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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


3650. William Bayly

WILL: Dated March 2, 1613/4 of Westbury, Gloucester. Mentions John Warren, "now husband of my dau Margaret". [Sam Casey's home page]

3660. William Hammond

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register as printed in Hammond Families in America, 1902, by Frederick Stam Hammond Vol. 1, p. 53.

MARRIAGE: parish register. [Hammond Genealogy]

DEATH: [Savage]

WILL: Middlesex Probate No. 7167 on file at East Cambridge, MA; dated July 1, 1662; proved Dec. 16, 1662. Names wife Elizabeth; sons John and Thomas dec.; daus Barnes, Elizabeth House; Adam Smith son of dau Sarah. Exors: wife Elizabeth and son John. [Hammond Genealogy p. 57]

3661. Elizabeth Paine

BIRTH: Information from Hammond Genealogy.

MISC: At age 47 sailed on "Francis" 1634 with Elizabeth 15, Sarah 10, and John 7.

3662. George Salter

MARRIAGE: His marriage is recorded in dairy of Adam Winthrop of Groton, MA, but not recorded in parish register.

WILL: Dated Sept. 7, 1653; proved July 18, 1654; grazier of Dedham. Son Samuel to have house and lands in Rattlesden, Suffolk, sons Theophilus and Thomas; daus Abigail in N.E. and Hannah in N.E. Proved by oath of MARY Salter the relict and executrix. [NEHGR 48:128]

3663. Elizabeth Munning

WILL: Dated Dec. 1, 1660; proved June 15 1662; widow of Dedham; Son Thomas and his children: John, Elizabeth and Hannah by 1st wife Phillip Rouse; son Theophilus; dau Abigail Hammond of N.E.; dau Hannah Phillips of N.E.; son Samuel to be exor. Witn: Bazaleel Angeir and Stephen How, the elder. [Counties of Lond., Essex and Herts Book 1662-4, folio 136; Hammond Genealogy p. 68]

3664. David Stone

BIRTH: Named in father's will in 1557.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Great Bromley, Essex, Eng. July 10, 1566 Elizabeth Hewit.
m(2) Ursula ____. [Stone Genealogy p. 38]

DEATH: Burial records of Great Bromley have been lost.

3670. John Barker

BIRTH: Date and place from 50 Great Migration Colonists to NE by Threlfall,1990

BURIAL: Date and place from Threlfall. "John Barker, householder, buried March 10, 1616/7"

3671. Margaret Walter

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from 50 Great Migration Colonists by Threlfall,1990

MARRIAGE: m(2) ___ Munnings of Colne Engaine, Essex. [Threlfall]

3712. Robert Mansfield

DEATH: Date in Lynn VR.

WILL: Dated Aug. 3, 1664; proved Ipswich Court March 26, 1667. Mentions wife Elizabeth and sons: Joseph, John and Andrew. [Essex Co. Probate Vol. 2, p. 78-9]

3713. Elizabeth

DEATH: Date in Lynn VR.

WILL: Dated April 20, 1667; proved Salem Court Nov 26, 1673. Names dau Elizabeth Tomson; sons: Joseph and Andrew; grandchildren: Elizabeth Mansfield, Deborah Mansfield dau of Joseph, Joseph Mansfield. Inventory of estate of Elizabeth Mansfield aged abt 87 who d. abt Sept. 6, 1673 attested by Joseph Mansfield. [Essex Co. Probate Vol. 2, p. 382]

3716. Richard Johnson

BIRTH: Calculated from death date "in 54th yr."

DEATH: Date in V.R. Lynn, MA.

WILL: Named children: Daniel, Samuel, Elizabeth Toleman, Abigail Collins; Dated May 20, 1666.

3754. Henry Brock

DEATH: Dedham VR Vol. 1:"Henry Brock d ____ 1652."

WILL: Dated April 22, 1646; proved Oct. 19, 1652. Names wife Elizabeth, son John and daus Elizabeth and Ann. (NEHGR 4:288) [NEHGR 144:133 - Ancestry of Elizabeth (Aldous) Brock]

MISC: Joined First Church Dedham Dec. 24, 1641. [Dedham VR Vol. 2, p. 26]

3755. Elizabeth Aldous

BIRTH: Date in parish register. [NEHGR 144:130-3]

DEATH: Dedham VR Vol. 1:"Elizabeth Brock d ____ 1652."

MISC: Joined First Church at Dedham Feb. 29, 1640. [Dedham VR Vol 1]
Also admitted to First Church Oct. 27, 1643. [Dedham VR Vol. 2, p. 26]
(second entry could be dau Elizabeth)

3768. Edward Jewett

MARRIAGE: Date and place from Jewetts of America by Frederick Clarke Jewett, 1908, p. 3.

WILL: Dated Feb. 2, 1614; proved July 12, 1615. Clothier; named children: William, Maxmillian, Joseph and Sarah; wife Mary sole ex.; William Taylor father-in-law, Henry Taylor brother-in-law, Samuel Taylor brother-in-law and Thurstum Ledgerd supervisors of will. Witn: William Smith, Jonas Watson and Lewis Watson. [Jewett Genealogy, p. 3]

3769. Mary Taylor

BIRTH: Dau of William Taylor according to husband's will.

