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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


1666. Paulus Van der Beeck

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 9, 1644 Paulus Vander Beeck, j.m. Van Bremen, en Maria Thomas, wed. Van Willem de Cuper. [NYC Reformed Dutch Church records]

-A surgeon in the service of the Dutch West India Co.

1667. Maria

MARRIAGE: m(1) Jacob Verden; m(2) William de Cuper.

1792. John Partridge Capt.

MISC: Capt. John Partridge of Navestock and children John, abt 14, William, Jane and Margerett listed in 1634 Visitation of Essex (Harl. Soc. Pub. xiii, part 1, p. 465). [Partridge Genealogy by George H. Partridge, 1904]

1794. John Bullard

MARRIAGE: m(2) Ellen, wid of Thomas Dickerman of Dorchester. [Bullard Genealogy]

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR; "by the overthrowing of a cart"

1795. Magdalen

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

1802. Thomas Clarke

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from NEHGR 152:14.

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 17, 1602 Mary Canne. [Parish register; NEHGR 152:14]

DEATH: Burial date and place from NEHGR 152:14]

WILL: Dated July 11, 1637; proved at New Buckenham June 20, 1638. Of Banham, yeoman; wife Mary; ch: Thomas, Mary 2nd dau, Joseph, Elizabeth youngest dau, (no mention of 1st dau, Rebecca); granddau: Mary Wheelock; sister-in-law Johane Eldred of Winfarthing widow. Exor son Thomas. Supervisors: Mr. Cook and Robt. Pratt of Banham. Witn: Robert Cook and ? [NEHGR 152:16]

1803. Mary Canne

BIRTH: Possibly the Mary bp 1580 in Old Buckenham, dau Thomas and Rebecca Plowman alias Canne of Old Buckenham and Banham. She was NOT the Mary, bp Dec 16, 1571 dau Barnaby; this Mary m. Edward Savery 1592. [NEHGR 152:14]

DEATH: Mentioned in her husband's will. She was not listed on the subsidy assessment March 1641; so she may have been the "widow Mary Clarke" of Dedham who was received into church April 1, 1642 and died May 22, 1642. [NEHGR 152:14]

1824. John Warren

BIRTH: Named in father's will.

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

WILL: Dated Nov. 30, proved Dec. 17, 1667. Sons: Daniel and John; daus: Mary Bigelow, Elizabeth Knap wife of James; dau-in-law Mary Warren wife of Daniel; gch: Daniel Warren, Mary Bigelow and Michall Bloyce dau of Richard. Witn: Joseph Taynter and John Randall. Inventory taken Dec. 16, 1667 by John Coolidge, Henry Bright and Henry Freeman. [???NEHGR 64:348+]

MISCS: According to Bond, John Warren came to America in 1630 at age 45;
Freeman May 18, 1631.

1825. Margaret Bayly

BIRTH: Named in father's, Wm Bayly of Westbury, Gloucester, will dated March 2, 1613/4 as wife of John Warren.

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

1826. Robert Jennison

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA p. 307 by Henry Bond, 1860.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Elizabeth who d. Oct. 30, 1638 age 30.
m(2) Grace who d. Nov. 26, 1686.

WILL: Dated Sept. 15, 1688; codicil dated April 2, 1689; proved Oct. 7, 1690: mentions dau. Michal Warren; son-in-law George Reed; 3rd son Samuel; grandsons William and Robert Jenison.

1827. Grace

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA p. 307 by Henry Bond, 1860.

1828. Thomas Hastings

MARRIAGE: Second Marriage to Margaret Cheney April 1651 according to Bond.

WILL: Dated March 12, 1682/3, proved Sept. 7, 1685.

MISC: According to Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860: Thomas Hastings age 29, and wife Susanna age 25 embarked Ipswich, Eng. April 10, 1634 in ship "Elizabeth"; Susanna died Feb. 2, 1650.

