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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


358. Thomas Wheeler

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Milford VR in Barbour Index, OL:103; Wheeler, p. 201.

MARRIAGE: m. June 1, 1685 Anna French, dau Francis of Derby. [Milford VR in Barbour Index, 1:21]

WILL: Dated Jan 1, 1724/5; pvd April 28, 1727; of Milford, New Haven, Co., CT. To gdau Anna Munn land called East Neck; to gdau Mary Hine house & lot in Milford; to dau Thankfull Asborn; to dau Joanna 1 shilling besides what I have already given; Rights in the Common to daus Thankfull & Joanna; son-in-law Daniel Mun, Stephen Hine. Exors: my son (son-in-law?) Obadiah Wheeler & Joanna Wheeler. Witn: Samll Eells, Keziah Wheeler, Eunice Mils. [Wheeler Family in Am. p. 209-10]

359. Anna French

BIRTH: Date & place from NEHGR 44:368; "Lt Wm French & Desc."

368. James Stanclift

BIRTH: Inf from Stanclift Genealogy.

MARRIAGE: m. abt Dec. 1685 Mary Tincker, wid William Waller. [NEHGR 149:423]

DEATH: Date from NEHGR 14:133, 149:423.

MISC: 1689 James Stancliff sold property in Lyme, CT to Joseph Rogers.
In 1690 he opened Stanclift Brownstone Quarry. He was stonemason.

369. Mary Tincker

BIRTH: Dates from Boston Births, Bapt., Marriages, Deaths 1630-1699 p. 40, 44
[NEHGR 149:423]

MARRIAGE: m(1) abt 1675 Lyme, CT William Waller, d. bef Sept 22, 1682.
[NEHGR 149:423]

370. Perigrine Stanbrough

BIRTH: Date & place from Stanclift Genealogy, p. 387. Prob. first white child b. eastern L.I. Named first in father's will.

MARRIAGE: m. Dec 15, 1664 Sarah James of E. Hampton. [Southampton Town Records, Vol II]

DEATH: Date & place from Stanclift Genealogy, p. 387.

WILL: Dated May 17, 1699 [Early L.I. Wills of Suffolk Co. 1691-1703, p. 233-38]

MISC: Gravestone carved by Wm Stanclift.

371. Sarah James

BIRTH: dau Rev. Thomas & Ruth (Jones) of East Hampton, L.I. Named in father's will as eldest dau & wife of Peregrine Stanbrough.

374. Shubael Rowley

BIRTH: Henry Rowley & Some of His Desc. NYGBR 37:63.

MARRIAGE: m. Catherine Crippin

DEATH: Date from NYGBR 37:63. Estate settlement Hartford Probate Records Vol. 8, p. 24.

MISC: Oct 4, 1693 he conveyed land to father Moses Rowley, cordwainer, of Sockanesset in Barnstable Co.
Nov 19, 1700 sold lands in Haddam, CT to Timothy Fuller & removed to Colchester, CT [NYGBR 37:63]

375. Catherine Crippin

BIRTH: Named in father's will as Catherine Rowley.

DEATH: Date & place from Mayflower Society - Edward Fuller, p. 28.

MISC: She conveyed all her right in husband's estate to son-in-law Edward Fuller in exchange for support for rest of life. [NYGBR 37:63]

376. John Russell

BIRTH: Date in NH VR. [Ancient Families of New Haven]

MARRIAGE: m. Aug. 17, 1687 Hannah Moulthrop. [New Haven VR]

DEATH: Date in East Haven VR. [Ancient Families of New Haven]

377. Hannah Moulthrop

BIRTH: Date in NH VR. [Ancient Families of New Haven]

378. Jabez Utter

BIRTH: Named in father's will as the first son.

380. George Pardee

BIRTH: Date from New Haven VR. Bapt. date from 1st Congregational Society New Haven.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Feb 10, 1675 Mercy Ball; m(2) Feb 11, 1685 Mercy Denison.
[New Haven VR]

DEATH: Date from East Haven gravestone, age 66. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

381. Mercy Denison

BIRTH: Date from New Haven VR.

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

382. John How

BIRTH: Date from New Haven VR.

MARRIAGE: m. Hannah Hemingway or Hemenway. [Families of Ancient New Haven]

DEATH: East Haven gravestone, age 65. [Families of Ancient NH]

383. Hannah Hemingway (Hemenway)

BIRTH: Date from New Haven VR.

DEATH: Year from Families of Ancient New Haven.

416. Casparus Blanck

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Dutch Reform Church records; parents - Jeiriaen Blanck & Haster Paulus; witn: Paulus Van der Beeck & Tryn Claeszen.

MARRIAGE: m. March 20, 1699 (intention Feb 25); Casparus Blanck, j.m. Van N. Yorck, en Agnietje Post, j.d. al boven beyde woonende alhier den 20 Mart. [Dutch Reform Church record]

DEATH: Bur. March 26, 1729. Burials from Reformed Dutch Church, film #17,777, Casparus Blank, adult, d. March 26, 1729; bur. 29.

417. Agnietje Post

BIRTH: Bapt. date from Dutch Reform Church record; parents - Elias Pos & Marritie Cornelis; witn: Dirck Theuniszen & Belitje Pos.

448. John Partridge

BIRTH: Date & place from Partridge Genealogy by George H. Partridge, p. 4.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec 24 1678 Elizabeth Rockett (Rockwood). [Medfield VR]
m(2) Elizabeth Adams; m(3) Apr 17, 1721 Hannah Sheffield. [Partridge Genealogy]

DEATH: Date & place from Partridge Genealogy.

