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William Bliven

William Bliven was born December 15, 1745 in Westerly, RI to Edward and Ann (Ross) Bliven.  During the Revolution he served as Captain in Col. Joseph Noyes' regiment at Boston Neck, South Kingstown, RI.  In 1832 he was placed on the pension roll.  William died in Westerly, RI January 12, 1834.

Asa Coon

Asa Coon was born in Hopkinton, RI March 12, 1756 to Elisha and Anne Coon/Maccoon. During the Revolution he served in the 2nd Company of Hopkinton Militia under Captains Hendrick and Thurston. After the war he served as a minister of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. In 1801 he accepted a calling to the church in Petersburg, NY and died there a few months later on October 22, 1801.

Phineas Crandall

Phineas Crandall was born April 7, 1743 in Westerly, RI to Joseph and Elizabeth (Crandall) Crandall. Phineas signed the Test of Loyalty Act at Westerly, RI in 1776 and served in the 2nd company of Hopkinton, RI Militia as corporal under Capt. George Thurston Jr. and also served as private under Captains John Gavit and Edward Bliven, Col. Joseph Noyes' regiment. Phineas moved to Montville, CT and probably died there April 27, 1821. He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway, RI.

Edward Green

Edward Green(e) was born  March 20, 1760 in Westerly, RI to Joseph and Margaret (Greenman) Greene.  About September 26, 1776 he entered service under Capt. Reuben Whitwell, Lt. Benjamin Gorton, Col. Cook and Lt. Col. Morey for a term of 3 months and was dismissed at Tiverton, RI about January 12, 1777.  This regiment marched to defend Newport, RI.  About May 26, 1778 he entered service again at Coventry, RI under Lt. Clark Parker, Capt. Philip Traffin, Col. John Topham, Gen. Cornwall's brigade and was dismissed March 16, 1779.  This brigade participated in Sullivan's Expedition against Newport, RI which had been taken by the British.  In August 1779 he served 1 month in the militia at Schoharie, NY.  In October 1780 he served 1 month under Capt. Samuel Shaw and Col. Henry Van Rensselaer.  He again entered service about November 12, 1782 at Coventry, RI and was dismissed at Providence, RI about April 13, 1783.  This was duty guarding the shore.
It is said he was an officer in the War of 1812.  He was the first judge of Madison county, NY.  Edward Green died in Alfred, NY February 24, 1845.

Benjamin Irish

Benjamin Irish was born in South Kingstown, RI  February 1, 1754 {Quaker date is 11-1-1753} to Job and Mary (Weaver) Irish. He married his first cousin Martha Irish at Stonington, CT January 30, 1780. She was the daughter of George Irish below. Benjamin was a Sergeant in Durkee's Regiment, Knowlton's Rangers, and was captured at Ft. Washington on Nov. 16, 1776. He died at sea about 1795 as his last letter home bore that date.

George Irish

George Irish was born in Rhode Island in 1729 to Jedediah and Mary Irish.  At the begining of the Revolution he was residing in Middletown, RI.  He served as Colonel of Rhode Island Militia in 1776-1777. George died in Middletown, RI October 11, 1801.

James Lamb

James Lamb was born in Scotland in the month of October, probably in 1741.  He came to North America and served under General Wolfe in the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.  During the Revolution he lived in New London, NH and on April 23, 1775 he entered service under Capt. Samuel Richards and Col. John Stark marching to Bunker Hill.  He was discharged August 1, 1775.  Then again in April 1777 he enlisted in the Continental army at Hopkinton, NH for 3 years under Capt. Ebenezer Frye, Col. Joseph Cilley and General Poor.  During this time he marched to Ft. Ticonderoga, to Valley Forge and then to the James river.  He died Februrary 16, 1830 in Wendell, NH at age 89 or 99.

David Maxson

David Maxson was born July 24, 1729 in Westerly, RI to John and Thankful (Randall) Maxson.  During the Revolution he resided at Westerly where in 1775-76 he made bullets and procured powder, lead and flint for the troops.  In 1777 his name appeared on the Alarm List and in 1780 he secured money to pay soldier's enlisting bounties. During 1781-1783 he served two terms as Deputy.  David died in Westerly, RI shortly before January 31, 1787 when administration of his estate was given to his widow, Abigail, and son, Asa.

Jesse Mott

Jesse Mott was born July 1, 1762 on Long Island or in Dutchess Co., NY to James and Anna (Rogers) Mott.  He served as a member of the 6th regiment of Dutchess County Militia.  In 1783 he moved to Saratoga County, NY.  Here he was a Justice of the Peace in 1798, Supervisor in 1801, 1802, 1803, 1804, 1818 and 1819.  He was a member of the Assemby in 1807, 1808 and 1811. He died at Saratoga, NY October 30, 1847.

Joseph Pettingell

Joseph Pettingell was born May 29, 1743 in Bridgewater, MA to Samuel and Martha (Jackson) Pettingell.  During the Revolution he resided at Worthington, MA.  Joseph served under Lt. Abner Dwellee, on the expedition to Manchester; enlisting July 20, 1777 and discharged July 31, 1777. He also served in Capt. Ebenezer Webber's co., Ezra May's regt. on the expedition to Stillwater; enlisting Sept. 20, 1777 and discharged Oct. 14, 1777.    Joseph sold his property in Worthington and moved to Clarendon, VT where he was last mentioned in the 1800 census.

Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter was born in Dartmouth, MA February 2, 1743 to William and Elizabeth (Mosher) Potter. His parents moved to Richmond, RI where Daniel's birth is recorded. Daniel was a Lt. under Capt. Asa Clarke, 1st Co. Richmond, RI Militia. After the war he moved to Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY about 1794. He died in Berlin, Rensselaer, NY January 4, 1834.

George Stillman

George Stillman was born May 19, 1739 in Westerly, RI to George and Mary (Burdick) Stillman.  During the Revolution he served as Captain of the 3rd Westerly company of Rhode Island Militia 1777-1778 and possibly before these dates.  He probably died in Westerly June 15, 1817 where he is buried.

Samuel Warren

Samuel Warren was born April 20, 1730 in Grafton, MA to Samuel and Tabitha (Stone) Warren.  During the Revolution he resided at Mendon, MA and served as Captain in Col. Joseph Read's 20th regiment.  He died in 1812 in Chesterfield, NH.