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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


1332. Isaac Wheeler

BIRTH: Called son of Thomas in marriage record.

MARRIAGE: Date in Stonington VR 1:134. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date in Stonington VR 2:61. [Barbour Index]

WILL: (no dates) of Stonington; Wife Martha; sons: William, Isaac, Thomas decd, and Richard; Richard's children (not named); daus: Mary, Martha, Anna, Dorothy, Elizabeth and Experience. Exors: son Isaac and brother John Parke. [The Wheeler Family in America, 1914, Albert G. Wheeler p. 290]

1333. Martha Park

BIRTH: Called dau of Thomas in marriage record.

DEATH: Date from Hist. of Stonington.

1340. John Sanford

MARRIAGE: m(1) ca 1631/2 Elizabeth Webb; m(2) ca 1636 Bridget Hutchinson.
[John Sanford of Portsmouth by G. Andrews Moriarty, NEHGR 103:208+]

DEATH: Nov. 20, 1653 widow took receipts from 2 eldest sons for legacies.

WILL: Dated June 22, 1653; Executrix: wife Bridget; Overseer: brother-in-law Edward Hutchinson; sons: John eldest, Samuel, Peleg, Restcome, William, Ebson and Elisha; daus: Eliphal and Anne.

MISC: Arr. Boston on "Lyon" Nov. 3, 1631.

1341. Bridget Hutchinson

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register. [NY Gen. Bio. Record 45:166]

MARRIAGE: m. abt 1637 John Sanford. m(2) Maj. William Phillips.

WILL: Dated Sept. 20, 1696; pvd Aug. 18, 1698; sons: Peleg, Elisha and Esbon Sanford and Samuel and William Phillips; daus: Eliphal Stratton, Sarah Phillips and Deborah Phillips. She d. either Saco or Boston.

1342. William Coddington

BIRTH: Deposed to being about 76 on Sept. 27, 1677. [Records of Colony of RI and Plymouth Plantation]

MARRIAGE: m(1) by 1626 Mary who d. Boston during winter 1630/1.
m(2) Sept. 2, 1631 Terling?, Essex, MA Mary Moseley.
m(3) abt 1650 Ann Brinley. [The Great Migration Bk 1]

DEATH: Burial date and place from The Great Migration Bk 1.

MISC: Magistrate. Admitted to Boston Church during winter of 1630/1. [The Great Migration Bk 1]

1343. Ann Brinley

BIRTH: Identified by deed dtd Feb. 19, 1673/4 Francis Brinley of Newport sold to Wm Mays land which was in part "bounded on the north by land of my sister Ann Coddington, on the west by land given to my cousin Wm Coddington" [RI Land Vol. I, p. 226-7]

DEATH: Date and place from The Great Migration Bk 1.

1436. William French Lt.

BIRTH: Date and place from NEHGR 44:367; "Lt. Wm French and Desc."

MARRIAGE: m(1) Elizabeth; m(2) Mary Lathrop, wid John Stearns.

DEATH: Date from NEHGR 44:367.

MISC: Came to NE in "Defense" in summer 1635 with Rev. Thomas Shepard etc.
Cambridge then Billerica in 1652.

1437. Elizabeth

BIRTH: Named in NEHGR 44:368.

DEATH: Date from NEHGR 4:368.

1438. William Bunnell

MARRIAGE: m. Ann Wilmot. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

MISC: Early settler of New Haven; returned to England 1654.

1439. Ann Wilmot

BIRTH: Listed in Families of Ancient New Haven.

