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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


32. Samuel Pickernell

BIRTH: Date from Stackpole's Old Kittery & Her Families p. 662.

MARRIAGE: m. Dec. 19, 1728 Esther Rogers; Intention filed Oct 10, 1728. [Kittery VR LDS film #011,325]

WILL: Dated Aug 26, 1785; rec Feb 9, 1786 York co., ME. Names wife Esther; sons: James, William & Nelson; daus: Lydia Pickernale, Esther Pickernale, Sarah Grover wife of Matthew & Betty Pickernale; gson Samuel Pickernale son of William; gdau Hannah Pickernale dau of James. Exor: Nelson Pickernale. Witn: John Rogers, Noah Manson & Benjamin Parker. [York Co. Probate Vol. 14, p. 385-91]
Receipt of heirs Mar 2, 1790: Nelson Pickernal, Esther Pickernal, Betty Pickernal, Matthew Grover & wife, & Hannah Pickernal. [York Co Probate Vol. 15, p. 336]

MISC: York Deed Vol 14, 1730/32, p. 642 folio 232: Seth Fogg & Mary his wife being the only surviving dau. of James Pickernell, late of Kittery, dec. remised, released & forever Quit Claimed unto Samuel Pickernell of Kittery shipwright ONLY SURVIVING SON of James Pickernell dec. .... Dated June 12, 1729. Witn: Hannah Hammond & Katherine Hammond.
-MA Tax Valuation List of 1771: Samuel Pickernail 215 Kittery 2 polls.

33. Esther Rogers

BIRTH: Date in Kittery VR.

WILL: Dated Oct 1, 1789; rec Feb 8, 1790. All estate to daus Esther & Betty Pickernal. Sons: James, William & Nelson; dau Sarah Grover. Exors: Esther & Betty. Witn: Daniel Pierce, William Haley & Thomas Chase. [York Co. Probate Vol. 15, p. 332]

34. Jonathan Place

BIRTH: Bapt date from Newington Church records. [NEHGR 22:300+]

MISC: Resided Kittery, Maine 1751 & 1754.
No listing in 1771 MA Tax List, which includes Maine.

38. John Austin

BIRTH: Date in Vital Records Methuen, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date in Vital Records Methuen, MA.

39. Hannah Nevins

BIRTH: Date in Methuen VR.

40. Elijah Gates

BIRTH: Year and place from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 105.
Date from Preston VR 2:161. [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: Year from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 105.
Date from Preston VR 2:231. [Barbour Index]

DEATH: Date from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 105.
Place of death from research note of Harold J. Witter.

MISC: 1810 NY census E. Gates OTSE 120 1,1,1,1,0,-2,0, [age 26-45]
1800 NY Elijah Gates OTSG 46B:5 Plainfield 2,0,0,1,0-0,0,0,1,0
[two dau. missing]

41. Anna Palmer

BIRTH: Year from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 105.
Named in father's probate. Walter Palmer of Voluntown guardian to Anna Palmer of Voluntown, minor, Mar 7, 1775. [V. 6, p. 207-8] Bapt date from Voluntown & Sterling Congregational Church records 1723-1905 at CT State Library. Birth date from 1887 Gershom Palmer genealogy, p. 29.
Named in grandfather, Walter Palmer's will.

MARRIAGE: Anna Palmer of V. m. Dec 4, 1788 Elijah Gates of Preston. [Voluntown & Sterling Cong. Church records, p. 67]

DEATH: Date from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 105.
Place of death from research notes of Harold J. Witter.

42. Ephraim McFarland

BIRTH: Date from Vital Records, Worcester, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date from Vital Records, Worcester, MA.
m(2) Mrs. Lovisa (Allen) Walker of Westfield, MA.
m(3) Marianne Smith of E. Haddam, CT [wife 2 & 3 from family bible record]

MISC: Children by 2nd wife: Esther b. Apr 27, 1808; Philena b. Apr 18, 1809;
Loomis b. Jan 4, 1812. [from family bible record]

43. Esther Gray

BIRTH: Date from Descendants of John Gray of Worcester, MA; Vital Records of Pelham, MA give year as 1754. Bible record located at NY State Library at Albany p. 163 (didn't get title) from bible owned by Mrs. Rollin D. Judd, 144 Lincoln St, New Britain (CT?) gives: "Esther Gray dau of Dea. Jonathan Gray of Pelham, b. March 5, 1764" & lists her children.