1830. John Hammond Lt.

BIRTH: Date calculated from tombstone is July 1624; bapt. date in parish register and reprinted in Hammond Genealogy. Age 7 on ship passenger list Co-exor of father's will.

MARRIAGE: m(1) abt 1652 Abigail Salter. [Hammond Genealogy]
m(2) 1664 Sarah Nichols of Charlestown. [Hammond Genealogy]
m(3) 1689 wid Prudence (Wade) Cotton. [Hammond Genealogy]

DEATH: Tombstone says d. 1709 age 85 yr. 4 mo.

WILL: Dated Nov. 18, 1709; proved Middlesex Probate #7151 Dec. 9, 1709. Names wife Prudence; son John; daus Elizabeth Mason, Abigail Hastings, Hannah Poulter and Hepzibah Shattuck; sons-in-law John Mason, John Hastings, John Poulter and William Shattuck. Long list of sums paid incl.: Henry Phillips of Charlestown, Experience Page, ____ Smith of Roxbury; Timothy Barron of Watertown, Hopestil Mead of Cambridge, Joseph and Samuel Hastings of Watertown.

MISC: Age 7 when sailed from Ipswich with mother in "Francis" 1634.
1665 appointed guardian of kinswoman Mehitable Hawkins, dau Timothy and Hannah Hawkins.

1831. Abigail Salter

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place given in Hammond Genealogy. Named in mother's will.

1832. Gregory Stone Dea.

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Descendants of Gregory Stone by Joseph Gardner Bartlett

MARRIAGE: m(1) July 20, 1617 Nayland, Suffolk, Eng. Margaret Garrad.
m(2) abt 1627 Mrs. Lydia Cooper who had 2 ch John and Lydia Cooper.

DEATH: Date in Cambridge VR.

WILL: Dated Nov. 22, 1672 names wife Lidea; sons: John, Daniel, David and Samuel; daus: Elizabeth Potter and Sarah Meriam; gdau Lidea Fiske; gson John Stone s of son David; John Cooper. Ex sons John and Samuel. Witn: Thomas Danforth Sr, Edward Hall and Solomon Prentiss. [Stone Genealogy p. 59]

MISC: Came to America 1635.

1833. Lydia

DEATH: Date from Stone Genealogy, p. 65

MISC: Had children John and Lydia Cooper from first marriage.

1834. Isaac Stearns

MARRIAGE: Date from Stoke-by-Nayland marriage register; called of Hingham, Suffolk. [Desc. of Isaac Stearns by Chester V. Swanson, 1988]

WILL: Dated June 14, 1671. Names wife Mary; sons: John, Isaac and Samuel; daus: Mary "Lernot", dec, Sarah Stone, Elizabeth Manning and Abigail Morss; grch Isaac Lernot. Kinsman Charles Sternes. Exors: sons Isaac and Samuel. Witn: William Bond Sr. and John Biscoe Sr. [History of Watertown by Henry Bond, 1860]

MISC: Came to US in 1630; freeman Watertown May 18, 1631.
"The Winthrop Fleet of 1630" by Banks: Stearns, Isaac Stearns from Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, tailor.

1835. Mary Barker

DEATH: Date in History of Watertown by Henry Bond, 1860.

MISC: "The Winthrop Fleet of 1630" by Banks: Stearns, Mary (Barker) wife of Isaac, dau of John Barker of Stoke-by-Nayland.
Records of Thomas Lechford: "Isaacke Sterne of Watertown, planter, sometime of Stoke Nayland, Suffolk, tayler and Mary his wife, dau John Barker late of Stoke, Nayland, clothier, dec. makes a letter of attorney to Thomas Gilson of Sudbury, Suffolk, baker, to receive and recover of and from ___ Munnings of Gaynes Colne, Essex, yeoman, L5 due unto her by some bond or agreement made by sd ___ Munnings before or after his marriage with Margaret Barker, mother of sd Mary." [50 Great Migration Colonists to NE and Their Origin by John Brooks Threlfall, 1990]