MISC: Had brothers Henry and Samuel.

3878. Robert Moulton

WILL: Dated Feb. 20, 1654/5; proved June 26, 1655 Salem, MA. Exor son Robert; dau Dorothy Edwards; grandson Robert Moulton; Goodwife Buffum; Joshua Buffum. Witn: George Gardner, Henry Phelps and Nicholas Phelpess. [Moulton Annals by Henry W. Moulton, 1906, p. 61]

MISC: Came to U.S. in 1629; shipbuilder of Salem; freeman May 18, 1631; resided Charlestown 1630-35. [Moulton Annals]

3880. Phillippe Kellogg

BIRTH: No inf. on birth or death.

3882. John Bird

DEATH: John Birde yeoman of 60 yrs bur. Feb. 6, 1625/6. [Parish Register, Bishop's Stortford; TAG 71:87-92]

WILL: Will of John Burde of hamlet of Hockrell in Parish of Bishop's Stortford, yeoman, dated Jan. 31, 1625; proved Commissary Court of London, Essex and Herts Feb. 27, 1625. Exor: wife Prudence; son John and wife Frances; son William under age; dau Jane < 22; dau Susan < 22; dau Mary {m. 1624 Thomas Waterman}; ----parts not readable on micro cards -- dau Prudence-----. [Kellogg Genealogy, p. 13]
-Will dtd Jan. 31, 1625/6, yeoman of Hockrell in Bishop's Stortford; exor: wife Prudence; sons: John and William; Frances wife of John; daus: Jane, Suzan, Elizabeth, Mary and Prudence. Overseers: Edward Bragge and Edward Plum. [TAG 71:90-1]

3883. Prudence

WILL: Dated Sept. 14, 1638; pvd Oct. 2, 1638. Sons: John and William; sons-in-law: Martin Kellog and John Rowell, exor. Witn: John Ramsey Sr., Nicholas Rennoles and Thomas Barnarde Sr. [TAG 71:87-92] {No indication which dau m. John Rowell.}

3892. Robert Foote

MARRIAGE: Wife Joan named in will.

WILL: Dated Jan. 27, 1608/9; pvd Feb. 15, 1608/9; mentions a lease in Royston, Cambridgeshire; the poor of the parish; the poor in Weathersfield; to wife Joan the yearly rents of tenements held of Sir Robert Chester, Knt. in the town of Royston; sons: Robert, James, Daniel < 24, Nathaniel < 24, Francis < 24, Josua < 24; daus: Elizabeth marriage or age 30; Mary Hewes; brother John Foote of London, grocer. [TAG 53:193+; Nathaniel Foote's Eng. Relatives by George E. McCracken]

3893. Joan Brooke

BIRTH: Named in mother's will as Joan Foote, wife of Robert.

3896. John Dickinson

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register; NEHGR 152:163

MARRIAGE: Wife Elizabeth.

DEATH: Date from parish register; no will or estate records located.

3897. Elizabeth

DEATH: Date from parish register as wife of John Dickinson. [NEHGR 152:162]

3906. Richard Ingersoll

BIRTH: Said to have come from Bedfordshire.


WILL: Dated July 21, 1644; pvd Jan 2, 1644/5; inventory Oct. 4, 1644. Wife Ann; sons: George, John and youngest Nathaniel; sons-in-law Richard Pettingell and William Haines; dau Alice Walcott and youngest dau Bathsheba.

3907. Ann

MARRIAGE: m(2) John Knight of Newbury.

3910. Ralph Farnam

BIRTH: Age 32 in 1635.

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice.

DEATH: Widow remarried on this date.

MISC: July 13, 1635 Ralph Farnham, barber, 32 with wife Alice 28, Mary 7, Thomas 4 and Ralph 2 were listed to be transported from London to N.E. in "James". He settled Ipswich by 1639 where he was Town Crier. [TAG 69:32]

3911. Alice

BIRTH: Age 28 in 1635.

MARRIAGE: m(2) June 18, 1648 Solomon Martin in Gloucester. [TAG 69:32]

3960. Thomas Hale

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 19, 1601 Joan Kirbie. [Parish register; NEHGR Jan. 1877; Eng. Origins of NE Families Vol. 2]

WILL: Dated Oct. 11, 1630; pvd Dec. 9, 1630. Of ye parish of Watton-at-Stone; Wife Joane; son Thomas; daus Mary Hale, Dorothy Hale, Elizabeth Hale; Dionis Beane and her son Henry Beane. Overseer: brother Francis Kirby. Witn: Francis Kirby and John Hale. [Eng. Origins of NE Families V. 2]

MISC: Named an exor in will of John Kirby (1628) as his brother-in-law.

3961. Joan Kirby

BIRTH: Named in mother's will as Joane Bides along with John Bides.

MARRIAGE: m(2) Mr. Bydes/Bides

3964. Thomas Hutchinson

MARRIAGE: Wife named Alice.

DEATH: Burial date from parish register. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:473]
Will dated March 4, 1618 naming children (not incl in article).