DEATH: Date from family bible record.

44. Andrew Stilson

BIRTH: Date & place from Barbour Index.

MARRIAGE: Date from Stilson family manuscript owned by C. Herbert King.
Had second marriage to Elizabeth (Deck?). [Stilson manuscript]

DEATH: Date & place from Barbour Index.

MISC: 3 children by 2nd wife: Nancy; Sylvanus b. July 19, 1798 Newtown, CT; &
Andrew, records of his family in Cayuga Co Court House, Auburn, NY.

45. Elizabeth Foote

BIRTH: Date from Stilson family manuscript owned by C. Herbert King.

DEATH: Date from Stilson manuscript owned by C. Herbert King.
Son, Eli Stilson, wrote his mother died in Weybridge, VT on this date.

46. James Stancliff

BIRTH: Simsbury V.R. vol TM4:183. [Barbour Index]

MARRIAGE: Notes of Sherry Stancliff.

MILITARY: REVOLUTIONARY WAR Entered service in NY Aug 15, 1776 in Capt. Elijah Hinman's 6th Co. of 13th Regt. of CT Militia; disch. Sept 3, 1776; Battle of Brooklyn Heights took place Aug 27, 1776.

OCCUPATION: Gravestone cutter.

MISC: 1800 census Scipio, Cayuga co., NY:
James Stancliff 1m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45; 3f <10, 1f 10-16,
1f 26-45.
1790 census Southbury, CT:
James Stancliff 1m > 16, 2m <16, 3f.
1798 Scipio Town Assessor.
1804 election official.
1816 Deacon of Scipio Baptist Church in Scipioville.
1809 co-executor with Andrew Stilson of estate of James Stilson.
1825 he & wife Mary sold lot #122 in Cayuga co.

47. Mary Russell

BIRTH: Date & place from Stanclift genealogy p. 378.

DEATH: Prob. d. Scipio, Cayuga, NY

48. John Russell

MARRIAGE: Record not found.

He witn. the marriage license of dau, Harriot Elizabeth, Dec 28, 1794.
" " " " " , Mary, Mar 25, 1797.
" " " " son, John Charles, Apr 9, 1801.
" " " " dau, Henrietta, May 20, 1806.

RESIDENCE: St. Sepulchre at time of bpt. of John Charles & Harriot Eliz.
St. Clement Danes at time of bpt. of Sarah Priscilla. (1781)
Blewitts Bldg. in parish of Holborn, St. Andrew 1777-1780.
Fetter Lane " " " " " 1783-1789.
Plow Court " " " " " 27 Apr 1786.
St. Pancras at the time of death of dau. Matilda 29 Nov 1789.

MISC: May have been the engraver listed at 9 Constitution Row, Grays Inn in
Holdens' Triennial Directory 1799-1809, but not 1811. [LDS films and
hard copies on shelf]

49. Elizabeth Lloyd

MARRIAGE: May have had a previous marriage with a Mr. Sandeford.

50. Henry Rosser

BIRTH: c. 4 Oct 1741 Llanblethian, Glamorganshire, Wales; son of William and Martha (Hancorne) Rosser.

MARRIAGE: Parish register St. Martin In The Field: Henry Rosser & Sarah Goddard both of this parish were married by Banns this 23 day of Sept 1764 by me J. Dixon, Curate. This marriage was then solemnized between us in presence of Stephen Goddard -- 2nd name illegible & faded. LDS film #561,156.

DEATH:  Will dated 27 Apr 1810; Proved at London 21 Jan 1812.

OCCUPATION: Attorney at Law, Bartletts Buildings, London.

51. Sarah Goddard

DEATH:  January 1821

Will of Sarah (Goddard) Rosser

MISC: Stephen Goddard was her brother and he left a will.

52. John Blank

BIRTH: Named in will of grandfather, Joseph De Voe, as being son of his daughter, Anna deceased. Bapt date from Dutch Reform Church records. Witn: Lambert Blanck & Rachel Blanck, j.d.