1848. Thomas Jones

BIRTH: NEHGR 113:42-52--Desc. of Thomas Jones of Hingham, Hull and Manchester, MA compiled by Claude W. Barlow, 1959.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Ann; m(2) June 25, 1657 Boston Mrs. Abigail (..) Sumner
Ellithorpe, wid Thomas Sumner and Thomas Ellithorpe; m(3) Elizabeth. [NEHGR 143:125]

DEATH: Inventory of Estate taken March 9, 1680/1 (Essex Co. Probate 3:404-6) [NEHGR 143:125]

MISC: A tailor age 36 from Caversham, Oxford, when he sailed from Southampton April 24, 1638 in "Confidence" with wife Ann and 4 children under 10. No Jones entries found in parish registers at Caversham. [NEHGR 143:125] {See also NEHGR 113:42-52, 131-146}

1849. Ann

DEATH: Date not recorded at Hingham and Hull records; they didn't exist that early. [NEHGR 143:125]

1856. Andrew Mansfield

BIRTH: Named in father's will. June 1669 testified he was about age 49.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Bethia, d. July 2, 1672. [Lynn VR calls her d. Andrew]
m(2) June 4, 1673 Mary Neale, wid John, d. June 27, 1681 [Lynn VR]
m(3) Jan. 10, 1681/2 Elizabeth Connatt, wid Lot. [Lynn VR]

DEATH: Inventory presented to Probate Court Nov. 28, 1683.

WILL: Dated June 1, 1679; codicil dated Boston Nov. 19, 1683.

1857. Bethia

DEATH: Date in Lynn VR but called dau of Andrew.

1858. Samuel Johnson

BIRTH: Year calculated from death date "in 83rd yr."

MARRIAGE: Date in V.R. Lynn, MA. May have had second wife as David Johnson, son of Samuel born Lynn Jan. 1688/9; died March 25, 1763 75th yr.;
m. Dec. 21, 1715 Easter Laughton, Lynn.

DEATH: Date in V.R. Lynn, MA.

1859. Mary Collins

DEATH: Date in V.R. Lynn, MA.

1860. John Bonython

MARRIAGE: Said to have had wife Agnes, but that name was not carried on in later generations.

DEATH: Deposition of Samuel Cheever, 37 and Sarah Martin 32:
We testify, that being present with Mr. John Bonighton at Marblehead in his last sickness on Feb. 17, 1676, upon a motion made that ye sd Bonighton would settle his est. bef. his death, the sd Bonighton declared that what estate he had formerly given to his 2 daus which were married, should remain to them, viz: the neck of land which had been given to dau Eleanor Churchwell; and the 50A he had given to dau Winnefrett Nichols; and the rest of est. to 3 sons: John, Thomas and Gabrigan. Eldest, John to have double portion; that sons should provide maintenace to wife Agnes Bonighton their own mother .... in case son Thomas who then lay sick should die, his part should return to other brethren. Feb. 16, 1676. Above written testified before Moses Mavericke, Commisssioner, Sept. 17, 1680. [NEHGR 34:99]

