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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


7510. James Aldous

BIRTH: Date in parish register. Named in father's will. [NEHGR 144:124-132]

MARRIAGE: Abt 1900 genealogist, Elizabeth French, Bartlett claimed to have found "James Aldous m. Elizabeth Barber Nov 15, 1592"; but this record cannot be found now. [NEHGR 144:128]

DEATH: Burial date in parish register; (James Aldows of Stradbrook). [NEHGR 144:128]

7511. Elizabeth

BIRTH: An attempt to identify her as Elizabeth Barber cannot be substantiated today. [NEHGR 144:128]

DEATH: Burial date in parish register. [NEHGR 144:128]

WILL: Dated Dec. 6, 1626; proved Jan. 7, 1626/7 Archdeaconry Court of Suffolk (Registered Will 57/245); calls herself "Elizabeth Alldous of Stradbroke". Names daus: Sabina, Ann, Sibila Aldous, 3 unmarried daus, my 6 daus, 3 youngest daus: Ann, Sabyna and Sibila. Exor: dau Sabina. Witn: Richard Alldous, Margerie Warde and William Hering. [NEHGR 144:129]

7787. Elizabeth Whetman

WILL: Dated June 18, 1599; pvd July 28, 1599; of London, wid.; to be buried in chancel of parish church of St. Leonard nigh East Cheap; late husband John Brooke, dec; sons: Robert and Thomas; daus: Joan Foote, wife Robert, Susan Bonner wife John, Margaret Foote wife John, Kathryn Floode wife Richard, Sara Storye; dau-in-law Mary Brooke; daus Sara's ch: John, Thomas and Mary Storye; Elizabeth Foote dau of my dau Margaret Foote; Mary Foote dau of my dau Joan Foote; Thomas Bethonie my daus son; Thomas Berry one of my daus sons; Sybbyll Flood dau my dau Kathryn Flood; Wm Whetman my brother's son and his sister Elizabeth Whetman; Robert Axon and wife Elizabeth; John Northcott. One witn was John Foote, grocer. [NEHGR 51:134-5]

7792. Waters Dickinson

BIRTH: Thought to be son of Gabriel Dickinson bur. Feb. 7, 1569/70. [NEHGR 152:164]

MARRIGE: Wife Alice.

WILL: Dated Dec. 30, 1590; pvd Apr. 20, 1591. Wife Alice; sons: William, John, Edward; brothers Henry and Thomas; Richard Dickinson my nevie (grandson?) and his brothers Edward and Waters. Exor son Wm. Supervisors: my master Mr. Bewrley and my son Edward. Witn: Richard Hane, Wm Morres, Wm Baite and John White. [NEHGR 152:165]

7793. Alice

BIRTH: Named in husband's will.

DEATH: Burial date from parish register; NEHGR 152:163.

7922. John Kirby

MARRIAGE: m. Dec. 23, 1576 Joane Cranfielde. [Watton-at-Stone parish register Eng. Origins of NE Families V. 2]

7923. Joan Cranfield

BIRTH: Place of birth mentioned in will.

WILL: Oct. 20, 1640 nuncupative will in presence of Francis Kirby, Joane Bides, Ruth Brown and John Bides, which was proved by the executor in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Hitchin Dec. 2, 1640. Gave 20s to the poor of Watten where she was born; gave 20s to the poor of Little Munden where she lived; to gch: Ruth Cowley, Richard Kirby and Joseph Whale; to cousin Elizabeth Isham; cousin Mary Newton; dau Joan Bides; son Francis Kirby was exor. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:201]

8168. Thomas Goodenow

MARRIAGE: Wife Ursula.

WILL: Nuncupative; dated Dec. 20, 1617; pvd March 19, 1617/8; of Dunhead, St. Andrew, Wilts, Diocese of Sarum. To 3 yougest children Dorothy, Edmund,Ursula at age 20; sons: Simon, Nathaniel, Thomas, Ralph & John; Wife Ursula was executrix; overseers: Joseph Bower and Robert Button. [Goodenow Genealogy, p. 2]

8169. Ursula

WILL: Dated Feb. 18, 1633/4; pvd May 22, 1634. Eldest son Ralph, 2nd son John, 3rd son Simon, 4th son Nathaniel, 5th son Thomas, son Edmund; eldest dau Ursula, youngest dau Dorothy. Overseers: cousin Walter Fayme of Semley and Thomas Fayme of Donhead St. Mary. Exor son Edmund. Of Dunhead, St. Andrew, Wilts. [Goodenow Genealogy, p. 2-3]