MARRIAGE: m. Aug. 22, 1772 Sarah Connel or Connet (called John Blank Jr.); John Blank Jr. & John Blank, both of NYC merchants. [New York Marriage Bonds1753-1783, p. 35, Kenneth Scott]

DEATH: Burial in Dutch Church, NYC July 15, 1788 John Blank Jr.; d. July 12.

-Sept 18, 1774 John Blank & wife Sara Connet witn bapt of Mary Waldron, dau of David Waldron & Elizabet Tempie. [NYGBR 29?:20]

53. Sarah Connel

BIRTH: She was Sarah Connel or Sarah Connet according to marriage record.
Was she Sara CAMMEL, bapt Jan 11, 1749 NYC Reformed Dutch Church, dau James Cammel & Sara de Moore/Morest; witn Samuel de Moore, Antje de Moore j.d.

DEATH: She was living Dec. 17, 1798 at the time of guardianship hearing for grandchildren of dau, Rachel Blank Kip.

56. Joseph Partridge

BIRTH: Date and place from Vital Records, Mendon, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date and place from Vital Records, Mendon, MA.

DEATH: Year from Partridge Genealogy by George H. Partridge p. 16.

57. Sarah Warren

BIRTH: Date from Vital Records of Mendon, MA.

MARRIAGE: Date from Vital Records of Mendon, MA.

58. Amasa Mansfield

BIRTH: Date and place from Amasa Mansfield family bible.
Date from Winchendon, MA Vital Records.

MARRIAGE: Dates of three marriages from Mansfield family bible.

DEATH: Date and place from Mansfield family bible.

MILITARY: War of 1812.

59. Lois Owen

BIRTH: Date and place from Amasa Mansfield family bible.

DEATH: Date and place from Mansfield family bible.

60. Aaron Bradish

BIRTH: Date in Westborough VR.

MARRIAGE: Intention recorded in Cummington, MA marriage records. [SPL 974.49 C94]

DEATH: Rutland East Parish Cong. Church record: Feb 20, 1832 Doct. Bradish (so called) age 70. (burial date?)

MISC: Nov 13, 1805 Aaron, Betsey & ch. Jonas, Sybil, Edmund, Jerusha & Hannah
were warned out of Rutland (to relieve town of financial responsibility)
1800 census Clarendon, VT:
Aaron Braddish 1m <10, 1m 26-45; 2f <10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45.
1810 census Rutland, VT:
Aaron Bradish 3m <10, 1m 26-45; 1f < 10, 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45.
1820 census Rutland, VT:
Aaron Bradish 1m 45+; 1f 10-16, 1f 45+; 1 in col 13.
1830 census Rutland, VT:
Aaron Bradish 1m 60-70; 1f 60-70.

61. Betsey Pettingell

BIRTH: Date in Bridgewater VR. Bapt date in Brockton VR. (4th Church of Christ of Bridgewater became 1st Cong. Church of Brockton)

DEATH: Rutland Herald Mar 9, 1835: Betsey Bradish, wid of Aaron d. at Rutland ae 70. East Parish Church Records, Rutland, VT: Mar 1, 1835 widow Bradish, age 69.

62. James Hassett

BIRTH: age 16-26 in 1810 cenus; age under 16 in 1790. Listed as son of James
in Town History of Wales, MA.

MARRIAGE: m. Dec 8, 1811 Marlborough, NH Eunice Lawrence of Marlborough.
He was of Brimfield, MA. [NH marriage record]

DEATH: Widow remarried on this date.

MISC: Listed in tax rolls of Marlborough, NH in 1812 & 1813.
Unflatering remarks of his character appear in Hist. of Wales, MA, p. 224; film #223,941. {Wales was part of S. Brimfield}

63. Eunice Lawrence

BIRTH: Date & state from death record. Listed in Hist. of Marlborough, NH.

MARRIAGE: m(1) James Hassett; m(2) Oct 28, 1817 Cambridge, MA John Lord. [Columbian Centinal of Nov 1, 1817: Mrs. Eunice Hassett m. John Lord Cambridge, MA]

DEATH: Berrien Co., MI death record: d. July 6, 1874 in Oronoko; age 85 yrs,
5 days; old age; b. NH; parents unknown; housekeeper. [Vol A, p. 129;
LDS film #945,406]