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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


466. Daniel White

BIRTH: Age 8 when father's estate settled Oct 3, 1676.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Mary; m(2) June 13, 1727 Hannah (Morse) Wellington. [Genealogies of Lexington Families, p. 745; film #927,923]

WILL: Dated 1738.

MISC: Constable in 1713 & 1714.

468. John Darling

MARRIAGE: Date in Lynn, MA V.R.

469. Lois Gowing

BIRTH: Date in Lynn VR.

470. Hilkiah Boynton

BIRTH: Date in Rowley, MA V.R.

MARRIAGE: Date in Rowley, MA V.R.

DEATH: Date & place from History of Worcester Co. V. 1, p. 767.

MISC: Removed to Lunenburg, MA about 1718.

471. Priscilla Jewett

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Jewetts of America by Frederic Clarke Jewett, 1908, p. 56. Approx. birth date given in Rowley, MA V.R.

472. Joseph Owen

BIRTH: Date from NEHGR 89:288-9; 399-400, John Owens of Windsor, CT.

MISC: In 1735 Joseph Owen & wife Esther of Lebanon conveyed land to sons: Joseph Jr., Joshua, Moses, Caleb & Aaron. [NEHGR 89:]

473. Esther

BIRTH: Said to be Esther Osborn.

474. Benjamin Woodworth

MARRIAGE: m(1) Deborah; ch: Elizabeth b. July 16, 1682, Deborah b. July 16, 1682 and Mary b. abt 1683

WILL: Dated Jan 21, 1736; pvd July 3, 1728; of Lebanon, CT. Sons: Benjamin eldest, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Amos, Ezekiel & Caleb; daus: Deborah Sprage, Hanah Walar, Ruth Owen, Judeth Newcomb, Margaret Owen & Precillah Fuller. Witn: Thomas Root, Nathaniel Dewey & John Woodward. [The Woodworth Family of Am., Desc. of Walter Woodworth 1630, edited by Jeanette Woodworth Behan, Vol 1.]

475. Hannah Damon

BIRTH: Date in Scituate VR.

DEATH: Not named in husband's will.

480. Joseph Bradish

BIRTH: Named in father's will. Date in Cambridge VR.

DEATH: Date in Sudbury VR.

LAND: We Edward Marait of Cambridge & wife Hannah, John Bradish of Cambridge glazier, James Bradish of Westbury, John Green of Cambridge & wife Mary, & Thomas Ford of Marshfield & wife Ruth which said Hannah Marrit, John Bradish, James Bradish, Mary Green & Ruth Ford are ch of Joseph Bradish late of Cambridge deceased who was son of Robert Bradish formerly of Cambridge decd. Apr 2, 1725 to Coll Edmund Goff, power of attorney. Witn: Amos Marritt, Nathaniel Hovey, James Gardner, Mary Gardner. [Msx Deeds 26:372,3]

482. Thomas Rice

BIRTH: Date in Sudbury VR.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Mary, d. May 13, 1677; m(2) Ann Rice Jan 10, 1681. [MarlboroVR

DEATH: Worcester Co. Probate Index, docket #49967 Thomas Rice of Westborough, 1745. Asher Rice appt. Admin. Aug 20. Bond of $500 by Moses Leonard & Ebenezer Sanderson; Vol 178, p. 451; Letters of Admin Vol 101, p. 135. [LDS film #858,554]

MISC: Thomas Rice is reported to have been 1st settler of Westborough as early as 1675; his house was garrisoned during King Philips' War. He was born June 30, 1654 & was son of Edmund Rice who came from England.
His 1st wife Mary d. in Watertown May 13, 1677; in 1681 he m. his cousin Anna Rice. [History of Westborough, MA, 1891, by Heman Packard DeForest, p. 20; SLC 974.43/W1 H2d]

483. Anna Rice

BIRTH: Date in Sudbury VR.

DEATH: Date in Westborough VR.

484. Abraham Morton

BIRTH: Date in Hatfield VR. [Corbin Collection]

MARRIAGE: Date in Hatfield VR.

485. Sarah Kellogg

BIRTH: Date in Hatfield VR. [Corbin Collection]

486. Nathaniel Smith

BIRTH: Date from Foote genealogy.

MARRIAGE: Date in Hatfield VR. [Corbin Collection]

WILL: Dated 1740; proved Jan 1741. [History of Hadley, MA by Sylvester Judd, 1976, p. 125]

487. Mary Dickinson

BIRTH: Date in Hatfield VR. [Corbin Collection]

DEATH: Date in Hatfield VR. [Corbin Collection]

488. Daniel Pettingell

BIRTH: Date in Newbury VR.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Nov 13, 1699 Mary Stickney; m(2) Mar 26, 1707/8 Esther French. [Newbury VR]

DEATH: Date in Abington VR.

WILL: Names wife Esther; 2 sons Obediah & Samuuel both < 21 to each get 1/3 part of homestead @ 21 & to distribute portions to bro & sis; sons: Ackerman, Daniel, John, Joseph & Benjamin; daus: Mehetabel, Mary, Esther, Joanna & Sarah. [Pettingell Genealogy, 1906, p. 14-16]

489. Esther French

BIRTH: Date in Salisbury VR.

DEATH: Date in Abington VR; Could be dau instead.

490. Edmond Jackson

BIRTH: Date listed in Genealogical Dictionary of NE by Savage. Named in fathers' will.

491. Mary Whitmarsh

BIRTH: Date in Weymouth VR. Called Mary Jackson in her father's will.

494. Henry Poore

BIRTH: Date from Genealogy of John Poore 1615-1880, 1881, Alfred Poore.

MARRIAGE: m. Sept 12, 1679 Abigail Hale. [Newbury VR]

WILL: Dated Apr 2, 1741; sons: Benjamin & Samuel; daus: Abigail, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth & Lydia (wid of son Jeremiah); gson David Poore. [John Poore Genealogy, p. 136]

495. Abigail Hale

BIRTH: Date in Newbury VR.

DEATH: NOT mentioned in husband's will.

500. William Harper

BIRTH: History of Oakham, p. 761-3.

MARRIAGE: Wife Rachel.

WILL: Pvd Oct 31, 1774.

MISC: Came from Ireland with father, James, and brothers Joseph, Moses & John with colonist led by Capt. Robert Temple in 1718. Lot 31 in Topsham, ME assigned to him. Severd in Capt. John Giles' company at Ft. George, Brunswick in 1722 as "Centinel" Aug 14, 1722 to Jan 15, 1722/3.
Purchased land in Oakham Mar 25, 1742 as Wm Harper of Concord.

504. George Lawrence Jr.

BIRTH: Date from Hist. of Watertown.

MARRIAGE: Wife Mary. [Hist. of Watertown]

DEATH: Date from Hist. of Watertown.

506. Samuel Perry

MARRIAGE: m. 1707 Margaret Traine. [Hist. of Watertown]

DEATH: Date from Hist. of Watertown.

507. Margaret Traine

BIRTH: Date from Hist. of Watertown.

508. Elias Moore

MARRIAGE: m. July 9 1724 Susanna Tomson. [Sudbury VR]

DEATH: Date from NEHGR 57:366. Will Middlesex probate 10902.