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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


534. Richard Bonython Capt.

BIRTH: Bapt. date from St. Columb Major parish register. [NEHGR 39:343]

MARRIAGE: Wife may have been Lucretia. Lucretia and Elizabeth Bonighton witn exchange of property between Richard Bonithon and Robert Child July 14, 1647. [York Deeds Vol 1, pt 1, folio 40]

DEATH: No will; Richard Cummings as exor involved in court action July 1, 1651. [Maine Province and Court Records 2/99]

MISC: Margery Baston, dau Stephen & Elizabeth, bound an apprentice by consent to CAPT. RICHARD BONYTHON and WIFE LUCRETIA till sd Margery attayne to full age of 21. April 4, 1637 [Maine Province and Court Records Vol 1, p.6]
-Appears to have served in French Wars with Sir Ferdinado Gorges. [Dictionary of National Biography p. 367]

612. Andrew Foster

MARRIAGE: Wife Ann. [NEHGR 20:227]

DEATH: Said to be age 106. [NEHGR 20:227]

-1669 freeman Andover, MA

613. Ann

DEATH: Date from NEHGR 20:227.

614. John Russ

BIRTH: Named in Desc. of John Russ, 1978, Dorothy Russ Taylor, p. 5 as son of Thomas and Thomazin (Stanfield) Russ.

MARRIAGE: Wife Margaret.

WILL: Dated Jan. 7, 1691/2; pvd Mar 29, 1692. Names son John; dau Mary Foster and her dau Hannah Austin. [Russ Genealogy]

618. Christopher Osgood

MARRIAGE: m(1) April 21, 1632 Mary Everatt St Marys Marlborough, Wiltshire.
m(2) July 28, 1633 Margery Fowler St Marys Marlborough, Witlshire.

WILL: Dated April 19, 1650 Ipswich; daus: Mary, eldest, Abigail, Elizabeth and Deborah; son Christopher; wife Margery. Overseers Mr John Norton and my father Philip Fowler. Witn: Nathaniel Matthew, Joseph Rowlandson and Daniel Rolfe. Proved 10:8m:1650 (Dec. 8, 1650) [Essex Probate Records Lib I, folio 234]

MISC: Came in "Mary & John" from London Mar 24, 1633/4.

619. Mary Everatt

DEATH: Burial date from St Mary's parish register according to Osgood Genealogy.

623. Margery Fowler

BIRTH: Bapt. recorded in parish register of St. Mary's Marlborough, Wiltshire.

MARRIAGE: m(2) Thomas Rowell of Salisbury. [Osgood Genealogy]
m(3) Thomas Coleman. [Osgood Genealogy]
m(4) Thomas Osborne of Nantucket. [Osgood Genealogy]

640. Stephen Gates

BIRTH: Age 44 in 1678; age 57 in 1691 (depositions). [NEHGR 120:163]

DEATH: Date and place from NEHGR 120:163.

641. Sarah Woodward

BIRTH: Date and place from Descendants of Richard Woodward of New England 1589-1982 by Norma Slater Woodward.

642. Joseph Benjamin

BIRTH: Date in Benjamin Genealogy.

MARRIAGE: Date in Barnstable, MA VR. m(2) Sarah Clark of Yarmouth, dau Wm and Sarah (Lumbert) Clark.

DEATH: Inventory of Estate taken April 27, 1704; which included: Joseph 30, John 22, Abigail, Jemima, Sarah, Hannah, Marah and Marcy all above 20. [Probate Journal Vol 1, p. 30; Benjamin Genealogy]

LAND: Oct 30, 1682 Joseph Benjamin of Barnstable, tailor, sold to Walter Hastings of Cambridge 2 1/2 A of Marsh in the Neck of Land in C. incl. all his right in "my honored father's estate Mr. John Benjamin, sometimes of Watertown decd"; the abutter on the west was "my brother Abel Benjamin". [Middlesex Deeds 10:61]
-June 24, 1703 deeded land to son Joseph; July 27, 1703 deeded land to son John. [Preston, CT Land 1:369-70]

MISC: Moved family to Preston 1696; 1668 and 1673 of Yarmouth; Charlestown 1665

644. George Woodward

BIRTH: As a court witness in Apr 1669, he gave his age as 50.

MARRAIGE: m(1) Mary ____, d. abt 1658. [Woodward Genealogy, p. 9]
m(2) Aug 17, 1659 Elizabeth Hammond. [Woodward Genealogy, p. 9]

DEATH: Date from Woodward Genealogy, p. 9.

