ROBINSON Family Bible


This bible was found on an auction site. The person that was auctioning it was kind enough to send me the information so that it could be posted for the genealogical community. Thanks Jim Wardle. The bible has been sold and neither Jim nor I have any further information on it. Jim did say that some of the names are hard to read and he placed a question mark by those entries. Please remember that any time you are using secondary records to back up your research with original documentation.

ROBINSON Bible Records

John ROBINSON and Eliza JEFFERSON were married May 20th 1833 at Albany, N.Y.

Wilson ROBINSON and Mary L. BARTHOLEMEW were married 24th April 1859 by Rev. J.N. Wyrkrpt? at Albany.

Elizabeth ROBINSON and Chester C. SHAW were married 30 April 1866 by Rev. DR Wyrkrpt? at Albany, N.Y.

Jane Ann ROBINSON and Charles OGDEN were married 25th June 1868.

John ROBINSON....? and Susan E. BOUTON? or BARTON married Feb 15, 1871

Susan BOUTON or BARTON married Charles E. LUDINGWIN? April 28, 1897.

Births: Wilson ROBINSON born May 7th 1836 at 6 minutes to 3 o'clock Albany, N.Y. Morning

Jane Ann ROBINSON born June 25th 1838 30 minutes past 3 o'clock Albany, N.Y. Afternoon

Elizabeth ROBINSON born Nov 25th 1841. 15 minutes past 7 o'clock Albany, N.Y. Evening

John ROBINSON Junior born Aug 18th 1845. 20 minutes to 3 o'clock Albany, N.Y. Morning

William ROBINSON born Jan 18th 1848. 30 minutes past 5 o'clock Albany, N.Y. Morning

Henrietta Robinson born Mar 18th 1852. 30 minutes past 8 o'clock Albany, N.Y.

Births of John ROBINSON and Susan Esther BURTIN:

Susan BURTIN ROBINSON born Nov 11 1871

John Mattern? ROBINSON born Feb 8 1872 Died Mar 9 1894

Elizabeth Shaw ROBINSON born Mar 22, 1886

Children of Susan R. LUDINTON? and Charles LUDINGTIN?

Maude born Sept 27 1899

Eleannor born May 23 1904


My beloved wife Eliza JEFFERSON departed this life on Wed 21th Nov 1/4 past 7 o'clock Afternoon 1838

William ROBINSON died 13th July 1852 twenty minutes after 10 o'clock a.m. at Albany, N.Y.

Henrietta ROBINSON died Oct 25th 1873 6 o'clock a.m. at Albany, N.Y.

Wilson ROBINSON died October 25th 1873 6 o'clock a.m. at Albany, N.Y.

John ROBINSON died Dec 26th 8:50 a.m. 1879

Elizabeth TRABER wife of John ROBINSON died Dec 28 1890 in her 75th year

June Ann ROBINSON died July 21/94 wife Of Chas OGDEN

Elizabeth ROBINSON wife of Chester SHAW died Dec 28/95

John ROBINSON died July 22 1922. 78 years old

Susan his wife died Mar 22 1899

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