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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


1880. John Boynton

BIRTH: Listed in Early Settlers of Rowley, MA by Amos Everett Jewett, 1933.

MARRIAGE: m. Ellen/Eleanor Pell of Boston.

DEATH: Burial date in Rowley VR.

WILL: Dated Feb. 8, 1670. Names wife Ellen; brother William; sons: Joseph, Caleb, Samuel and John; daus: Mercy, Hannah and Sarah. Exor John Boynton. Witn: Maxmillian Jewett, Samuel Brockelbanke and William Boynton. Proved Ipswich court March 28, 1671. Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 2,957. [Essex Co. Probate Vol. 2, p. 214]

MISC: Was a tailor.

1881. Ellen Pell

MARRIAGE: m(2) Aug. 30, 1671 Maxmillian Jewett, [Rowley VR]; m(3) June 1, 1686 Ipswich Daniel Warner Sr.

DEATH: Date in Rowley VR.

1882. Richard Swan

MARRIAGE: m(1) Ann ____, bur. April 4, 1658. [Rowley VR]
m(2) Mrs. Ann Trumble, wid. John March 1, 1658 (1659?) [Rowley VR]
bur. July 23, 1678.

DEATH: Burial date in Rowley, VR.

WILL: Dated April 25, 1678. Names wife Ann; son Robert; Joseph Boynton my son-in-law and Sarah his wife; 3 ch of my son-in-law and dau Stickney; grandch Richard Sutton; grandch Richard Swan, son of son Robert; 4 daus: Jane Wilson, Frances Quilter, Dorothy Chapman and Mercy Warner. [Essex Probate 4Ips:173-5] {Early Settlers of Rowley, MA by Amos Jewett, 1933 p. 371}

MISC: Admitted 1st Ch of Boston 6:11:1638; dismissed to Rowley 24:9:1639.
Freeman Rowley May 13, 1640. Mother of grandson Richard Sutton not identified.

1883. Ann

DEATH: Burial date in Rowley V.R.

1884. Joseph Jewett

BIRTH: Date and place from Jewetts of America by Frederic Clarke Jewett, 1908.
Named in father's will.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Oct. 1, 1634 Bradford Mary Mallinson. [Jewett Genealogy]
m(2) May 13, 1653 Boston Ann ____, wid Bozan Allen.

DEATH: Burial date in Rowley VR is Feb. 26, 1660.

WILL: Proved March 26, 1661. Names 5 ch by 1st wife and 2 by 2nd.

MISC: Came to America in "John" in fall of 1638. Freeman of Rowley May 22, 1639.

1885. Ann

MARRIAGE: m(1) Capt. Bozen Allen of Boston.

DEATH: Burial date from Jewett Genealogy. Rowley VR say Feb. 8, 1660.

WILL: Dated Feb. 5, 1660; proved May 2, 1661. Names children: John Allen, Ann Allen, Isaac Allen and Bossom Allen.

1886. Thomas Wood

BIRTH: Year from Wood Family Index by John Sumner Wood, 1966.

MARRIAGE: Date in Rowley VR.

DEATH: Burial date in Rowley VR.

WILL: Dated July 21, 1687 names wife Anne; son John eldest, Thomas, Josiah, Samuel, Solomon, Ebeneazer and James; daus: Mary Chute, Ann Plummer and Ruth Jewett; brother Obediah Wood of Ipswich. Son Thomas and wife exors. [Suffolk Probate 10:168] {Early Settlers of Rowley, MA p. 411}

MISC: Affidavit of 1675 gives age as 40 (too young) and calls John Todd brother. [Essex Ct files 23:27-9].
Had brother Josiah who d Sept. 24, 1691 age 62 m. Oct. 28, 1657 Lydia Bacon. Brother Obadiah d 1694, m(1) Margaret Slu; m(2) Hazelelponi Willix, wid of John Gee. [Wood Family Index]

1887. Ann

BIRTH: May have been Ann Hunt b. ca 1637 [Wood Family Index]

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Rowley, MA p. 411.