WILL: Proved Sept 4, 1744 Suffolk co. Probate Vol 37, p. 21. [Partridge Genealogy]

449. Elizabeth Rockwood

BIRTH: Date in Medfield VR.

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

450. Samuel Wheelock

BIRTH: Date in Dedham VR Vol 1; Bapt date in Dedham VR Vol 2., records of the First Church.

MARRIAGE: m. April 3, 1678 Sarah Kenricke. [Medfield VR]

DEATH: Date in Medfield VR.

451. Sarah Kendrick

BIRTH: Date in Rehoboth VR.

452. William Sheffield

BIRTH: Bapt. date in parish register All Saints. [NEHGR 77:190-4]

DEATh: Date in VR Sherborn, MA.

WILL: Dated Oct. 14, 1698; proved Cambridge March 24, 1700/1

453. Mary

DEATH: Date in Vital Records Sherborn, MA; age 78 yrs.; buried Old South Sherborn Cemetery.

456. John Warren

BIRTH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

MARRIAGE: Name of first wife and date of marriage to second wife, Lydia Fiske May 14, 1711 from Early Settlers of Watertown by Bond.

DEATH: Deaths From Gravestones in Oldest Burying Ground in Weston, MA: "Ensign John Warrin d. June 25, 1726 in ye 49th year".
From Bond's Early Settlers of Watertown p. 962, after his death, his eldest son John, of Marlboro, was appointed Jan 31, 1731 guardian of his younger children. He was of Weston when he was appointed guardian of his children by wife, Abigail, dau. John Hastings of Watertown, namely: John-19, Sarah-18, Samuel-17, and Thomas-15 on Apr 5, 1720.
From p. 621 of Bond: July 29, 1726 his estate was admin. by widow, Lydia.

457. Abigail Hastings

BIRTH: Date from Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860.

DEATH: Date from Early Settler of Watertown by Bond. p 621.

458. Joseph Stone

BIRTH: Listed in Descendants of Gregory Stone by J. Gardner Bartwell, 1918.

DEATH: Date in Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond, 1860 p. 521.

MISC: According to Bond, there is a bond dated Dec. 13, 1705 [where?] in which are listed children's ages: Lydia 12, Isaac 10, Joseph 9, Abigail 7, Sarah 5 and Tabitha 3.

459. Sarah

MARRIAGE: According to Gregory Stone Genealogy p.98, Sarah Stone m(2) 1706 Joseph Waite of Watertown & had 3 more children, and lived in Worcester, MA.

460. Robert Corbett

MILITARY: Soldier in King Phillips War 1675-1676.

MARRIAGE: m. Feb 28, 1682/3 Priscilla Rockett. [Medfield VR]

461. Priscilla Rockwood

BIRTH: dau. of John Rockwood of Mendon, MA according to Descendants of Robert Corbett compiled by Clyde H. Corbett.

462. John Jones Elder

BIRTH: estimated from age at death; in 84th yr.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Sarah Lobdell; m(2) Sept. 11, 1751 Holliston (Mrs.?) Mary Potbery. [NEHGR 143:129]

DEATH: Date in Vital Records Milford, MA (Vernon Grove Cemetery); Milford separated from Mendon in 1780. (see also NEHGR 113:49)

WILL: Dated Dec. 11, 1749; proved May 9, 1753. Worcester Co. A 33893. Named wife Sarah; sons: John, Nathaniel, Abraham & Joseph; daus: Sarah Corbitt, Mercy Thwing, Lydia Whitney; grch: Sarah, Mary, Martha, Mercy, John, Asa, Nathan & Bridget Wood, ch of dau Bridget Wood dec. Exors: sons-in-law Eld. Daniel Corbett & Jonathan Whitney. Witn: Mary Jones, Amariah Frost & Simon Littlefield. [NEHGR 113:50]

463. Sarah

BIRTH: in 83rd year at time of death.

DEATH: Date in Vital Records Milford, MA.

464. Samuel Mansfield

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Lynn, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date in Vital Records Lynn, MA.

DEATH: Date in Mansfield Genealogy p. 15 by Geneva Daland & James Mansfield.
Probate Record 17656 Feb. 3, 1730/1 inventory of estate & appointed guardians for children: Charity, Elizabeth, Theophilius, Samuel & Mary.

465. Mary Benighton

BIRTH: Called dau of John Baniton/Bonython in York Co. Probate 4/148.

MARRIAGE: m(2) Dec. 19 1724 Dea. John Bancroft Jr. of Lynnfield; children: Nathaniel & Hannah.

DEATH: Date in Lynn VR. (in 82nd yr); Mansfield Genealogy p. 15: died July 25, 1763 in 89th year (Lynnfield G.S.)

MISC: Wells, Maine Sept. 10, 1731 Letters of Administration to Mr. Bancroft & Mary his wife, of the estate of a relation John Boniton/Bonython formerly of Saco, to either accept or renounce; Mary Bancroft, dau of John Baniton/Bonython declines. [York Co. Probate 4/148]
-York Deeds Vol. 12, pt 2, folio 339:
John Bancroft Jr of Lynn, MA & Mary his wife for 50 pounds pd by Humphrey Scamon of Saco...all our Rights & Titles of Land in Saco laid out to our father John Benighton in the year Eighty one by John Wincoll, John Pennuell & Abraham Preble....Furthermore we the sd John Bancroft & Mary Bancroft whose Maiden Name was Mary Benighton...Nov. 2, 1728. Witn: Elizabeth Bancroft, Nathaniel Sparhawke.