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

1476. Robert Tincker

MARRIAGE: m(1) Feb. 14, 1590/1 New Windsor Agnes/Anne Berrington, bur. Dec. 5, 1600. m(2) Jan. 26, 1600/1 Amersham, Buckingham Mary Merwin. [NEHGR 149:403-5]

WILL: Dated Jan. 23, 1622/3; pvd June 15, 1624; names wife Mary; son Thomas & his wife Anne; sons Robert, John and Randall; daus: Ellen Tincker, Marie Tincker, Rody Tincker, Anne Tyncker, Sara Tyncker < 21, Margaret Murren wife of Walter Murren and Thomas Murren their son. Exor: wife Mary. Witn: Wm Phillips, Thomas Helme. Overseers: son-in-law Walter Murren and Wm Mills. [NEHGR 149:405-7]

MISC: In 1615 served as a churchwarden of New Windsor and signed the Bishop's Transcripts.

1477. Mary Merwin

MARRIAGE: m(2) Feb. 12, 1631/2 New Windsor Humphrey Collins. [NEHGR 149:407]

MISC: March 27, 1663 she witn will of brother Anthony Merwin. About 1640 resided Windsor, CT, selling the property about 1648. Nothing further.

1478. John Smith

BIRTH: Known as "John Smith of Lancaster". Previously lived Sudbury, MA

DEATH: The Annals of Lancaster, MA 1643-1725 by Henry Nourse, p. 323.

MISC: April 5, 1669 he transf. land holdings to son-in-law John Moore in exchange for support and care. [Stanclift Genealogy, p. 383]

1479. Mary

DEATH: The Annals of Lancaster, MA 1643-1725, p. 322.

1486. John Jones

BIRTH: Age 42 in 1635.

MARRIAGE: Wife Sarah in 1635; m(2) Susanna. She could have been wid of Richard Hollingsworth of Salem.

WILL: Dated Jan. 17, 1664/5; Inv Feb. 9, 1664/5. Exor wife Susanna; ch: John Jones, Eliphalet Jones, Sarah Wilson, widow, Ruth James, Rebecca Hull, Elizabeth Hill. Overseers Mr. Gold and Mr. Pell. [Fam. of Old Fairfield, pt. 4, p. 343]

MISC: Matriculated Queens College, Cambridge, 1608; B.A. 1612/3; M.A. 1616.
Sailed 1635 "Defence" with (wife) Sarah 34, (ch) Sarah 15, John 11, Ruth 7, Theophilus 3, Rebecca 2 and Elizabeth 6mo.
Ordained pastor Concord, MA April 6, 1637; removed to Fairfield 1644.

1487. Sarah

BIRTH: Age 34 in 1635.

1498. Matthew Fuller

MARRIAGE: Wife Frances.

WILL: Dated July 25, 1678; Wife Francis; gch Shubeall Jones reputed son of Ralph Jones; son John Fuller; natural sons of my son Samuel Fuller decd: Thomas, Jabez, Timothy, Matthias, and Samuel Fuller; Bethyah wife of son John; daus: Mary Jones wife Ralph, Anne Fuller now wife Samuel Fuller and Elizabeth Rowley wife Moses; Sarah Rowley dau Moses; Jedediah Jones son Ralph; sons-in-law: Ralfe Jones, Samuel Fuller Jr. and Moses Rowley Sr.; only surviving son John and wife Bethya; Mary Fuller wife of son Samuel. Exors: the Scotsman Robert Marshall, Jaser Taylar and wife Frances. Inventory dated Oct. 30, 1678. [Mayflower Families - Edward Fuller]

1499. Frances

DEATH: Swore to husband's inventory Oct. 30, 1678.

1506. Edward Hitchcock

BIRTH: Listed in Families of Ancient New Haven.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Mary; m(2) May 20, 1656 Frances, wid John England. [Branford VR]

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

1508. Matthew Moulthrop

MARRIAGE: Mathew Mowthrop m. May 13, 1633 Wrawby, Lincolnshire Jana Nicholl. [parish register; TAG 74:91]

DEATH: Date from New Haven VR.

MISC: Had sister Ellen {wrong!!!} b. abt 1619 m(1) William Luddington; m(2) 1663 John Rose Sr. [NH VR; Families of Ancient New Haven]
Occupation - glover.

