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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


664. Samuel Frink

BIRTH: Date from Stonington VR 1:134. [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: Date from Stonington VR 2:7. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Sergt. Samuel Frink d. Oct 12, 1713; Stonington VR 2:7. [Barbour]

665. Hannah Miner

BIRTH: Date from Stonington VR 2:9. [Barbour Index]

666. Isaac Wheeler

BIRTH: Date from Hist. of Stonington. Wheeler Genealogy p. 293 says b. Stonington Aug 6, 1673.

MARRIAGE: Date from SVR 1:185. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date from Stonington VR 3:89. [Barbour Index]

667. Mary Shepard

BIRTH: Said to be dau Rev. Jeremiah Shepard, but proof needed; Jeremiah left no will.

DEATH: Date from Hist. of Stonington; age 83.

670. Peleg Sanford Gov.

BIRTH: Date from NEHGR Vol. 103, p. 272; President John Sanford and Family.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Mary Brenton; m(2) Dec. 1, 1674 Mary Coddington

WILL: Dated Feb. 28, 1700/1; proved Sept. 1, 1701. Names wife Mary; Exors: Francis Brinley, Nathaniel Coddington and Andrew Willett were made guardians of minor ch: Peleg, William, Bridget and Elizabeth; eldest dau Ann Sanford; sister Eliphal Stratton; nieces: Mary Brinley, Mary Cole and Katherine Vernon.

671. Mary Coddington

BIRTH: Date and place from The Great Migration Bk 1.

712. Thomas Wheeler

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from The Wheeler Family in America, 1914, Albert Gallatin Wheeler Jr. p. 201.

MARRIAGE: Wife Jane in Barbour Index; Joan Bryan in Wheeler Genealogy.

DEATH: Date from Milford VR in Barbour Index, OL:97 & ES:16.

WILL: (no dates) of Milford, New Haven, CT; Eldest son John and his 3 daus: Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth; 2nd son Nathaniel; sons Ephriam and Joseph < 21, son Thomas < 21; to brother's children: William, Thomas and Sarah. Exor wife Joane. Overseers: Mr. Robert Treat, brother Daniel and Samuel Buckingham. [Wheeler Family in America, p. 202-4] Families of Old Fairfield pt. 6, p. 679 says will dtd Nov. 18, 1672; pvd June 11, 1673. Also that Esther, dau of Nathaniel is mentioned.

MISC: Adm to Milford Church Aug. 9, 1640.
Deputy to CT Legislature May and Oct. 1670, and May 1671.

713. Jane

BIRTH: Adm to Milford Church as wife of Thomas. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date from Milford VR in Barbour Index, OL:97

714. Richard Holbrook

BIRTH: Listed in Holbrook & Allied Families, 1942, A. Roberts Lord.

MARRIAGE: Wife Agnes.

DEATH: Will dated March 29, 1670. [Holbrook Genealogy, p. 10]

MISC: Orig. Proprietor of Dorchester 1635; freeman Springfield, MA May 10, 1648; Huntington, L.I. 1653; Milford, CT 1657/8.

718. Francis French

BIRTH: NEHGR 44:367-8.

MARRIAGE: m. April 10, 1661 Lyia Bonnell of Milford. [NEHGR 44:368]

DEATH: Date and place from NEHGR 44:368.

MISC: To Milford abt 1650; 1654 one of 1st settlers of Derby, CT.

719. Lydia Bonnell

BIRTH: Dau. of Wm Bunnell of New Haven. [Families of Ancient N.H.]

DEATH: Date from Derby VR.

738. John Tincker

BIRTH: Date and place from NEHGR Oct. 1995, p. 416. Named in father's will. Named in will of uncle Anthony Merwin in 1634.

MARRIAGE: m(1) bet June 6 and July 22, 1648 Boston, MA Sarah Wilshire Barnes, the divorced wife of Wm Barnes.
m(2) by Dec. 9, 1649 Alice Smith.

DEATH: Date and place from NEHGR Oct. 1995, p. 416. Inventory dtd Dec. 22, 1662.

MISC: May 3, 1654 freeman of Mass. Bay Colony. 1655 one of petitioners to establish town of Groton, MA but moved to Lancaster where he served as town clerk and selectman. Aug. 1659 moved to New London, CT.

739. Alice Smith

BIRTH: Date from NEHGR Oct. 1995, p. 417. Named in father's will.

MARRIAGE: m(2) bef June 21, 1665 Stonington William Measure.

DEATH: Date from Diary of Joshua Hempstead, NEHGR Oct. 1995, p. 422.

MISC: Came to US in 1635 on the "Planter".
March 17, 1664 acknowledged she was having a child by Jeremiah Blinman, the dau was known as Sarah Tincker. [New London Court Records I:20, 22 by Manwaring] June 26, 1688 she was granted adm of husband Wm Measure.

740. Josiah Stanbrough

MARRIAGE: Wife Alice, wid of Thomas Wheeler of New Haven.

