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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


2018. Benjamin Crispe

BIRTH: Listed in Hist. of Watertown; prob. moved to Groton.

MARRIAGE: Wife Bridget. [Hist. of Watertown]
m(2) Joanna, wid William Longley. [Charlestown Genealogies; Savage]

MISC: Servant of Maj. Gibbons, 1630; freeman Watertown May 6, 1646.

2028. John Traine

BIRTH: Age 25 in ship "Susan and Ellen" in 1635.

MARRIAGE: m(1) abt 1636 Margaret Dix; m(2) Oct. 12, 1675 Abigail Bent. [Hist. of Watertown]

2029. Margaret Dix

BIRTH: Age 19 on "Susan and Ellen" in 1635.

DEATH: Date from Hist. of Watertown.

2030. Joshua Stubbs

MARRIAGE: m. Abigail Benjamin.

MISC: Nov. 8, 1654 Joshua Stubbs of Charlestown and wife Abigail with consent of her mother, Abigail Benjamin sold .... [Hist. of Watertown]

2031. Abigail Benjamin

MARRIAGE: m(1) Joshua Stubbs; m(2) John Woodward.

MISC: Mentioned in will of sister Mary Benjamin as Abigail Stubbs, 1646.

2042. John Goodenow

BIRTH: To USA in CONFIDENCE April 24, 1638 under age 4.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Sept. 19, 1656 Mary Axtell [Sudbury VR]
m(2) Mary Stone 1705; Goodenow Genealogy, p. 12.

DEATH: Date in Sudbury VR.

2043. Mary Axtell

DEATH: Date in Sudbury VR.