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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


1280. Stephen Gates

MARRIAGE: Date from TAG 10:199.

WILL: Dated June 9, 1662; proved Cambridge bef Sept. 29, 1662, date of inventory.

MISC: Sailed from Ipswich, Eng. in "Diligent" 1638. Resided Hingham, MA;
Early settler of Lancaster where he subscribed to town orders April 3, 1654. Freeman of Lancaster May 14, 1656. Resident of Sudbury 1658.

1281. Ann Veare

BIRTH: Deposition June 12, 1673 gave her age as about 70 yrs.

MARRIAGE: m(2) April 18, 1663 (contract date) Richard Woodward.

DEATH: Date in Stow V.R.

1284. John Benjamin

WILL: Dated Apr/Jun 12, 1646 To son John a double portion .. to wife ... towards bringing up smale children ... Rest to be divided equally between 7 other of my children. Appoint brother John Eddie of Watertown and Thomas Marret of Cambridge to do inventory. Witn: George Muning. [Suffolk Deeds; NEHGR 1984, p. 25]

MISC: Came to Boston in "Lion" Sept. 16, 1632 with wife and 2 ch. Removed to Watertown in 1636.

1285. Abigail Eddy

BIRTH: Date and place from Bullard and Allied Families, p. 186.
Bapt. date from parish register. Named in father's will. [Eddy Genealogy]

1288. Richard Woodward

BIRTH: MAY have been the one bp Jan. 20, 1587 Childwell parish, Lancs, to Wm and Eliz Woodward. [Desc. of Richard Woodward of N.E. 1589-1982 by Norma Slater Woodward]

MARRIAGE: Cambridge marriage record. [Woodward Genealogy]
m(2) Mrs. Ann (Veare) Gates, wid. Stephen.

MISC: A miller, age 45, embarked Ipswich last of Apr 1634 in "Elizabeth";
arr. Boston July 1634 with wife Rose age 50 and sons George and John both age 13.
Freeman Watertown Sept. 2, 1635.

1289. Rose Stewart

BIRTH: Last name not clear in marriage record. [Woodward Genealogy]

1296. George Partridge

BIRTH: Inf. from Descendants of George Partridge of Duxbury, MA, by Myrtle Dennis Lundberg and Marie Ray Davis, 1965.

MARRIAGE: Date from Partridge Genealogy.

DEATH: Date and place from Partridge Genealogy.

WILL: Plymouth Co Probate Vol. 1:225; dated June 29, 1682 names wife Sarah; dau Mercy; gdau Bethyah Allen; eldest son John; son James. Wife sole executor. Witn: Alexander Standish and Josiah Standish. Inventory taken Oct. 10, 1695.

MISC: 1st appears in Plymouth Co. records 1636. 1643 on list able to bear arms; freeman 1646; one of orig. purchasers of Middleborough.

1297. Sarah Tracy

BIRTH: Date and place from Partridge Genealogy.

WILL: Plymouth Co. Probate Vol. 2:131; dated Nov. 28, 1702; probated Oct. 6, 1708. Names daus: Sarah Allen, Trephosa West, Elizabeth Allien, Ruth Thacher, Mary Scrif, Rebecca Fisher, Lidia Bruister, Mercy Coburn. Son James executor; overseers son "Bruister" and son John.

1298. Samuel Seabury

MARRIAGE: m(1) Nov. 16, 1660 Patience Kemp. [Duxbury VR]
m(2) April 4, 1677 Martha Pabodie. [Duxbury VR]
m(3) Dec. 13, 1688 Mrs. Abigail Allen. [Duxbury VR]

1299. Patience Kemp

DEATH: Date in Duxbury VR.

1304. Richard Treat

WILL: Dated Feb. 13, 1668; Inventory taken by John Deming, Robert Webster and John Nott. Names wife Alis; sons: eldest Richard, 2nd Robert and youngest James; daus: ___ Holister, ___ Johnson, Honor Demon; son-in-law Matthew Camfield and John Demon ? and Robert Webster; cousin Samuel Wells ? and Daniel Demong son of John Sr. [Early CT Probate Records Vol. 1, p. 245 by Manwaring]

1305. Alice Gaylord

BIRTH: Bapt. date from TAG 58:218+; Eng. Ancestry of Dea. Wm Gaylord by Benjamin H. Gaylord, Oct. 1982.

1308. James Noyes Rev.

BIRTH: Year in parish register but added at later time.

MARRIAGE: m in Eng. 1633 Sarah Brown, dau Joseph Brown of Southampton, Co. Hants, Eng.

DEATH: Date in Newbury VR, age 48.

WILL: Dated Oct. 17, 1656; proved Nov. 26, 1656 names wife Sara, children, brother Nicholas and cousin Rev. Thomas Parker. [Essex Co. Probate Vol. 1, 1916, by George F. Dow, p. 245] Inventory of Estate Nov. 21, 1656. [Essex Co. Quarterly Court file, Vol. 3, leaves 56-57]

MISC: Matriculated Brasenose College, Oxford Oct. 22, 1627; but did not graduate. Sailed on "Mary & John" March 1633.

