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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


64. James Pickernell

DEATH: Killed by Indians.

MISC: Purchased land in Kittery in 1707.
Pickernell, James, and wife killed by Indians at Sprouse Creek, Kittery, ME June 1, 1712 NEWS LIT.   [Index of Obituaries 1704-1800 Boston Antheneaum]

WILL: Nov 26, 1712 Stephen Tobey appointed administrator of brother-in-law James Pickernail, yeoman, late of Kittery dec. intestate. [York Co. Probate Vol. 2, p. 46] Inventory of Estate dated June 4, 1712 presented by William Fernald, Joseph Curtis and Samuel Small (25A valued at 45-00-00). [York Co Probate Vol. 2, p. 48]

LAND: Oct 13, 1704 James Pickernell witn Joseph and Susanna Hill to Peter Staple and also Peter and Mary Staple to Joseph Hill. [York Deeds Vol 7, folio 13 and 29]
Nov 21, 1707 We Sarah Shapleigh, gentlewoman, relict and Admin of Estate of John Shapleigh gentleman late Kittery decd and Nicholas Shapleigh son and surviving heir sells to JAMES PICKERNELL of Kittery 25A in K between Joseph Curtice and Richard Rogers fronting York road that goes to Kittery Ferry called Woodmans Ferry... Witn: George Brown, Nicholas Morrell and Wm Godsoe. Rec June 8, 1709.   [York Deeds Vol 7, folio 120]

65. Lydia Nelson

BIRTH: Named in father's will.

DEATH: Date in Obituaries 1704-1800 from Boston Atheneaum.

MISC: July 16, 1700 Lydia Nelson and Jos Hammond witn sale Richard Cutt to brother Robert Cutt of Kittery.   [York Deeds Vol 6, folio 57]

66. Richard Rogers

BIRTH: Called eldest son in settlement of estate of Thomas Rogers of Saco, May 29, 1683.   [York Deeds Vol 3, folio 137]
Testified to being about 73 years on Dec 6, 1735.   [York Deeds Vol 17, folio 255]

WILL: Maine Wills, p. 417-21; D/16301 (July 10, 1737)
Names wife Eleanor; sons Thomas and Richard; daus: Esther Pickernale, Dorothy Rogers, Lydia Rogers, Sarah Rogers, Mary Gookin and husband Patrick Gookin.

LAND: James Gibbons of Saco to Richard Rogers of Saco, cooper, 200A (portion on River of Goose faire) May 25, 1687. Witn: Phillip Foxwell, Elizabeth Sharp and Wm Milborn.   [York Deeds Vol 4, folio 155]
-Richard Cutt of Kittery sold to Richard Rogers Jr of same town, cooper, (Crockets plaine..30A....) Dec 4, 1697. [York Deeds Vol 4, folio 157]
-Richard Rogers of K, yeoman, sold to Paul Thompson..Rights, Titles etc..
that he had or ought to have in Scarborough by virtue of Richard Foxwell of sd Scarborough decd....whereas sd Richard Rogers had just right which he claims under sd Foxwell who was his mother's Father...Apr 23, 1729.   [York Deeds Vol 13, folio 22]

MISC: Named as one of the administrators of the estate of his grandfather, Richard Foxwell of Scarborough.   [York Co Probate 2/142]

68. John Place

MARRIAGE: m. Dec 5, 1716 Newington, NH  Eunice Row.   [NEHGR 22:300+]

76. Thomas Austin

BIRTH: Date in Andover VR.

MARRIAGE: Date in Andover VR.

77. Sarah Lovejoy

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Andover, MA.

80. Joseph Gates

BIRTH: Date from Preston VR 1:84. [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec 7, 1749 Abigail Baker who d. bef. Sept 18, 1757. PVR 6:31
m(2) Mabel Partridge bef. Sept 18, 1757 when she owned her baptismal covenant. "Stephen Gates" in Genealogies of CT Families 1:691.
m(3) Mar 28, 1775 Dorothy Gates, wid of Jesse Seaton. PVR 2:161

DEATH: Date from Preston VR 2:161. [Barbour Index]

WILL: Apr 4, 1795; pvd Sept 21, 1795; Wife Dorothy; Sons: Phineas, Elijah,
Joseph <21, Oliver < 21, Jesse < 21; daus: Eunice Walton, Sarah Blunt,
Hannah Palmer, Mary Austin, Thankful Weeden. Witn: Benjamin Coit, Daniel Rose, Rueben Partridge.   [NL Co. Probate 9:152-4]

81. Mabel Partridge

BIRTH: Date from Preston V.R. 1:111. [Barbour Index]
Bapt. date from 1st Congregational Church of Preston. (Mebell)

DEATH: Date from NEHGR Vol. 120, p. 265. "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge MA and Some of his Descendants" by Clarence A. Torrey.