1928. Edmund Rice

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 15, 1618 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk Thomasine Frost.
m(2) March 1, 1655 Sudbury Mary (Hurd) Bingham. [Edmund Rice Genealogy/Sudbury VR] {Parish register in TAG 26:10}

DEATH: Date and place from Rice Genealogy.

1929. Thomasine Frost

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from Rice Genealogy.

DEATH: Date in Sudbury VR.

1938. John Edwards

BIRTH: NEHGR 145:317-341 - John Edwards of Wethersfield, CT by Gale I. Harris

MARRIAGE: m(1) ___; m(2) bef. Dec. 1638 Mrs. Dorothy (Moulton) Finch, wid of Abraham Finch. [NEHGR 145:]

DEATH: Date and place from NEHGR 145:318. Inventory taken Dec. 27, 1664 includes list of 7 children, ages and months of last birthday.

MISC: Son Thomas by first wife.

1939. Dorothy Moulton

BIRTH: Named in father's will as Dorothy Edwards. [NEHGR 145:319]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Abraham Finch; m(3) bef June 5, 1667 Richard Towsley/Tousland

MISC: Feb. 21, 1679/80, Dorothy Toosland, wid of Richard, sold land to Thomas Bull (Saybrook Deeds 1:9). Called wid Towsley in adm. of son John Edwards estate. [NEHGR: 145:318]

1940. Martin Kellogg

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from The Kelloggs in the Old World and New, 1903, by Timothy Hopkins, p. 13.

MARRIAGE: Parish register of St. Michael's Bishop's Stortford, Herts, according to Kellogg Genealogy.

DEATH: Burial date in parish register. [Kellogg Genealogy]

WILL: Weaver of Braintree dated May 20, 1671; proved Sept. 20, 1671. Names dau Sarah wife of William Jacob; gchild John Kellocke; sons: Joseph of New England, Daniel of New England, Samuel of New England, Nathaniel and Martin. Witn: John D. Dewdat Sr. and Daniel Clarke. [Kellogg Genealogy p. 14]

1941. Prudence Bird

BIRTH: Named in father's will.

DEATH: Not named in husband's will.

1944. Samuel Smith Lt.

BIRTH: Age 32 in 1634.

MARRIAGE: Parish register of St. Margaret's, Whatfield, Suffolk. [TAG 32:202

DEATH: Inventory taken this date.

MISC: Sailed last of April 1634 from Ipswich in "Elizabeth"; Samuel 32, wife Elizabeth 32, ch: Samuel 9, Elizabeth 7, Mary 4 and Philip 1.

1945. Elizabeth Smith

BIRTH: Age 32 in 1634.

DEATH: Date from History of Hadley, MA.

1946. Nathaniel Foote

BIRTH: Named in father's will as under 24.

DEATH: Inventory taken on this date by Richard Treat, Samuel Smith and Nathaniel Dickinson. [Nathaniel Foote of Weathersfield, CT by Abram W. Foote, 1907] {Early CT Probate Records Vol. 1, p. 12 by Manwaring}

MISC: May have come from Shalford, Colchester; settled Watertown; no will; but list of 5 ch dwelling with mother: Nathaniel 24, Robert 17, Frances 15, Sarah 12 and Rebecca 10.
-Sept. 21, 1608 at age 16 he signed as apprentice to Samuel Croyle of Colchester, grocer. [TAG 53:193+]

1947. Elizabeth Deming

MARRIAGE: m(2) abt 1646 Thomas Wells. [Foote Genealogy]

DEATH: Date from Foote Genealogy.

WILL: Dated March 28, 1678; pvd Aug. 1683. Names sons Robert and Nathaniel; daus Sarah Judson dec, dau Churchall, dau Goodrich, dau Barnard and dau Smith; gsons John Studder, Jospeh Churchall and Benjamin Churchall. Exor: Capt. John Allin; brother John Deming Sr. and gson Henry Beck/Buck overseers. Witn: Joseph Rowlandson and John Deminge. [Foote Genealogy] {Early CT Probate Records Vol. 1, p.379 by Manwaring}
Division of Estate: Samuel Foote, Elizabeth Foote, Lt. Smith, Frances Barnard, Josiah Churchill, Lt. Tracy and Daniel Foote.

