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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


2570. William Eddye

BIRTH: Place from Cranbrook parish register. [The Eddy Family in America]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Nov. 20, 1587 Mary Fosten; m(2) Feb. 22, 1613/4 Mrs. Sarah Tayler. [Eddy Genealogy]

DEATH: Date and place from Eddy Genealogy.

WILL: Dated Aug. 20, 1616; pvd Dec. 4, 1616. Named wife Sara; sons: John, Samuel, Zacharias and Phineas; daus: Abigail, Anne, Elizabeth, Priscilla and Marie wife of Simeon Evernden and their 3 ch: Simeon, Katherine and Robert; brother Stephen Ruck. [Eddy Genealogy]

MISC: Vicar of Cranbrook Jan. 12, 1591.

2571. Mary Fosten

DEATH: Date from Cranbrook parish register. [Eddy Genealogy]

2610. Hugh Gaylard

BIRTH: Executor of mother's will. Named in will of Giles Alvyn to receive cash. [NYGBR 41:186]

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice bur. Pitminster Feb. 17, 1628/9.

DEATH: Burial date and place from TAG 58:218+

MISC: Held land in Trull and the Manor of Taunton Deane.

2616. William Noyes Rev.

MARRIAGE: Wife said to be Anne Parker, sister of Rev. Robert Parker.

DEATH: Inventory of Estate dated April 30, 1622; no will.

MISC: Rector of Cholderton church; matriculated University College, Oxford, Nov. 15, 1588 age 20; graduated B.A. May 31, 1592.

2617. Anne Parker

BIRTH: Said to be sister of Rev. Robert Parker, whose son, Rev. Thomas Parker, also sailed on "Mary and John" and was called "cousin" to her son Rev. James Noyes.

DEATH: Buried Cholderton age 82--parish register.

WILL: Dated March 18, 1655; proved London April 21 1658 mentions sons James and Nicholas in New England and son-in-law Thomas Kent of Upper Wallup, Eng. Residue to Robert Read of E. Cholderton. Exor: Robert Read. Witn: John Tesdale, T. Tesdale. [NEHGR 149:118] [Will was at Somerset House in 1904] {NEHGR 41:64}

2622. Thomas Lord

BIRTH: Named in father's will.

MARRIAGE: Date in parish register of Towcester; license recoreded in ancient marriage register of Petersborough, near Towcester.

DEATH: Last reference to him appears in Hartford Town votes dated Jan. 29, 1643/4. [Thomas Lord Genealogy]

MISC: Sailed on "Elizabeth and Ann" April 29, 1635 from London: Thomas Lord age 50, Dorothy his wife 46, Thomas 16, Ann 14, William 12, John 10, Robert 9, Ayme 6 and Dorothy 4. 1636 settled at Hartford, CT.

2623. Dorothy Bird

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register of St. Lawrence church.

DEATH: Date from Thomas Lord Genealogy, compiled by Kenneth Lord, 1946.

WILL: Dated Feb. 8, 1669 is at CT State Library: Names son Thomas dec, son William, dau Amy Gilbert, son Robert, son John, gson Richard Lord, gchild Hanna Ingersall, Dorathy Ingersall and Mary Ingersall, my dau Stanton, my dau Gilbert and dau Ingersall; wife of Nicholas Clarke; exors: son William and gson Richard. Friend John Allyn overseer. Witn: John Allyn and Steven Hopkin. A supplimentary disposal of special items: Richard Lord, Richard Lord Jr., Mrs Haynes, dau Stanton, son William, dau Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dorothy Phelps, Margery Ingersoll, Hannah Kelsey, Mary Lord Jr. dau of Thomas dec., and Dorothy Ingersall.

MISC: She owned land as early as May 29, 1651 at Hartford; March 7, 1652 she sold land to Richard Goodman--a wife could not make contracts while husband living.

2628. William Denison

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register of St. Michael's in Bishop's Stortford, reprinted in The History of Stonington.

MARRIAGE: Date in parish register of St. Michael's.

DEATH: Date in Roxbury VR.

MISC: Came to New England in 1631.

2629. Margaret Chandler

BIRTH: Bapt. date given in Denison Genealogy.

MARRAIGE: m(1) Henry Monck, who d. 1602.

DEATH: Date in Roxbury, VR.

2632. Thomas Vose

MARRIAGE: m. bef Dec. 11, 1599 Margery. [Norris Papers and Deeds in British Museum, Add Charter 52657 Indenture of lease Edward Norris of Speke, Esq. to Thomas Vose of Garston, husbandman and Margery Vose now his wife.] {Vose Genealogy}
m(2) Ann.

WILL: Will dated Feb. 23, 1640/1 of Garston; Now wife Ann; sons: John and Robert son-in-law Ralph Vose; to Robert Pendleton of Garston; to Clemence Vose of Whiston; to John Carie of Widnes; children of John Vose: Ellin Grace and Ellinor his daus; children of Robert Vose: William, Edward, Elizabeth and Thomas; children of son-in-law Ralph Vose: Margerie, Marie and Edward. Pvd April 29, 1641. Exors: sons John and Robert. Witn: Robert Pendleton and William Singleton. [Vose Genealogy, p. 5]

2646. William Larned

MISC: He appears on list of inhabitants of Charlestown Jan. 9, 1633; Wm and wife Goodith were admitted to First Church Dec. 6, 1632.

