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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


5143. Ellen Munn

MARRIAGE: m(2) Jan. 11, 1574 Andrew Ruck; had son Stephen Ruck. [Eddy Genealogy]

5220. Nicholas Gaylard

MARRIAGE: Wife named Joan.

WILL: Dated March 25, 1546; pvd April 8, 1546; lists people to whom he owed money: John Parson of Pitmister, Richard File of Trull; Wm Finche of Wells, a thatcher of Wells, John Spurasaie of Pitmister, John Shute of Trull and John Morcombe of Trull. Wife Johan Gayler, executrix. Witn: Sir Thomas Bickham, John Parson and John Druston. [NYGBR 41:185]

5221. Joan

MARRIAGE: m(2) Giles Alvyn of Pitminster. His will dated May 4, 1567; pvd Aug. 17, 1572; left money to : Edmund Gaylard, John Gaylard, Christopher Gaylard, Elizabeth Gaylard, Mary Gaylard, Hugh Gaylard, Elizabeth and Mary Gaylard ch of Wm Gaylard and to other of his relatives. Residue to wife Joan. [NYGBR 41:186] {Taunton Wills, Book V, folio 33}

WILL: Dated Aug. 29, 1572; pvd Aug. 31, 1572; Joan Alvyn of Pitmister; names sons: Christopher, William, John and Edmund; daus: Elizabeth and Mary; to Elizabeth Gaylard and Mary Gaylard daus of Wm; Residue to son Hugh, executor. Supervisors: Wm Palmer and John Ivery. Witn: Robert Manley, Robert Baull and Henry Rewe. [NYGBR 41:185]

5232. Robert Noyes

BIRTH: Deposed 25 Apr 1598 of Chowlderton, Wilts. age about 80. [NEHGR 149:114]

MISC: Listed on subsidy roll of 42 Elizabeth I Nov. 17, 1599.
Chancery Proceedings 1599..10 or 12 years before John Thorneburgh, patron of the church of Choldrington granted to Robert Noyes the next AVOIDANCE and rectory toward to advancement of one of his sons (the right to name the next church rector). [NEHGR 149:107]

5244. Richard Lord

WILL: Dated May 30, 1610; probated Feb. 7, 1611; filed in Archives of North Hants, Second Series, Second Vol. V, folio 38: Names daus Elizabeth, Ellen and Alice; wife Joan; son Thomas executor. Friends Henry Pedder and Thomas Pedder of East Purye and Paul Boughton to be supervisors of will. Witn: Thomas Pedder, Paul Boughton and Richard Abbott.

MISC: Had brother William, whose will recorded in Northampton Probate Registry pp 1560-66, folio 72. They may have descended from a Lord family of Yelvertoft, Northampton.

5256. John Denison

DEATH: Burial date in parish register of St. Michael's in Bishop's Stortford, reprinted in The History of Stonington. Died of plague.

5257. Agnes

MARRIAGE: m(2) May 3, 1584 John Gace, whose will proved in 1602 mentions George, Edward and William Denison children of my wife, also Elizabeth Crouch, a daughter of my wife. [History of Stonington]

5290. John House

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice.

DEATH: Burial date from Eastwell parish register. [LDS film #1l,473,755]

WILL: Nuncupative will of John House, Clarke, parson of Eastwell, dtd Aug. 30, 1630. Extrix wife Alice. Witn: Elizabeth Champion dau of testator, Drusilla Howse and Mris Joane Wallis. Pvd Sept. 8, 1630. [Consistory Court of Canterbury V. 49, folio 306; NEHGR 66:356]

5291. Alice

DEATH: Burial date from Eastwell parish register. [TAG 69:250-1]

5364. Edward Hutchinson

BIRTH: Corporation Records: "Edward Hochynson, son of John, Alderman, dec., enrolled as apprentice to Edmund Knyght, Alderman and Mercer of Lincoln for 8 yrs from May 27, 1577". (Apprenticeship usually ends at age 21)
He proved his mother's will in 1586 so must have been 21. [NEHGR 20:355-67]

MARRIAGE: m. Susan

MISC: Mentioned in bro William's will 1582/3; Proved will of cousin
Christopher Hutchinson and was of Alford and a Mercer; July 10, 1611 appointed Supervisor of will of "cousin" Margery Neale which names his wife as Susan. Left No Will!

5365. Susanna

MISC: Arr Boston aboard "Griffen" Sept. 18, 1634 will son William and family.