1948. Nathaniel Dickinson

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register; NEHGR 152:162.

MARRIAGE: m. Nov. 27, 1623 Ann (Gull wid of John who was bur. July 8, 1621)

DEATH: Date and place from History of Hadley, by Sylvester Judd, 1905, p. 33.

WILL: Dated May 29, 1676; sons: Nehemiah, Azariah decd leaving widow Dorcas, Thomas, Samuel, Obediah; daus: Frances Dickinson and Hannah Clary. [Desc. of Thomas Dickinson, 1897, p. 33-5]

MISC: Wethersfield, 1637; town clerk, 1645; rep. 1646-56; removed to Hadley 1659.

1949. Anne

MARRIAGE: m(1) William Gull; had son William Gull mentioned in will of his step-father, Nathaniel Dickinson.

DEATH: Not mentioned in husband's will.

1952. Richard Pettingell

MARRIAGE: m. Joanna Ingersoll. Called son-in-law in will of Richard Ingersoll.

1954. Daniel Poore

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 20, 1650 Boston Mary Farnum. [Andover VR]

1955. Mary Farnam

BIRTH: Bapt. date from St. Nicholas parish register. [TAG 69:32]

DEATH: Date from Andover VR, abt 85 yrs.

1956. Edward French


DEATH: Date in Salisbury VR. Will dtd April 10, 1673; pvd April 13, 1675.
Inventory dtd April 10, 1683.

MISC: Tailor. Received land in 1st div. Bought land 1642. Called brother in will of Richard Goodale Sr. [Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury]

1957. Ann

DEATH: Date in Salisbury VR.

1964. John Whitmarsh

BIRTH: Age 39 in July 1635.

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice in 1635.

MISC: Came to Weymouth July 1635 with Rev. Joseph Hull; wife Alice 35, son James 11, dau Jane 7, son Onseph 5, Richard 2. [Desc. of John Whitmarsh of Weymouth, 1916, Newton Whitmarsh Bates]

1965. Alice

BIRTH: Age 35 in July 1635.

1980. Thomas Hale

BIRTH: Named in father's will. Bapt. date in parish register. [NEHGR 1877]

MARRIAGE: m. Dec. 11, 1632 Thomas Hale of Watten-apud-Stone, Hertfords, glover m. Thomazin Dowsett, maiden, by license. St. Helen's, Bishop's Gate London. [NEHGR Jan. 1877, p. 205]

DEATH: Date in Newbury VR.

MISC: Letter dated May 10, 1637 by Francis Kirby says that Thomas Hale was a son of his sister. [English Origins of NE Families Vol. 2]

1981. Thomasine Dowsett

DEATH: Date in Newbury VR.

1982. Richard Hutchinson

BIRTH: Named in father's will. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:473]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec. 7, 1627 Alice Bosworth. m(2) Oct. 1668 Susanna, wid Samuel Archer, d Nov. 26, 1674; m(3) Sarah, wid James Standish. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:475]

WILL: Dated Jan. 19, 1679; pvd Sept. 26, 1682. Named children: Joseph, Abigail, Hannah; gch: Bethiah Hutchinson and Sarah Hadlock; sons-in-law: Anthony Ashby, Daniel Boardman, Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Hale and James Hadlock. Exor son Joseph. [Eng. Origins of NE Families 2:475]

MISC: Received grant of land in Salem, MA 1636. June 1660 testified in "Cromwell vs Ruck" to being abt age 58.

1983. Alice Bosworth

BIRTH: MAY have been dau of Joseph Bosworth of Southwell, Nottingham, Eng.

DEATH: Exact date not found; husband remarried on this date.