82. Walter Palmer

BIRTH: Bapt date from records of First Church of Stonington, CT State Library.
Birth date from Stonington VR Vol. 3, p. 50. [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: Date from Stonington First Church records.

DEATH: Date from Inventory of Estate, Plainfield Probate Records Vol 6, p 289

MISC: Inventory of Estate of Walter Palmer late of Plainfield who dec'd 6 Jan 1775, taken 8 and 9 Feb 1775.   [Plainfield Probate Vol 6, p. 289-91]
Mr. Walter Palmer guardian to and for Walter Palmer & Vose Palmer, Bridget Palmer, Isaac Palmer, Anna Palmer miner sons and daughters to Mr. Walter Palmer late of Voluntown dec.   [Plainfield Probate Vol 6, p. 207]

LAND: Mar 15, 1765 Stephen Kinsbury of Plainfield to Walter Palmer of Stonington 22 1/2 A in Plainfield.
-Apr 11, 1765 John Hall of Plainfield to Walter Palmer of Plainfield.

83. Margaret Frink

BIRTH: Bapt date from records of Stonington First Church. Birth date from Stonington VR Vol. 3, p. 94.  [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: m(2) Mar 28, 1776 Voluntown Uzziel Frink.
Called Mrs. Margaret Palmer, now wife of Uzziel Frink in Voluntown. and Sterling Cong. Church records p. 67.

DEATH: Voluntown and Sterling Cong. Church records: Margaret Frink, wid. admin to church July 16, 1817; d. Mar 1, 1826 age 89. [p. 34]  Voluntown VR 1:249.  [Barbour Index]

84. James McFarland

BIRTH: Date from McFarland Genealogy by Clara Emerson, 1930.

MARRIAGE: Date from McFarland Genealogy.

85. Elizabeth Barber

BIRTH: Date in Weston VR. Named in father's will as wife of James McFarland.
Named in mother's will.

86. Jonathan Gray

BIRTH: Date in Worcester V.R.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Margaret Patrick; m(2) Mar 8, 1774 Elizabeth Wiley.  [Pelham VR]

DEATH: Date in Pelham VR.

MISC: Soldier (1756/7?) in Capt Robert Lotheridge Co., Col Israel Billings
Regt. which marched to relief of Ft. William Henry.
Jan 10, 1793 deeded home to son Eliot which proves he was son of Wm Gray
who drew lot 11 on May 1, 1739.

87. Margaret Patrick

BIRTH: Bapt date in Rutland VR.

DEATH: Date in Pelham VR.

88. James Stilson

BIRTH: Date and place from Stilson family manuscript owned by C. Herbert King.

MARRIAGE: Date from Stilson manuscript.

DEATH: Year and place from Stilson manuscript.

89. Joanna Wheeler

BIRTH: Bapt date and place from Stilson manuscript. Birth Date and place in Barbour Index Newtown VR 1:79.

MARRIAGE: Had 2nd marriage to Ephriam Bennett, according to Bertha Taft Keith

92. James Stanclift

BIRTH: Date in Barbour Index of Middletown VR, Vol LR2, p. 19.
Bapt in 1st Cong. Church. [Sherry Stancliff research says he was called "Jr" because his uncle James lived in same town]

MARRIAGE: m(1) Dec 22, 1737 E. Middletown, CT  Martha Wood. [Sherry Stancliff]
m(2) Jan 24, 1751 Simsbury, CT  Mary Lewis.  [Simsbury VR Vol TM4, p. 180 Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date in Woodbury records, age 73; Hale Cemetery Records p. 17 at CT State Library. Stanclift Genealogy p. 23 says he d. South Britain, Southbury, Litchfield, CT. Bur. South Britain Cemetery, "In memory of Mr. James Stancliff who Departed this Life 27th AD 1785 in the 74th year of his age".

OCCUPATION: Gravestone carver.

93. Mary Lewis

BIRTH: Colchester VR. [Stanclift Genealogy, p. 23]

DEATH: Date and place from Stanclift Genealogy, p. 23.

94. Edward Russell

BIRTH: Date and place from Stanclift Genealogy p. 378.
Date from NH VR; Families of Ancient New Haven.