WILL: Dated July 6, 1661. Wife Alice; sons: Peregrine and Josiah; daus: Sarah and Mary. [Families of Old Fairhaven, pt. 6, p. 683]

742. Thomas James

BIRTH: Said to be son of Rev. Thomas James of Charlestown who came to New Haven in 1639 but didn't stay.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Ruth Jones, dau Rev. John. m(2) Sept. 2, 1669 Katherine Blux, who was prob. mother of "daus-in-law" Mary Mulford and Eliz. Osborn.

WILL: Dated June 14, 1696; pvd June 23, 1696; Preacher of ye Gospel and Minister of Easthampton, Suffolk, Isle of Nassau alias Long Island. Daus: Sarah eldest, wife Peregrine Stanbrough; Mary 2nd, wife John Stratton; Hannah, wife James Dyment; Ruth wife Thomas Harris. Gch: Mary Stanbrough and Mary Stratton; eldest gson John Stanbrough. Dau-in-law Anne Howell, now wife Abraham Howell of Southampton whose 1st husband was son Nathaniel James decd. Daus-in-law: Mary wife John Mulford and Elizabeth wife Joseph Osborn. Exors: Peregrine Stanborough, John Stratton, James Dyment and Thomas Harris. Overseers: 2 sons-in-law John Mulford and Joseph Osborn. Witn: Cornelius Conkling, Shuball Talmage and John Wheeler Jr. [Early Long Island Wills, p. 123+]

MISC: Freeman Easthampton 1645.

743. Ruth Jones

BIRTH: Age 7 in 1635. Named in father's will as widow Ruth James.

MARRIAGE: m. Rev. Thomas James.

748. Moses Rowley

MARRIAGE: m. April 22, 1652 Barnstable Elizabeth Fuller.

WILL: Dated Aug. 16, 1704 East Haddam; pvd March 8 1705/6 sons: Moses, Matthew; daus: Mehitabel Fuller. Witn: John Chapman, Matthew Rowlee, Mary Creppen. [NYGBR 37:59-61]

MISC: March 7, 1653/4 he received cow from estate of Wm Palmer of Duxbury, his will dtd 1637. [Plymouth Colony Records 3:45]
Freeman Barnstable 1657.

749. Elizabeth Fuller

BIRTH: Named in father's will as wife of Moses Rowley.

DEATH: Information from NYGBR 37:59-61.

752. Ralph Russell

MARRIAGE: m. Oct. 12, 1663 Mary Hitchcock. [New Haven VR]

DEATH: Year from Ancient Families of New Haven.

MISC: Resided Lynn, MA before CT. Had brother John, who d. June 1681, with wife Hannah.

753. Mary Hitchcock

BIRTH: Dates from records of 1st Congregational Society New Haven; Families of Ancient New Haven.

MARRIAGE: m(2) Dec. 29, 1679 John Potter. [NH VR]

754. Matthew Moulthrop

BIRTH: Bapt. date from parish register. [TAG 74:91]

MARRIAGE: m. June 26, 1662 Hannah Thompson. [New Haven VR]

DEATH: Date from New Haven, CT VR.

755. Hannah Thompson

MARRIAGE: m(2) Samuel Hotchkiss. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

DEATH: Date from East Haven VR.

756. Nicholas Utter

MARRIAGE: m(1) ?; m(2) widow Elizabeth who had dau Eleanor.

WILL: Dated May 5, 1722; pvd Aug. 17, 1722. Names wife Elizabeth; sons: Jabez, Thomas, Nicholas Jr and William; daus: Millicent Yeomans and Sarah Forman decd.; friend John Richmond; 1st Baptist Church at Groton. Exors: Peter Crandall, John Maxson and John Richmond.

LAND: Jan. 8, 1713/4 purchased land in Stonington which was sold by heirs to Matthew Randall.

MISC: Oct. 4, 1714 Information being made to council by John Hull...child of NICHOLAS UTTER is likely to put ____ betaken the sd NICHOLAS UTTER having left town. [Westerly, RI TCP 1:78R]

760. George Pardee

BIRTH: Bapt. date and place from Families of Ancient New Haven.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Oct. 20, 1650 Martha Miles; m(2) Dec. 29, 1662 Katherine Lane. [New Haven, CT VR] m(3) Rebecca. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

DEATH: Date from Families of Ancient New Haven.

761. Martha Miles

BIRTH: Information from Families of Ancient New Haven.

DEATH: Husband remarried.

762. James Denison

MARRIAGE: m. Nov. 25, 1662 Bethia Boykin. [NH VR]

DEATH: Date from East Haven, CT VR.

763. Bethia Boykin

BIRTH: Bapt. date from 1st Congregational Society New Haven.

764. Zachariah How

MARRIAGE: m. March 22, 1666/7 Sarah, niece of Matthew Gilbert. [New Haven, CT VR]

DEATH: Date from Wallingford VR.

765. Sarah

DEATH: Date from Walllingford VR.