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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


10464. Nicholas Noyes

BIRTH: Had to be at least 21 by 1524 to be listed in subsidy rolls. Named in mother's will.

MISC: Listed at Cholderton in subsidy rolls 1523-4, Jan. 10, 1525, Oct. 8, 1540, Oct. 12, 1543 and 1559/60. Several documents relating to property lease. [NEHGR 149:110+] 1552, Nicholas St. John claimed he had purchased 2/9th of a lease of the manor of Littleton, Hampshire, a property orig. leased in 1516 by Nicholas Noyes' parents.

10728. John Hutchinson

BIRTH: Sept. 23, 1529 apprenticed to Edward Atkinson, city of Lincoln, glover for 7 yrs; thus b. abt 1515. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:449]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Margaret (Browne); m(2) Anne

DEATH: Buried in church of St. Mary le Wigford, Lincoln.

WILL: Dated April 21, 1565; eldest son William got estate at Whisby and Rectory and Parsonage of Cherry Willingham; son Edward and dau Mary. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:449]

MISC: Became Sheriff of Lincoln Sept. 1547; Elected Alderman April 11, 1556; Mayor of Lincoln Sept. 1556; J.P. Oct. 21, 1558; Mayor of Lincoln again Sept. 1564. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:449]

10729. Anne

MARRIAGE: m(1) ___ Clinte.

WILL: Dated March 25, 1586; pvd Sept. 18, 1586. Left large legacy to son William Clinte. Mentions sons Edward Kirkebie and Thomas Pinder. Son Edward Hutchinson residuary legatee and exor along with George Freiston. Triffling legacy to Alice Dynison. [English Origins of NE Families 2:450]

11819. Katherine

WILL: Dated March 24, 1524/5; pvd May 16 1525. every child of John Morwyn a sheep and lamb...every child of John Wells...every child of Thomas Wm Bartlett's John Wille and Henry Wille ...Richard Bartlett...dau Agnes Wells...Elizabeth Copland. Exor John Morwyn and John Wells. Overseer Robert Andrewe. [NEHGR 149:310-11]

14416. John Clarke

BIRTH: Mentioned in will of son, Robert Clarke. [NEHGR 152:6]

14640. John Hammond

WILL: Dated Dec. 22, 1550; proved Lambeth June 5, 1551; Clothier of Lavenham. Names wife Agnes; sons William and Thomas, who got "my house in Melford, late John Hamonde my ffathers, holdyn by coype of Courte Rolle..."; daus: Elizabeth, Margaret and Johane. Exors: wife Agnes and William. [Hammond Families in America, 1902, by Frederick Stam Hammond 1:45]

14641. Agnes

DEATH: Burial date in parish register printed in Hammond Genealogy, p. 15.

14654. William Winthrop

BIRTH: Listed in Winthrop Family by Robert Charles Winthrop, 1887.

15020. Richard Aldous

BIRTH: In 1582, Richard Aldows of Fressingfield, Suffolk, yeoman, gave his age as 48 (Group 4, Elizabeth to Charles I, Bundle S8 Suit 8); in 1588 he said he was 55 (Ibid, Bundle R7 Suit 6). Bapt. not recorded there prob because records not yet kept. [NEHGR 144:125]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec. 1, 1562 Fressingfield Lettis Brocke; m(2) July 17, 1589 Fressingfield, Elizabeth Sandcrafte/Sandcroft. (parish register, LDS film 97,127) [NEHGR 144:125]

DEATH: Burial date in parish register; death date in Inquisition P.M.

WILL: Dated March 31, 1612. Names sons: Samuel, Richard, William, Mathy, John and James Alldus; daus: Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Jone; grdau: Mary Aldus dau of son John; daus-in-law: Elizabeth wife of son James, Mary wife of son William, Margaret wife of son Richard and Susan wife of son Mathy. Exors: sons Richard and William. Signed Rychard Alldowse. Witn: Samuel Newson and John Cornyshe. Proved Sept. 11, 1612 (Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Original Will 48/103). Inquition Post Mortem dated Nov. 3, 1612 - Richard Aldowse d. Sept. 9, 1612 at Fressingfield; Samuel Aldowse is the elder son and next heir, age 49 years and more. [NEHGR 144:125]

15021. Lettis Brocke

BIRTH: Named in father's will. [NEHGR 144:137]

DEATH: Burial date in parish register. [NEHGR 144:125]