1309. Sarah Brown

BIRTH: Said to be dau of Joseph Brown of Southampton. [Genealogical Record of Some Noyes Descendants, 1904, Henry E. Noyes and Harriatte Noyes]

DEATH: Date and place in Noyes Genealogy. (not in Newbury VR)

WILL: Dated Nov. 11, 1681; proved Sept. 29, 1691. (where?)

1310. Thomas Stanton

DEATH: Date from History of Stonington, 1977, by Richard Wheeler.

MISC: Came to U.S. on "Bonaventure" in 1635, landing in VA and soon removed to Boston. Hartford in 1637; Indian interpreter. Stonington in 1657.

1311. Anna Lord

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register as appears in Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord, 1946, compiled by Kenneth Lord.

DEATH: Date and place from History of Stonington by Wheeler.

1312. Walter Palmer

BIRTH: [Hist. of Stonington]

MARRIAGE: m(1)____; m(2) Rebecca Short

MISC: To N.E. as early as 1628 with brother, Abraham Palmer, merchant of London. Estab. Charlestown June 24, 1629; organized Rehoboth.

1314. George Denison Capt.

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register of St. Michael's in Bishop's Stortford, reprinted in The Denison Genealogy.

MARRIAGE: m(1) abt 1640 Bridget Thompson. m(2) Ann Borodell.

DEATH: Date and place from History of Stonington.

MISC: Came with family to New England in 1631. Returned to England after wife died, joined army; married second wife and returned to Roxbury, MA.

1316. Robert Vose

BIRTH: Date and place from History of Milton, MA 1640-1887 by A.K. Teele, 1887.

MARRIAGE: m. license July 25, 1629 Jane Moss of Childwell. [Vose Genealogy]

DEATH: Date and place from History of Milton.

WILL: Dated Sept. 10, 1683; of Milton, Suffolk, MA yeoman; sons: Edward and Thomas; dau Martha Buckminster. Exors: sons Edward and Thomas. Witn: Robert Badcock and Walter Morey. [Robert Vose and His Desc., 1932, Ellen F. Vose, p. 12-13]

MISC: He came to Dorchester with sons Edward, Thomas and Henry; daus Elizabeth, and Martha. [Hist. of Milton] Gentleman of Dorchester July 13, 1654.
Living in Garston 1626; living in Ditton Feb. 18, 1641; living in Cronton March 29, 1650. [Vose Genealogy]

1317. Jane Moss

BIRTH: Of Childwell at time of marriage. [Vose Genealogy]

DEATH: Date and place from Vose Genealogy.

1320. Samuel Hinckley

MARRIAGE: m(1) Sarah ___; m(2) Dec. 15, 1657 Mrs. Bridget Bodfish, wid Robert. [Barnstable Famililes Vol. 2, p. 30+]

DEATH: Date from Barnstable Families.

WILL: Dated Oct. 8, 1662; names wife Bridget; daus: Susanna, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth; sons: Thomas, Samuel and John; gch: Samuel, Thomas, Mary and Bathsheba all of son Thomas and Samuel and Jonathan Cobb. [Barnstable Families]

MISC: Came to NE in spring 1635 from Tenterton, Kent in "Hercules".

1321. Sarah

DEATH: Date from Barnstable Families 2:30+

1322. Thomas Lothrop

MISC: Joined Scituate church May 4, 1637.

1323. Sarah Larned

BIRTH: NOT listed in Bermondsey Parish Register. [Learned Genealogy, 1898, compiled by Wm Law Learned]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Jan. 13, 1623/4 Thomas Ewer. [Bermondsey Parish Register]

MISC: Came to US on "James" June 1635, Thomas Ewer age 40, Sarah 28, Elizabeth 4 and Thomas 1 1/2.

1324. John Lothrop Rev.

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from Lo-Lathrop Genealogy, 1884 by Rev. E.B. Huntington.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Hannah House, License issued Canterbury Oct. 10, 1610.
m (1) Oct. 16, 1610 Hannah House. [Eastwell parish register; TAG 69]
m(2) Feb. 17, 1635 Scituate Ann Hammond. [Lo-Lathrop Genealogy]

MISC: Queens College Cambridge 1601, BA 1605, MA 1609.
Settled Scituate, MA Sept. 27, 1634.

1329. Grace Stevens

DEATH: Date from Stonington VR 1:78. [Barbour Index]

1330. Ephriam Miner

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from Hist. of Stonington.

1331. Hannah Avery

BIRTH: Date from Avery Genealogy. Date in Gloucester VR is 12m 8d 16__.

MARRIAGE: m. June 20, 1666 New London Ephriam Minor. [Avery Genealogy]
Date in Stonington VR 1:132. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date and place from Avery Genealogy.