1509. Jane Nicholl

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register. [TAG 74:96]

DEATH: Date and place from New Haven records mentioned in Families of Ancient New Haven.

1510. John Thompson

MARRIAGE: Wife Dorothy.

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

MISC: Resided East Haven.

1511. Dorothy

MARRIAGE: m(2) Thomas Harrison. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

1522. Richard Miles

BIRTH: Said to be from Wormley, Co. Herts. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

MARRIAGE: m(1) ?; m(2) Katherine, wid Constable. [Families of Ancient NH]

DEATH: Date from New Haven VR.

1526. Jarvis Boykin

MARRIAGE: Wife Isabel. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

MISC: Of Charlestown, MA and NH.

1527. Isabel

DEATH: Year from NH VR.

1528. Jeremy How

BIRTH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

MARRIAGE: Wife Elizabeth.

DEATH: Date from New Haven VR.

1529. Elizabeth

DEATH: Date from New Haven VR.

1532. Ralph Hemingway or Hemenway

MARRIAGE: m. July 5, 1634 Elizabeth Hewes. [Roxbury VR]

DEATH: Date from Ralph Hemmenway of Roxbury, MA and Desc., 1932, Clair A. Hemenway Newtown.

WILL: Dated May 4, 1677; pvd July 11, 1678; named wife Elizabeth; 3 sons;
Ruth who d. unm 1684. [Hemmenway Genealogy]

1533. Elizabeth Hewes

DEATH: Date in Roxbury VR, age 82.

1534. John Cooper

MARRIAGE: m(1) ?; m(2) Jane Woolen, wid John Hall. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

DEATH: Date from New Haven VR.

1664. Jeuriaen Blanck

MARRIAGE: Wife Tryntje (Catherine) Claes.

-goldsmith of Manhatten, 1643.

1665. Tryntje Claes

MARRIAGE: ?m(1) Barent Simonsen. Had son, Symon Barentsen aka Simon Blanck.

WILL: Dated Sept 1, 1698.
Page 257.--Richard, Earl of Bellomont, Captain-General, &c. To all, &c. Know ye that at New York, (???), before me the will of CATHARINE BLANCK was proved, and the executors named in the said will were duly confirmed, (???), 1698 ...
Page 258.--CATHARINE BLANCK. "In the name of God, Amen. I, Catharine Blank, widow of Jurian Blank, being under bodily indisposition." "I leave to my son, Symon Barentsen, 30 shillings, in full for all pretence he may have to my estate, real and personal; he having been sufficiently provided for, during the life of my husband, Jurian Blanck; having received one half of a sloop, a wedding dinner, 2 wedding suits, a cloak, a fine red broad cloth waist coat, with silver thread buttons, one half dozen fine Holland shirts, one half dozen striped Calico neck cloths, an oyen brigg feather bed, two new blankets, and had his diett, for two years after he was married." "And whereas my eldest son, Jurian Blanck, in consideration of 3, 12s. and a Bible by me to him given, hath released all claim to my estate, except such part as I have bequeathed to him," I leave all my estate to be divided into seven equal parts and leave thus to my children, viz.: Jurian and Nicholas Blanck, Elsie, widow of Albert Busch, Antie, widow of George Brewerton, Catalyna, wife of Frans Boon, Cleasie, wife of Victor Bickers, and the children of my deceased daughter Margaret, wife of Philip Smith, deceased, viz.: Philip, Margaret, Caetjie and Mary. And whereas my son, Nicholas Blanck, being moved with compassion for the children of his sister Margaret, hath paid for their maintenance and necessaries the sum of 106, 9s. 11d. besides other charges he has suffered as administrator of Philip Smith, deceased. If the children do not repay him then their share is to be sold to repay him. Makes her sons, Jurian and Nicholas Blanck, and Frans Boon, Victor Birker, Elsie Blanck, Edward Busch, Caetje Blanck, and Abraham Brewerton, executors.
Dated September 1, 1698. (Not witnessed.)