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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


766. Samuel Hemingway

BIRTH: Date and place from Families of Ancient New Haven. Date in Roxbury VR.

MARRIAGE: m. March 23, 1661/2 Sarah Cooper. [New Haven VR]

DEATH: Date from East Haven VR.

767. Sarah Cooper

BIRTH: Bapt. date from 1st Congregational Society New Haven.

832. Jeuriaen Blanck

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Dutch Reform Church records; "Jeugie", father: Jeurgie Blanck; witn: Thomas Welert, Anneke Lookermans, Tryntje Hendricks, Capt. Jan de Vries, Mr. Hans Kierstede.

MARRIAGE: Juraen Blanck, de Jonge, Van N. Orangien, en Hester Ven der Beeck, j.d. Van Gauwanes, 25 Oct 1673, midwout. (NY was called New Orange on Aug. 9)

DEATH: Widow remarried on Sept. 11, 1715.

WILL: (declared invalid) dated April 3, 1714. To son Casparus, 1 shilling; dau Mary Johnson exor gets everything. Witn: Joseph Taylor & Jarvis Marshall.

833. Hester Van der Beeck

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Dutch Reform Church records; father: Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck; witn: Mr. Jacob Verrivanger & Cornelis Van hjerckhoven.

MARRIAGE: m(2) Sept. 11, 1715 Coen "Gayn" Miller.

DEATH: Burial date from Dutch Church records; Holland Society Yearbook, 1899: Hester Blanck, wife of Coen Miller. Burials in Reformed Dutch Church, film #17,777, Hester Blanck alias Miller d. Sept. 26, 1727 or 28; bur. 28th.

834. Elias Post

MARRIAGE: m(1) May 6, 1669 Elias Pos, j.m. Van Amsterdam, en Cathalyntie Conick, j.d. Van N. Albania.
m(2) June 13, 1674 Elias Pos, wedr. Van Catalyntie Conings, en Marritje Corn.,j.d. Van fort Orangien; int May 20.

896. John Partridge

BIRTH: Strong circumstantial evidence suggests he was son of Capt. John Partridge, whose son John was abt 14 in 1634--Visitation of Essex (Harl. Soc. Pub. xiii, part 1, p. 465). [Partridge Genealogy by George H. Partridge, 1904]

MARRIAGE: Date in Medfield VR.

WILL: Suffolk Co Probate Vol. 16, p. 158-9. Proved June 25, 1706. Names sons: John, Eleazer, Samuel and Zachariah; dau Rachel wife of Theophilus Clark; gch: Eleazer and Obadiah Adams, and Hannah Rockwood. [Partridge Genealogy p. 1]

MISC: Came to Medfield from Dedham abt 1653; named in Dedham land record dated March 7, 1652. {Medfield separated from Dedham 1650}

897. Magdalen Bullard

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register of St. Martin in Barnham. [Bullard and Allied Families by George Newton Bullard and Mary Elizabeth Bullard, 1930]

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

898. Nicholas Rockwood

BIRTH: Rockwood and Rockett both used.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Jone/Jane, who d. Dec. 15, 1654. [Medfield VR]
m(2) Margaret Holbrook [Medfield VR]
m(3) (Mrs?) Silence Duntling May 25, 1675, who d. Nov. 9, 1677. [Medfield VR]

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

899. Margaret Holbrook

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

900. Ralph Wheelock

BIRTH: (No Wheelocks in Archdeaconry of Norfolk and Norfolk Consistory Court will indexes); NEHGR 152:18


DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

WILL: Suffolk Probate case #1339; will recorded Vol. 6, p. 454. Dated 1681; Mentions bro-in-law George Barber. [NGSQ 74:1-5]
Dated May 3, 1681; proved May 1, 1684. Sons: Gershom, Benjamin, Eleazer and Samuel; sons-in-law Increase Ward and Felix Warren; gdau Rebecca Craft; bro-in-law George Barber. [Detroit Soc. for Gen. Research Mag. Spring 1956, p. 99]

MISC: Freeman Dedham March 13, 1639.
Witnessed will of Wm Clarke 1565-1630 of Banham; his wife's uncle. [NEHGR 152:13]
1634 was vicar of Eccles (village west of Banham). [NEHGR 152:311]
May 6, 1630 ordained priest by Francis White, Bishop of Norwich Diocese.

901. Rebecca Clark

BIRTH: She was sister of Elizabeth Clark who m. George Barber Nov. 24, 1642 Dedham because in his will, Ralph Wheelock called George Barber bro-in-law. Bapt. date and place from NEHGR 152:18.

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

MISC: Joined First Church of Dedham Aug. 3, 1639.

902. George Kendrick

MARRIAGE: m(1) April 26, 1647 Ruth Bowen. [Rehoboth VR]
m(2) April 1, 1691 Jane Ide. [Rehoboth VR]

903. Ruth Bowen

DEATH: Burial date in Rehoboth VR.