MARRIAGE: m. Mary Pardee.   [Families of Ancient New Haven, p. 1575; Pardee Genealogy, p. 98]

DEATH: Date from Stanclift Genealogy p. 378. Date from East Haven Cong. Church, age abt 47.   [Families of Ancient New Haven]

95. Mary Pardee

DEATH: Date and place from Stanclift Genealogy p. 378.

104. Johannes Blank

BIRTH: Bapt date from Dutch Reform Church records; witn: Adriann Hooglant and Caetje Blank.

MARRIAGE: m. Nov 2, 1754 Annetje De Voe. (intention pub. Nov 1, 1754)

-Feb 3, 1758 John Blank bondsman for Rachel Blank m. Thomas Henderson.  [NY Marriage Bonds 1753-1783, p. 35, Kenneth Scott]
-Did he marry again? "wife" of John Blank bur. Mar 8, 1796.
-Apr 14, 1761 John Blank m. Ann Titus of Kings Co., Spinster; John Blank and John Titus [4:149]   {NY Marriage Bonds 1753-1783, p. 35, Kenneth Scott}
-June 24, 1768 John Blank bondsman for Ann Montanye and John Tomkins.  [NY Marriage Bonds, 1753-1783, p. 286, Kenneth Scott]

105. Annetje De Voe

BIRTH: Bapt from Dutch Reform Church record; witn: Johannes Montanje and   Annetje Blom, jong dr.

DEATH: Called deceased in father's will Nov. 29, 1764. "Wife" of Hans Blanck bur. Nov. 23, 1759.

112. Eli Partridge

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Medway, MA.

DEATH: Year and place from Descendants of John Partridge of Mendon, MA by George H. Partridge, 1904, p. 16.

113. Rachel Sheffield

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records of Holliston, MA.

114. Samuel Warren Capt.

BIRTH: Date from Vital Records of Grafton, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date from Vital Records of Mendon, MA.

DEATH: Year and place from DAR Lineage Book Vol 143, p 214.
Year and place from History of Chesterfield, NH by Randall p. 481.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: Commanded company of MA militia under Col. Read      (DAR Lineage Book Vol 143, p. 214.)
MA Soldiers & Sailors of Rev. War Vol. 16....
Warren, Samuel - Mendon. Capt. Col. Joseph Read's (20th) Regt; commissions for said Warren & other officers received by Col. Read at Watertown May 24, 1775;
muster roll dated Aug 1, 1775; engaged Apr 26, 1775; service 3mo. 13 dys.
Warren, Samuel - Mendon. Private, Capt. Wm Jennison's Co. of minutemen, which marched on the alarm of Apr 19, 1775 to Cambridge & Roxbury; served 9 dys; reported enlisted into the army.

115. Eunice Corbett

BIRTH: Date from Vital Records of Bellingham, MA.

DEATH: Year and place from History of Chesterfield, NH by Randall p. 481.

116. James Mansfield

BIRTH: Date from Branches and Twigs Vol. 14:4 1986 "Mansfields of Northern Vermont" p. 130.  Date in Vital Records Waltham, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date in Vital Records of Winchendon, MA.

117. Lois Darling

BIRTH: Date from Lunenburg, MA Early Records 1719-1764 compiled by Walter A. Davis, City Clerk, 1896, p. 284.

118. Elijah Owen

BIRTH: Date and place from Descendants of John Owen of Windsor, CT edited by Ralph D. Owen, 1941, p. 60-61.

MARRIAGE: m(1) Oct. 21, 1747 in Lebanon, CT  Patience Wright.
m(2) Nov. 10, 1756 in Salisbury , CT  Olive Beeman. [Owen Genealogy mistakenly gives him a third wife, Abigail who was actually wife of son, Elijah Jr. --TAG 60:3 p.161-167]

DEATH: Milton, VT deed dated Feb 24, 1810 Julius Owen of Milton "for the natural affection I have for my father Elijah Owen" deeded 30 acres, lot #63 in Milton to his father (Milton deeds 4:745)   [TAG 60:3 p. 162].
Also, (5:385) shows Elijah Owen of Milton selling lot 63 Sept 1, 1813
to Luke Thompson of Cambridge. (This could be Elijah Owen III).

MISC: Removed to Poultney, Rutland Co., VT by 1773 when he signed a petition.

119. Olive Beeman

BIRTH: She was not dau. of Friend Beeman as stated in Owen Genealogy as
Friend Beeman was born in 1750.

DEATH: Date from Milton Town Records 1:150 as stated in TAG 60:3 p. 165, 1984