5366. Francis Marbury Rev.

BIRTH: Said to be son of Wm Marbury and Agnes Lenton of Grisby, Lincolnshire. [NEHGR 20:355-67]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Elizabeth Moore; m(2) Bridget Dryden.

WILL: Dated Jan. 25, 1610/11; pvd Feb. 14, 1610/11 Consistory Court of London; nuncupative; called "Preacher and Parson of St. Martens in the Vintrey, London. Mentions eldest dau Susan; names wife Bridget sole exectrix. [English Origins of NE Families Vol. 2, p. 461]

5367. Bridget Dryden

BIRTH: Said to be 3rd dau John Dryden and Elizabeth Cope of Cannon Ashby in Northamptonshire. [NEHGR 20:355-67]

5908. John Merwin

BIRTH: See NEHGR 149:297+

MARRIAGE: m. Isabel Bartlett, dau of wid Katherine Bartlett.

WILL: Dated Nov. 7, 1552; pvd Dec. 6, 1552. Names godson John, son of son William; William and Alis children of son William; Joan Moorwyn wife of William; Wife Isabel sole exor. Witn: John Whitmarshe curate, Anthony Truly, Henry Rigsted and Andrew Moorwyn. [NEHGR 149:297-8]

5909. Isabel Bartlett

BIRTH: Referred to in mother's will as wife of John Merwin.

WILL: Dated Aug. 16, 1556; pvd Jan. 23, 1556/7. Names sons Thomas Murren and William Murren; exor Edward Treadway. Witn: Wm Bacheler, Harrye Snell, Thomas Hoppe. [NEHGR 149:298-9]

LAND: In 1553 Andrew Murvyn of Colshill, Hertfordshire, son and heir of John Murvyn late of Amersham sued mother Isabel for possession of a messuage called Deane Place. [NEHGR 149:298]

7208. Robert Clarke

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice.

WILL: Dated Sept. 24, 1548; pvd Besthorpe Jan. 15, 1550/1. Robert Clarke of Banham mentions lands of father, John Clarke; wife Alice; son Thomas Clarke, dau Katherine unmarried, son Rowland, dau Johane Huntinge; children of dau Johane: John Huntynge and Johan, Margaret and Elizabeth Huntynge; godson Robert Rowse; Alyce Rowse (no relationship); Isabell Sharpynye unmarried (no relationship). Ex wife Alice. Witn: Rycharde Lee and Thomas Blaxstone of Banham and John Collyns of Wilbye. [NEHGR 152:6]

7209. Alice

WILL: Dated Aug. 31, 1554; pvd New Buckingham Nov. 6, 1554; named daus: Katherine, Johan Hunting and Margaret Rouse; sons: Thomas and Rowland; Martha Clerk (no relationship). [NEHGR 152:7]

7210. Richard Micklewood

MARRIAGE: Wife Elizabeth

WILL: Dated 1558/9, mentions wife, dau Martha, dau Margaret and gch Clement
Clarke. The will is not abstracted in NEHGR 152:8 but says it can be found in Norfolk Consistory Court, 366 Ingold. Copies available at Norfolk Record Office and FHL film.

7320. Thomas Hammond

BIRTH: Named in father's will; received house in Melford.

MARRIAGE: Date in parish register as printed in Hammond Genealogy.

DEATH: Burial date in Hammond Genealogy.

WILL: Dated Oct. 2, 1589; proved Dec. 11, 1589. Names wife Rose; son William; daus: Elizabeth, Rose, Martha, Marie and Susann; sister Margarett Jollye. Witn: Robert Lynch and William Trippe.

7321. Rose Trippe

BIRTH: No record of parents according to Hammond Genealogy.

MARRIAGE: m(2) April 30, 1590 Robert Stuard(Stewart) of Lavenham. [Parish register printed in Hammond Genealogy]

MISC: Thought to be sister of William Trippe, who witnessed will of Thomas Hammond.

7326. Humphrey Munning Rev.

MARRIAGE: Hammond Genealogy, p. 67; NEHGR 49:383-4.

MISC: Rector of Brittenham, Co. Suffolk.

7327. Elizabeth Winthrop

BIRTH: Said to be dau of William Winthrop. [NEHGR 49:383-4]

7328. Simon Stone

MARRIAGE: m. Agnes ____.

WILL: Dated July 28, 1557 names wife Agnes; sons: John, eldest, David and Richard. Land called Hunts. Witn: Walter Crane, John Munte the elder, Mihell Welshe and William Rand. [Stone Genealogy]

MISC: Church Warden of Great Bromley 1552.