MISC: June 12, 1637 called soapboiler in Boston City Records. Freeman of Watertown May 6, 1646.
On passenger list of "Elizabeth" in 1634 with parents as age 13.

646. Richard Dana

BIRTH: Inf from The Dana Family in America, Elizabeth Ellery Dana, 1956.

DEATH: Dana Genealogy; Diary of Samuel Sewall.

648. John Partridge

BIRTH: Date in Duxbury, MA VR is Nov. 29, 165[].

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec 24, 1684 Hannah Seabury [Duxbury VR]
m(2) May 23, 1700 Mary Brewster (wid of Wrestling) [Duxbury, MA VR]

DEATH: Date from Duxbury, MA VR.

WILL: Plymouth Co Probate Vol 6:16. Names eldest son Samuel; son Isaac; wife Mary; dau Mary wife of Jonathan Brewster; gson James Brewster. Dated Dec. 31, 1730. Witn: Benjamin Alden, John Hanks and John Wadsworth.

649. Hannah Seabury

BIRTH: Date in Duxbury, MA VR.

652. James Treat

BIRTH: Called youngest son in father's will.

DEATH: Date in Wethersfield, CT VR 1:8 age 74 1/2. [Barbour Index]

WILL: Dated Jan. 9, 1708/9; Inventory taken March 3, 1708/9; died Feb. 12, 1708/9 names wife Rebecca; sons: eldest James, 2nd Samuel, Salmon, Richard and Joseph; daus: Jerusha wife Capt. Thomas Wells, Rebecca wife Ebenezer Deming and Mabel Treat; gsons: William Wells and Joseph Deming. [Early CT Probate Records Vol 2, p. 127-8, by Manwaring]

654. James Noyes Rev.

BIRTH: Date in Newbury, MA VR. (March 11, 1639)

MARRIAGE: Date in Stonington, CT VR 1:137. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date in Stonington, CT VR 1:114. [Barbour Index]

MISC: Graduated Harvard College 1659; Ordained Sept. 10, 1764 as 1st minister of Stonington; one of founders of Yale College.

655. Dorothy Stanton

BIRTH: History of Stonington by Wheeler.

MARRIAGE: m. Sept. 11, 1674 James Noyes [Stonington, CT VR 1:137]

DEATH: Date in Stonington, CT VR 2:51. [Barbour Index]

656. Gershom Palmer Dea.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Nov 28, 1660 Ann Denison. [Hist. of Stonington]
m(2) Nov 11, 1707 Elizabeth Peck, wid Maj. Samuel Mason.

657. Ann Denison

BIRTH: Bapt. date in Roxbury, MA VR.

MARRIAGE: m. Nov 28, 1667 Gershom Palmer. [History of Stonington]

DEATH: Year from History of Stonington p. 509.

658. Edward Vose

BIRTH: Said to be age 80 at time of death. Named in will of grandfather, Thomas Vose.

DEATH: Date and place from Robert Vose and His Desc. compiled by Ellen Vose, 1932.

WILL: Dated Feb. 3, 1713 names sons: Nathaniel, William and John; daus: Elizabeth Wadsworth, Martha Wyatt, Sarah Badcock, Grace Palmer and Jane Houghton. [Vose Genealogy]

659. Abigail Sharp

BIRTH: Said to be age 65 at time of death.

DEATH: Date and place from Vose Genealogy.

660. John Hinckley

BIRTH: Date in Barnstable, MA VR. Named in father's will. Bapt. date from Barnstable Familes Vol 2, p. 30+]

MARRIAGE: Date in Barnstable, MA VR. m(2) Nov. 24, 1697 Mary Goodspeed [Barnstable Families Vol. 2]

DEATH: Date in Barnstable, MA VR.

661. Bethia Lathrop

BIRTH: Date in Barnstable, MA VR.

DEATH: Date in Barnstable, MA VR.

662. John Lothrop

BIRTH: Date in Barnstable, MA VR.

MARRIAGE: m. Mary Cole/Colsgain. m(2) Hannah, wid of Dr. John Fuller Dec. 9, 1695. [Barnstable, MA VR]

DEATH: Date of Sept. 18/27, 1727 age 85 in Genealogical Memoir of Lo-Lathrop Family by Rev. E.B. Huntington, 1884.