2660. Thomas Miner

BIRTH: Date from Hist. of Stonington.

2661. Grace Palmer

BIRTH: Inf. from Hist. of Stonington

DEATH: Year from Genealogies of Charlestown Families by Thomas Wyman.

MISC: Admitted to church in Charlestown June 1, 1633.

2662. James Avery Capt.

MARRIAGE: Date and place from Avery Genealogy (Gloucester record).

MISC: County court New London Nov. 24, 1683 he declared he was the only son and heir of father Mr. Christopher Avery dec. and there were no other sons or daus. [Avery Genealogy]

2663. Joanna Greenslade

MISC: First Church of Boston March 17, 1644: Our sister Joan Greenslade now ye wife of James Averill of Gloucester....

2664. Thomas Wheeler

MARRIAGE: Wife Mary.

DEATH: Date from Wheeler Genealogy, p. 289, age 84.

2682. William Hutchinson

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register. [NY Gen. Bio. Record 45:166]

MARRIAGE: Church of St. Mary Woonoth.

MISC: Came in "Griffen", arr Boston Sept. 18, 1634 with wid mother, Susanna, sister-in-law Katherine Marbury and 10 ch.

2683. Ann Marbury

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register. [NY Gen. Bio. Record 45:166] Also NEHGR 20:355-67.

DEATH: killed by Indians.

2878. Benjamin Wilmot

BIRTH: Families of Ancient New Haven.


2879. Ann

DEATH: New Haven VR.

2954. Thomas Merwin

BIRTH: Named in mother's will but not in father's.

BURIAL: Parish register; NEHGR 149:299.

3018. Thomas Nicholl

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register; TAG 74:96. Thomas Nycholl filius Roberti bp March 3, 1576/7.

MARRIAGE: Date from parish register.

DEATH: Burial date from parish register.

WILL: Dated Feb. 16, 1631/2, to apprentice Bartholomew Tenny 10s, to apprentice William Baspoole 10s, to son Thomas Nicholl 20s, to dau Jane Nicholl the lease of the house where I dwell, to dau Ellen Nicholl 40s, to uncle Thomas Good my best Cloake, to brother John Nicholl my best suit, to sister Anne Willsonn 10s. Extrix dau Jane. Supervisors: son Thomas and Matthew Lombard. Witn: Tho Baxter, James Pickwell. Pvd March 13, 1631/2 Lincoln Consistory Court 1631:253; FHL film #198,886. [TAG 74:92-3]

MISC: Glover of Glamford Briggs.

3019. Dorothy George

DEATH: Burial date from parish register; TAG 74:96.

3066. John Hewes

WILL: Dated June 20, 1621; pvd Aug. 21, 1621; of Royston, chandler. Executrix wife Mary; sons: Jonathan and Joshua; daus: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hester, Lidia & Anna. Overseers: brother Thomas Hewes and brother-in-law Joseph Foote. {Will is recorded in register Dale, quire 87, Prerogative Court of Canterbury at London} [TAG 53:206; Lt. Joshua Hewes, 1913, Eben Putnam]

3067. Mary Foote

BIRTH: Named in father's will as Mary Hewes. Named in grandmother, Elizabeth Brooke's will.

3604. Rowland Clarke

BIRTH: Named in father's will and mother's will.

MARRIAGE: m. Margaret Micklewood, dau of Richard.

DEATH: Burial date from parish register; NEHGR 152:8.

WILL: Dated March 1, 1579/80; pvd April 10, 1580. Names wife Margaret; sons: Clement, William, Edward, Thomas; daus: Margaret, Alice, Elizabeth and Ann; lands of my father Robert Clarke. Supervisors: John Goldingham of B. gentleman and Clement Warwicke brother-in-law. Witn: John Goldingham, Thomas Spink, Clement Warwick, John Morley and John Dexter. [NEHGR 152:9]

3605. Margaret Micklewood

BIRTH: Called dau of Richard Micklewood in husband's will.

WILL: Dated Jan. 23, 1593; pvd April 10, 1594. Margaret Clarke of Banham, Norfolk widow, late wife of Rowland Clarke decd. Heirs: dau Margaret, Francys Ayer son-in-law, "neve" Robert James, dau Alice, son Edward, son Thomas, dau Anne Clarke, son William Clark. Exor son Thomas. Witn: Francis Ayer and Thomas Lance. [NEHGR 152:9]

3648. John Warren

BIRTH: Named in father's will as John the middle. (His father named his first 2 sons John)

MARRIAGE: m(1) Oct. 4, 1584 Nayland Elizabeth Scarlet; m(2) Rose; m(2) April 23 1611 Nayland Rose Riddlesdale.

WILL: Dated March 27, 1613; pvd Nov. 4, 1613. Present wife Rose; sons: John, Isaac, Nathaniel, Amos, Joshua < 21 and Thomas < 21; daus: Mary and Elizabeth. Witn: Wm Foorth, John Walter and Edward Collinges. [?NEHGR 64:348+; P.C.C., Capell, 98]