver to the Sheriff of Prince Georges County who is hereby required & Commanded in his Lordships Name to Receive from you the Body of the said Edward Rumney and him forthwith Conduct and deliver safe before and to One or more Magistrate or Magistrates in the said Colony of Virginia in order that he may be dealt with according to Law for which This shall be a Sufficient Warrant to you and Each of you Given by us met in Council at the Council Chamber in the City of Annapolis under Our hands & Seals this 27th Day of Septr Anno Dni 1750
To Mr John Gassaway Sam: Ogle
high Sheriff of Ann Arundel Benja Tasker
County Edm. Jenings
Cha Hamond
D Dulany
Ben Calvert
And the following Letter

27 September 1750
Agreeable to your desire in the Proclamation for apprehending Low Jackson James Jackson & Edward Rumney a warrant has been made by myself and Council for the Conveying and Delivery of Edward Rumney to some of your Magistrates in Order that he may be brought to Justice.

I must acquaint you that we have had some Difficulties and Doubts in this Case as Rumney is in the Custody and Goal of one of our Sheriffs upon Execution and other mesne Process for Debt, And as we Apprehended such Debts or Demands are not extinguished unless he should be executed for a Capital Crime, but that he ought to be brought back and redelivered to the Sheriff of Ann Arundel County in this Province who has him now in Custody subject to those Proceedings at Law against him for Debt; If he should be either Acquitted or Pardoned or otherways discharged by your Judicature, I must intreat you that in such Case you will order him to be Safely Reconveyed and Redelivered into the Custody of same Sheriff of Province in order to be brought back again and Committed to the Sheriff of Ann Arundel County; And I trust that should an Escape happen either in the Conveyance of him to Williamsburgh after a Delivery of him to your Magistrate or in his return to this Province before a redelivery to Some of our Sheriffs you will take such Measures as not to Suffer his Creditors here to lose their Debts or any of Our Sheriffs to be harrassed or made lyable to such Debts, As I should take the Like Care if the Excape happened in this Province after he had been delivered to any of Our Sheriffs,

I am Sr
Your most obedient humble servant
To the honble Thomas Lee Esqr Saml Ogle.
President of Virginia

A Return of the officers Names in the Artillery Regiment in the service of the United Colonies (1775)

Colonel Henry Knox Esq.

1st Lieut. Colonel William Burbeck Esq.

2d Lieut. Colonel David Mason Esq.

1st Major John Crane Esq.

  Captains           Capt. Lieut.          1st Lieut.           2d Lieut.           3d Lieut.

Thomas Pierce        Winter Seargeant        Isaac Packard        David Preston        Joseph Blake

Edward Burbeck       John Johnson          Henry Burbeck        Thomas Welds         Peter King

Thomas Wright Foster      Jethom Horton         David Briemt         Thomas Jackson        Saml Shaw

Edward Crafts         William Treadwell       Jonas Samuns       Thomas Dean        Thomas Mitchen

John Popkins          Edward Rumney        Jon Welsh Edes      James Furnivel        James Stute
WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of the Hornet, in action with the Penguin, 23 March 1815

James Biddle captain
John T. Newton, lieutenant
John T. Shubrick, lieutenant
David Conner, lieutenant
Isaac Mayo, lieutenant
Edward Rumney, lieutenant
Benjamin M. Kissam, surgeon
Samuel M. Kissam, surgeon's mate
William P. Zantzinger, purser
Adam Kuhn, midshipman
William Boerum, midshipman
William Skiddy, midshipman
Samuel B. Phelps, midshipman
Thomas A. Tippet, midshipman
Joseph Smoot, midshipman

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