904. Edmund Sheffield

WILL: Admin of estate of Edmund Sheffield, late of Ballingdon, All Saints, Sudbury, dec. granted Jan. 4, 1630/1 to son Humphrey with consent of wid Thomazine. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administrations {at Bury St. Edmunds} Vol. 3, fo. 7) [NEHGR 77:191]

905. Thomasine

DEATH: Sudbury Borough Records: Sept. 3, 1632--Thomasine Sheffield, widow, presented for not going to her parish church of All Saints. [NEHGR 77:190-94]

912. John Warren

BIRTH: Year from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

MARRIAGE: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown.

WILL: Dated Jan. 12 and proved Feb. 22, 1702/3 according to Early Settlers of Watertown.

MISC: Freeman May 18, 1645.

913. Michal Jennison

BIRTH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, p. 307.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Feb. 10, 1657/8 Richard Bloys, 3 ch.
m(2) July 11, 1667 Capt. John Warren Jr.

DEATH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

914. John Hastings

BIRTH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

MARRIAGE: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, p. 285.

DEATH: Date from Waltham VR.

915. Abigail Hammond

BIRTH: Date in History of Watertown by Bond. Date in Hammond Genealogy is June 21, 1659. Named in father's will as Abigail Hastings, wife of John Hastings.

DEATH: Date from Waltham V.R.

916. Samuel Stone Dea.

BIRTH: Date from Descendants of Gregory Stone, by J. Gardner Bartlett, 1918.

MARRIAGE: Date in Vital Records Lexington, MA.
According to Stone Genealogy, m(2) Mrs. Abigail (Carter) Fowle Walker of Woburn.

917. Sarah Stearns

BIRTH: Date and place from Gregory Stone Genealogy, p. 80, by J. Gardner Bartlett, 1918. Date and place from History of Watertown by Henry Bond, 1860. Named in father's will as Sarah Stone.

DEATH: Date and place from Gregory Stone Genealogy p. 80.

924. Abraham Jones

BIRTH: NEHGR 143:126-7.

DEATH: Date in Hull V.R.

WILL: Dated Jan 8, 1717; proved March 10, 1717/8 (Suffolk Co. Probate 20:283). Names wife Sarah; sons: Thomas, Abraham, Joseph, Benjamin, John and Ephriam; grandch. of dau dau Linchorne dec. Witn: Zachariah Whitman, Joseph Benson and John Loring. (NEHGR 113:45) [NEHGR 143:127]

MISC: Hull by 1657; Freeman 1673; representative 1689. [Savage]
A mariner.

925. Sarah Whitman

BIRTH: Named in will of father in 1685--married a JONES. [Savage]

DEATH: Date in Hull V.R.

928. Daniel Mansfield

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Lynn, MA.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Hannah Johnson; proof is a deed dated Jan. 10, 1710/11 recorded April 29, 1724 from Samuel Johnson to son David Johnson.
m(2) May 12, 1715 Mrs. Margaret (Jarvis) Burrill.

DEATH: Date in Vital Records Lynn, MA.

WILL: Dated June 6, 1728; proved July 29, 1728 #17589: names wife Margaret, son Samuel and dau. Bethia both deceased; Bethia had dau. under age. Executors were sons Daniel and Andrew.

929. Hannah Johnson

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Lynn, MA.

DEATH: Date in V.R. Lynn, MA.

930. John Benighton

BIRTH: March 18, 1681 testified he was age 34. [York Deeds Vol. 5, folio 8]

DEATH: NOT called deceased in probate record Sept. 10, 1731. Heirs of John Benighton Jr mentioned in a division of his father's estate Sept. 1, 1732. [York Co. Probate 4/148, 4/186]

LAND: Witnessed land sale April 23, 1731 [York Co. Deeds 16:161]
Witnessed tranx bet Capt. John Bonighton and Wm Phillips Oct. 1, 1667. [York Deeds Vol. 2, folio 37]

MISC: June 1, 1683 John Bonighton attested to inventory of brother Gabrigale Bonighton's estate. [York Deeds Vol. 5, folio 22]

932. John White

BIRTH: Named in his mother's will when she left something to his children.

MARRIAGE: m. Elizabeth Goble; named in will of Thomas John White and wife...

DEATH: Administration of Estate Oct. 3, 1676. [Genealogies of Charlestown Families by Thomas Wyman]

933. Elizabeth Goble

BIRTH: Named in father's will as wife of John White.

MARRIAGE: m(2) 1682 Thomas Carter. [Genealogies of Charlestown Families]
m. June 7, 1682 Thomas Carter. [Sudbury VR]

938. John Gowing

BIRTH: Date in Dedham VR Vol. 1.

DEATH: Date in Lynn, MA VR.

940. Joseph Boynton Capt.

MARRIAGE: Date from Rowley, MA V.R.
m(2) Int. March 5, 1720 Elizabeth Wood. [Rowley V.R.]

DEATH: Date from Rowly, MA V.R. "age about 89yrs"

MISC: Capt. in Col. Francis Wainwright's 1st Regt. Dismissed from Rowley Church to Groton Dec. 4, 1715.

941. Sarah Swan

BIRTH: Named in father's will as wife of Joseph Boynton. Year from Early Settlers of Rowley, p. 371.

DEATH: Date and place from Early Settlers of Rowley, MA by Amos Everett Jewett, 1933, p. 26.