ESTATE: John Beniton/Boniton/Bonython of Saco:
-LA (4.105) Renunciation (4.105) F931. LA gr Wells 10 Sept. 1731 to Mr. Bancroft and Mary his wife, of the estate of a relation John Boniton/Bonython formerly of Saco, to either accept or renounce; Mary Bancroft dau of John Baniton/Bonython declines 14 Sept 1731, to adm his estate. Jonathan Collins and Patience his w renounce n d, adm the estate of John Boniton/Bonython. LA granted Wells, 18 Sept 1731 to Sarah Andrews, granddau of John Benighton/Bonython, late of Saco alias Biddeford and to Robert Edgcomb of Biddeford of the estate of their grandfather John Benighton/Bonython late of Saco, husb, decd int, with t&p inv exh at or bef 11 Dec next, & a p&t acct at or bef 18 Mar 1732. [York Co. Probate 4/148]
-Wells 12 Oct 1731 Robert Edgecome and Sarah Andrews admin estate of John Benighton presented inventory ..... [York Co.Probate 4/176]
-Berwick 18 Apr 1732 Sarah Andrews and Robert Edgecome presented acct of cost and distributions of estate John Benighton. [York Co. Probate 4/178]
-Addl acct of Robert Edgecome, one of adm of estate of John Benighton/Bonython late of Saco alias Biddeford, decd of cost and distributions during adm 44/12/0..Allowed Wells 17 Oct 1732. Where as Sarah Andrews and Robert Edgecome, adms have issued their accts and desire a division of surplusage, Judge of Probate appts 1 Sept 1732 Joseph Chadbourn of Berwick, John Stackpole, Ebenezer Hill, Richard Stimson and Daniel Smith of Biddeford to make just division among ch with double share to the eldest and return due Oct next.
Div per order of 1 Sept 1732:
1. 5000a N side Saco River from which a lot of 100a [desc] was set off for charges in adm.
2. a tract [descr] for the heirs of Richard Benighton decd.
3. same for heirs of Eleanor Churchwell
4. same for heirs of Thomas Benighton
5. same for heirs of John Benighton Jr.
6. same for heirs of Winifred Nichols.
A convenient landing place at the hevy below the fall is designated for use of all heirs. Att & allowed, Wells 17 Oct 1732. [4/186]

LAND: March 7 1732/3 Thomas Bond of Arundel sold to Coll Edmund Goffe of Marblehead his right in est of John Benighton purchased of Edward Andrews and Sarah his wife, dau of sd John Benighton. [York Land 15:546]

1864. Thomas White

DEATH: Will dated May 9, 1664; pvd June 21, wife Susanna...son Thomas...dau Sarah.. Witn: James Carey, Hannah Miller. After widow's death admin of estate went to L. Dowse and B. Twitchell June 7, 1693. [Genealogies of Charlestown Families]

1865. Susanna

BIRTH: Age 89 at time of death.

DEATH: Date from Genealogies of Charlestown Families.

WILL: Dated March 25, 1681; pvd March 29, children of son COUSINS: Jacob Hewins of Dorchester, John Miller of Yarmouth, Mehetable Crow and Mary (wife of John Wittemore) Elizabeth wife of Samuel Frost of Billerica; Lydia Fish of Sandwich; Faith Winslow; to children of Joseph Frost.

1866. Thomas Goble

MARRIAGE: m. Alice ___. [Genealogies of Charlestown Families]

DEATH: Will dated Sept. 30, 1657; pvd Dec. 29, 1657; son Thomas and his children: Thomas, Stephen and Sarah....
1675 heirs: Thomas and wife Mary, Daniel and wife Anna, Daniel Dean and wife Mary, John Sheperd and wife, John White and wife sold to T. Crosswell...

MISC: Inhabitant of Charlestown 1634; removed to Concord.

1867. Alice

MISC: Admitted to church at Charlestown June 30, 1634. [Genealogies of Charlestown Families]

1876. Robert Gowing

BIRTH: Said to have come to MA in 1634 at age 16 from Edinborough. [Gowing Family Genealogy at NEHGR Library]

MARRIAGE: Date in Dedham VR.

DEATH: "Roberd" Gowing d. June 7, 1698. [Lynn VR]

MISC: Resided 2 yrs at Watertown; Freeman Dedham May 29, 1644. Received by Dedham church July 1639.

1877. Elizabeth Brock

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register. Named in father's will. Named in will of aunt Grace Tyler of Colchester, Essex, Eng. 1647 (see NEHGR 47:278-9). [NEHGR 144:124-37, Ancestry of Elizabeth (Aldous) Brock]