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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


20928. Robert Noyes

MARRIAGE: Wife Joan Mondey?

DEATH: Of Littleton, parish of Kimpton; buried outside door of the church of Blessed Mary of Kimpton. Left a will naming son Wm as exor, but it no longer survives. [NEHGR 149:108]

MISC: In 1516 leased manor of Littleton, Hampshire from the Abbot of the Monastery of St. Peter's of Gloucester.

20929. Joan Mondey

BIRTH: Said to be sister of William Mondey.

WILL: Dated Oct. 15, 1532; to be buried next to husband Robert Noyes; son Robert wife Emma and his children: John, Cecily, Anne, Joan; mentions farm of the manor of Lytleton, sons William, John and Nicholas; kinsman Thomas Noys; Exor son Robert. Supervisors: brother Wm Mondey and Robert Bosell. Witn: Sir John Arthur, Sir Arthur Nicholasson, Sir Bernard Darbey and William Walter. [NEHGR 149:109]

29280. John Hammond

WILL: Dated Aug. 4, 1517; proved April 22, 1528; called John Hammond, the elder, of Melford. Names wife Johanna; dau Johanna and dau Mary King. Exors: Johne my wife and John Hammond, the fuller. Witn: Master Hawker: Jurett, of ye sayed Melford, and Maryone King. [Bury St. Edmunds (Brydon, folio 278); Hammond Genealogy, p.45]

29281. Johane

WILL: Dated Sept. 22, 1542; proved Oct. 16, 1642. Names John Hammond, the fuller and William King as her attorneys. [Hammond Genealogy, p. 45]

29308. Adam Winthrop

BIRTH: Date and place from Winthrop Family by Robert Charles Winthrop, 1887. Said to be son of Adam and Jane (Barton/Burton) Winthrop.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Alice Hunne; m(2) Agnes Sharpe. [R.C. Winthrop]

DEATH: Date and place from Winthrop Genealogy.

WILL: P.C.C. Chayre 2. [Dictonary of National Biography]

MISC: Clothier.

30042. Robert Brock

WILL: Dated April 25, 1558; proved July 18, 1558 (Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Registered Will 18/514). Names wife Johan; sons: Thomas, Roger, William, John and Nicholas; daus: Letyce and Anne. Exors: wife Johane and son Thomas. Supervisor: Anthony War'n. Witn: Anthony Warren and John Broke. Memorandum at end of will, name spelled "Robert Brucke". [NEHGR 144:135

30043. Joan

WILL: Dated April 8, 1587; proved May 14, 1589 (Archeaconry of Suffolk, Registered Will 32/454). Names sons: William, John and Thomas; grchildren: Roger Brock son of William, George Brock son of son Nicholas, Robert Brock son of William, Clemence Brock dau of William and Ales Brock dau of son William. Exor: son William. Supervisor: son-in-law Richard Aldowes. Witn: Thomas Gordon Coop(er) and Richard Wilder. [NEHGR 144:136]